Where to park long-term at Cancun Airport

long term parking Cancun Airport

Long-term parking at Cancun Airport with iPark

At lot of people ask us about long term parking at Cancun Airport. There is both parking at the terminal and also this option offsite at iPark. iPark is a company that has come up with a solution to those that need to leave their car while away from Cancun. So how does it work and is this the best option for you?

Pulling in and parking at iPark

When you pull into iPark you will go through the toll booth. Here they will ask you some questions. Just so you know what they are if you don’t speak Spanish, they are:

  • How long are you leaving your car?
  • What time are you coming back?
  • Which terminal are you flying out of?
  • What airline are you flying with?
  • What is your name?

These questions help them know when you are arriving and they have your information for parking.

After they give you a magnetic number for your car and a paper receipt. You are supposed to put the receipt on your dashboard.

After you park, one of the iPark vans will come by and pick you up and drop you off at your terminal in the Cancun Airport. The trip takes about 5 minutes. This is a free service and a very smooth connection.

How much does parking cost at Cancun Airport?

Lets say you want to just leave your car inside the Cancun Airport. How much does it cost to park there and what is the difference in long-term parking compared to iPark.

At the terminals of Cancun Airport you can park your car. This can be for short-term parking or long-term parking. The price is 36 pesos an hour up to 6 hours. After 6 hours of parking at the lots in the Cancun Airport the price goes to the day rate of 215 pesos.

Note: If you do park here, make sure you take your ticket with you because you must pay inside at the machine. The exit tollbooth is completely automatic.

The parking lots at the airport are in full sun, so you car will be exposed.

So overall you will save a good amount of money by parking with iPark and also have a possible shaded space. Note: most of the parking at iPark has shade but some along the edge do not.

How much is parking at iPark?

The day rate at iPark is 200 pesos (NEW PRICE!). Cash and credit cards are accepted. This is a good savings over parking in the Cancun Airport.

long term parking Cancun Airport
Long term parking at iPark under sun screens.

Hours of service for parking

This service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Where is iPark for long term parking?

iPark is located on the 307 Highway just north of the main entrance to the Cancun Airport on the west side.

If you are coming from Playa Del Carmen or other points to the south, you will need to drive past iPark and take the first return to your left after you pass it and go south a short ways.

long term parking Cancun Airport
Everything you need to know about iPark and long term parking at Cancun Airport.

What to do when you return to Cancun for your car

When you arrive back in Cancun you just need to call them and let them know you have arrived. The van marked with iPark will pass for you and your passengers and take you to the parking lot. This is a free shuttle.

When you pull out of the parking lot you will pass by the ticket both and return your magnetic number and pay for the days your car spent there.

Phone number for iPark


This is a recommended service by us. This is not a paid advertisment even though we speak very highly of them. It is just a good deal compared with the alternative of parking at the airport.

long term parking Cancun Airport
iPark Cancun Airport parking.

Have you used iPark for long-term parking at the Cancun Airport? How was your experience? We would love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Hola, I live in Playa. I travel with and ESA dog.(Emotional Support Animal) She is tiny. 10 pounds or 4.5 kilos.
    Can she ride in the van with me? I can hold her so she will not me free to move in the van.

    • Hello Yvonne

      That probably is not a problem because the vans are usually not full driving to the airport since they go frequent and, knowing how accommodating people are here, probably will say how cute your dog is and then drive you to the airport. But to be sure, it would be best to contact them.

    • We feel that the parking lot is secure. There are cameras and security gates to get in. We have never heard of any problems there.

  2. Do you know what hours the toll booth stays open? We are arriving on a late flight (same flight last week was 2 hours late…arriving at CUN at about 1:00 a.m.)
    Thanks so much for this article and helpful information!

    • Hello Cheryl

      They are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We updated this in the article. They also look to have increased the price to 140 pesos a day.

    • Hi. I want to leave my car for A week and a friend will pick it up. Is that possible? Can i leave the key at the booth for them? Thanks

      • This should not be a problem because they don’t work on ID basis. You will need to call when the person arrives at the airport to get the shuttle to the parking.

    • Hello Debbie

      The vans go past the exits of the terminals at Cancun Airport. They are fairly frequent. You can take the phone number to call just incase you do not see them. But it is fairly easy to spot them. There is no marked spot but near the exit.

    • We think only the garage on 14th Street and 10th Avenue offers long term parking and the one on the south end of town near the entrance of Playacar.

  3. So I show up at ipark today 2:30 hours before a flight and 2 hours from where I love to find out that they are full. And in true Mexican fashion – no options or ideas about wat I should do. I love Mexico and Mexicans and this is why I live there but WT!???? I don’t know what advice I could give for this- call before you go?

    • Thanks for mentioning this. It does seem to be a popular idea. Maybe someone should open another location. It is a good business. Sorry this happened to you.

    • park at the airport seems to be the obvious option in this situation. can’t really blame Mexico or Mexicans for that.

  4. We live in Merida, but like flying out of Cancun because of the variety of flights and times. Is there a monthly parking rate for this lot? Can a car be left for months at a time?

    • There is no monthly rates for this parking. It is a dilemma some other expats have. Most leave cars with friends and have them run it each week and air it out.

  5. We like this option. The person dropping the car off will not be the same person that is picking it up. If the person picking it up has the drop off receipt will there be any issue?

  6. I tried to make a reservation on line but their system would not accept my US credit card. Im a little concerned about just showing up without a reservation. Do you think it will bea problem?

    • Most of the time they do have space. But there really is nothing else you can do. Worst case scenario is you have to park at the airport parking lots.

  7. Just wanted to mention that I noticed they charge $150 pesos ($11 CDN) to book a reservation. Of course you could roll-the-dice that the lot isn’t full and just show up and only pay the $140/day fee. As this place becomes more popular reservations may become necessary or hopefully… they will get some competition.

    • This is a good tip. Is this on their website? It would be nice if there was more competition for long term parking.

    • I’ve just booked a spot and the booking fee is $150, but it’s still $140 per day when booking online. I’m not sure what happens if you’re booking for one day only, though.

    • We don’t have the exact address but it is very easy to get to. It is just north of the airport entrance on the 307 highway. If arriving from the south you will need to pass it and take a u-turn 1 minute up the road.

    • This parking lot is covered and it is good to have shade. The best option is leaving it with a friend so they can start the car and open the windows occasionally. This parking is the next best thing because there are not any other options at the airport that are covered.

  8. To be clear, if I leave my car at the airport parking in terminal four for 6 days it’s not a problem? I don’t need to make any special arrangements, and I just pay the ticket at the machine when I arrive and leave ( just like when I pick people up)?

    • This is correct. There are times when the parking lot is full especially at terminal 3. In this case you can park at another terminal or the parking outside the airport which is an independent company. It is a little cheaper parking outside the airport.

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