Why this just might be the best resort in the Riviera Maya for you! Hotel Xcaret Mexico

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A look inside of the amazing new Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Xcaret has outdone itself with the new Hotel Xcaret Mexico! Spoiler alert, this is one of the best resorts in the Riviera Maya now! That was easy for us to say because we enjoyed our stay there immensely. Not only is this one of the best hotels in the area, it also sets a standard in the world. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a world of it’s own with great design, attention to detail and great service. We hope you get to stay here to experience everything we are talking about. See if this hotel looks good to you for your next vacation.

Our video overview of Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Like everything on our website we go to experience it so we can tell you exactly what it is like. Hotel Xcaret Mexico was a completely wonderful experience and we wish we could of spent more time exploring because there is so much to see and do there. We hope this video gives you a good feel for what the resort is like and why we love it so much!


Why the design of this hotel is going to delight you

Many large all inclusive hotels are blocks of buildings that face a pool or ocean and are landscaped nicely. That is nice but what Hotel Xcaret Mexico does is beyond what you will find most places. Asymmetry if the rule here and everything flows with nature or they have bent nature into a really cool hotel.

It is actually hard to describe without you being there but you can expect something new around every corner. Swinging bridges, tunnels, restaurants carved into solid rock , waterfalls and so much more is yours to behold at this hotel. It is as if someone created a whole little world and you get to be a guest there. The whole layout of the hotel can be confusing at first because it is not a grid pattern but getting lost and finding things will be just part of the fun of staying here.

Because this hotel is so interesting and has so much to see and do, it would be a shame to just stay for a short time here. You will only be learning your way around and then you will have to go home.


Hotel Xcaret Mexico
Swinging bridges, tunnels and nature trails are just all the ways you can explore this hotel.

Design of the rooms at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

The rooms are very comfortable with lots of little amenities that will make your stay comfortable. One of the things we liked most was the attention to detail. There was a lot of thought that went into the rooms here. Xcaret worked with local craftsmen from around Mexico to bring items into the room. This not only shows their care for the design of the room but the skills and traditions of Mexico. You can feel like you are somewhere special here. To make it feel more special be sure to watch your TV and the channel that features all the stories of the things made for your room.

Best of all it really does not matter which room you book at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Because the design of this hotel is so creative, there are rivers, large pools and ocean views. Each area of the hotel has something special to offer so you don’t have to worry about a “bad room”.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico
Rooms overlooking the ocean and one of the pools.

Dinning, drinking and the joy of food at the resort

With seven restaurants open to everyone and two others that are restricted to only some guests, you have a lot of options for dinning. There is also the Ha Restaurant that is an additional cost. There are also seven bars throughout the hotel property.

We were very impressed with the options and surprises at each restaurant. From make your own ceviche to top shelf tequilas, you will be getting very good food and drink. We were also happy to see many local specialties and Mexican dishes done correctly. You really do get a good representation of Mexico cuisine here. Many resorts dumb down Mexican food and go for more generic recipes. Even if some of the dishes are not your favorite things, you can appreciate the care that goes into the menu.

If you are looking for fresh seafood, authentic Mexican cuisine or just something tasty you are sure to find many things you like. Here is a list of the restaurants at Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

  • Mercado de la Merced
  • Xin Gao
  • Restaurant Ha (additional cost)
  • La trajinera
  • Fuego (only for guest in Casa Fuego)
  • Teatro del Rio (the dinner theater)
  • Cantina Los Faroles
  • Chibali
  • Cuevas
  • Las Playas (for guest of Casa Tierra, Agua and Fuego)
Hotel Xcaret Mexico
One of the exciting restaurants to dine in at Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

What is there to at Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

With one gorgeous pool after another, you could just swim and relax here and take amazing photos. But you should visit some the other features of this hotel.

The beaches?

Yes we say beaches because there is the main beach on the ocean but there is also a secondary beach. This second beach has soft sand and calm water. There are also beaches on the rivers that run by the hotel. All of these areas have been carved out of the stone and give all sides of this hotel something to look at. Even when there is seaweed in the ocean, this hotel has great beaches for it’s guest.

Paddle boarding and kayaking

Get out and enjoy the calm waters and beautiful islands, waterfalls, and views from a kayak or paddle board.

Biking and Tennis

There are bikes for use at the hotel to explore some of the trails. Tennis and paddle tennis are also available.

 Gym and fitness

You can enjoy a state of the art gym if you are looking to workout on vacation. The main gym is about as nice as any big city gym. If you don’t like to be inside working out you can visit the jungle gym in the woods.

Daily yoga and meditation are also available at the hotel.

The Spa

The spa will remind you of a Grecian palace with fountains and flowing curtains. It is however very Yucatan Peninsula feeling a well since it is carved into the limestone. Each of the massage rooms is unique. Some of them even have a personal cenote in them.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico
One of the pools at Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

Why do we recommend this hotel for almost all our readers?

With the exception of singles looking for singles resorts and celebrities looking for more privacy, this resorts is pretty perfect for most people! Here is a look at some categories and what makes Hotel Xcaret Mexico a great option!

For families with young children

On the hotel property you will find play areas for young children, activities for kids, natural areas for exploration, and shallow pools. Xcaret did not forget about young ones with their design. Not only are parts of the hotel very family friendly, your kids will love the secondary beach with no waves and soft sand.

Included in your stay at Hotel Xcaret Mexico is access to the parks. These include Xcaret, the largest park which has a special area for small children called Children’s World. Besides that section of Xcaret there are many animals and attractions kids would like. For young children be sure to check out Xenses as well. This is a half day adventure park. For more on Xenses including our video, see our link here.

Families with teens

There are many things your teens will like at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. The family club offers games and activities like air hockey, billiards, ping pong and more. Paddle boarding or kayaking should be of interest to teens as well.

If you are going out of the hotel to one of the parks, Xplor should be high on your list. This park really appeals to teens looking for adventure. Also Xel Ha for those that like to swim and snorkel.

Adults and romantic getaways

For adults Hotel Xcaret Mexico has an entire adults only section of the hotel. This area has it’s own restaurant and amazing rooftop pool among other things. You just might find yourself spending most of the time in this part of the hotel. Of course there is so much more to see. If you are looking for romantic ideas, well the Cuevas Restaurant is a very special place with all the candles. There is also all the other places to dine as well including the add on Ha Restaurant.

During the day you can find a lot of hidden spots to relax in a hammock or stroll on the beach and find yourselves all alone. A little tip for you, during the day many families go to the parks and you practically have the hotel to yourself. You can see in the photos and video that there are not too many people and everyone finds there spot at the hotel. We were even there when the hotel was full and you don’t feel it crowded at all.

Added reasons for staying at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

As if you needed any more, there is a whole list of reasons why you should stay here.

  • Value. You get luxury accommodation, gourmet food, great service and all the things included in your stay. It is well worth the price.
  • Live performances. In your room you will get a schedule of live events around the hotel. These can be small band to a lively D.J.
  • Access to all of Xcaret’s Parks. With about an average entrance price of $100 USD per person, you are getting a good deal with all of the parks included in your stay. Three of the parks are next to the hotel, so it is easy to visit them.
  • Great food and beverage service. We have been to our fair share of all inclusive resorts and the food is usually “get them in and out“. That means food can be average. At Hotel Xcaret Mexico we were constantly impressed with the options and quality.
  • Beautiful property. Xcaret always does an amazing job working with nature. You will be able to walk around this property and get lost in the imagination and creativity.

Have you been to Hotel Xcaret Mexico before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Hotel Xcaret Mexico
The adults only section of Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

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  1. Hotel Xcaret is our new go to place! We just got back from there and it was the best vacation ever! There are so many aspects of this resort to check out it could take you days to learn just where everything is. We loved the cave restaurant on the beach, some of the bars at the resort are hidden and no one was there during the day. Many great things and we look forward to go back next year.

  2. I loved this hotel! So much see and do here it was true paradise. I would go back in a second! We already booked next year and will be going back each year I think because this is our favorite resort we have been to. They really have outdone themselves.

  3. My kids found your video and now they want that for their christmas present. I have to say I did not know there was a resort by Xcaret. In the past we have been to the parks and had an amazing time so I am not surprised the hotel is so great. I loved your review and it gives me confidence to book it.

    • Hello Sandra

      We are sure you and your family will enjoy your time at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. After you get back from your holiday let us know how it was for you.

  4. I have been interested in this resort but wanted to see what other people thought about it. It is on the upper end of my budget. After seeing your very informative video and article I will go here for sure. You really convinced me to give it a go.

    • Thank you Sabina. We hope you really enjoy this hotel and your vacation there. Report back tp us here with your comments after you go. We would love to hear your opinion.

  5. We were not sure when we booked if this resort was going to be cheesy and themed. But it was NOT! Very classy and well made. All the restaurants were great and good service. The rooms are nice but not the highlight of the stay. It was the pools, exploring and going out that made our trip to Hotel Xcaret so great!

  6. Thanks for writing this awesome article. I have had this resort on my radar as a place for vacation this summer. I have a few questions for you if you dont mind. What do most people wear to dinner at Hotel Xcaret? How mnay times do people leave during the day for one of the parks? What is a good balance between time at the hotel and doing activities? Thanks

    • Hello Lauren

      There are no strict dress codes at the resort for dinner. Most people are preppy/resort casual. No bathing suits and overly casual clothes. You don’t have to wear fancy dresses and ties for men or anything like that. Many people go a little overboard on going to the parks. Two parks are good for a week in our opinion. The hotel is so great for relaxing and exploring that you should enjoy some time there.

  7. I was surprised to see all the different restaurants at the hotel. Is there musch to do at night there? Many all inclusive reorts have shows and theme nights. How about this place? Thank you.

    • Hello Allen

      There is the dinner show theater at the resort. The show have two different shows it offers. One of the best options for entertainment at night might just be the grand show at Xcaret park. It is a two hour show that has over 300 people and animals in it. This is a must see if you go.

  8. The fuego building at Hotel Xcaret is where the pool with the bridge is correct? I want to stay there just for that, so cool.

    • Hello Carlos

      That is correct. The adults only section of the hotel called Fuego is where the cool rooftop pool with clear bridge is. We have a shot of it in the video. Also in this building is a restaurant just for adults in that section. The building faces the ocean and offers great views.

  9. I am totally enthralled with the look of this hotel BUT I have one major consideration. I have some mobility problems (for walking long distances I use a walker, for short distances, a cane and for very short distances, nothing. However LOTS of stairs could be a problem. Do the buildings have elevators (specifically Fuego) and are there ramps?

    • The buildings do have elevators at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. We personally took the one in Fuego to the roof. The other buildings as well. There are ramps around the property to. It is a big property but Xcaret usually does a good job with accessibility, event the parks.

    • Hello Andrew

      Yes only people staying at the Fuego part of Hotel Xcaret Mexico are able to use the rooftop. There are other pools but that one on the roof of Fuego is pretty spectacular.

  10. We had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Xcaret for a week in February of last year. Hadn’t had a chance to leave a review until now. It is pricier than other resorts in Maya Riviera. However, I have to say that this resort is the best one I have been to in Mexico. My family and I absolutely loved all the little beaches everywhere. There was ALWAYS a great spot close to the water for us, whether it was beach or pool. The restaurants were great. There was always an excellent selection of food. We loved the excellent customer service from all your staff. The room key/wristband got us into Xcaret and Senses for free, and if we had the time, we would have gone to Xplor or Xel-ha as well. Just a wonderful experience. This resort is now always at the top of my searches for vacation spots.

    • Hello Ralph

      We are glad you had a good time at this resort. You can see why we called it one of the best resorts to stay at in the Riviera Maya. We hope you have the opportunity to go back again.

    • The travel seasons in the Riviera Maya are generally lower in April to June. This is before many families take their vacations for the summer.

  11. What is the difference in the prices that i see for Xcaret. I have seen two different prices, is this for two different hotels resorts ? We would like some more information on pricing. We are interested in staying at Xcaret maybe either in July or August. We are not interested in the parks per say just the Fugeo hotel, pool, rivers activities and beaches.

    • Well we don’t know where you are seeing the prices to answer your question the best way. Fuego is the adults only section of the hotel. This has the rooftop pool and separate restaurant that you can use. It is a little more desirable because the views also. Don’t confuse Xcaret Occidental Hotel. This is in name only and an older hotel that is nothing like Hotel Xcaret.

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