Cancun Airport (CUN) Your Guide To Arriving, Departing And Using The Airport

Cancun International Airport Cancun Mexico

Cancun Airport

Cancun Airport Information Guide

Cancun Airport is the gateway to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This is also the closest airport to Playa Del Carmen. Cancun International Airport is the second busiest airport in Mexico. It receives over 30 million passengers a year. That is a lot of people! With so many people passing through this airport we decided to make this guide for you to answer some of the things that our readers ask. The first is Cancun Airport transportation and how to get to and from the airport.

Cancun Airport transportation to and from the airport

The Cancun Airport is actually just south of Cancun. It is about 20-30 minutes from most hotels in Cancun, 45-1 hour from Playa Del Carmen hotels and 1 hour 30 minutes to Tulum. Because travel times and distances are far you will need to plan how to plan house to get from the Cancun Airport to your destination. Here is a list of ways. Below we have complete details on taking each of these options.

  1. Private transfers 
  2. Shared shuttles
  3. ADO Bus (public bus)
  4. Hotel Bus
  5. Renting a car
  6. Taxis

Private transfers from the airport (Most recommended)

This is how most people get to and from the airport. With a pre booked reservation you have everything set and a driver waiting for you at the airport. These are private vans that are just for you and whoever is traveling with you. A bilingual driver will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your hotel. There is no negotiating or waiting. Plus booking a round trip can save you about $10-$20USD.

All you need to do is click the link below and you will be taken to the transportations website where you will fill your details. Your van will be like the one below. You have a lot of space and a comfortable way to get directly to your hotel or condo.

cancun airport

These are what the private airport vans look like that will transport you to your hotel or rental.

In this map below you can see the distances from the airport to different spots in Cancun and Riviera Maya. This can help you appreciate the distances and why the transfers cost the way they do. You can also click on the different areas of the map for transfer information.


Shuttles from the Cancun Airport to hotels or towns

If you want a budget option that will get you door to door and not have to take a taxi from the bus stop, a combined shuttle is a good option. These shared shuttles are small air-conditioned vans that pick people up from the airport and take you to your hotel. It is good to book these in advance, so you have a spot. These are a better option than the ADO bus often because they take you to your hotel and not the bus station. To book, follow the reserve now link that will take you to the official website. 

Taking the ADO bus from Cancun Airport

ADO is the bus company that services the airport. This is the only public transportation available. The ADO bus services all four terminals and has the main destinations of downtown Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. These busses do not stop at hotels and only take you to the bus stations in the towns where they go.

Tips for taking the bus from the Cancun Airport

  1. Purchasing your tickets at the airport is best. Tickets are timed and you will not know for sure when you will arrive and how long it will take to get through customs and immigration. You can purchase your tickets in the terminals or at the curb. They accept Mexican Pesos and small notes of USD. Credit cards are also accepted.
  2. Busses leave about every 30 minutes and are often not completely full.
  3. This is an affordable way to get from the airport to downtown Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. Note: If you are not staying in the downtown of either city, if might be best to take on of the private transfers. Taxis can be expensive to hotels or resorts outside of town and can eliminate any savings by taking the bus plus add time to your transfer.

For more about how to take the bus to Playa Del Carmen from the airport see our article here.

bus cancun airport to Riviera Maya

Renting cars at the Cancun Airport

If you are a more independent traveler and have plans to do some sightseeing, a car rental might be a good idea for you. There are many options of car rentals at the airport. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you:

  • Not all car rental agencies are on the airport property. Some are 5-10 minutes outside the airport. These will have a free shuttle for you. It is not a big deal, but you should know it will take a little longer to check in and out.
  • Be aware that most car rental website will show a super low price for rental. There is mandatory Mexican liability insurance needed for cars in Mexico. Most rentals end up being about $40-$50 USD a day with taxes and insurance.
  • One good rental car company we recommend will pick you up from the airport with a longer rental. Many of our readers love this local rental company.
  • See our driving in the Riviera Maya guide for local things you should know about driving here.

Taxis at Cancun Airport

There are plenty of taxis at the airport that swarm people looking to score a customer. There are no set prices or booth for taxi tickets at the airport. So this means you need to ask the price and even negotiate. Because of this we recommend the private transfers. Number one you are getting a fixed price and a driver waiting for you at the airport. Second, you get a discount if you book a round trip. You often are paying less to have a private transfer. See our article about private transfers and taxis from the Cancun Airport for more information.

Can you use Uber in Cancun?

To the surprise of many people Uber service is not available in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. The service was launched but was soon taken off the transportation market due to regulations.

Flight departure and arrival information

Do you want to know what terminal your flight is departing or when a friend’s flight is coming in? Even though the ASUR website is the official website for the Cancun Airport the website does not have a lot of good information on flights. We prefer the FlightAware website because there is a lot of helpful data and info for flights into and out of (CUN) Cancun International Airport (see photo below).

Cancun Airport
Track you flight, see the route and weather and also know your gate information.

Frequently asked questions about the Cancun Airport

What hotels are close to the Cancun Airport?

There is a new hotel being built in the middle of the actual Cancun Airport property. We will list it when it opens. 

The following hotels are outside of the Cancun Airport, but close enough they offer shuttle service to the terminals. The two closest hotels to the Cancun Airport are the Comfort Inn and Courtyard by Marriot.  It is good to book these in advance because there are many travelers that book these hotels. There are not really any other good options close to the Cancun Airport unless you want to stay in the center of Cancun and that is about 15 more minutes away and an expensive taxi ride. Book one of these hotels to stay close and get a free shuttle.

Comfort Inn Cancun Airport

This hotel is just 5 minutes out of the airport area. It offers a decent modern hotel with the services you need to get a good night’s sleep before or after a flight. This hotel offers a free airport shuttle that many people enjoy.

cancun airport

Courtyard by Marriot Cancun Airport

This is a large hotel with pool that is also about a 5-minute drive to the airport. This hotel also has a free shuttle to and from the airport. Of the two hotels listed here, this one is usually a little cheaper in price.

cancun airport

Cancun Airport Map

Here is a basic layout of the airport. There are four terminals. Mainly Terminal 1 & 2 are used for domestic flights and Terminals 3 & 4 are for international flights. There are exceptions to this of course. The terminals are not connected with interior walkways. You must exit each terminal and take the free shuttle bus that goes to the other terminals. This bus passes about every 20 minutes.

On the right hand side, you see the arrow to the exit. This is where all traffic goes to the 307 Highway that goes north to Cancun and south to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.

Cancun Airport Map

What airlines fly into Cancun International Airport?

Here is a list of all the airlines that fly into Cancun Airport. Here is a good tip for you, if you are looking for the best deal on a flight, see which airlines fly to an airport near you and visit their homepage. Not all airlines are going to be in search engines like Google Flights or

Vivaaerobus, Magni, Avianca, Blue Panorama, Thompson Airways, Sunwing, XL, Volaris, Copa Airlines, Cubana, Neos, Latam, Tui, Lan, Jetairfly, Canjet, Virgin Australia, Virgin America, United Airlines, Transaero, JetBlue, KLM, Pullmantur Air, Quantas, Spirit, Iberia American Airlines, Delta, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, Aeroflot, British Airways, Etihad, Air Canada, Airberlin, AeroMexico, AirEuropa, AirTran, AirFrance, Condor, Frontier, Interjet, Southwest, Sun Country, Thomas Cook Scandinavia, Thomas Cook Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet and Lufthansa.

There are many Mexican airlines that fly into and out of the Cancun Airport. Some of these service international destinations and others offer very good deals for flying within Mexico. See our link to our article on Mexican Airlines for lots of tips.

Cancun Airport
The runway at the Cancun International Airport.

Short- and long-term parking at Cancun International Airport

For short term parking each of the terminals has affordable parking that can cost just a few dollars while you wait to pick someone up. Enter the parking lots and get your ticket. Take your ticket with you because you need to pay at machines in the terminals. There are no cashiers in the parking lot so if you do not pay inside you cannot exit until you go back.

Long term parking at CUN

If you need to park long term at CUN they offer an option in their parking lots, but it is more expensive and not covered parking. It is much preferred to use IPark. This independent company offers a secured lot just outside the airport on the highway.  They have lower rates and a free shuttle between the lot and the terminals. For more about this long term parking option see our article here.

long term parking Cancun Airport
iPark Cancun Airport parking is the best long term parking option.

Does Cancun Airport have restaurants?

Yes, all four terminals of the Cancun Airport have restaurants. We will say that the options don’t always appeal to everyone, and the prices are higher than restaurants outside the airport.

You can find chain restaurants like TGI Fridays, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Jonny Rockets, Margaritaville, and Starbucks. Don’t expect to be wowed by the options. It can be good for a quick meal before a flight but that is all.

Does Cancun Airport have duty free?

There are duty free shops at the airport. The larger terminals that have more international flights have a much larger selection of things for sale. Compared to touristic places like Cancun and 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, prices are similar. You can find many Mexican crafts and last-minute gifts for your loved ones back home. You can find enough things in the duty free and other shops to actually put off your shopping on your vacation.

Each duty free has a large selection of alcohol. Many Mexican spirits can be found for sale including tequilas and Mezcals. These are always easy gifts to take with you. We actually like shopping at the airport because alcohol prices can be good. 

When shopping in the Cancun Airport duty free shops make sure you take your international boarding pass. Credit cards, pesos and USD are all accepted in the duty-free shops.

How do you get from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen?

We have a full guide on how to get from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen here. There is information on the buses and transfers that will take you directly to your hotel or rental.

Cancun Airport
Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport.

What options for I have for getting from Cancun Airport to Tulum?

We have a full guide on how to get from the Cancun Airport to Tulum here. We have bus schedules, transfer companies to book with and lots of other tips.

Should I exchange money at the airport?

There are services both ATM’s and exchange services at the airport. In general, you will get a better rate outside of the airport, but some visitors are staying at all-inclusive resorts, so it does not really matter. In this case it is good to get some pesos for tips and souvenirs. If you are also coming with a currency that is not used that much, it is best to exchange at the airport rather than in a location in the Riviera Maya. Many exchange places in Playa Del Carmen for example, will only exchange the top 4 or 5 currencies.

How long does it take to go through security at the Cancun Airport?

The lines to enter the airport after you check in are usually very short. Most times it takes less than 15 minutes to pass through security. Most airlines are however very strict about checking in at least one hour before your flight. This includes checking in online. Be sure to allow time to arrive before your flight. If you have booked a private transfer they arrange your times, so you are not rushed at the airport.

How long does it take to go through Immigration and Customs?

Most people arriving from an international destination will arrive at either Terminal 3 or 4. These terminals are newer and have good services for the thousands of passengers that arrive daily. If all the flights arrive at their scheduled times and all is running smoothly most of the time it takes about 30 minutes to pass through immigration and customs.

From landing time to exiting the doors of the airport you can usually count on 40 minutes.

Thank you for reading our guide to Cancun Airport. We hope we have given you some helpful advice. Let us know if you have any other questions or comments below. 

Cancun Airport


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  1. Thanks for the details in this guide. I will be passing through the Cancun Airport this next month and wanted to know if there are lounges? I have Priority pass membership and like sitting in them for the wifi and snacks. Thanks

    • Hello Ivan

      There are priority pass lounges at the Cancun Airport. These are great ways to relax a little before taking off and with the price of most restaurant options in the airport, this is a good way to skirt that issue. We hope you have a good trip.

    • Hi I am leaving Cancun to Boston
      I know you cannot enter with vaping equipment
      My question is can I fly to the USA with my vaping equipment in carry on. Not to use just to take to America

  2. thank you for the info. are there services / shuttles, which provide expedited/escorted service from airplane gate through customs to your destination?

    • Hello John

      There are no services that enter the airport and guide you through. The transportation companies are only allowed to wait outside the doors of the terminals. The process is fairly easy though when you arrive. When you are on the plane they will give you a landing card which is your tourist visa. Fill this out before getting off and then proceed to immigration. You present this paper and your passport. You will get part of the paper back to keep and turn back in when you leave. Keep the paper because this is important. After immigration you go collect any bags you checked and pass though customs checkpoint. Then you follow the signs to the exit. If you pre book a transfer they will be waiting there with a sign. The company we recommend is very good. They have been taking readers to their hotels for some time and have excellent service and prices.

  3. I am flying into the Cancun Airport but want to get to Merida. What is the best way to do this? Are there vans that go there or do I need to go into Cancun and get a bus from there? Thanks

    • Hello Jonna. Since not a lot of people do this regularly there are very expensive private services that will pick you up. The good news is that ADO bus has a transfer van that does limited pickups during the day. You can check the schedule on their website. If you don’t line up with one of these buses you can take the ADO into Cancun and get a large bus to Merida from there. Some people do this and grab something to eat beforehand. We hope one of these options works well for you. Safe travels.

  4. OUr hotel offers a pick up service from the Cancun Airport for an add on of $20 per person. Is this a good deal or is it better to take something else? Thanks for your advice.

    • Hello Tamika

      Often when a hotel offers transportation it is a large bus that waits at the airport for a large group to arrive. This can be fine but you might be waiting for a little while at the airport and then a large group arrives at the hotel at the same time for check in. It also means that going back to the airport you will be on a bus that has people leaving multiple times and you might be waiting again there. It depends on how many people are traveling with you also. A private transfer can be cheaper for small families or groups plus more comfortable and faster. After all most people want to get to their hotel and start their vacation right away. We hope this has helped you make a decision.

  5. Should I take the ADO bus to Puerto Morelos from the airport? I see there is a stop there but I don’t know how far it is from my hotel? I am staying at the Now Jade in Puerto Morelos. Cheers

    • Hello Max

      There is a bus that briefly stops along the highway in Puerto Morelos. You would take the Playa Del Carmen ADO bus and make sure you tell them you want Puerto Morelos because they only stop if they need to there. The resort is about 5 km from the highway so you would need to get a taxi from the highway to your resort. If you are traveling with your family or lots of luggage, sometimes a private transfer makes more sense.

  6. My wife did some shopping at a store that offered tax back and the form we got say at the airport you can get the tax back. Is this correct? How does this work?

    • Hello Darrell
      There are certain stores that participate in the program of the VAT tax being returned to tourist. You will need to take your recipets to a window in the airport terminal where they can start the process and then it will be credited back to you at a later date. Most of the time this works although we have had reports that people did not get their refund. This is not an official project of the MExican government but rather there are several services that provide this type of refund. Most of the time the windows are inside the terminals past security. You will need about 10 mninutes to fill out the paperwork.

  7. If you don’t mind, do you have a list of car rental places at the airport? I would like to know which ones offer low rates for a week rental.

    • Hello Brad

      We do not have a list of car rental places. There are many but we don’t have a great one to recommend. Many prices you see online are basic rates without insurance and taxes. We do have several articles about renting cars in Mexico and some of the particular things you need to look at. We also have a driving guide for the Riviera Maya that helps people know what things to look for when driving here.

      We will say that most car rentals at the airport are about $40 USD a day or higher for short term rentals.

  8. Researching our trip I have seen that our flight leaves Cancun at 7am. Is it hard to get to the airport that early? We will be staying in Akumal and it looks like it is a little over one hour to the airport via the highway. Please advise.

    • Hello

      There are options to get to the airport that early but since you are in Akumal it is best to book a transfer. The company we recommend people is very reliable and will be there early to pick you up. Probably around 4:30am. It sucks when flights leave that early but you do get some good deals on flights at that hour. It should be very fast going through the check in and security at that hour. Good thing there is coffee at the airport.

  9. I have sort of an odd question. I am a smoker and want to buy some cigarettes at the airport. Do they sell these in convenience stores or anywhere there?

    • Hello Kate

      They do sell them for sure in duty free. You can get large multipacks of them with the bug name brands. These are available when you arrive and take off.

  10. I will be flying out of Cancun and wanted to know of there are lounges at the airport? I guess more in the international terminals.

    • Hello Quinn

      Terminal 3 has the most since that terminal is the one that has been used the longest. Terminal 4 is new and the last time we were there it said there were loungers but they were not open yet.

  11. This will be my firs time to Cancun and I wonder what tips you have for visiting the area? I want to go on some day trips and visit a cenote. I do not want to drive but am looking for tours to local places. I want to see more than the hotel this time.

  12. I lost my tourist card on holiday. What is the process to get another one? Can I do this at the airport?

    • Hello Kelly

      You can get it replaced at the airport. You will need to go to the immigrations desk before you check in at the counter for your flight. You should arrive a little earlier for this since it can take a few minutes or maybe more. There may be a fee also for the replacement.

  13. I have frineds arriving at terminal 2 of the Cancun Airport and I arrive at 3. Is it possibel to walk to terminal 2 from 3?

    • Hello Barry

      It technically is but there are no signs and not straight forward. The best is the free shuttle that passes about ever 20 minutes. This might take a about 12 minutes to do but worth it rather than lugging bags in the heat.

  14. Hi there to all, I need transportation from the airport to my hotel. Can I book this here? I arrive April 3.

    • Hello

      The comments go here to us on our website but if you want o book transportation you can follow the links in our article. There is the information on the ADO bus and time schedules or the private transfers you can reserve for your arrival. We hope you have a good trip.

  15. I was very impressed with the Cancun Airport. Very modern and efficient. the people working there were helpful and smiling. I like the services of terminal 4 also. It sure makes traveling to the area better.

    • Hello Desiree

      Terminal 3 used to be the main one for international flights. Now there is terminal 4 that also host international flights. Occasionally terminal 2 gets used as well. It is best to check with your airline what terminal you will be departing from. They are normally assigned to one terminal but there can be last minute changes.

  16. I have rented a car and will arrive two days before my frineds arrive in Cancun. It is easy to drive from Playa Del Carmen to the airport to pick up people?

    • Hello Earnestine

      The drive takes about 50 minutes from Playa to the airport. There is short term parking when you arrive at each terminal. IF they are arriving on an international flight they will probably arrive at terminal 3 or 4. Check which terminal they arrive at before you get to the airport. It can be a little confusing driving around there. Follow the signs and park in short term parking. Make sure to tell your friends to exit to the friends and family doors. If they go to the taxi or bus side they will not see you. Allow 40 minutes for them to exit the airport after arrival. Make sure to pay your parking in the terminal since the exit of the parking does not have anyone there.

  17. I know Uber is not opporating now but I will be arriving in a few months and wanted to know if it might be available then or if you ahve heard anything. Thanks.

    • Hello
      We have not heard anything about them opening back up for business. Normally there would be some buzz if they were going to start. So it is best to plan other transportation from the airport.

  18. Hello, I think you have the most up to date map of the airport. Even google does not have the new terminal 4. Mexico often is very behind in offering maps and information for tourist.

  19. Very good info. I love the new terminal 4, it is very upscale. Although if you want the lounges they are not open yet, that sucks.

  20. We are flying into Cancun in 2 different groups. The first group will be there an hour before the second group. Is there a place inside the airport to get food/drinks while they wait? Are the prices for sunscreen, alcohol better in the airport or in the city?

    • Hello Sandy

      It will depend on which terminal you fly into. There is a restaurant outside of terminal 3 which is a good place to meet people. If you are arriving at terminal 4 it might be best to exit and then enter the terminal where you have choices. If you need transportation, the links here in this article for the transfer company are good to use. Many of our readers really like them. You can even buy sunscreen from them and have it in your van when they pick you up.

      As for alcohol, the prices are not bad at the duty free. If you are wanting some for your trip, In town you have more options. La Europea store has retails prices that locals buy at. See our article for where to buy alcohol in Playa. We hope you have a great trip!

  21. Is it best to exchange money at the airport or wait until I get to Playa Del Carmen? I have a transfer already paid for, so that is not a problem. I wont need money until later in the day I figure.

    • The exchange rate will be better in Playa than at the Cancun Airport. They always charge a little more just because it is for the convenience fee.

  22. Now that it is hot, visitors should know that in the afternoons at Cancun Airport the landings are rougher due to air currents. The heat rtises and makes for unstable air. Just be prepared for a rougher landing.

  23. If I go to pick up frineds at terminal 4 at the airport, can they see me when they exit? Is there a place to meet them? Thank you.

    • Hello Jeremy
      There are two ways passengers can exit the Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport. One is to the busses and transfers and the other is to friends and family. Just tell your friends to exit to the friends and family exit. You will have to park in short term parking, and then go to the sidewalk in front of the terminal.

  24. Can I get good tequila at the duty free store in the airport or should I buy it in town? Thank you =)

    • You can buy tequilla at the airport. There is a wide selection of options and you also don’t have to check it in since it is large and if you buy it before, you have to check it in your bag. It can be a little more but with the selection, and less hassle of looking for it beforehand, a good option to purchase it there.

  25. If I’m a smoker, I’m flying out of Terminal 4, is there any where to smoke after security? Like an outdoor terrace or something? If not can I go through security more than once? Like if I want to go outside and have a smoke then come back in to my boarding gate?

    • Hello Jules

      We believe there is no smoking area in the Terminal. You will only be able to smoke outside before going through security for your flight.

      • i heard here was smoking section in terminal 2, is it a pain in the butt to get to, or is fairly simple? if i gotta go out and back in security then probably not worth it lol

        • Jules

          All the terminals are separated and not walkable, so it means taking the free shuttle between the terminals and then going back to your terminal, and then going through security, so basically, ridiculous to do that and it makes no sense. So it is best to smoke before you get into your terminal.

  26. Hello Mr. Yucatan, My sister’s flight will be arriving just 10 mins after ours in terminal 3. I cannot remember if there is a place we can meet before going through immigration. Do you know? Thanks!

    • Hello Shannon

      Everyone is funneled down to Immigration. There is no good place to meet before passing through unless you just want to stand around before the line starts. It is good to get in the line and then meet at luggage. That way you can pass through and go to the bathroom and wait there. This is all assuming you arrive at the same terminal. Each terminal has it’s own immigration and the terminals are separated.

  27. I am flying in from the US this week and have a layover in Mexico City. Do I have to go through customs there and Cancun?

    • You will have to go through customs in Mexico City. Sometimes you have to collect your bags and pas through, other times you don’t. If you are booked on the same airline or same ticket for codeshare, they should allow you enough time to transfer. Normally 1.5 hours is sufficient. Mexico City Airport has two terminals and both are pretty efficient. There are good services at both and most people are able to help you in English. We hope you have a good trip!

  28. I will be arriving at Terminal 3 and would like to purchase some water before I meet the shuttle (already booked) to go to my resort. Are there any convenience stores between baggage claim and ground transfers?

    • Hello Alison

      If you booked the transfer off our recommendation, they have waters in the van for you. We believe there is only duty free store on your way out. You might have to exit and enter the terminal again to buy water.

  29. Hi, ee are arriving at Cancun terminal 3 and then transferring to terminal 2 for a flight to Cuba! Do we have to go through Customs? How long will it take to transfer? Thanks

    • Hello
      You will need to go through customs. There are also no walkways between the terminals so you will need to take the free shuttle between terminals. It can take 30-60 minutes to go through customs normally and you should allow 20 min to transfer to the other terminal. Then you will need to check in. Security normally takes about 15 min.

  30. Hello, we are arriving at terminal 4 and then waiting over 3 hours for our relatives to arrive. We intend to travel to our hotel on the same shuttle. Is there anywhere to sit and wait for them to arrive. What do you suggest?

    • Hello Robert

      It you make it over to terminal via the free shuttle, you can go to a Starbucks or chilies restaurant inside the departures section of Terminal 3. There is also a restaurant outside just as the departures leave terminal 3. This is the third option but is outdoors.

  31. Due to an illness I have difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time…what arrangements should I make ahead of time to ensure I can get from the plane to my tour bus as comfortable as possible?

    • Hello Cristy

      There is nothing you can really do before you leave. When on the plane you can ask for a wheelchair pickup from the time of arrival. This way you can be sitting during the immigrations line. Often though, you get to go through faster if you are in a chair. You usually do have to wait to get off the plane after everyone else though. PEople are very helpful at the Cancun Airport and a small tip is good for the assistance.

  32. We are arriving in Cancun in a few weeks. Are we able to shop in the airport after we land in order to take things with us to where we are staying? For example, we would like to purchase small bottles of vanilla, sunscreen, etc before we head to our hotel.

    Thank you!

  33. If some one wishes to open a good business at the airport it would be healthy food and long term parking. I know now in terminal 4 there are better options and there is one long term parking lot but sometimes it is full. The parking at the airport inside is expensive.

  34. Wanting to know if there is a smoking area at the Cancun Airport. I heard there was a place where you pay $10 dollars and you are able to smoke and buy drinks.

    • There is a little bit of different answers online about this. We don’t remember seeing any but also are non smokers. Are you mainly worried about the time of the check in to the time you depart? Security is very fast normally at Cancun Airport at all 4 terminals. We have never been more that 14 minutes. So you could wait to go in and smoke outside, where we see many people doing this. You can also ask when you arrive and get a definitive answer from the information booth.

  35. Hi! I’m arriving at terminal 3 and have to meet my travel party, which is arriving an hour later in terminal 4. Can you give me details about taking the shuttle and where we all can meet in terminal 4? Transportation to our hotel will be from Terminal 4. Thanks!

    • Hello DC

      There is a free shuttle between terminals that comes about every 15 minutes. It says every 20 but does seem to come frequently. At Terminal 4 you will have to meet them at the exit of the terminal. If facing the terminal, this is on the right hand side. However there are two exits for your friends. One direct to the parking lot and the other to booked transportation. If you are doing this option, you also will need to pick a place to meet. You can ask the security guard to let you pass so you can go to the area of transportation or you can walk around the parking lot to the far right and be in the area. The best thing to do is probably have your friends meet you at the friends and family exit and then you all walk over to the transportation together.

  36. I would like to take a taxi from PDC to the Courtyard Marriot near the Cancun airport. How much should it cost in pesos?

    • Hello Debbie

      There are no set prices for taxis from the Cancun Airport. So it is always good to ask before getting in. It is a short ride and will take about 9 minutes. One option is to see if the hotel has a shuttle that can pick you up for free. Most of the hotels near the airport have shuttle service. A taxi will probably charge around 200-250 pesos. We are not saying that is a good price but what is commonly asked if not for more.

  37. Hi. We arrive in Terminal 4. 30 minutes later another couple arrive in Terminal 2. We are travelling with children so don’t want to load on shuttle. We will be booking a private transfer once all together. We have arrived terminal 4 a number of times now and know the red light green light is not there but is it in terminal 2? We suspect easiest way to do this is to just hang around terminal 4 until we get a text from the other guests arriving at terminal 2. We are trying to plan this out and wondered about the red and green light and whether it still exists in terminal 2 as it always caused a bottle neck! Thanks!

    • Hello

      There is not the system but they still can stop and check you. It also depends on how many flights arrive at the same time for immigration. Sometimes the lines
      Can be 20 Minutes or 40. So you pon is good to wait for a text. When booking the transfer you can put in notes to explain what you want to do.

  38. hi! Thanks for this great resource. Question: We will be coming back from Cozumel via MayAir, and the flight lands at Cancun at 4:20pm. We then have a 6:00pm international flight to the US. Is this enough time to transfer, check-in, and get through immigration? Thanks

    • Hello Hayley

      This should be enough time. Flights from Cozumel are usually on time. The one thing you have to figure out is where it will land. It might be at the FCO terminal which is not 1-4 of the normal terminals. There must be a ride or taxi from there but you will have to figure that out. Security at the airport is usually only 10 minutes. Be sure to check in online and if you need to check bags, get there asap so you can get these checked in. If you do arrive at the FCO terminal , all other terminals are 8 minute ride away.

  39. We need to park for three months at the airport. Do you recommend the long term parking lot at Cancun Airport?

    • Hello Matt

      The long term parking lot outside of the airport that is run by a separate company has covered parking. This is cheaper and better than the long term parking at the Cancun Airport. However for three months leaving it with someone you know is better. It is good to open the windows occasionally and start it so condensation does not build in the gas tank. In a hot climate these can all be issues and you don’t want to have a car that will not start when you return.

  40. Hi, wondering if I am flying in to terminal 3 and then leaving from terminal 3 if I need to clear customs or if everyone has to clear immigration/customs even though you are not staying in Mexico? Thanks!

    • Hello John

      This is a good question. There are very few flights that actually layover or meet connecting flights in Cancun. We think that all passengers need to clear immigration and customs and pass back to check in and security. We are not 100% sure on this but about 94% sure this is what you are going to do. Are both your flights on the same airline and was it booked as one ticket?

  41. My wife and I will be traveling to Cancun after this pandemic is over. A wheelchair is a must at airports when we travel. We have read that going through Cancun customs can take a very long time. Is there a expedited line for wheelchair s?

    • Yes, there is a crew and handicap line. It normally only has a few people in it. It depends on how many flights arrive at the same time, but normal wit times at immigration is about 15-25 minutes.

  42. How is Cancun Airport looking these days? Are there any restrictions when you arrive or test being done?

    • Things are running pretty smooth at the Cancun Airport. More of it is opening and more flights are arriving each month. There are no restrictions for tourists arriving to Mexico. Most everyone arriving passing very quickly through to start their vacations.

    • Hello David

      There are not restrictions for tourist arriving to Mexico. There are standard sanitization and safety measures in place, but that is all.

    • Hello Sarah

      We do not know the exact answer because there is confusion about this. There has been a presidential decree banning vaping products to Mexico. If this is the official law of the land is in question. You can buy vaping equipment in Mexico. So you might just want to be safe and not bring it and buy it in Mexico.

  43. I’m still planning my trip to Cancun and wanted to know if there are any restrictions at the airport like you need to show a covid test or something like that?

    • Hello Maria

      There are no requirements to enter Mexico with a negative test or anything. There are temperature checks and gel, but nothing more than that at the Cancun Airport.

  44. How long is it taking right now to get from landing in Cancun to the ferry port to Cozumel? If I land at 8:30pm, will I have enough time to make the 11pm ferry?

    • Hello. We normally say that arrival and customs takes about 40 minutes. The quickest exit from the plane and having no lines for immigration, then picking up bags, is about 25 minutes. It can take over an hour if many flights arrive at the same time. So if you leave the airport at 9:15 and it takes one hour to Playa, you will get there are 10:15 and have time to spare. So you should be fine.

  45. I was there at the airport the other week and there was a new building in the center near the tower. Is that a new hotel?

    • Hello Kenny

      It is a new hotel that is the first one that has been built on the Cancun Airport property. It will be beneficial for people that have early flights or are in transit.

  46. I am flying out of Mexico and and a resident but not citizen. I need to go to immigration for the paper, is there an office in each terminal and are they open at 8 am?

    • Hello Weston

      There are offices in each terminal. They are all near the airline desks. They do open early enough for flights, much before 8am, so you have nothing to worry about.

  47. Are there lounges at the airport? Can people buy a pass to them? I am dropping off a friend and have a long wait for my flight.

    • Hello

      There are lounges. There are the typical lounges related to credit cards, airline points and first-class tickets. All of the terminals with international flights (2,3,4) have lounges. You can purchase a day pass at the lounges based on occupancy. Usually there is a three-hour limit for each stay.

    • Hello Nathan

      There is a pay service for wifi. If you have a local cell phone plan with Telcel, for example, you get a good signal in the airport for being online. If you go into a lounge, there is free wifi for members.

  48. I am not sure how many people use the airport lounges, but Cancun has very small lounges compared to some big international airports. Most are in Terminal 3 and 4. Just dont expect too much wow service, just basic lounges.

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