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10 Comments on Contact email information for website

  1. tour guides or make new friends…can someone contact me…please…lets talk thank you

    • Hello

      We don’t offer any tours but we do have lots listed here. If you are looking for private tours, we have Absolute Adventures tour company on site. Some people try to meet people before coming to meet up with locals and go around. Most people find very limited success in this because showing strangers around or lining up schedules is hard.

  2. When is the best time of year to travel to the area? the most economical

    • Hello Tammy

      The worst times are December to mid January and Easter week. May-August are a low season and you can get better hotel rates during this time. May and June also tend to be the hottest months.

  3. Hi, can you tell me about the seaweed in the water in Playa del Carmen versus Tulum right now? I read in your seaweed post that the conditions are improving in Playa del Carmen now to a “17 out of 100”. What does that mean?
    Thank you. I want to swim in the ocean regularly while staying in the town (of Playa or Tulum).

    • The seaweed changes daily so it is hard to say how it compares. It is about the same is saying how is the rain difference between Tulum and Playa. The wind and currents bring the seaweed ashore. There are however different beaches that are more prone to it collecting. When we say 17 on a scale of 100 that means that there is not much seaweed.

  4. hi. I am frank, the owner of Blue Life. There is an article here about ur. Thanks!

    I just wanted to see if we could update our contact phone number on the article. We no longer use the mexican number but our reservations number is US +1-707-726-1122. Thanks a million

    PS – Your contact form is giving 404.

    • Thank you Frank. We have updated your number on the article. We are also working today on the contact form, so in the short time we have it down you sent us a message, go figure.

  5. Hello, I would like to receive your advertising rates & offers. Thank you.

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