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We cover everything about Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area. We do this for the enjoyment of our readers and help people discover the best of Playa Del Carmen!

Over the past few years we have been collecting information on everything in Playa Del Carmen and also the amazing Yucatan Peninsula, which is just in our backyard. We hope you enjoy reading here and we add to your enjoyment of the area. Please feel free to contact us with story ideas and questions.  We hope this unique interaction creates a place where you enjoy spending a little time each week or even daily as we often post things often. We are constantly expanding and striving to bring you good content. There are many ideas  we would like to write about in order to bring you great coverage of the area. We work nonstop to explore and discover new things to bring you. There are many places we have covered a lot but there still is a long list of things we want to bring you so stay tuned.

We bring you unbiased reviews and information for businesses and places we cover. Everything we write about are places we have found to be good or of interest to our readers.  In this manner you can be assured that we are unbiased in our stories and reviews. Everything we write about and our photos are ours. We do not copy or use other websites content just to have more material. Everything is researched by us so we can answer questions and give expert advice and not just suggest or make recommendations based on what other people think or based on getting commissions.

We are interested in meeting members of the community as well as tourist to bring you the most rounded coverage of Playa Del Carmen and beyond.

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Would you like to be on one of the most popular websites for Playa Del Carmen and be seen by tens of thousands of people every month? All of which are people planning to come to Playa and spend time here? We work with local businesses to help promote your good services and get known the local community.  Since we cover everything, we work with restaurants, hotels, tour companies and other businesses. All of our articles of places we have covered have helped people to find their services. We are happy that all of the businesses we have covered have had a great result of being on our page. We wanted to build readership and visibility and now are happy to say we are one of the largest sites for Playa Del Carmen. If you would like to know more about advertising or getting more known, please contact us using the contact tab.



For people looking to move to Playa Del Carmen

If you are thinking about moving to Playa Del Carmen you will probably have a lot of questions. We like to cover a lot of these in our Expat section. We are constantly going around Playa Del Carmen and covering life here, there are hundreds of articles on the site but we can give you just what you need if we meet with you in person for a tour.

There is a Real Estate section on our website under the Expat tab. We are doing this since this is what most people want to know about when moving here. We however will be offing honest advice on areas to live in and information on house and  condos. One way we do this is by touring new construction projects and writing a review for you.  We can offer an unbiased opinion since we do not rent or sell real estate.

We can however recommend some of the best realtors depending on your situation and then you can make your own decision. There are many realtors to choose from but we have found not all to be good about details. We have had many people come to us and ask questions after they have bought that should of been answer by a good realtor. So we have a shortlist of very qualified people that we have made sure will give good service to our readers. We want to give you, our readers, the best advice about investing here.  After all you will be our future neighbors and we love interacting with people before they move here, and after.

If you need suggestion and contact for people here like immigration help or something else, feel free to contact us so we can line you up with the best recommendations.

Other services we offer at www.EverythingPlayaDelCarmen.com

  • Since we know the area well, if you are a TV show or movie production company looking for locations, we can help you and help scout locations and give you detailed information on places to shoot.
  • If you are a group and looking for special information catered to your travel needs, we refer people to Lori who is an excellent  source of help.
  • If you are looking to set up a business here in Playa Del Carmen or the Riviera Maya and would like a consultation session with us, please contact us. 

Our team here at www.EverythingPlayaDelCarmen.com

Website owner and head writer Seth

Hello! I am Seth or otherwise known as Mr. Yucatan because I am all over the Yucatan Peninsula looking for interesting things to share with you. I am writing  about everything in and around Playa Del Carmen. I head up the website and hope you enjoy reading our pages. The team here is living in Playa Del Carmen and want to share the exciting life and times that go on here. We want to make travelers and those that are lucky to live here even more savvy with up to the minute information that can make your stay or living here better.

I have traveled the world to more then 40 countries and have landed in Playa Del Carmen. After traveling to so many places and reading so many guide books and websites, I wanted to create a useful site for tourist and for those looking to more to the area.

Below are just some of the photos from behind the scenes of doing research for the website. We test everything for you so we know what to suggest and so we can answer your questions. It is hard work, swimming, touring, eating, shopping, driving and running around but that is just how we do it here. Oh, and we do have a fun time doing it too!

Behind the scenes at www.EverythingPlayaDelCarmen.com




Miguel is a contributor and local researcher for our site. We welcome Miguel to the team to help cover everything in Playa Del Carmen and the Rivera Maya. His extensive background in media and travel is a perfect contribution to our site.

Miguel was born in Mexico City where he lived until he moved to Cabo on the west coast of Mexico.  He had the opportunity to travel and live in Europe for a while before returning back to Mexico where he now resides in Playa Del Carmen.

In Mexico City he worked for Televisa, the largest TV producer in Mexico. Since 2006 he has worked in travel, transportation and hotel industry in Mexico. This has given him an insight into the industry and now helps him do reviews and write articles.

We look forward to hear from Miguel to help give informative advice to all of our readers.



Anastasia has lived around the world and is working on her fourth language. She fell in love with Playa and fell in love with the man of her dreams, both things brought her to Playa Del Carmen.  Anastasia has traveled around Mexico and when in Playa she loves to check out the restaurant scene and participate in yoga. She is an expert on the active life in Playa and the Riviera Maya and also knows all about love in Mexico. Her desires are to help people fall in love with Mexico and find all the romantic places for people to visit in the Riviera Maya.



Jose is our eyes on the street for spotting all those new local restaurants and our inside tip giver on real estate and rentals. When he is not working with us he works with property management here.


  1. Hello, have talked to you before and thank you again for all the great info you all provide. Do you have an office where people can drop in? I would like you advice please. We are a group of ten Crazy Canadians embarking on Playa Jan14th. We are very interested in a walking food tour or food and wine or spirits tour. There are sooo many it gets confusing. Any suggestions? We would like to do this right away so we can get a lay of the city. Thanks again, enjoy this site very much

  2. Thank you all for the incredibly helpful and detailed information! I have been following your site for several months and we finally arrived in Playa del Carmen today. Such a paradise and again so grateful for all the tips. Muchos gracias! Cheers

  3. Does anybody know a local artist who might paint a wall mural in my condo? I don’t want the most well known artist or one who does major installations….too expensive for me. A talented young person is fine.

    • Hello Susan

      A good place to start might be besides Quinta Alegria mall when the artist set up shop there in the street. If no one there is up for it they might know other artist that would.

  4. Hi thank you so much for this great website. We would love to try swim with the dolphin experience we just cannot decide which one. What do you recommend please?

    • Well we don’t have any places recommended because it is a controversial topic to have them in captivity. We expect in a few years it will be outlawed or closed in the Riviera Maya. We have actually seen them off the coast of Isla Mujeres swimming naturally and free. There are tours to Sian Kaan nature reserve where you can often see dolphins in nature.

      • With that answer…..
        You have won my Respect!!

        Will be visiting your beautiful country February 9th to 18th
        Wonderful site!!


  5. Hello . Looking for unfurnished new construction .. with preferably walking distance or bike distance to the center .. for rental .. that hopefully won’t get cancelled after a years lease .. any niegjtborhoids that would be best for this??
    Thank you

    • Hello Mary
      Many places in the center only do short term rentals because it is much more profitable to do it that way. If you do find something new and close to the center if will cost more then outlaying areas. Most likely 1000 USD or more a month will be asked. You might find an older buiding that has minimal furniture. There are a few new buildings in Colosio around 80th Street that you might find long term rentals in.

  6. Hi there-love your site cuz yu have such detailed info on everything! We moved here and are looking for property to Buy, but dont know HOW to find or WHERE to get address for vacant Lots or built propertys, and Names and ph nums of OWNERS! Perhaps yu can advise us? Gracias

    • Thanks for reading the site. Looking for your own property can be rewarding but it is also full of pitfalls. It sounds like you want to drive around and find something in a more local area. The best thing is narrow down what areas you like and then look in them. If they are local area, looking in Spanish online will offer an idea of prices. Most houses for sale have for sale signs. If you are looking at land, asking the neighbors is the best source of info. Some neighborhoods have more troubles with clear titles. This can really be a mess and if you don’t do things the right way, you can end of getting in a big mess. More local areas are not used to foreigners looking to buy and the process is longer for you since you have to get approved for a fidecomisco. This puts you at a disadvantage because if someone wants to sell fast, it will take longer with you.

  7. I am planning to retire and move to Playa within a couple months. I think it would be a could idea to work with a relocation consultant. Any suggestions and contact information? Thank you

    • Hello Esteban

      Are you looking for a moving company or a realtor or just a service that helps people get settled in? Let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

  8. Hello and thank you for this site. I am living in Playa for over a year and love it here. I have obtained my Permanent Resident card, am learning Spanish regularly online and with an in home teacher. I am a single female retiree from the US. My son is my Emergency Contact (EC) person. However, he lives in the US and is not fluent in Spanish. I would like to have an emergency contact person who lives in Mexico and is bi-lingual. I have met and am developing Mexican friendships, but, don’t feel comfortable asking them to take on that responsibility even though I would pay them. When I have researched online, the law firms seem only interested in real estate. My own lawyer who handled my Immigration affairs is slow getting back to me on this issue. My building manager is asking me for an additional EC. Do you know where or who I can turn to? I can see where other people may have need for this service also. Thank you very much.

    • Hello. We are glad you are living happily in Playa Del carmen. Most people do have a family member listed as an emergency contact and of course having someone local is good since they can come at a moments notice if necessary. It can take time to meet people in Playa and it is why we wrote an article about it here. https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/meeting-people-playa-del-carmen/ Maybe until you make more friends here you can list another contact from a family member and they change it for a local person when you develope that relationship.

  9. Hi there, thanks for your tips. can you please advise me on how my friend and I can get to Playa del Carmen from Isla Mujeres without a car this coming week? I understand we’ll ferry back. Is ADO the next step? Want to of course minimize travel time while keeping things cheap.

    • Hello Vera

      You can take the ADO bus to Cancun but station. From there you can take a combo bus which takes about 15 minutes. You can also take a taxi. Both take you to Puerto Juarez where you get the ferry. For the return you will do the same. A taxi between the bus station is not a bad idea since it is fast and easy. The combo vans are across the highway and are slower with stops.

  10. I would like to subscribe to this site. Please add me to your list. I just purchased a home in Playa Car and look forward to spending more time on Playa Del Carmen. Thank you for being such a great source of information and offering this wonderful site.

  11. Hello Everything PDC. With the backlog of people waiting for their RFCs, do you have any idea how long it will take to get your appointment scheduled in PDC? My son has been waiting since April 13th to get a response from fila virtual. ??‍♀️ I have had no luck with getting any information.

    • You will be happy to hear there has been an extension for this. So there is more time to get your RFC.

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