How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

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How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

Are you looking for transportation from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone in Cancun? Here is our guide so you can have a smooth transfer for your vacation and not spend an arm and a leg. You have several options for airport transportation:

  1. ADO bus to the center of Cancun.
  2. Taxi service from the Cancun Airport
  3. Private transfer or shuttle to your hotel in Cancun.
best cancun airport transportation
Private transfers provide the cleanest and safest transportation to and from the Cancun Airport.  This is our best recommendation for this year

Transportation Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

So you are going to Cancun on vacation and you want to get to your hotel. You probably don’t want to be trying to figure this out at the airport and when you arrive you will see how confusing it can be with lots of people asking you if you need transportation. So here is the information you need to know. It is best to book in advance so when you land you have a driver waiting for you so you can start your vacation all the sooner!

How far is Cancun Airport from the Hotel Zone?

Cancun Airport is 7.5 miles from downtown Cancun or 12 kilometers. This is just south of Cancun on the 307 Highway. As you can see from the aerial photo of the Hotel Zone, it is long. In fact it is about 25 kilometers or 15 1/2 miles long. This means there are a lot of hotels and it takes a little bit of time to reach your hotel.

transportation Cancun Airport to hotel zone
After a long flight you surely want to get to your hotel as fast as you can.

What are the transportation options from Cancun Airport to my hotel?

As mentioned above three are four transportation options you can consider and below we talk about them individually.

  • Taking a taxi.
  • Taking a private van or transfer.
  • Public bus (ADO)

How much are taxis from the Cancun Airport to hotel?

You might be a little surprised how much taxis are from the Cancun Airport to hotels. Taxis can cost about $50-60 USD one way from the Cancun Airport. Sure you are on vacation and you want to get to your hotel a soon as possible but you can save a lot of money by planning ahead you can have everything set and you don’t have to waste money. Plus you can get there just as fast by private transfer.

The taxi prices are pretty set and are not open for negotiating. Although many taxi drivers will tell you prices higher and see what they can get. This is why van services and private transfers are so popular to take to your hotel.

Tip: Do not listen to “official” looking people at the exit of the terminals in Cancun. Often these are taxi people trying to get you in a taxi. They often give you wrong information. It is best to have your transfer booked so you can have a driver waiting for you at the airport and it all paid.

How much are transfer vans from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

Prices for private car service or van service is as follows:

  • $35 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 3 people. You do save $15 if you book a round trip! So we recommend doing this!
  • $40 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 7 people. You do save $15 if you book a round trip! Round trip price is the best price!
  • $50 one way in either direction from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone for up to 9 people. You do save $20 if you book a round trip! 

Cancun Airport transportation to Hotel Zone

We have looked into the most reliable transportation companies and best prices and that is why we link to the above company. We have seriously has no negative comments yet! So this transportation company is doing a good job!

Luxury transportation from the Cancun Airport to your hotel

Would you like a little luxury on your vacation? For just a little more you can get picked up in a van like below. This transportation option is for 1-6 people.

To go to the Hotel Zone from the Cancun Airport it is $69 one way or $125 round trip. To save money you just need to book a round trip at time of booking. Click the reserve now button below for this option. This will take you to a recommended transportation company that our readers enjoy using.

how to get from the Cancun airport to Hotel Zone
One luxury option how to get from the Cancun Airport to your hotel.

How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

Can I get public transportation from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

The short answer is yes, but the real answer is “why would you?” Here is how you can take public transportation to the Hotel Zone but we think after you see how long it will take you will opt for a van service.

At the exit of all three terminals of Cancun Airport there are stops of ADO bus company. Here is a link to the ADO website where you can see schedules and more info. This is a large bus that will connect you with the Cancun ADO bus terminal in the downtown. This bus cost 94 pesos for Cancun and there is frequent service to the center of Cancun (about every 30 minutes). This is the only stop they make. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the Cancun Airport to the downtown bus station.

For a more details explanation of how to take this bus including photos, see our article on how to get from the Cancun Airport by bus here.

Cancun Airport to Hotel ZoneThe Cancun ADO Bus Station in downtown Cancun where you would need to transfer to aa local bus to the Hotel Zone.

Public transportation from the ADO Bus Station to the Hotel Zone

Once you arrive at the Cancun Bus Station you can take a local bus marked “Hoteles” (Spanish for Hotels) on the windshield. Also you can look for the R1, R 2, R15, and R27 buses that go to the Hotel Zone and will say “Hoteles“. See our guide to the Cancun Bus Station here that has a map. These buses are just a few pesos (and only take pesos, try to have small change) but often get very crowded with people going between the downtown and the Hotel Zone. Many locals, workers and tourist use these public busses. This bus will most likely be awkward with luggage.

This website has a good interactive bus map of the local bus routes in Cancun for you to look at.

Note: A taxi is possible from this bus station but will be expensive to the Hotel Zone. Depending on how far you go it can be about $10-25 USD. If you decide on this make sure you check the price before taking off.

Since the Hotel Zone is so long, it can take about 20-40 minutes on this public bus to your hotel. So you overall transportation time can be around one hour or more. In our opinion this is just not the way to go and a private transfer will get you easily to your hotel and save you a lot of hassle.


What is the best way to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

As you can tell from above, we do recommend a private van service for you. Public transportation takes a long time and is hard to do with luggage and taxis are expensive. Booking ahead takes the worry about your arrival and will get you to your hotel to start your vacation quickly. When you have your flight booked, go ahead and book your transfer with the link below so you are all set for your trip! Happy vacations and a smooth arrival at your hotel.

How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone


Do you have questions about getting from the Cancun Airport to your hotel? Let us know in the comments below. We love to help out our readers.

Now that your are coming to the Cancun area, you might want to know what the weather will be like. You can see our Cancun weather guide here .

Cancun Airport airline terminals
Here is a handy map of all four terminals at Cancun International Airport and which airlines are served at each terminal.

How to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

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  1. Hello. I am coming into Cancun Airport on this week and I wondered how long it will take a transfer to get to my hotel. I am staying in the Hotel Zone at The Grand Fiesta Americana. Thanks

  2. This is an extremely helpful guide for getting around in Cancun. We have been reading your site a lot because we are not only going to Cancun but also Playa Del Carmen. We intend on doing some tours and your website always seems to pop up in the google results, so maybe it is telling us something! Thanks for all the information.

  3. Hello, Thanks for the tips. We are coming into Cancun Airport and will be going to the Cancun Hotel Zone and want o get there as fast as possible. The transfer look like a good option. We don’t want to take a taxi because they are always a mess to deal with.

  4. We are coming for the first time to Cancun and were not sure the best options for transportations. Thanks for the tips. My silly friends wanted to take a taxi.

  5. Hello , I wanted to thank you for mentioning all the options. I was not sure how far the hotel zone was from the airport or the bus station downtown.

  6. Do we have to book transfer (not taxi) from airport to hotel zone in advance? Or can we just go to the kiosk and buy one?

    • Hello Sverige

      It is definitely better to buy one in advance. The link we provide in the article is to a very reputable company and they have good rates. It is nice to know someone will be waiting for you when yo arrive and you don’t have to find someone and arrange it. There are also some fast talkers at the Cancun airport that tell people practically anything in order to sell you a taxi or transfer. We have seen some of these people that arrive and they are preyed on by people with calculators and lots of talk. It is just easy to book and be ready to enjoy your vacation. We hope you have a great time here.

  7. need a pick up from and to the airport to our hotel at Imperial Fiesta Club at Casa Maya on April 30 and back May 7th. Greatly appreciate any quote for 2 passenges. Thank you.

    • Hello Virginia

      Thank you for leaving your question here. We are the website that wrote about this transportation option from the Cancun Airport. The links in the article will take you to the transportation page and they have prices there. This is a very well recommended service and all of our readers have been pleased with this option. We hope you have a great vacation to Mexico and smooth transfer from the airport to your hotel.

  8. Great information. I want to be sure I have this right. The ADO bus from Chetumal will take me to downtown Cancun and not to Cancun Airport, correct? If this is right, I need to then get to my hotel which is near the airport. Is it best to get a ride from downtown to the Cancun Airport and call for the free hotel shuttle or to have a taxi/transfer service take me straight from downtown Cancun to the hotel. I am a senior citizen and would want assistance with my luggage. Thank you so much, Brenda

    • Hello Brenda

      The bus from Chetumal to Cancun will go to the downtown ADO bus station. If you hotel offers a free transfer from the downtown to the hotel, it would be best to be picked up there. If you went to the airport and then got the transfer back, you would need to pass your hotel and then have to turn around and go back, making it a much longer transfer time. If the hotel does not pick up from the downtown you might consider taking a taxi to your hotel. The driver can help with your baggage. The price will vary and you will have to ask. It will cost somewhere from about 250 pesos-500 pesos.

  9. Hello. We fly into Cancun on March 14th at 8am. We need to get to the bus station downtown for a bus. Should we take a taxi if we need to get there by 10am or can we take the bus or private transfer?

    • Hello

      If you arrive at 8:00am to Cancun you will most likely get out of the airport by 8:40 after going through customs and immigration. The bus ride takes 40 minutes to the downtown so that means that you would cut it very close. It would be best to either take a taxi or reserve a private transfer and have a driver waiting for you to take you directly to the bus station. We hope you have a great trip and enjoy your time here in the peninsula.

  10. We are flying into Cancun on a Monday night at 10pm. What time do you think we would arrive at our hotel? It is the Hard Rock Resort. Thanks

    • Hello Isaiah

      The Hard Rock is closer to the Cancun Airport since it is on the southern end. After you clear customs and immigration you should exit about 10:35 from the airport and your driver should be waiting for you. You will arrive there about 10:55pm. We hope you have a great vacation in Cancun.

  11. We are six girls arriving, will you have space in your vans for two large suitcases per person? Thanks

    • Hello Lisa

      We are not the transportation company but do refer people this good service. We can tell you however that you don’t have anything to worry about with having space for 12 bags and you and your friends. We hope you have a great time in Cancun and a smooth transfer from the airport.

  12. Hey. I am not staying in the Hotel Zone but need to go there to visit some friends. If I get dropped off there how would I get to my hotel in the downtown of Cancun? Ideas?

    • Hello Shayne

      The private transfer will get you from the airport to the Hotel Zone quickly so you can visit your friend. Afterward a taxi is the best depending on how much luggage you have. If you are traveling light like a backpacker you might want to take the public bus to the downtown it is only a few pesos. It can take upward of 40 minutes but much cheaper then a taxi.

  13. Last time I was in Cancun, we had a hotel bus that picked us up from the airport, but we are staying somewhere new this time. I had thought about taking an Uber from the airport, but I’m not sure how safe I would feel unless the driver spoke English. I’m glad you included the price for a taxi in your information, and I think I’ll probably lean toward something of that nature. Thank you!

  14. Thank you for previous info you provided. Made me feel very secure about traveling to Playa del Carmen. One more question. My hotel is within walking distance of the ADO terminal on 20th. How would I get to this terminal from the Airport? Thank you!

    • Hello

      The ADO bus only goes to the station on Juarez. If you took the bus to Playa you can take a taxi from there to your hotel. This would be about 40 pesos. It is good to ask because many people are charged more from the bus station in Playa Del Carmen.

    • Thank you for your comments Silvia. We hope you have a great trip to Cancun and enjoy this part of Mexico.

  15. Going to Cancun this week and will be taking the transfer to my hotel. great tips on your website. So you have any tips for Cancun?

    • Hello Jack

      We have a few things on our website about Cancun. You can use the search box to find them if you are interested. Here are some things. El Mecco Mayan ruins in Cancun, Isla Mujeres for a day, Isla Blanca with a car to explore, the trampoline park, and there is a Mayan museum in the hotel Zone but we do not have that on our website. For tours we have info on all the parks and visiting Chichen Itza and other ruins. We hope you have a great time in Cancun and the Rivera Maya!

  16. I absolutely find everything need when I search on your website. I hope you write more on Cancun soon. We get to Playa Del Carmen but we are in Cancun staying because we like our hotel. We would like to know more activities in the Cancun area that are easy to get to.

    • Hello Justine
      Thank you for using our website and we look forward to writing more in Cancun area. We are based in Playa Del Carmen so we have to travel to the area but we have a list of things to check out. We look forward to reporting back soon to you. Safe travels and have a great time in Cancun.

  17. Hi there,

    My flight is due to arrive at terminal 3 at 1045pm, the ado websites show two ADO buses leaving after my arrival time but if i miss them would you have a rough idea how much it would cost to get a taxi to the ADO bus terminal in Cancun please?

    • Hello
      Taxis will try to negotiate a price with you so it will range. We were at the Cancun Airport this week and were watching them in action. There is no posted prices so they can see what they can charge. It is better to book a private transfer which will be waiting for you and cost the same or cheaper to go to the bus station or directly to your hotel.

  18. Hello, I am coming to cancun in April to Grand Oasis. We are group of 2 kids under 5, and 6 adults. Should I request Van for 6 people or 8? Kids can sit in our laps. Please tell me how much would it cost roundtrip? Also do you do trips to Chichen Itza and how much would it cost? Thank you

    • Hello Patel

      We checked with the transportation company and they said book for 8 people. This has more to do with transportation laws for passengers and having a seat. We hope you have a great vacation in Cancun.

  19. Hi, I am planning to take ADO bus from airport to Cancun downtown bus station, can I buy ADO bus ticket after I land at Cancun airport or I have to buy the bus ticket before I reach there? And how frequently ADO bus runs to Cancun downtown? I will land at 8:35AM. Thanks

    • Hello Tomal
      You can buy your ticket at the airport. It is prefered way of doing it since they are a timed ticket and you need to be out of the airport to get the bus and you dont know how long you will be in the customs and immigration. The bus leaves about every 30 minutes so it is easy to get.

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for the helpful article! Our flight is scheduled to arrive at 00:19 am on Sunday at terminal 3, & our lodging is located near Downtown Cancun. We are hoping to catch the Ado bus leaving at 00:30 but that look risky, & the next one won’t be available until 2:30 am. Is it possible to book a private transfer if we missed the 00:30 Ado bus, or we will have to reserve it much earlier beforehand?

    • Hello Rusty

      The private transfers need to be booked in advance so there is a scheduled driver waiting for you. Especially at that hour it is good to have it all set up. Remember you will need to go through immigration and customs if you are arriving on an international flight. That can take about 40 minutes. If you have checked bags you can add another 10 minutes to that. The private transfers watch the arrivals schedule and look at delays as well and will be there on time for your arrive and also if you arrive at a different terminal.

  21. Thank you, I am going to Cancun for the first time. I wonder once I arrive at my hotel, how is the transportation in the Hotel Zone? Are taxis easy or is there a bus? Can I walk places?

    • Hello Joe

      It will depend on where your hotel is in the Hotel Zone. It is a big area. You can walk between hotels but the distances are large and if you are near the shopping areas you will need to take a taxi or bus. The bus is slow because there is a lot of traffic and they are used a lot by staff of the hotels. Taxis are good to take and most drivers speak English so that is easy. You can always ask at the desk how much the taxis are so you can plan before you get in.

  22. Youre so spot on with your advice and details. We took the transfer and got to out hotel quickly from the airport. We also did a nice in Xoximilco. It was a fun dinner cruise with mariachi music and more. I don’t think you can find that anywhere else in the world. The food was ok but the overall experience was what made that.

    • Hello Joe

      We are glad you had a good time in the area. We hope you get to come back and explore some more.

  23. We have been going to Cancun for 5 years now. We are just now realizing how much better booking a private driver is over haggling over a price in the parking lot with a taxi driver. We will not be doing that anymore.

  24. Is this a ride that is good for older people also? I am coming with my parents that are in their 80’s. They don’t have wheel chairs but donhave mobility issues. Thanks.

    • Hello Wendy

      These transfer vans are very comfortable and easy to get into the back. Most people find them easier theman the smaller taxis to ride in. If you have any other worries, you can chat directly with the transportation. Company on their website. We hope you have a great trip!

  25. I was looking for a transportation service that can get me from the Cancun Hotel Zone to Playa del Carmen. Can you let me know what ones do this? Thanks

    • Hello Joe

      This one in the article will do point to point transportation services. You just need to put in your hotel and a note to where you want to go. Then you can get a price quote. It is better then taking a taxi and all set before you want to go.

    • Hello, if you click the links you will be taken directly to their page. All of the information is there included prices, options for transportation. We have recommended them for years now and never had a complaint about them. They are punctual and offer good value for our readers.

  26. Can you easily walk to other places in the hotel zone? I want to see stores but not sure what it is like since this is my first time.

    • Hello Valorie

      It depends on where in the Hotel Zone your hotel is. Many hotels are far from other places and it can be hard to walk to stores. There are several malls in the Hotel Zone that you can go to but some of the hotels are more than several kilometers away from them.

  27. Last year we took the hotel bus to our hotel in the Hotel Zone. It was a wait for all the group that was arriving to go through customs and get to the bus. We waited about an hour. Going back to the airport was a wait as well since we had to be in our lobby three and a half hours before our time to leave. We lost almost half a day of vacation. Also, this year with more social distancing, we are looking at this private option. This should work much better for both reasons.

  28. Hello, I am flying into Cancun August 2 and going to a hotel in the hotel zone in Cancun. Are these transfers working now?

    • Hello Randal

      These vans are running and it is important to make a reservation in advance so they plan your arrival at the Cancun Airport. They are also adding a lot of features to clean the vans and provide safe transport to guests. You also still get a discount when you book round trip transportation to and from your hotel.

  29. Does anyone know if a colectivo type shuttle to Akumal from the airport? I am looking for September 20th. Thanks

    • Hello John

      Yes, all the information about getting from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone in Cancun us correct. We update our articles every day when we have more information or something changes. These private transfers still are the best option for getting between your hotel and the airport. We hope you have a great trip to Cancun.

  30. Hello,
    We’re here in Playa del Carmen for a couple of days and then staying in Cancun for another couple of days. Our hotel in Playa del Carmen has a shuttle back to the Cancun airport. Can I take that one and then catch another hotel shuttle to get to our other hotel in Cancun?

    • You can do this. You can prebook your transfer from the airport to your new hotel in the hotel zone in Cancun. You can also book a round trip from the airport to your hotel and back to the airport and get a discount. You can follow the booking link here in the article to book your transportation. We hope you have a good trip.

    • There are a few cars and it says Uber is running in the area but it really is not an option. Uber never really took off in Cancun and the Taxis blocked cars and rides and protested a lot. So we would not recommend it. There are shuttles and private transfers that are your best option.

  31. I am coming to Cancun this next week and have a reservation at the Riu. I am not sure when I might leave because I have an open ended ticket. Is a one way transfer the best option for me?

    • Hello Mike

      You do get a discount when you book a round trip but you need to know when to reserve the ride.

  32. We are two girls from Korea traveling to Cancun for the first time. We like your website for the english information. Thank you.

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