Cancun Bus Station Guide for Getting Around by Bus

Getting to Cancun and out of Cancun

Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone

The Cancun Bus Station

Cancun’s bus station is the transportation super hub of the area. If you are traveling independently or just saving some driving by taking the bus you will be crossing through this station. Here is a guide to help you navigate your way through it and on your way to your destination. We have information about the ADO busses and local bus routes and maps to help you. 

Bus travel in Mexico is well organized, clean and efficient. The major provider is ADO (Pronounced ah-day-oh because the letters are in Spanish). Their website is The website is only available in Spanish but fairly easy to figure out. The key things to look at for long distance trips is the time it will take to reach your destination and the class of service. The smaller bus companies that operate out of Cancun’s bus station tend to go to smaller out of the way places or offer cheaper fares, but are local service, meaning more stops and a longer time on the bus. Most tourist and those that can afford it take ADO and it is not worth it to take a slightly cheaper bus to sacrifice your time.

Where is the Cancun bus station?

Below you will find a map for the main ADO bus station in Cancun. It is located in the downtown section.


Cancun Bus Station Map

Below is a map of the bus station and area. We will talk about three things:

  1. Inside the bus station.
  2. The area just outside the bus station and services.
  3. The area around the bus station for eating and hotels.

Cancun Bus Station



Cancun Bus Station
The interior of the Cancun Bus Station

Inside the Cancun Bus Station

Inside the bus station you will find the local/smaller bus company ticket windows. On boards you will see the current schedules and times (sometimes handwritten). If you are going to a smaller destination (example: Izamal or Isla Holbox) sometimes there is only one or a few buses a day. It is good to check the day before so you can plan ahead and buy your ticket. Some of the small bus companies have NO online schedules so you need to check at the bus station for times. ADO has fast lines and computerized tickets.

Tip: If you are a resident of Quintana Roo and have ID you can get discounts on some ADO bus lines: example Cancun to Playa Del Carmen.

Bathrooms are for a charge and located on the upper mezzanine. They are semi clean.

There is a convenience store with drinks in the station. Drinks are 30-50% more so we recommend the OXXO store across the street.

ATM’s and Banks at the ADO Bus Station in Cancun

There are ATM machines in the bus station but if you prefer to go to a bank to use their ATM the closest two banks are on Avenue Tulum. Go out of the bus station and head south toward the traffic circle on the map. This is a wide avenue with multiple lanes. One the right side you will find a Banorte Bank and on the left side you will find a Scotia Bank.

Tip: We always recommend bank ATM’s because they have a much better chance of not being messed with from thieves. There is no such thing as 100% safe but as with anywhere in the world, there are people that try to skim cards and try to commit fraud. Help make it harder for them because most banks have better cameras and less accessible machines for thieves.

Local buses in Cancun

If you are looking to get to one of the local areas in the downtown, you can consult this website: There is a good interactive map for the different routes. Local public busses in Cancun are generally slow and used more by locals getting to and from work. Taxis are much faster and can get you point to point much easier. For example, it can take 20 minutes by bus for the same taxi trip of 4 minutes. 

Buses to Cancun Airport

If you are going to the Cancun Airport then the first bus leaves at 4:30A.M. and it takes 25 minutes to get there. There are departures about every 30 minutes during the day to the bus station and much cheaper than a taxi to the airport.

Cancun Bus station
Getting from the Cancun Airport your hotel has never been easier!

If you want to go direct from your hotel to the airport (or vice versa) and you are not close to the bus station, then you should book a private van transfer. This will save time and make it much easier to get to your flight. You can book with them here for a transfer. Sometimes with a few people it is cheaper than the bus and much more convenient if you are staying at a hotel not near the bus station. For more about getting between the Cancun Airport and the Hotel Zone in Cancun, see our article here.

cancun bus station

ground transportation from the Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya
The private transfer vans that can take you from Cancun Airport to your hotel in the fastest method possible.


What is around the Cancun bus station

As we mentioned just above the OXXO convenience store across the street is a good place to grab a light snack and a drink for your journey. If you need something heavier to eat you can go to the grocery store. It is just across the street and easy to find.

If you want a meal there are small cafes in front of the bus station. They are nothing gourmet or outstanding but can do the trick if you are hungry.

Colectivos to Playa Del Carmen from Cancun

If you are going to be connecting and going to Playa Del Carmen, we recommend Playa Express. It is cheaper than ADO bus and faster. Playa Express will let you out at a couple of places along the route also, ADO does not make stops. On the map you can see where these load up. They leave when full which does not take long (approximately 10 minutes).

Note: If you are taking Playa Express late at night the load up across the street, across Avenida Tulum.

For more on the Playa Express and colectivo service see our article here.

Public busses to the Hotel Zone or busses to Isla Mujeres Ferry

If you need to connect to a public bus for Cancun, you can find them on Avenida Tulum. Going toward the traffic circle are busses for the Hotel Zone. They will be marked on the front. Going the opposite direction busses go toward Puerto Juarez where you can catch the ferry to Isla Mujeres. You can consult this website also for routes.

The area around the Cancun bus station for eating and hotels

Margaritas Street is a welcome calm street in the bustling center of Cancun. This street has small hotels on it and can be a good place to stay in downtown. You might be arriving late or departing early out of Cancun airport or need to get an early bus somewhere, so staying downtown makes sense. Check out the link to on the page to search by area. Just type in the search area “Cancun bus station”. There are about 18 hotels close by and 11 of these easy enough to walk to. Prices start at $33 USD a night for two people.

If you are staying in this area there is a nice area for eating in and around Parque de Las Palapas. You can find inexpensive food stalls on the park and many small restaurants around the park area. Check out our article on hotel recommendations for Cancun and the downtown area in our guide.

Do you have a question or comment about the Cancun Bus Station? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. we need to go from cancun airport to playa del Carmen. feb 8,2016 1:39pm how much for 3 people? Thank you for for your help.

    • Hello, thanks for your question. The link we have for a transfer company is an outside company that we recommend. There is a link for three people option. If you prefer the bus there are the prices there as well. I hope you find the most comfortable way and direct way to your hotel wherever that might be. Happy vacations!

    • You can take an ADO bus directly from the airport to PDC for $10US per person. The buses leave from ADO bus terminals 2 and 3. Buy a ticket from the ticket vendors out by the bus terminals.

    • The colectivos go all day from second street. They leave about every 10 minutes or so. They will drop you off on the highway and you might want to get a taxi into Akumal because it is about a 10 minute walk or more depending on where you are going.

    • If you are looking to take the bus, there is only local bus service so the colectivo is the best option or you could check a taxi price to see if it is worth the expense.

  2. We would like to get from Playa Del Carmen to Merida by GL or Platinum bus. There seem to be more options in the daytime from downtown Cancun bus station than from Playa del Carmen. So would you recommend we take a bus from PDC to Cancun downtown terminal then get bus to Merida from there? Can we purchase our seats to Merida from the bus station in PDC? ( I believe we can as it is all ADO). Please advise and thanks for this!

    • Hello! Thanks for your question. We recommend taking the bus from Playa for several reasons. The trip to Cancun from Playa will add 50 minutes plus connection time to your journey. There is also a new highway from Playa that connects to the 180 Highway that goes from Cancun to Merida. This new route saves time from Playa and makes it an even faster trip. There might be more bus times available since ADO does not post everything quickly on the site. We have seen special signs in the bus station in Playa Del Carmen with new routes to Merida and promotions. So all in all, book from Playa and it is best when you arrive here to check out the details in the station. We are sure this will be the best option for you. We hope you have a great trip!

  3. we want to get from grand sunset princess to visit friends that will meet us at marina cha chi in cancun, just curious on how we should get there? colectevos or taxi?

    • Here are some options for you. You can take a taxi from your hotel to Cancun. Marina Cha Chi is in the beginning of the Hotel Zone, so it is about a 10 minute drive from the ADO bus station. It will cost anywhere from $50-100 USD each way! There is no set price and it will just depend on what a the driver wants to charge you. You can take the colectivo to Cancun from your hotel but you will have to make it out to the highway. You will have to see if your hotel has a shuttle, golf cart service or you will need to take a taxi to the highway. You might have to wait for 15 minutes because you are after Playa Del Carmen where they fill up and are usually leaving pretty full. There are the two colectivo services. There is Playa Express which is nicer but will be more full by the time it passes you and the other smaller vans which will more likely have space when it passes. When you get on just say you want to go to the ADO bus station in Cancun. 90% of the colectivos end there and you just want to make sure you go to there because it is in the center of Cancun and the hub of transportation. It will be about 34 pesos to Cancun. In Cancun when you arrive at the ADO bus station it is recommended to take a taxi to meet your friends. It will be about 50-80 pesos and again you will need to ask the driver before you get in. There are busses to the hotel zone but they are a little slow and since you already spent one hour at this point getting to Cancun, you might want to speed your ride with a taxi. Getting from point a to b is not that easy from where you are and where they are, but it is possible. One other option is renting a car for the day if your hotel offers it and it is cheap enough, like under $60USD with insurance (see our article on renting here and what you need and tips). We hope this helps and you have a great time here and get to see your friends.

    • Hello. There are ATM machines in the bus station. If you want to go to a bank to use their ATM because they are a little more secure, the two closest banks are on Avenue Tulum. Go south and there will be a Banorte on the right and a Scotia Bank on the left.

  4. Hi could you give me some information for busses going to Chiquilá on the 09.06
    How often do they leave and is it hard to find the right one?;)
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Hello. You must want to visit Holbox Island. Chiquila is the town where you get on the ferry to go across. It is too bad there is no bus information on the bus companies sites from both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. The ADO bus company has a direct bus from Playa Del Carmen once a day in both directions. The information is in our Holbox article: If you are in Cancun and want to go to Chiquila you will have to take a local bus company which is not ADO. This is a local bus that makes a lot of stops and makes the journey a little longer. There is Playa Express but it is an expensive service. We do not know the current Cancun to Chiquila times but it would be best to arrive the day before and purchase your ticket anyways. That way you know the schedule and have a seat for the seldom running bus. Even the ADO website does not have the schedule for the Playa Del Carmen to Chiquila on the site. Welcome to Mexico! That is where we try to fill in the missing details. We hope you have an amazing trip and really enjoy Isla Holbox, it is a beautiful place.

  5. Great info on the busses in Cancun. We are doing a bus trip around the Yucatan and will be taking a lot of busses from Cancun to other destinations.

  6. We are at the Breathless Resort and would like to go to Playa Del Carmen to shop. What is the nearest location for us to pick up your bus?

    • Hello Stacy
      Your resort is in Puerto Morelos. You will need to go to the highway to catch the bus. When you get to the highway you will need to go to the other side of the highway(opposite the ocean) and there is a gas station. The ADO bus stops there and goes directly to Playa Del Carmen. It goes to the bus station on 5th Avenue and Juarez Avenue. The bus goes go back to Puerto Morelos and stops on the north bound side right by the road going down to the beach in Puerto Morelos. You can also take a more local option, They are called colectivos and they stop in the same place as the ADO bus. Here is a link to our article on them. Since you are going shopping too, you might like our Ultimate shopping guide to Playa Del Carmen. We hope you have an amazing time!

  7. Thanks for all your tips on the bus. We are going on a three week bus trip in the Yucatan and passing through Cancun. You make is super easy to travel here and know what you are talking about.

  8. I’m having a hard time understanding if the nicer ADO buses travel from the hotel zone to Tulum? If yes, are there multiple stops, or any direct trips?

    • Hello Eva

      We are not sure if we fully understand your question. Are you talking about a bus from Cancun to Tulum? There are no busses in the Hotel Zone in Cancun. They only leave form the ADO bus station in the downtown. If you leave from Cancun ADO bus station you will stop in Playa Del Carmen. Just note there are two separate bus stops in Tulum. There is the ruins bus stop and the town. You can always hope on any bus to Playa Del Carmen and then get another ticket to Tulum when you arrive. When you purchase your ticket in Cancun you just save time and reserve a seat on the next bus leaving. You could always get out and stretch your legs and walk to the beach to break up your trip. Busses between Cancun and Playa and Playa to Tulum are about every 30 minutes so you have a lot of options.

  9. Hello, any information on the hotel zone buses from the ADO station? We’re planning to take the collectivo from Playa and then transfer to the hotel bus. How much is it? Have the rates for the collectivo from Playa to Cancun changes and do you have any information on where the bus stops? We’re trying to get to the Cancun Museum near the south end of the hotel zone. Thanks!

    • The colectivos are the same price to Cancun and depending on the one you take it is about 34 pesos. The end of the line is the ADO Bus Station in Cancun. The busses run on the road right next to the bus station. I believe the public bus to the hotel zone is 7 or 8 pesos now. The local bus will be slow and often full. Try to get a seat. It will take about 25 minutes on the public bus to the museum.

        • Hello Lesley

          The busses will be local looking city busses and will say “Hotel Zone” on them. There a multiple numbers but it is best just to look for Hotel Zone writing on the front.

  10. Hi Mr. Yucatan! Greetings 🙂 I have a couple of questions after reading your bus station guide.

    1. My hostel is in Hotel Zone Hostal Mayapan Zona Hotelera Km 8.5. You mentioned that travelers need to look for Avenida Tulum if they go to Hotel Zone. Could you please share some information about the bus route and bus fare?

    2. I have an early flight (6:55 AM) from Cancun to Havana. According to what you said, the first bus leaves for the airport at 4:30 AM and it takes only 25 minutes. Could you tell me where the bus station is?

    Thanks a lot for your reply.:)

    • Hello Victor

      We are glad to answer your questions.
      1. If you see our map you will see Avenue Tulum. This is where you can find the buses going to the hotel zone. These busses charge 8.5 pesos now. It will take about 18 minutes to get to that part of the Hotel Zone.
      2. The bus to the airport is the ADO bus and leaves from the downtown ADO bus station. It is 66 pesos at this time and does leave at 4:30am. You will arrive by 5:00am. That will be two hours before your flight. There are three terminals so just make sure you know what terminal you are leaving from.

      We hope you have a great trip here and get time to explore some more in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan.

      • Thank you very much for your reply. Sure, I’ll try to explore some more in the Rivera Maya and Yucatan.

        Have a great day. 🙂

  11. Thank you so very much for all of your help and information!! I am a solo female traveling to Cancun. I will be flying into CUN and spending a few days in Isla Mujeres, then a few days in Tulum at Zazil Kin by the Ruins. What is the best mode of transportation for me to accomplish this? I have taken the ADO from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen, so I am slightly familiar, but that is all. Of course, I would like to have my facts in line for safety reasons so I appreciate your information!! Thank you again so very much.

    • Hello Jenny. You can take the ADO bus from Cancun Airport to the ADO bus station in downtown and then a taxi or colectivo public bus to Puerto Juarez to catch the ferry to Isla Mujeres. If you do have a lot of luggage you might prefer getting a private shuttle from the Cancun airport to Puerto Juarez direct. Of course going solo is not the most cost effective way. When you are leaving Isla Mujeres you can do the reverse with the public bus to the ADO Bus Station. You have two options. Book an ADO ticket to Tulum Ruins which will one bus to Playa Del Carmen and then you connect to your bus to Tulum (Note: book Tulum ruins, not Tulum town. Tulum ruins is close to your hotel and 3k closer then the bus station in the center of Tulum).Your other option is the colectivo from the ADO bus station in Cancun to Playa Del Carmen. There is Playa Express just behind the bus station. This will drop you off on 2nd Street in Playa and then you will need to get the colectivo to Tulum. This however is not a good option if you have more then a small backpack. See our article on colectivos here:

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the information!! (If it doesn’t fit in my backpack, it isn’t going with me.) 😉 I APPRECIATE your fast reply.

  13. Great, just ended reading this article. Very great info on busses you wrote. Absolutely following your website! Thank you a lot.

  14. Hi There, what an insightful and impressive website. Helped me plan my trip around the Yucatan and in and out of Cancun.

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for the bus station guide. It was helpful in planning our trip.

  16. we are 2, want to know best options for as low price as possible, going from Cancun Airport to our rental casa in Chan Chemuyil. any help will be appreciated… I’m thinking a combination of ADO or similar to PDC then not sure what after that… we will have luggage (lg suitcase and backpack each)

    • Hello Linda

      There are the colectivos that run from Playa to Tulum but these are not really for luggage. There is the Mayab bus that will make stops between Playa and Tulum and this is a larger bus. You probably will not be able to put things under the bus since you are getting off mid route, so you would need to take them on the bus. The private transfers are very easy to use from the airport and we recommend one that has some of the best prices and service. When you think about it, you will be traveling for one hour or more from the airport. The private transfer with your luggage in the back is not a bad option.

  17. Wow, I’m so glad I came across your informative and helpful website! I’ll be sure book tickets/activities to support it.

    I’m renting a house near Azul Beach Hotel, in Puerto Morelos, and need to travel to Cancun. What is the best way to get from the house to one of the ADO bus stops towards Cancun? Are there any tickets I should buy in advance?

    • Hello Kellie

      Thank you so much for your comments. From your hotel the easiest way is to get a taxi to the Highway. Just at the circle there is a bus stop on the south side of the intersection. There you can get a ticket on ADO or pick up the Playa Express Vans. ADO will cost you a little more. It is best to get your ticket when you get there because the tickets are timed.

  18. Hi there! Are there many hostels or hotels near the bus station in Cancun? We only are flying in and need to catch a bus to Holbox the next day. What do you recommend?

    • Hello. There are both some budget hotels and hostels near Parque Palapas. We almost recommend a budget hotel over the hostels as there are not great options. You should be able to get a basic hotel for about $30USD a night. There are also some restaurants in the area. The main avenues give you some shopping and places to walk around.

  19. Your website is very useful. Thank you. but I get scared. It seems impossible to find the right busses, colectivos… My airbnb host offers to pick me up – but he is as expensive as a taxi. And I’d like to be independent and get around by myself and cheaper – so I should understand the public transport system…

    • Where is your airbnb at? Are you in Cancun or Playa or in between? We can give you some tips for busses and transportation.

  20. I am staying in Cancun near Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal. Can you tell me what buses to take to get to WALMART?

    • Hello Ken

      We do not have a public bus route map for Cancun but we will try to look for one and post it.

    • Hello. There is bus service to Chiquila. That is the town where you get the ferry to Holbox. This is a second class bus and there are no schedules online. You will need to check at the ADO Bus Station in Cancun for the hours they run. It is best to leave in the morning because the trip does take a few hours.

  21. Hi,
    I am travelling from cancun airport via the ADO bus and will be getting a public bus to Puerto Juarez ferry to get to Isla Murjeres island.Could you please advise the street name I will be getting the public bus from and does it have a bus number ? Thanks

    • Hello Paula

      If you notice on the right hand side of the map, Avenida Tulum is the street you need to go to. You will have to cross the street to get busses going in the right direction. The busses will say Puerto Juarez on them or you can simply say Isla Mujeres Ferry, and they will know what you are talking about. If you have much luggage you might just take a cab. It is much easier from the station. The minivans do not have a lot of space.

    • Hello Berni

      We are not sure what a bog backpack is but there is storage at the bus station. It is paid but often we hear reports of hands getting inside of bags. So we would only leave secured bags or things of no importance there.

  22. Hello,
    I find your site very helpful. I have been to Mexico many times but never to PLD. I have a question about transportation when we depart PLD. We will be continuing our trip to Merida. We plan to use a van to transport us from the resort in PLD to the ADO bus station in Cancun. Do you suggest the ADO station in downtown Cancun or the ADO station at the airport?

    • Hello

      There are very limited direct busses from the Cancun Airport to Merida. Often these are just 16 passenger vans. This service is more for people just landing and want a fast connection to Merida. It is better to have the full bus which will be more comfortable for the longer journey. You can also take the van to Playa Del Carmen and get the bus to Merida as well. Some of the times the bus takes the new highway and it is quicker then going to Cancun, but this depends on where your hotel is. Be sure to check out our Merida guide for tips! We hope you have a great time!

  23. Hello,
    I took R1 bus from Cancun bus terminal station to hotel zone at around 2:30pm today. After we got off at Royal Islander hotel, my daughter just found out she lost her black backpack on the bus and there are passports inside. We are from Vancouver and it is the first time coming here. We really don’t know what to do now? What is phone number of the city bus office? Does it has lost and found department?

    • Hello Betty Lin
      We do not have a contact number for the busses. We suggest you talk with your concierge at the hotel and call the Canadian Consulate in Cancun, especialy since you will need to talk with them about getting a temporary passport. We are sorry this happened on your vacation and hope you are able to recover them.

  24. Hi there, thanks for the information. I saw a post that there is a place for us to store our backpacks (like a left luggage / locker facility), is this correct? If so how much is it per volume?

    Also we’ve been trying to buy Ado tickets to go from Cancun to Belize City, but none of our cards go through – they are British. Do they only accept Mexican cards?

  25. what is the schedule to get to izamal from downtown cancun and the price and the time…

    • Hello Diana

      There are 5 busses a day that go and it should be Centro bus company. However this is a very very slow way to go. You might want to go better to Valladolid and take a bus there. It will be about a two hour bus ride from Valladolid to Izamal. It is best to go to the ADO station and ask for the schedule for the next day because there is not good information online for these busses. People that do this route just know the schedules and adjust to when it changes. This is just part of the charm of traveling to more rural places in the Yucatan and Mexico.

  26. I’m March of 2018 we are arriving at Cancun Airport do a 2 week stay near Tulum. Before this we would like to visit Valladolid for a few days. We will be travelling with 2 suitcases, carry-ons and a manual folding wheelchair. Is it best to take ado bus service. If so, we thought we might bus it to downtown Cancun and spend the night at a hotel near the bus station and then to Vallidolid the next morning. After Vallidolid a bus to Tulum and from there, a taxi to our resort. Could the luggage and wheelchair be a problem. I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.
    Thanks, Bob

    • That should be a good plan. Just note that some sidewalks will take some navigation. Not everything is set up for wheelchairs. You can still get around, you just might have a few obstacles. One suggestion is going to Playa on your first night. Cancun does not offer a lot of great hotels downtown. The route seems counter intuitive since the bus from Playa goes to Tulum and then Valladolid but it is nicer to stay in Playa and you can explore 5th Avenue pedestrian street on your first night.

  27. I would like to leave the downtown ADO bus terminal in Cancun to Corozal Belize. I would like to know the earliest departure time and the travel time to Corozal. The other thing I would like to know if this is an express route, and if there are any transfers along the way. I will be leaving Cancun Oct. 30, 2017

    • Hello Cliff

      There are two busses a day from Cancun to Belize City. One at 7:30am and one at 22:15. These are fairly direct but do have stops. It should be the same bus all the way. The price is 840 pesos currently. We hope this information helps you.

  28. I would like to take a bus to Valadolid on the morning of Feb. 11 and then return on the morning of Feb. 13. Can you please direct me.

    • Are you going to be leaving from Cancun? There are about 8 busses a day that leave from Cancun and it is 228 pesos each way.

  29. Are there any buses leaving Cancun airport for Valadolid or do you have to leave from cancun bus terminal. If only from from airport are there ETN buses and how much do they cost

    • There are no busses going from the Cancun Airport to Valladolid. You only have the option to go to Cancun, Puerto Morelos or Playa Del Carmen. So you will need to go to one of these first, mainly Cancun or Playa.

  30. Correction to my previous post.
    Can I buy both my ticket for my trip from Cancun airport to the ADO bus terminal and my ticket to Valladolid from bus terminal at Cancun Airport bus ticket office.
    Thank you

  31. Are the buses from Cancun Bus Station to Chiquila safe (we’re headed to Holbox Island on Monday morning)? Okay to put our bags in the luggage compartment and keep our backpacks on our laps?

    • This bus is more local. It is fairly safe but makes some stops. Itnis better to take the direct bus from Playa to Chiquila. The bus from Cancun to Chiquila does take longer but if you want that route without the cost of a private shuttle, it is your only option.

  32. Can we buy bus tickets at the Cancun Airport for the next day? Cancun Bus Station to Chiquila?

  33. Hello, I would like to get the ADO bus from the Cancun bus station to Croco Sun. I believe this is the bus with MAYAB on it. I would like to know if we can flag down the bus on our return journey from the highway back to the bus station in Cancun, and if so how frequent (roughly) are the buses? Many thanks in advance.

    • This is correct. The ADO busses will not stop here but the local Mayab busses will. Going back to Cancun you have the option of the Mayab bus which comes about every 30 minutes or you can take the colectivos which go to the back side of the Cancun bus station. These are small vans that go up and down the highway.

  34. Hello,
    I am arriving at the Cancun airport and travelling directly to Tulum. Can you please explain to me the logistics of taking the ADO from the Cancun airport to the Tulum hotel zone? Should I buy my tickets online beforehand? Do I need to switch buses in Playa del Carmen? Does one ticket get you from the airport to tulum or do I have to buy two tickets – one from the airport to PDC and one from PDC to Tulum? Many thanks.

  35. Hi, does anyone know if there is a baggage deposit in the ADO bus station in cancun? thank you.

    • It is about 6-12 pesos per hour depending on the size. It should be noted that you should not leave valuables in your bag as readers have complained about theft.

  36. I have a concern about a nephew who is stranded in an Ado bus terminal in Cancun.Who can I contact to get the help that he needs?

    • Hello Lona

      It is best to contact your countries consulate or Consular agency and get advice from them.

  37. I will be visiting Cancun in October. I want to go to Xel-Ha and Xplor. Do the buses from Cancun go to those locations?

    • Hello Eva

      There are no public busses that go directly there. From Cancun it is best to buy the added transportation from Xcaret unless you have a big group and then maybe rent a car. Be sure to buy your tickets online in advance. You can save up to 15%.

    • There is a paid luggage check there. It is best not to leave valuables in your bags like cameras and passports.

  38. I’m staying at Condominios Malecon America’s, there’s a bus stop on Av.Tulum close by. Can I catch a bus there and get to the hotel zone.

    • Hello Glen

      You can take any bus going to Plaza Las Americas which is in front of these condos. Although a taxi would be a better option especialy if you have luggage. It is much more comfortable and for the price, worth it.

  39. I will be staying around Cancun for some time, then I’d like to travel to Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta. I have lots of time, so would prefer to take a luxury bus. I took one a few years ago from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, and it was great. Please tell me about taking one. Will there be frequent stops? Will there be overnight stops? Will I change buses? Anything else you can think of would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Well it will likely take three days to get there by bus. It is not exactly easy. It is much better to fly to Puerto Vallarta or to Guadalajara and take the bus. Mexico is a big country. If you took the bus you will arrive tired and need to get on another bus with no chance to shower.

    • You can get busses to the ruins themselves from Cancun or go to Valladolid and get a local bus or colectivo van there. The cans leave about every 30 minutes when full in the mornings. It is just a few doors away from the bus station in Valladolid. There are other local busses and more bus options from Valladolid to Chichen Itza other then any direct buses from Cancun. Plus Valladolid is a nice town to walk around.

  40. Is a day trip from ADO station in Cancun to Valladolid and back same day if we leave early enough? Traveling in May.

    • It is possible. It is about the same time on a bus as the tours to Chichen Itza, so that is not bad. There are a lot of cute and affordable hotels in Valladolid if you wanted to spend the night. Although the basics of the town you can see in a day. Staying longer or overnight gives you a different vibe of the town and chance to go to some of the less known places. We hope you have a great time.

  41. Hello,
    My flight will be landing in Cancun on July 30th at 11:35 am. I would like to go o Holbox island. Is it possible to go from the airport to the bus terminal in dorntown Cancun and after that to Chiquilan ? What is the time schedule ?

    Thank you very much

    • Hello Chantale

      The bus from Cancun to Chiquila is once a day and leaves at 10:30am. So it is not possible. The next best option is booking a airport transfer direct to Holbox. It is much faster but will cost more. You just have to balance that with loosing a day in Cancun and paying for a hotel.

  42. Good Morning!

    We are traveling from Playa del Carmen to Cancun tomorrow to take a catamaran to isla mujeres, leaving from Marina Albatros Punta Cancún Zona Hotelera 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexic. I understand that the colectivo stops at the ado station in Cancun. What is the best way to get from the ado station to the port?
    Thanks! Chris

    • There are public busses next to the bus station that go to the Hotel Zone. You can take these busses and get off near that port. It is good if you look at google street view so you know where to get off. They will not announce it. It will take about 10 minutes on the bus to get there.

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