Want to find the right resort for your trip to the Riviera Maya? Ask Lori

What to pack for a resort
This is Lori. She is a great travel agent to work with. She is one of the good services in Playa Del Carmen.

Meet Lori, the expert Playa Del Carmen travel agent

We have had many questions from readers about resorts, hotels and all inclusive hotels in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. There are hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from so it can be overwhelming to look over the internet to choose one. We have teamed up with Lori who is a Playa Del Carmen travel agent (aka travel designer) who knows resorts better than about anyone we know.

We look forward to bringing you much more articles this year on resorts and hotels. We want you to be the best informed so you can have the best vacation possible.

How long have you been working as a travel designer (aka travel agent)?

When I was in university I started working as a travel agent because of my love of travel. So since 2007 I have been working helping people book  vacations.

How many hotels have you been to?

I have literally have been to hundreds of hotels. There are about 100 resorts in the Riviera Maya and I have stayed at or visited most of them. Each week I am checking out new hotels and resorts.

Playa Del Carmen Travel agent
Just another resort Lori visited.

Why is it good for someone use a travel agent?

When you book online you are more of a number then a name. The internet is just an order taker and does not know your preferences. It cannot accurately plan a vacation for you according to your wants and needs. If anything goes wrong you have a person to talk to at any time rather than an 1800 number.

I have connections and personal contacts at many resorts that can help with VIP treatment and special requests.

If a hotel gets overbooked, which happens often, the first people that get rebooked at a different location is people that booked online. This can be unsettling because you had certain expectations of where you were going to stay.

In my case, I have first hand knowledge of the resorts in this area and can answer questions about differences between resorts, connecting rooms, special circumstances.

Is it more expensive to use a travel agent?

A majority of the time the price of using an online website booking service compared to a travel agent, the price is the same.

Usually for North American travelers the prices are the same online and through a travel agent. But of course with a travel agent you are getting the expertise of first hand knowledge of the area. There is a lot of information online and it is very hard to sift through it. I can narrow down options to match your needs.

If there is a lower price online normally I can match the price plus give the full service for booking and answer questions.

What types of perks can you offer as a travel agent?

At certain resorts I can offer spa credits, beach dinners, upgrades, birthday packages and more. At some resorts I can might be able to guarantee connecting rooms. Among some hotels I can get rooms that appear sold out.

At a good number of resorts I am able to offer a few extras but overall the service is about getting people in a resort or hotel that I know they will enjoy and keeping them informed about new options for their upcoming vacations.

What type of things can you book for people?

All inclusive resorts, hotels and airport transfers and excursions in conjunction with hotel bookings. I also do group bookings and destination wedding planning.  If someone would like travel insurance, I am able to offer that as well.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by initially sending an email and then setting up a time to talk in person over the phone.


Phone numbers

USA phone number: 305-320-4237

Canada Phone number: 647 339 7339

Toll free number: 1 888 499 8945 (Twil)

Riviera Maya travel agent
Imagine staying at this resort with this view!

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  1. We have used Lori before when booking resorts. She is so knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. She knew all the details f the resort and suggested one we had not thought of. After we went we really had to thank Lori for all the help she gave us in setting up our trip. If we had done it on our own I know we would just of picked a basic hotel based on price. Thanks Lori.

  2. Buenos días, Lori! La contacto desde Argentina! Con mi marido cumplimos aniversario de casados y nos encantaría conocer Playa del Carmen para festejar nuestra segunda luna de miel. Nos recomendaron algún all-inclusive adults only, tal vez en Playacar, pero no sabemos cuáles son los mejores, aunque no los más caros. Nos ayudarías por favor con alguna recomendación? Desde ya, muchas gracias

    • Hola

      Estamos contentos de haber encontrado nuestro sitio web. Sus comentarios están en el artículo y no van directamente a Lori. Lo mejor es enviarle un correo electrónico que se encuentra en el artículo. Gracias.

  3. Wonderful video! I plan on traveling with my two children, 12 & 10, late May. I was unsure of what all-inclusive hotels to consider. The video provided me with several options and I plan to call Lori to utilize her expertise. I watched several more of your videos as well. Thank you for all of the information.

  4. hi Lori, Im traveling to tulum, Mexico on july 31st , and leaving on the 5th of August. Michael

    • Hello Michael

      We got your message here on the comments of the article. We will forward this to Lori for you.

  5. Hello Lori

    We would be moving out of expensive resort after a destination marriage .
    Would like to stay two days ( four adults ) . Probably will have only one full day to see tulum or pyramid before taking return flight to Texas. We can share two room suite or get two rooms. Definitely don’t need all inclusive. Thank you

  6. Lori really knows her stuff! She is really an expert when it comes to resorts! It is easy to become confused over all the options and nice photos of the resort but Lori tell you what they are like really and what is best for you. We will always come back to her to book our holidays.

  7. Planning family vacations for family of 6, im having a hard time finding a hotel that will fit all 6 of us

    • Hello Daniel
      Your comments go here to the website. If you want to contact Lori, you will need to email here at the address link in the article.

  8. Was wondering about the Reef 28 in playa. Have read some of the review. Do you know anything about this place? There are 6 couples coming. We are all in are mid 50’s. Want a room with a view, do you have room numbers that will give us a view?
    Thanks, for your time
    Also was looking at the Panama Jack and Sandos club select. Any input is appreiciated

  9. Hola Lori,
    We are a fam of 4.
    Kids ages are 17 & 11. We will be traveling in March can you please hook us up with a good affordable package? We want to do tons of things.

    • Hello Allysson

      These comments are just here on our website and Lori only gets the emails directly. We will forward this to her so you can hear back via email. Thank you.

  10. We will be going to the Reef 28 in Feb. 2020. We will be traveling with other couples. I have booked a master suite (all inclusive). We are very light sleepers and don’t stay out very late. Was wondering if you have any thoughts on a room (with a view) but quite. Would appreciate your thoughts.
    Also want to go snorkeling –Any thoughts??? Deep sea fishing–Any thoughts ???

  11. I was very happy with the recommendations and booking made for us by Lori! She really knows the resorts and found the perfect place for us. It was just what we needed.

  12. Lori was very helpful for us and selecting a resort that was what we wanted. She was very valuable and worth the cost to make sure we had a good vacation.

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