Everything About Renting in Playa Del Carmen

renting in Playa Del Carmen

Renting in Playa Del Carmen

Welcome to Playa del Carmen, your gateway to paradise on the Riviera Maya. If you are looking to spend some time in Playa Del Carmen, you might be looking to rent an apartment or condo for a while. How do you find rentals in Playa Del Carmen? What agencies are good to deal with? How do you avoid scams when renting in Playa Del Carmen? What are the best areas to stay in Playa Del Carmen? These and more questions will be answered in our article and video here. 

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and affordability with rental properties in this vibrant coastal town. Whether you’re dreaming of a beachfront condo with breathtaking ocean views, or a charming apartment nestled in the heart of the action, the selection of rentals in Playa caters to every lifestyle and budget. Experience the laid-back charm and tropical beauty of Playa del Carmen as you explore its beaches, eclectic dining scene, and exciting nightlife—all from the comfort of your own rental oasis.  Unlock the secrets to renting in Playa del Carmen today!

Our video about renting in Playa Del Carmen

In our video below we have tried to add some tips to help readers find better rentals and make it an easier process. We also included two interviews with a long-term rental company that can be of service to our readers as well. 


What are the best areas to rent in Playa Del Carmen?

Below is an interactive map. You can click on each section to know more about it and approximate range of average rents in an area. On this map we narrow the desirable areas to 5. There are other areas of Playa Del Carmen that people will rent in, but since most people are looking for short term, vacation or something longer without having a car, these are the most recommended areas. 


You can also cross reference this map above with this one below. Below you will find a map of the best and worst places to live in Playa Del Carmen. This is geared towards living, so if you are renting long term, this map might help you. This map below covers areas out of the center and areas that require having a car. Be sure to check out our article about walkable Playa Del Carmen and what areas you can live in without a car. 


What are rent prices in Playa Del Carmen?

This is one of those questions that is so open ended. Rental properties range from basic studios to four-bedroom penthouses with private pools. Short term rentals are more also because you are only staying a short while. High season and low season see prices change around 30%. What amenities the building has will also affect the price. For example, some buildings have beautiful rooftop pools or inhouse gym that can save you from paying a gym in Playa. These are just some of the factors that go into pricing rentals in Playa Del Carmen. 

  • When crossing the 307 Highway you get into a more locals’ area. Most of the time the standards are not up to the level of what many foreigners want. This area is also not good for short term because of connectivity to things and having to take transportation. However, you can find places to rent for 4000-10,000 pesos in this area. 
  • Basic apartments out of the center that are rented directly from the owner cost around 8,000-15,000 pesos a month. 
  • In the downtown of Playa Del Carmen, rentals for studios goes for about 15,000-20,000 pesos. Two bedrooms and up go for 22,000-40,000. Then there are special properties that offer more space, balconies, pools etc. These can go from 30,000-80,000. 

To make it easy, most people pay between 12,000-25,000 pesos a month in Playa for those living here. For those staying a few months to a year people usually pay 15,000-35,000 pesos. There are apartments on both ends of these prices. Playa is nice that there are many levels of accommodation. 

Why are rental prices higher in Playa Del Carmen?

If you have been looking a little online you might be surprised at the some of the rental prices. Why is rent so expensive in Playa Del Carmen?

  1. The first reason is the population size. Playa Del Carmen has more than doubled in size int he past decade. However, the downtown has not doubled in size. So, there is demand of people wanting to stay in the center with limited apartments and condos to rent.
  2. Second, it is the Airbnb effect. Many people buy condos in Playa to use part of the year and then rent out the rest of the time. It has become more profitable for owners to rent short term rather than long term. So many of the condos and apartments in the downtown are for short term rentals. This drives up the prices for people looking for long term rentals or pushes them further out of the center.
  3. Third, the quality of apartments has risen in the past decade. Playa used to be a small beach town with cozy apartments to rent. Now, there are large, modern towers with roof top pools, gyms, daycare, gardens, bars, and even restaurants. The level of services available has expanded considerably. Nowadays renters are looking for a lot, and builders and owners are offering it. We used to not see many rents top 20,000 pesos a month. Now, we see rents topping out at 40,000 plus pesos per month. 
  4. Fourth, sometimes it is the fault of greedy owners. We have seen the same condos in the same building being advertised for 16,000 pesos to 35,000 pesos. Some owners just wait for a sucker to come along and pay way too much for a rent. We often see these people get roasted online for posting rentals with ridiculous prices. 
  5. Owners have high fees also. Taxation in Mexico has become more regulated. Owners that want to rent have automatic taxes taken out from the bill. Basically, everyone gets a piece of the action in Mexico and owners can get squeezed also between HOA fees, maintenance, taxes, commissions, and cleaning. 

The fact is, Playa Del Carmen is popular with tourists, and it is not the cheapest place to live or stay. People looking to rent in Playa Del Carmen must be prepared for the prices, but the benefits are also good as well. 

Where to find cheap rentals in Playa Del Carmen

If you are on a budget and want to stay for a while in Playa Del Carmen, a budget apartment for a short time or longer time is possible. However, you are going to have to search on your own. Rental agents don’t handle the cheap apartments. Facebook groups are a good place to start. Look at the maps to learn the areas so you can eliminate some options that are far out. Many cheap apartments are far from the center in planned communities.

Walking around areas also is a way to get a feel for an area and write down phone numbers to call for rentals. We are however seeing less of this in Playa. Many of the “for rent” signs have been there for a while and often are for apartments in a whole building rather than one specific apartment. Many times, these are just for advertising continually but there might not be something available. 

The one area that is popular for cheap rentals is Colosio area of Playa. It is close to the downtown and fairly easy to walk or bike into town. 

Note: Those looking for cheap rentals often encounter more scams. Often you find locals that are over charging for really basic apartments.  Make sure you see the place in person and check out the area. Often there are noisy construction or animals nearby that can be a problem. 

Where to find short term vacation rentals

Short term rentals are mostly under three months’ time. It might be a shorter time, but this is the general range of time. There are specific agencies that handle these types of rentals. These agencies offer better service than Airbnb in general. There is more flexibility, and they offer a range of accommodations for all types of vacations. 

One agency that we like and that has a good reputation in Playa Del Carmen is Bric Vacation Rentals. This is one of the agencies that works hard to keep clients happy and are well liked by readers. So, this is a good option if you are looking for a shorter rental in Playa Del Carmen.

Bric Rentals 

Long term rentals in Playa Del Carmen

Long term rentals are three months to a years’ time. In Our video we introduced you to Laura and Susi. They are part of a rental agency specializing in long term rentals in Playa Del Carmen. This is good if you are coming more than three months and want a quality place to rent without hassle. 

Laura Rental agent

If you watched our video above, you were introduced top Laura and Susy who run a rental agency in Playa Del Carmen. If you are interested in renting a long-term rental or are interested as an owner to have them represent your property, here is Lauras contact information. 


Why work with a rental agent?

Here are some reasons:

  • They can speed up the process and narrow the search for qualified apartments. 
  • One stop shopping. Not only do you have a local person finding you an apartment, but they can also answer questions about the local area. 
  • You will know who you are working with, and you don’t have to worry about scammers. 
  • They can make the process much smoother. No hidden fees, you know what you pay for because they offer a complete contract. 
  • The rental agent can act as an intermediary between owners and renters. 

What benefits do you have as an owner working with a rental agent?

  • Prescreening to weed out problem clients.
  • The meeting of the renters and walkthroughs are done by the rental agent. 
  • Thy come and take inventory of the apartments and do a walkthrough when the renter leaves. 
  • The rental agents can be helpful with local information and make recommendations. 
  • They make sure the bills are all paid so there is no impact on the owners. 

How to avoid scams with rentals in Playa Del Carmen

  • Use caution when looking online or getting messages from people online about apartments. If you are dealing with an individual on Facebook, look at their profile. Has it been online a while? Do they have friends? Are there lots of rentals listed by this person? Are there likes and comments on photos? Are they friends with a lot of people in Playa Del Carmen? These are all indicators if a person is a scammer or not. 
  • Never send a deposit before seeing the place (unless this is Airbnb or official rental agency). 
  • One option is using a licensed rental agent. 
  • If dealing with a person, ask for a copy of their ID. Make sure the name matches the communication with them. Make sure payments are going to this person. 
  • Know your rental contract. Make sure it is clear about the deposit, electricity, and all expenses are listed. 
  • Usually, a deposit of one month and a security is needed. Depending on the rental, three months’ rent might be required (first month, deposit and last month of rent).
  • If an apartment seems too good to be true, it is a scam. Scam artist post apartments from popular buildings and list it cheaper that average or they just happen to have the days you need. This is when scammer take your deposit and leaves you with nothing since it was not even their place to rent. 
  • Take pictures of everything when you tour the apartment and when you leave the apartment. 
  • Have an understanding and in the contract when the deposit is returned. Some wait until the electric or water bills come, and that can take a month. 
  • Since electric and water are usually not included, take photos of the meters for both. Understand how the payments work and what the arrangement it. 

Things that are different in Playa Del Carmen with renting

As with everything in a foreign country, there are things that are different. Renting in Playa Del Carmen is no exception. Here are some things that you can expect to find to be different. 

  • If you are renting a basic apartment (something around 12,000 pesos or under), and something breaks (like a faucet) often the renter is expected to replace the faucet. The landlord will hire a person to fix it, but you pay for the repair. The logic is that it broke while you were there, so it is your responsibility. 
  • Electric is usually never included because it is a wide variable and is expensive. In other places long term rentals pay all the bills usually so this is not too strange. But even some Airbnb’s now charge electric or excessive electrical use. 
  • Most apartments come furnished or semi furnished in Mexico. Even basic apartments will have beds, tables, chairs and basic furnishing. Many higher end rentals include almost everything down to the pots and pans. 
  • There are high seasons and low seasons for rentals. The prices change accordingly. November to January and also Easter time are all busy times for rentals in Playa Del Carmen. 
  • Landlords are not known to get repairs done fast when something breaks. This can be because repair people are not readily available, or parts are needed from somewhere else. It can also mean that it is really something not that important to them and they will get to it eventually. Air conditioner broke? Faucet loose? Window that won’t open? These are things that might drive you crazy, but you might have to wait a few days or a week to have them repaired. 
  • Many vacation rentals and even some longer-term rentals get booked months in advance. The best ones are always the first to go. 
  • Real estate agents ARE NOT rental agents. We see many people emailing or calling real estate agents looking to rent apartments. Real estate agents work with sales in Mexico. Sometimes they can help you, but in general, they are not the people to help you with rentals. 


We hope you enjoyed this article and have found it helpful. It can be hard to get settled in a new place and we hope this makes it a little easier. We hope with these tips you find what you are looking for and enjoy this little slice of paradise called Playa Del Carmen. If you have any other tips you would like to share with others, please comment below.  

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