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Recommended realtors in Playa Del Carmen to work with on your property search

realtors Playa Del Carmen

Recommended realtors in Playa Del Carmen

We have had many readers ask us about referrals of realtors in Playa Del Carmen. It is hard enough to move to a diffent city and look for a realtor to work with, but another country is even harder. We have found because we don’t work in real estate ourselves, people like asking us for our opinions. Over the years many of our readers have taken our advice on who to work with and been very pleased. So we are writing this article to put in writing what we have been emailing to people that asked for advice in the past.

We hope this information helps you. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below. We love hearing from you and helping you find what you need in the area.

Why we recommend these realtors

Investing in real estate in Mexico does require you to become familiar with the process and details or transactions. These realtors offer years of experience to help you through the process. They have a good reputation locally and with our readers.

These realtors are also passionate about what they do. We find when people are passionate about anything, the business is always better whether it be a chef or tour guide. These realtors work hard for their clients, spending time with them in and out of the office.

In the past the real estate market was not as regulated or organized. This meant that some wound up working with a realtor that was not as qualified or professional. A.M.P.I. is the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals and is  a non-governmental organization that helps oversee the market here. These realtors are members in good standing and members.

These realtors are also completely bilingual and understand what people are looking for. They have worked with clients from all over the world and know how to answer detailed questions.

Contacting and  sending an email

If you want to contact any of the realtors below, here are some good things to include in your email:

  • Your name and a phone number. Adding a number where you can be reached is good incase email does not go through to inbox or if you want quicker response and more details. You can also add the best time to call you. 
  • Add what you are looking for. A one bedroom? House? Land? These things will help the realtor be prepared with options. 
  • Your general price range for a purchase. Knowing this can help your realtor also help with selecting available properties. 

Our First Realtor Recommendation

Lilia has been in the Playa Del Carmen area for over two decades and knows the in’s and out’s of the market. With so much experience she is able to help people know what is going on in the market and to work with reputable developers. If you are looking for a home, investment or land, in and around Playa Del Carmen, Lilia is good to work with. Lilia is also very knowledgeable on what is going on in Tulum with the marker there.

Several things our readers have enjoyed from working with this realtor is the fact she is a full service agent. What does this mean? Before, during and after the sale she is there with helpful advice and solutions. Everything from legal questions to local information, she is very knowledgeable. This aspect is something that sets Lilia apart from other real estate agents in Playa Del Carmen.

We have had readers ask us for advice for realtors and decide to work with someone else. Often they write back to us asking questions that their realtor has not answered or helped them with. This is why Lilia is so good to work with. She is able to answer pretty much anything and even know what you should be asking.

Lilia is also very honest and direct. When making a large purchase like real estate, it is always better to have someone tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

Background about Lilia

realtors Playa Del CarmenLilia moved to Playa del Carmen in 1996, where she started working in interior design and remodeling. She soon transitioned into real estate by creating her own real estate company and by making personal investments in Playa and Tulum real estate markets. Her real estate company has become the Riviera Maya’s premier boutique real estate company.

Lilia combines her eye for design and keen sense for sound real estate investment, to guide her clients in both residential and commercial real estate acquisitions. With a “Who’s Who” list of International and domestic clients, Lilia is the go to real estate agent for the best that the Riviera Maya has to offer. The personal touch and hands on approach that clients receive is what keeps them coming back year after year.

Email Lilia for more information

If you would like to know about listings and information, click the email link below.

Our Second Realtor Recommendation

We have had many readers work and successfully buy property through this realtor in Playa Del Carmen. He is an expert in knowing what is going on with one of the largest real estate developers in the area. Since many people are looking to buy and use the property for an investment, Sebastian is great to work with! Sebastian and the company he works with has worked hard on detailed information for ROI (see the article Sebastian wrote here on ROI in Playa Del Carmen). While many real estate companies talk about ROI, Sebastian can give you in very much detail information on how to make sure you have a smart investment.

Our video introduction to this realtor in Playa Del Carmen

To share with you more here is an interview with Sebastian.

Background information for this realtor

Sebastian is a licensed realtor and property advisor in the Riviera Maya. He started out in real estate in 2012. He was born and raised in Mexico City, but soon decided to move to the Riviera Maya, which was always his dream.

Fully bilingual, Sebastian is a native speaker of Spanish and English alike and therefore also 100% bicultural. He is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of purchasing property in Mexico. He therefore in a perfect position to walk you through the real-estate acquisition process. This can range from property taxes to taxation on rental income, HOA fees, legal aspects of closing, financial leverage, property management, ROI, etc. He makes the investment process easier for those looking to buy in this area.

Sebastian owns a leading real estate brokerage company in the Riviera Maya, with access to over 300 luxury projects and more than 6,500 units in the finest locations in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum. His focus is on investment properties and on securing the highest return on your investment. A Playa Del Carmen property owner himself, he has helped over 200 families realize their dream.

Sebastian is passionate about his work. He won the Salesman of the Year Award in 2017, and the prize included attending a Business and Sales Workshop at Harvard University.


realtors Playa Del Carmen

Contact Sebastian for real estate information

If you are interested in investment properties and talking with Sebastian, click below to send him an email.

Our Third Recommended Realtor For the Area

Our third recommended realtor is Enrique. Enrique was born in Mexico City, but grew up and studied in Brownsville, Texas for 20 years. Being bilingual and passionate about sales, he returned to Mexico to venture into the real estate industry specifically in the Riviera Maya. His experience and preparation led him to be the No. 1 sales agent of one of the most important companies in the real estate industry in the Riviera Maya. He has lived in various cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, N.L., Cancun, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, San Antonio, Tx but decided to reside in Playa Del Carmen thanks to everything that this wonderful place has to offer.

Enrique is a professional, he knows the market perfectly and loves his work.  He stands out for empathizing with customers and offers the best service to each and everyone of his clients, his goal is to find the perfect product based upon his customers needs, and thus creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

Our video introduction for Enrique 

If you are interested in talking with Enrique, you can contact him below with an email.

Avoid these two mistake when looking for an realtor in Playa Del Carmen

The top two mistakes people make when looking at real estate in Playa Del Carmen or the Riviera Maya are:

  1. Thinking that an realtor from your home country is going to be best. You may feel comfortable dealing with someone from your home country, but that should not be a basis for a decision. There are good real estate agents and not so good ones from every country working in Mexico. It is better to work with someone who knows the laws and is honest with you. Also someone that is willing to work hard with you. However you might mess this up if you make the mistake number 2.
  2. Trying to work with multiple real estate agents at once. You may reason that working with multiple agents will give you a better chance of finding the property you are looking for. When real estate agents know you are working with other agents as well, there is much less motivation to go out of their way to work hard for you. There is a good chance that all their work is not going to pay off in a commission. We have talked with many real estate agents in Playa Del Carmen, and they know when people are shopping them. It is best to pick a good agent, work with them and end up with a good solid purchase.

Our video about real estate in Playa Del Carmen

To help our readers more, we put together this video about the real estate market in Playa Del Carmen. It covers a lot of topics our readers ask about. We hope you find it helpful and helps you make a smart investment. 


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7 Comments on Recommended realtors in Playa Del Carmen to work with on your property search

  1. Marguerite H Soper // December 11, 2018 at 11:21 AM // Reply

    Lilia was our realtor 4 years ago. She was wonderful. When we get ready to sell or buy, we will definitely use her again.

  2. Lilia has been in Playa for years and really knows her stuff. She knows the developers and how the market functions. I would also recommend her as a good agent to work with.

  3. Sebastian was a great realtor to work with. He spent a lot of time working with me, explaining the market,taking me around and I felt really good about my investment. You really do need someone good guiding you through the process in Mexico because it is different. That should not scare off anyone, there are good rewards for those that do it right.

  4. Can you direst me to long term rentals of 3 to 6 month terms? Home’s and condo’s? I would like to see if I like living in Mexico before jumping in to buying a home.

    • Mr.Yucatan // April 1, 2019 at 8:33 AM // Reply

      This is a hard section to cover because most rental companies love short term. You can try North American or Bric Rentals for some Rentals like that.

  5. Guermo Lopaz // July 13, 2019 at 3:25 PM // Reply

    Thanks for the great info! I am looking to buy in Playa and need a good realtor. I have appreciated all your good articles too.

  6. I have worked with Sebastian in the past and really appreciated his expertise and knowledge. Her certainly helped me find what I was looking for.

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