How to Take the Colectivos to Tulum or Cancun

Colectivos in Playa Del Carmen for Cancun or Tulum

Colectivos from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum and Cancun

Getting cheaply and quickly between Cancun-Playa Del Carmen-and Tulum is fairly easy to do via colectivos. Colectivos are vans that are shared transportation and take off for their destinations, sometimes picking up people and dropping them off along the way. Colectivos are cheaper and faster than ADO bus company but are smaller and sometimes less cool in temperature.  There are two separate colectivo companies:

  1. Playa Del Carmen to Cancun
  2. Playa Del Carmen to Tulum

It should be noted that you cannot take a collective from Cancun all the way to Tulum, you will need to switch to the other colectivos to continue your journey in Playa Del Carmen. 

Note: If you are looking to get to Tulum from the Cancun Airport, see our article here on how to do this. You can also find more information in our Cancun Airport article.

Playa Del Carmen Colectivos to Cancun

Update: Playa Express used to be another service just like the colectivos and was a little nicer with less stops. Playa Express is no longer running. It is now replaced with a van service from the same street as the colectivos. This is Calle 1 Sur just below Juarez Avenue and in front of the Chedraui Super Market. 

Colectivo Prices for Playa Del Carmen to Cancun

The one-way price is 50 pesos to Cancun, Puerto Morelos is 30, and proportional payments for points in between. You pay as you get on the bus. If you get a ticketm keep it with you at all times as proof you paid; this is true with all bus/colectivo service in Mexico. Once you arrive in Cancun and you want to get off before the main terminal, you can get off at Plaza Las Americas, a popular place to go shopping in Cancun (you will need to ask the driver to drop you there). The end point is just across from the Cancun bus terminal. (see map in our Cancun Bus Station Guide)

Important note about colectivos to Cancun: There are different route terminating in different parts of Cancun. Most everyone will want to go to Centro/ADO bus station. Make sure you do not take the colectivo to the back side of Cancun. It is very far from the center, and you would need to take a taxi to your final destination. 

Playa Del Carmen Colectivos
Make sure you get the right Cancun Colectivo to where you want to go.

Can you take the colectivo to the Cancun Airport?

The answer is no. They only go on the 307 highway and technically they could let you out and the intersection where the road leads to the airport, but there is no transportation from the highway into the airport and it is too long of a walk. Plus, if you had luggage the colectivos do not have much space for it. Technically you could try to get a taxi from the highway into the airport, but many taxis are already with people entering the airport property. If you are thinking this option because the ADO bus does not run early enough for your flight, it is better to book the private shuttle company to take you to the airport. See also out article with all the options for getting from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen to Tulum Colectivo vans

Again, Calle 1 Sur in front of the Chedraui grocery store just below Juarez Avenue is your place to pick up colectivos. You will see a lineup of vans, walk to the front of the vans and there will be someone asking people where you are going or yelling out “Tulum, Tulum”. These vans leave when full, but don’t worry it will only take about 5-10 minutes. the helper on the sidewalk asks where you are going and then passes the info onto the driver.

Hopefully the driver remembers, but in case he does not, be somewhat prepared to yell out “your name of stop” “por favor“. Being prepared where you are going and knowing what it looks like from the highway will help and it will also help if you are not asking the driver all the time if this is your stop (the drivers get annoyed with people like that). These colectivos make as many stops as there are destinations so basically wherever anyone wants to go, they will drop you there. Usually though in one van there are only a few stops between everyone before the colectivo arrives in Tulum. On these colectivos you pay when you get off.

Prices for colectivos from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum

Here is a price list for you. Destinations in-between or near are close to these prices. Puerto Aventuras is 30 pesos, Tulum is 50 pesos. Drivers have been known to round up prices for tourist, somewhere in the 5 more pesos range. There is a list of prices on a sign as you get on the colectivos, you can always check here and just have the money ready when you go to get off. The drivers are usually very courteous and try to drop you off as close as possible for you. The colectivos terminate in the middle to Tulum near the ADO bus terminal. Remember there are two main stops in Tulum. The first one is the ruins, and they will only stop there if you request it. The second stop is in town near the ADO bus station.

Colectivos from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen

To come back to Playa Del Carmen on the colectivos it is best to catch them from near the middle of Tulum along the 307 main road because they can fill up and you might have to wait longer (however it is not really worth it if you are at the Tulum ruins to go into town to catch a ride, it is more hassle then waiting there for them). If you are somewhere in between Tulum and Playa, just stand next to the road and put your arm up when you see a van coming. Close to when people start getting off from work, there are more colectivos in service, but they also fill up fast.

Below is a map of most of the destinations on the Rivera Maya where people want to go.

Riviera Maya Map

Tip: If you have a large group (five or more) it might be better to rent a car for a day trip. It will be more convenient and if you have a large group, you might not fit in one van.

Tip: There are no colectivos that go from Cancun all the way to Tulum. You will need to take the Cancun-Playa Del Carmen colectivos to Playa and then switch to the Playa Del Carmen-Tulum colectivos. The same is true for the Tulum to Cancun route.

All in all, these colectivos are very convenient and a cheap way to get around. By learning how to take them you can save big money on transportation to some of the popular destinations.

Where you enter to pay for your colectivo to Tulum from Playa Del Carmen.

Taking Colectivos from Resorts

Many people ask us about taking a colectivo from a resort along the Rivera Maya. Here are a few tips for you.

  • How do you get on a colectivo? When you are on the highway you will go to the side of the road for the direction you want to go in. Then you will raise your hand when you see a van coming. If the van is full, it will not stop. Sometimes the driver will wave his hand side to side to indicate he is full. But don’t worry since the colectivos know how to anticipate where people want to get on and they run some colectivos empty leaving and fill up along the way.
  • Another thing to remember is that some resorts are a kilometer from the highway. You will need to walk, take a golf cart or taxi to the highway to get on. Some hotels have policies about people not permitted to walk on the drive into the hotel for safety reasons.
  • Luggage and large bags are not really taken on the colectivos. This service is meant to be a fast transport for people and not a hotel shuttle service. You will need to talk a taxi if you have luggage or book the private transfer service we recommended. Small bags are fine if you can hold them on your lap.
  • How will the driver know where to stop? When you get on you can tell him your hotel. Most of the drivers know all the hotels but, there are about 15 other people, and the driver has to remember all the stops. So, it is good to know what is near your hotel so you can remind the driver when you are very close that you want to get off. You can simply state your hotel name and say please (por Favor) and it is a nice way of reminding him.
  • Make sure you have small change in pesos. Some drivers will take dollars, but you will not get a good rate plus it takes more time for the diver to sort it out. All passengers will appreciate you exiting the van quickly so they can get to their stops, so be prepared to pay when you exit.

For more on public transportation in Playa Del Carmen and the Yucatan Peninsula check out our bus station guide for Playa.

Thank you for reading out Guide to taking the Colectivos. We hope we answered your questions. If you have any comments or questions let us know below.  

Colectivo vans lined up for service to Tulum and Cancun.

Other Transportation from this street

There are other transportation services from this save street. Below are two other destinations you can take vans to.

Holbox Vans

This is an alternative to the ADO bus to Chiquila. This is the port where you take the ferry to Holbox Island. The advantage to these vans is they are faster but are smaller. 

Colectivo vans to Holbox

Van service to Valladolid, Yucatan

If you are looking for the cheapest way to get to Valladolid, these colectivos take you the non-toll road. These are more for people working and traveling between Playa Del Carmen and Valladolid with points in-between like Coba. 

Vans to Valladolid

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  1. @everythingplayadelcarmen
    what about the schedule please?
    what time do the collectivos start and end each day?

    • Hello and thank you for your question. We do need to get the times for those that might be cutting it close at night. Basically they run from 6am-11:00pm which is anytime you would want to be on the road. We will however try to get the exact times. Playa Express runs all night long between Cancun and Playa

        • Yes this should be correct. If we find out anything different we will change it. It is cheaper then the ADO bus.

          • I took Playa Express today from PdC to Cancun and it was 36 pesos, so maybe prices went up since.
            For anyone else interested to get from Cancun downtown to Hotel Zone, the R1 bus cost 10,5 pesos (or so I was told to pay 🙂 )

    • I am a single female traveling with my two daughters 8 & 11. How safe is it to stand on the side of the road waiting for a colectivo when you are in this situation? We have traveled this area on Ado but am contemplating taking colectivo to xelha. What are your thoughts?

      • We are not sure Gene will reply but we will give a comment here. Taking the colectivos with kids is safe to do. Traveling with kids along the Riviera Maya is safe. There will be taxis that think you are wanting a taxi because not as many single moms take colectivos with kids, but that is ok. Just expect them to ask, or flash their lights, which is the way they ask if you need a ride.

      • Hello Jordan

        We will answer your question sort of. For that many people you will most likely need to take two or three colectivos. This might take about 15-20 minutes. If you are willing to wait, it can be worth it. It will cost about 25 pesos per person. You other option are to get a taxi van number and make a schedule for a pickup. Or you can hire a driver for the day.

      • Regarding collectives: we enjoy using them, but I recall reading something about ‘collective etiquette’. Does the driver flash his lights upon approaching to say he has no room?

        • Usually a driver will wave his arm back and forth to tell you it is full. Otherwise the Colectivios will slow down and pick you up

  2. From what I read on your wonderful site, I should expect a colectivo in Playa to cost about 70 pesos for my wife and I to get to Akumal. When they drop you off on 307, how far is it to walk to Lol-Ha? Would you advise taking a taxi back to Playa del Carmen later in the day when many people are traveling back?…and is a taxi cost approx $25 for the two of us. Thanks for answering too many questions 😉

    • That is correct on the price of the colectivo for two. From the drop off point you probably would want a taxi to drive you down to the restaurant. Going back to Playa later in the day is not a huge problem. The drivers know the flow of people fairly well and send enough vans to pick up people fairly quickly.

  3. Hi, myself and the wife are going in June. We are wondering where we could get a collectivo to Carmen from the ocean Maya royale and back? Also idea on price?
    Many thanks in advance

    • Hello. Since you are between Playa and Cancun you would take these colectivos. You would need to walk to the highway and wait for one. It would cost about 25 pesos each person for a one way. They would take you to Playa and they terminate on 2nd Street. You would also take them from there. We would suggest the smaller Colectivos to Cancun because they make more stops. The Playa Expess would stop there for you but they usually make less stops.

  4. I am staying at Secrets Akumal Resort and I will need a ride from there to Playa to catch the ferry to Cozumel to meet w friends over there. Is Akumal considered Tulum? If I walk out to highway will the colectivo pick me up?

    • The colectivo will pick you up from the highway there. It is considered Akumal. When you arrive in Plaua you are about 5 blocks from the ferry. So it is not that far. We hope you have a great time and enjoy your friends!

  5. Hello, we are staying in Playa del carmen, and need to go to the airport to pick someone up. Does the collectivo get us anywhere near the airport in Cancun?

    • No. The colectivo only goes on the highway and the airport is about 2k from the highway. You will need to take the ADO bus to meet them.

  6. Hello, I am coming with a group of friends in a couple of weeks for a wedding to GBP Tulum, near Akumal. We are hoping to go into Tulum on morning and go to playa paraiso and do some shoipping along the tulum strip. Would you recommend taking the collectivo from the hwy outside the resort to tulum then a taxi to the beach and back when its time to go home? Do the collectivos stop anywhere near the resort entrances? I seem to remember them stopping closer to akumal but not sure if they stop near the GBP. Thanks in advance.

    • Here is a couple of question for you to consider. How big is your group? If you are 3 people you can take the colectivo into town and a taxi back and forth to the beach for less than 15 USD. It is possible not every colectivo will have space for three going toward Tulum and you might have to wait, but they do come along about every 10 minutes. Leaving Tulum is not a problem since they start there and fill up there. Yes the colectivos stop there at your resort but most people staying at the resort there take taxis, so it just seems less common. One option is the rent a car if possible. Then you can drive your group into town and to the beach with ease. The only thing to note that if you go on a Sunday and the weather is beautiful, the beach can get crowded at the parking lots and sometimes the amount of cars are restricted down the beach road. Perhaps your group is 4 or 5 and this might make for a better option of renting a car for about $45 for the day. You havea great plan and we hope however you do it, you have a great time exploring.

  7. Invaluable! Thank you dearly for sharing this information. This gringa feels confident in her ability to navigate the Yucatan. So much so that I convinced the family to forget the all-inclusive and have an adventure with me. Gracias!

    • That is awesome! If you need any other information to help you explore more or make your trip easier, feel free to email us at our contact button. We provide more general advice online since we have a wide range of readers but can be more specific for individuals. Happy travels!

  8. I am interested in using a collectivo from the Grand Bliss resort along the Mayan Riviera to Tulum. Do I need to take one into Playa and then get another to Tulum? There will be six people.

    • It is correct you would need to take the Playa-Cancun colectivos to Playa and then get on the Tulum-Playa Colectivos. It will not be the easiest with 6 people since most of the time where you would get on, most do not have space for 6 people. You could take two and then meet in Playa. It would be easy to fit into the Tulum colectivo because they start there and are empty.

  9. My wife and I are staying at el dorado. We are looking to be in playa del Carmen by 7:00am. Do you think that using the colectivo is a good option for us? Thank you.

    • Your best bet is going to be a taxi. There are two El Dorado resorts so we assume you are at El Dorado Maroma. That resort is a little ways from the highway and you would need a ride just to get there. It would then be a gamble as to how soon you could catch a colectivo that has space for you. So a taxi will just be an easier option for you.

  10. Thank you very much. We are actually staying at el dorado casitas. But we have decided to take a taxi to playa del carmen as it is early (as you suggested). But now our plan is to take a colectivo to the Tulum ruins from there (around 1:00). So my question is do you think that it would be difficult catching a colectivo back to el dorado casitas at around the time that the ruins close? And where would be the best place to catch a colectivo?

    • It is fairly easy to take the colectivo from Tulum. You should note that you are going to take the Tulum/Playa colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and then take the Playa/Cancun colectivos to your hotel.
      There is a stop for the colectivos near the highway where you will get the colectivo. You might have to ask where, because there is the main entrance and parking lot and this is a side entrance where you get the ADO bus and colectivo. They do start to be filled up in the center of town so it might take a couple before you get one, but they often have a few seats leaving town and leave very frequently. One alternative option is to book a ticket on ADO bus to Playa and then take the colectivo. Just make sure you book Tulum Ruins bus stop and not Tulum, which is in town. You will have more room on the bus but it is about 15 minutes slower. You will also have to walk about 4 blocks from the bus station in Playa to the colectivos to Cancun.

      When you get on the colectivo to Cancun they will ask you where you are getting off, and if not just state your hotel. If you want to you can google street view the highway by the entrance so you know what it looks like in case the driver forgets or even take note of the kilometer marker.

  11. Thank you.You are the best! I saw somewhere that the ruins now close at 5:30. Do you know if this is true? I’m mainly going in order to get a few pictures and I heard that the lighting in the afternoon may be better for this.

    • According to the INAH website (Mexican Cultural Affairs office that oversees the archeological sites)it closes at 5 but last entrance is at 4:30pm. The website was last updated January 21, 2016. So you will need to enter before then. If you want to get pictures off the cliff then earlier in the day is better because it will be lit better since the beach faces east.

    • Hello. The price is 40 pesos each way from Playa Del Carmen. It is the same price as going to the center of Tulum. We hope you have a fun time there. Just make sure you tell the guy when getting in that you want Tulum Ruins so they drop you off before getting into town.

  12. Hi, Is it easy to find room for 2 on a Colectivo from Akumal to Tulum? I’m worried that the buses will be full from Playa before they even get to me. We are going to stay at the Akumal Beach & Wellness Resort. It sounds like we would need to walk out to the highway and wave or flag the buses to stop for us, correct?

    • You should not have a problem finding a ride. You will have to walk out to the highway and cross over to the Tulum bound side and just wait for a white van that says colectivo. You should raise your hand so they know you are waiting for them. Maybe in your hotel they will have a golf cart or curtesy transport to the highway for you. We hope you have a great time in Akumal and Tulum!

    • Hello
      You will need to walk out to the Highway or get transport from the resort. We don’t know what their policies with walking on the roads in the resort, you will have to ask. Some do not have sidewalks or frown on people walking on the drives. When you get to the highway you just need to go to the side for the direction you want to go. There are slight pull off spaces on either side of the road and you only need to raise you arm when the colectivo is coming so you can alert them you want a colectivo. You can get vans to Cancun or Playa. Let us know if you need anything else.

    • Since there is no official price from the middle of the route our guess the driver will say it is 20-30 pesos each person for the colectivo ride to Tulum. At any rate it will be cheap. Just make sure you ask for Tulum ruins or Tulum town when going. They are two different stops and the ruins comes first. We hope you have a fun time on vacation.

  13. My wife and I are going to rent a car for the day and go to tulum ruins in the morning and then to cenote azul. We are looking to have a picnic lunch while we are there. My question is do you know of any places where we can get sandwiches along 307? Are you familiar with a place called Salciccium near Puerto Aventuras?

    • There is the amazing tacos Los Arboles on the highway. We have an article and video of the place. They have great real authentic food. We are not sure if they have it to go but it is a great place to eat. The only other places are like the convinence store with basic white bread sandwiches. We hope you have a great time.

  14. Thanks. I am looking for the article and video of los arboles but I cannot find it. Also would you be able to tell me where in relation to Cenote Azul it is located.

    • Cenote Azul is about 4 minute drive south of where these tacos are. You have to take the local road and not the highway bridge through Puerto Aventuras. It is the last thing on the right before you leave town. Then just proceed south on the highway and you will come to the cenotes where Cenote Azul is.

  15. Oh, is it the same place as el arbolito? That is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Hopefully there can be a way to get them to go.

  16. Hello- Is it easy to catch a colectivo from Mayakoba Fairmont to Xel-Ha? How much would that cost? Thanks!!!

    • It is fairly easy to catch but you will need to go out to the highway and at Mayakoba they probably will require you to take a taxi or golf cart transport since they do not like people walking the drive to the highway. Also you would need to take the colectivo to Playa and then take the colectivo to Tulum, getting off at Xel-ha. All in all it is a little complicated and you might consider buying the transportation with your ticket if they offer it. If you do take this route it will cost about 60 pesos each way per person. It just will depend on how much convinence you are willing to pay for. Thank you for your question.

  17. We want to the Collectivo from PDC to Iberostar Paraiso on May 20th. Will they stop at the gate and how do you get them to stop?

    Also we are arriving Cancun Airport on Tuesday May 17th. We want to take the Ado down to PDC. It looks like we are arriving Terminal 4. Where can we get the Ado from there

    • Hello. You will be able to get the ADO bus from all terminals of the Cancun Airport. Right now there are only three terminals at the Cancun Airport. We don’t think they will have the fourth one done by the time you arrive, you might want to check it. But in any case ADO picks up from all three terminals. You can see more in our article here:
      The Colectivo to Iberostar is easy. When you get on they will ask where you are going. Hopefully the driver remembers. It is good if you are familiar with what the road looks like so you know when you are close incase you have to remind him. You can just say “Iberostar por favor” and he will stop. You can look at google street view to see what the entrance looks like.
      Note: If you are taking luggage it is best not to take the colectivos. There is not that much space and they are meant to be passenger transport. You can see our private shuttle info on the website as well if that is an option for you from the airport to your hotel.

  18. i and my wife will be there during the long weekend next weekend for 5 days. Is it a good idea to rent car for two people? i heard there are lot of issues with the insurance and we need to pay lot of money to rent the car. how much does it really cost ? we want to spend couple of days in the hotel zone, one day in isle mujeres, xcaret and cozumel one day. considering this, would you be able to suggest please ?

    • Hello. It is funny you asked about renting a car here because we are writing an article about why it is hard to rent here and the issues people have. You can rent and have a good car for 500 pesos a day. The one main thing is having liability insurance for Mexico. You need to have this specific coverage because if you have an accident and injure someone you are held until your insurance pays. Not all credit cards work and it is best to buy this. It ranges from 10-16 USD a day. Based on your destinations though you might do better without a car because if you go to Isla Mujeres you need to park the car and the same with Cozumel. Xcaret can be reached by the colectivos od a ADO bus ticket for a few times a day. You just have to balance convenience with cost. If you were not going to be going to two islands it would be an easier answer to recommend a car if you are traveling around a lot.

  19. Just want to thank you about the tip about getting tacos from los arbelitos. We stopped there on our way back from the Tulum Ruins.Between my wife and myself we had 9 tacos (at around 76 cents each) as we kept trying different ones. Not only are they economical they are delicious. Afterwards we went into playa del Carmen and we had a good laugh about the prices of the tacos. Thanks again.

    • We are so glad you got to try the tacos there. They are a good find along the highway. They have a small taco cart in Playa Del Carmen on 45th Avenue behind the old water department building but it is not the same as the place in Puerto Aventuras. We will try to find you there great little finds that make for this memorable vacation moments. If you make it to Valladolid there is a very good local restaurant called Pakaal. It is worth a stop. It is in our article and video on Valladolid.

  20. Hello we are looking to travel from the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort to Xcaret & Xplor for day trips, roughly how much would this cost using a collectivo & is it easy enough to do? Many thanks 🙂

    • Hello and thanks for your questions. The colectivo from Grand Sirenis to Xel-Ha will cost about 20 -25 pesos each person and about 30 pesos each person each way to Xcaret. You will have about a 5 minute walk from the hotel to the highway. It will be easiest to go to Xel Ha because it is closer and the park closes earlier. When you get off the highway stop at Xel Ha it is about a 11 minuted walk on a sidewalk in the trees so it is shaded. When you leave sometimes the colectivo is by the parking lot waiting for people to come out and it is easier then going to the highway. Xcaret has a stop on the highway and a free shuttle to the park. These run all day and stop after the show lets out at night. You have time to watch the show but you will need to go riht after to the free shuttle and then wait by the highway for the colectivo. Since it will be about 9:30 and it is a full day of activites at Xcaret it might be easier to buy the transportation so it is all included. But at least you know it is possible but just takes some planning. We hope you have a great time at both parks. They are both wonderful!

  21. Hello. My wife and I were just there in the Rivera Maya. We read your article on colectivos and were able to use them to get to XelHa from our resort and we also went into Playa Del Carmen for the day. It saved us from using the taxis to get off the property which were really expensive. This article really saved us some money. Thanks.

  22. Great tips for taking the colectivos. My wife and I used them to go to our hotel from XelHa. It was pretty easy and we saved some money. It is like what the locals do and it was fun.

  23. Hi! We took the colectivos to Tulum today and we were there in 45 minutes and 40 pesos. Nice a quick transportation. I would just recommend sitting more toward the front of the van. It was a little hotter in the back. It was full going both ways.

  24. Hi, we’re a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) and wanted to know if the hotel will allow us to walk out onto the road, Grand Bahia Principe Coba, to take a colectivo into Playa del Carmen. Will it cost 35 or 40 pesos per person? I’m assuming kids pay the same so should our total be 140 or 160 pesos? Thanks!

    • Hello Claudette. The price is per person and your estimates are correct. You hotel will let you off the property, haha that sounds funny to say. Sometimes it seems like all inclusive hotels want to keep you trapped in there. We don’t know what it is like at that specific hotel but they should have a ride to the highway or you can walk. We hope you have a great time exploring.

  25. Hello. We used this guide to take the colectivos to Tulum and to Cacun from Playa Del Carmen. We loved the speed and acessability. It saved us a lot of money.

  26. Hello, I am staying at Riu Tequila. How do I catch the colectivo from here?
    And can you give me some help on how to plan a trip to Cozumel to try snorkling? We never did snorkl so I believe we’ll need to go with someone/company that can teach and accompany aren’t we?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Sandra

      To take the colectivos you will need to go into the center of Playa Del Carmen. You can take a taxi for 90 pesos each way from Playacar where you are staying. Ad far as snorkeling, are you set on going to Cozumel or might you be interested in something closer? There are other snorkeling trips that will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a tour. This however are not in Cozumel. We will send you some ideas.

    • Here are two options to think about for snorkeling. One is a tour company that will come and pick you up and take you to Puerto Morelos. The snorkeling on the reef is nice. Xel-Ha water park is another option that is good because it is all about snorkeling. If you don’t want to snorkel then you can float in the rafts or walk around. Here is our article on this. You can also get picked up for this park.
      For Cozumel we have not been with any companies there so we don’t like to make a recommendation without testing it our first for our readers.

  27. If I take the colectivo toward Cancun and get off near the airport is there a way to get in there?

  28. Hello! Thanks for all the info!!! My question, do the colectivos go from Tulum to Coba? Then from Coba back to Playa? My mom will be traveling with a walker or wheelchair…it depends, if I pay more to the colectivos do you think they will allow me to travel with it? or do you recommend an alternative? we were originally going to do the Coba Tulum tour but as you may know its pretty pricey and we want to try and stay within our budget. THANKS 🙂

    • Hello Irene
      The colectivos do not run to Coba. The colectivos only run from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen and from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun. You can however take the ADO bus from Playa Del Carmen or Tulum to Coba to see the ruins. The bus will also be more comfortable for you. Just check the schedule because there is only one bus going and coming from Tulum to Coba a day. It might be too much time at the site but the only alternative is renting a car.

  29. Thanks! I been looking for the ADO bus schedule for the Coba route back to Tulum, thinking of hitting Coba 1st super early then finish in Tulum before heading back to Playa. Do you know what is the last bus that takes off from Coba?

    • Hello Irene
      The only bus that leaves Coba for Tulum is 3:10pm. That is why we said it is hard to take the bus to Coba because it does leave you there for a long time during the day. The ADO bus will get you back to Tulum in the later afternoon so it is not really possible to also go to Tulum ruins. If you want to do both you might need to look at renting a car.

  30. Do the colectivos run to Chichen Itza from PDC? We are traveling to Playa Del Carmen this Saturday and will have 4 kids and 2 adults. Very much looking forward to seeing this beautiful place!

    • Hello. The colectivos only run up and down the state of Quintana Roo. The colectivos go between Cancun and Tulum. If you want to go to Chichen Itza you will need to take an ADO bus, a tour or rent a car. We hope you have a great time visiting and let us know if you need anything else.

  31. We wanted to thank you for this article because we used the colectivos on our trip to Gran Bahia resort. We took them into Tulum and into Playa del Carmen. It saved us a lot of money from doing some tours and it was fairly easy. We only speak a little Spanish but we did fine on the colectivos. We knew where we were going so that made it easier.

  32. Hello

    Thank you for this information. We’ll be staying at the Grand Sirenis Resort..

    Do you have estimate in pesos on the cost for colectivo to and from:

    Grand Sirenis to Tulum Ruins
    Grand Sirenis to Akumal Bay
    Grand Sirenis to Playa Del Carmen

    Thank you!

    • Hello Dustin

      The approximate cost of the colectivo from Sirenis resort to Tulum Ruins is about 30 pesos each way per person. To Akumal 30 pesos. Note: When you do arrive at Akumal you will need to walk down the road to the beach for about 8 minutes. You can take a taxi if you like. From Grand Sirenis to Playa Del Carmen about 40 pesos each. At any rate the prices are far less than a taxi even if it is three people. We hope you have a great time in the Riviera Maya. Let us know if you need anything else.

  33. Four of us will be staying at Occidental Grand Xcaret in October. What is the best way to get from there to the Tulum ruins?

    • Hello Kay

      That is a little bit of a tough one because the hotel is a little far from the 307 highway where you need to take the colectivos. You would need to get a ride to the highway which might include a taxi. Taxis normally take 3 people I a car. The colectivo is 40 pesos each way so for four people that is 340 pesos or about 17.50 USD. A taxi might charge 150 pesos each way from the hotel to the highway. Another option is to make your way to Xcaret’s parking lot and they have a free shuttle to the highway every 20 minutes. It runs from 8:30am-10pm. Then you can catch the colectivo from there to Tulum. One issue is getting a colectivo for four people going to Tulum. Most leave Playa Del Carmen full. So you might have to wait about 20 minutes to get one that will take four people at one time. Another option is to go into Playa Del Carmen and take it from there or take the ADO bus From Playa to Tulum.

  34. Hello—we are staying in puerto morales and have 2 excursions planned….can we get a collectivo to puerto aventuras to fish AND can we get a collectivo to XEL-HA??

    • Hello Brad. You should note that if you are staying near the beach in Puerto Morelos you will be about 2 miles from the Highway where the colectivos run. You can take a taxi to the colectivo or one of the busses but a taxi is your best bet. You will also only be able to take a colectivo to Playa and then change to the colectivos that go the Playa Del Carmen to Tulum route. So in all it might take you over one hour to get to Puerto Aventuras. In Puerto Aventuras you will also be getting off on the highway and have about a 15 min walk into the gated community to the pier. So you might want to think about the transportation options the excursions offer.

      You can also take it to Xel Ha but you will need to do the same as above. Get to the highway in Puerto Morelos and also switch colectivos in Playa Del Carmen. The walk to Xel Ha from the Highway is about 8 minutes and not a bad walk.

  35. I am staying at Mayan Palace Riviera Maya and plan to use the collectivos however I want to make sure I have the right information before I travel.
    My first destination is from the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya resort to Playa Del Carmen beach. I’m assuming I can flag down a collectivo from the resort entrance facing the direction I want to go, but how much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Playa Del Carmen? How far is the walk to the Playa De Carmen beaches from the collectivos drop off? How much per person from Playa Del Carmen to Cenote Cristalino ? How far is the walk to Cenote Cristalino from the collectivos drop off? How much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Akumal Beach? How far is the walk to Akumal Beach from the collectivos drop off? How much per person from Akumal Beach to Tulum Ruins? How far is the walk to Tulum Ruins from the collectivos drop off? Any collectivos drop off at Tulum beaches? Thank you!

    • Hello Audrey

      Well that is a lot of questions and we will tackle them all here.
      My first destination is from the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya resort to Playa Del Carmen beach. I’m assuming I can flag down a collectivo from the resort entrance facing the direction I want to go, but how much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Playa Del Carmen?
      You can flag one down from the highway going in the direction you want to go in. We are not sure the exact cost but it should be about 30 pesos each way. It I best to have pesos on you. Some drivers take dollars but it is not a given that they have to. Plus they will often give you a bad exchange rate.

      How far is the walk to the Playa De Carmen beaches from the collectivos drop off?

      If you go to the end of the colective stop it will be on 2nd street between 15th and 20th Avenue. It is about 4 1/2 blocks to the beach. It is an easy walk.

      How much per person from Playa Del Carmen to Cenote Cristalino ? How far is the walk to Cenote Cristalino from the collectivos drop off?

      the colectivo to Centoe Cristalina is about 30 pesos. It is very close to the highway and the entrance is right there. To go back to your hotel you will need to first go to Playa Del Carmen and then take the colectivos from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun and get off at your hotel.

      How much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Akumal Beach? How far is the walk to Akumal Beach from the collectivos drop off?

      Since Akumal is beyond Playa Del Carmen from your hotel you will need to take the colectivo to Playa and then take the Playa-Tulum colectivo. It is about 30 pesos to Akumal. The walk from the highway into town is about 14 minutes.

      How much per person from Akumal Beach to Tulum Ruins? How far is the walk to Tulum Ruins from the colectivos drop off?

      The colectivo from Akumal to Tulum is about 25-30 pesos each way. The drop off is very close to the entrance to the ruins. It is closer then the parking lot actually is from Tulum ruins.

      Any colectivos drop off at Tulum beaches?

      There are no colectivos that go to the beach in Tulum. If you are leaving from the ruins you will need to take a taxi. Rates will vary. The cost will be around 60-80pesos each way and will depend on how far the exact beach is from the main road to the beach.

      • Thank you for the quick and very informational message! Collectivos are the way to go! Do you happen to have a map of major drop off areas for Playa, Akumal and Tulum? Or do the collectivos just stop and drop you off at requested location? Thanks!

        • Hello Audrey

          The colectivos stop when someone needs to get off and on. They only go on the highway so the main entrances for Akumal is for example where they would stop. They stop a few places from the highway to the ending point in Playa Del Carmen but for most people like yourself you would just get off at the end and walk or take a taxi from there.

          • Thank you! If I’m leaving Mayan Palace Riviera Maya Resort and headed towards Playa De Carmen, do I take the colectivos Playa to Tulum or do I take Playa to Cancun? I know the resort is between Playa and Cancun. I do know standing on certain sides of the highway indicate which direction. Sorry for all the questions!

          • No problem at all Audrey, we like helping people. The route between Tulum and Playa only has the colectivos that run that route. Think of it as a separate company that runs the colectivos from Playa to Cancun. So when you get on the colectivo from your hotel, there is only one colectivo company that services that run. It is the Playa Cancun route. That is why when you said you were going from your hotel to Akumal, which is south of Playa Del Carmen, you need to take the colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and switch to the other colectivo to go south toward Tulum and get off in Akumal.

  36. I’m staying in Puerto Morelos, and found a yoga place near plaza la Roca in Cancun. So from PM to Cancun going north was fine, they drop you off at the bridge, but why are there no collectivos that go back south to Playa/PM? I had to take a taxi to the ADO to get home to PM. Thanks for your help

    • Hello Judy. The colectivos do leave from the downtown ADO bus station and go to Playa Del Carmen. The problem is they leave full and often don’t have any room on them until they let someone off in Puerto Morelos. We never see them pick people up near this plaza. You only option would be going into Cancun to catch the colectivo or figure another way to get to Puerto Morelos. We wish there was a better answer but it is what it is.

  37. I am staying at Secrets Akumal and want to take the colectivo to the Tulum ruins. Are the colectivo’s typically full when leaving playa del Carmen to Tulum? I’m just wondering what my chances are at being abe to catch a ride.

    • Hello Jacey

      That is a good question and thanks for asking it. Usually the colectivos leave Playa Del Carmen with one seat open and pick up one person as they leave town. But they start dropping people off about 10 minutes down the road. About 23% actually go from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum on the colectivo. So that means that many people get on and off before Tulum. So you will not really have a problem getting a seat on the colectivo. Just remember that the ruins are the first stop in Tulum and the town is about 5minutes drive. Make sure you ask to get off at Tulum ruins. Even if you say it in English ” Tulum ruins” they will understand you. We hope you have a great trip!

    • Hello Jessica. The colectivos do run on all days of the week. Since people use these services for getting to and from work and just about everything else, they are always going back and forth (except in the middle of the night). We hope you have a nice time visiting.

  38. Hello,
    My wife and I are staying at Dreams Tulum. We want to got to 5th Avenue PDC on Saturday 8th October around midday and returning early evening. Will this be 160 pesos round trip and which stop will we need to take for us to reach our destination? Many thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hello Will

      This is the correct price for both of you to take a round trip on the colectivos to Playa Del Carmen and back to your hotel. When you come to Playa Del Carmen you will just take it to the end where they stop on 2nd Street between 15th and 20th Avenue. Then you will walk to 5th Avenue. At the end of your day you will come back to the same spot and get in the line for Tulum colectivos. Here you will tell them your hotel and the driver should remember and let you off there. We hope you have a great trip down and let us know if you need anything else.

  39. Hop on board one of the colectivos headed towards Tulum and tell the attendant that you want to be dropped at the Tulum ruins  before getting in the van.

  40. We will stay in the Iberostar Paraiso Beach resort and plan to visit Tulum ruin. Where is the closest stop to take the Colectivos? Thanks!

    • Hello Chau
      The colectivos stop wherever people are along the highway. But… this bus service is not always the best option. First you will need to walk to the highway, then you will need to take the colectivo to Playa Del Carmen where you will get off and get on the other colectivos that go from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum. You will need to do the same thing in reverse coming back from the ruins. So this is a cheap way of doing it if you want to try it or you might just find a cheap tour that will take you directly from the hotel to the ruins and back.

  41. Hola,
    we are a group of four staying at the Grand Sirenis Resort and we are wondering for a day out in Tulum if it would be better to take the colectivo to Tulum (city) first and explore the city and then walk to the ruins (is it walking/safe distance?) Then a colectivo from the ruins back to the resort. Where do the colectivo stop in Tulum (center) does it have a designated stop there (as the rest seems to be all along the highway). Muchas gracias!

    • Hello Kirsa. First off you should expect to take several colectivos to Tulum from Sirenis Resort. Most passing there will have 3 or 4 seats available. So you might need to go in shifts and arrive 15 minutes apart. It is easier to start in the town of Tulum and walk around. Then take a colectivo or taxis to the ruins. We say stop in town first because getting a colectivo into town will be near impossible since they are full arriving or again, not have space for everyone at once.
      The ruins are a little too far to walk from town.
      The colectivos in Tulum start near the center of town on the 307 Highway close to the ADO bus station. They start picking up people from along the road and are usually 85% full when they pass by the ruins. So again, be prepared to split up. We hope you have fun visiting Tulum. Our guide to visiting the ruins by yourself might give you some good tips.

  42. Hi Me & my wife will be at tubo tulum hostel on Saturday 5th ,next morning we are planning to Visit Xel-ha park.From where can we take collectives please? What would be its cost? & how much time does it takes.Does it drops us directly at XEl ha park ? or we have to walk down to the park from Highway?
    Also where will we get return collectivo please.

    Thanks for replying too many questions

    • Hello

      You will get the colectivos on the main road in the direction headed north. It will cost about 35 pesos. It ill take about 17 minutes. It will drop you by the overpass with the fish flags. From there, you can find a sidewalk to Xel Ha. It will take about 7 minutes to walk this. Going back you will need to walk across the highway and get a colectivo going south.

      We hope you have a great time visiting Xel Ha.

    • Hello
      You will have to go to 2nd street to get the colectivos. The colectivo will drop you off right on the highway across from the entrance. So it is pretty easy. A taxi is more expensive but will take you door to door. So it is just a matter of convienece and price. We hope you have a great time there at Xplor.

    • I think this answers my question. If we wanted to spend a day visiting several different Cenotes near Tulum, we would get dropped off by the Colectivo on the side of the highway and have to walk the rest of the way down the road?
      If a taxi will take you “door to door” how do you get a taxi to leave the Cenote once you are done and ready to go to next one?
      Another question – once dropped off in Tulum at the ADO stop – if you want to head to the beacj area, is it best to taxi at that point?

      Thank you, it is so difficult to determine the distance between everything.

  43. Hi there, we will be staying at Paesco Coba in Playacar and would likr to use the Collectivo to Tulum and Xcaret on different days. As we will be teavelling with a toddler can we bring our fold up buggy onto the Collectivo. We will consider using taxi and Ado bus on our return journey.

    Many thanks, your article on this website is very useful and we cant wait till our holiday.

    • Hello. It will work best if you go to the ADO bus station and take the ADO bus to Tulum and also take the ADO to Xcaret. The colectivos have very limited space inside and are really meant for a quick on and off transport.

  44. Hello,

    We would like to go Coba from Playa del Carmen (Viva Windham Azteca hotel)and the same day back, What do you advise for us? Are there collectivo bus in this way? When do we have to start back to the last bus?

  45. TXH. And what’s about Chichén Itzá? What should you offer us from Playa del Carmen? We also would like to go Akumal by collectivo. Could you tell me which part of the Akumal beach where we going to find turtles?
    And the prices. How much from Playa del Carmen to Tulum? From Tulom to Coba by ADO bus? From PDC to Akumal? From PDC to Cancum?

    • Hello Norti

      The most current schedule will also be on ADO’s website. There are not a lot of busses so that is why many people drive or take a tour.

  46. I would love to consider taking a collectible, a lttle nervous. If my family stayed at Santos Playacar going to Akumal, catch outside of resort on highway, what stop to get off? Then walk to beach a few min? Then to get back on, where to catch? and do you tell them where you need to get off, do they drop you at the road into the hotel? Is there something back to the hotel from the highway far? Hard to get spot for 4 at a time for that ride? Cost between those two spots? About 40mins? Safe for tourists? I gather it gets easier after you use it a few times and get accustomed more with it? If we go my older children would love to see the turtles there.

    • Hello Sandra

      You would need to go into Playa Del Carmen to the start of the Colectivos on second street. You also need to walk from the highway in Akumal to the beach. And when you return to Playa you also need to get transportation back to your hotel. It might be easier taking a taxi there, renting a car or taking a van service. Colectivos are cheap but there are cost to pay like getting to them and convenience.

  47. Do you have current information for colectivo pricing for the following trips:

    Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Puerto Morelos
    Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Cancun ADO centro (unless, does the Collectivo go to Gran Puerto where the Isla ferry is?)
    Mayan Palace Riviera to Playa Del Carmen
    Playa Del Carmen to Akumal
    Akumal to Tulum

    Thank you.

    • Hello John

      The colectivo prices are very simple. Most fares are 40 pesos or under. That is only $2 USD each way at most. For most of the routes you ask about it is about 35 pesos each way. There is no rate chart for the exact pick up and drop off areas along the highway, so these are estimations.

      The colectivos only go to the ADO bus station in Cancun. From there you will need to take a taxi to the ferry for Isla Mujeres or a public bus.

  48. We have taken collectivos for years – awesome way to save $ – we have gone to Akumal several time – the walk from the highway is not too far for us. Wondering if retook the collectivo to Tulum how far would we have to walk to reach the beach? Also if we went to Puerto Morales how far to walk?

    • Hello Deana
      The walk is much further in both places. In Tulum it is about 3k. You can rent bikes in town and go to the beach as one options. Another is taxi. In Puerto Morelos there is a 3k road through the mangrove. It is a straight walk and not bad if you don’t mind. You can take a taxi or might be able to catch a public bus but there are not that many.

  49. Hello and thanks for the info.
    You write above that tulum ruins is far from the beaches and that a taxi is needed.
    1. Aren’t tulum ruins actually close to the beach ?
    2. If you mean other beaches ( is paraiso the most famous? ) how can you secure that you will find a taxi to take you back to tulum ruins in order to take the collective?
    3. Can you suggest me a cenote in the route between pdc and tulum and what is the name of the stop to say to the driver ?

    • Hello

      The beach is off the Tulum ruins but the main beaches of Tulum are accessed by the main road leaving from the center of Tulum. So the beach is something like 5k from the Tulum ruins. The beach in front of Tulum ruins is very small and it is not possible to walk down the beach to the other beaches because it is cut off from the cliffs.
      Taxis from the beach to town are well know to be around for passengers. Some people rent bikes in town and ride to the beach. You can rent them in town.
      There are three cenotes that are close to the highway between Playa and Tulum that are good ones to visit. Eden is a popular one and good. There are also two other single cenotes next to this one that can also be an option.

  50. Hello, we are going to be staying at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort and would like to take a trip into Playa Del Carmen. There will be 2 adults and 3 children. Would is be cheaper to take the collectivo or a taxi? Approximately what would a taxi cost from Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort to Playa Del Carmen? This site is a great source of information. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Troy

      It would be cheaper to take the colectivos but might not be the most comfortable to easy since you have 5 people. A taxi will be about 760 pesos each way for 5 people. It is about 26-30 minutes from Playa so you can see why the transportation cost are higher.

  51. Going to Akumal from 42nd and 44th in PDC.
    Since we are all the way in the north end of PDC and we understand the colectivo stop is all the way on 2nd, we are wondering if, for 4 people, if we have to take a taxi to 2nd and then a colectivo to Akumal…are we saving all that much over a taxi to Akumal?
    I had read the ADO will stop in Akumal, then I read that it won’t. The ADO alterna stop is a manageable walk for us to catch a bus.
    So far the one time we took a colectivo it was very hot and stuffy with barely working AC and it was overcrowded. On the fence about trying it again but would like to get back to Akumal.

    • ADO does not go to Akumal. There is the second class bus that does but it does make stops along the highway. The name is Mayab. It is a price point issues. The taxi is convenient and will take you into Akumal from the highway. So it is just up to you if you want to do the colectivo from second street and taxi to your condo or pay more for a taxi from your condo to Akumal.

  52. Hi, Thank you for such a wonderful site!

    Could you tell me if it would be closer to catch the Colectivo on the highway from Playacar entrance or walk all the way into PDC? I am looking to book a Sian Kaan trip and need to be in Tulum for 8:30am Also what would be the journey time on average at that time of the morning?

    • Hello Anthony

      It would be best to catch it in town because they are full when they leave Playa. usually they only leave one seat to pick up one person by the Chedraui grocery store and then they leave for Tulum. It takes about 50 minutes to get to Tulum from Playa Del Carmen.

  53. We are staying at El Faro in PDC and want to go to the Tulum ruins. We are a family of 6 (2 adults & 4 kids). Is it better to take the collectivo or a taxi? If we take the collectivo, where do we catch it? What is the cost? How do we catch it to get back to PDC?

    • The official taxi price should be 670 pesos each way. The colectivo would be 40 pesos per person or 240 pesos each way. Plus you would need to get to the colectivos located on 2nd street as mentioned in this article. You can So it would end up being about half the price but more work in getting the colectivos. If you do decide to take the colectivos you can catch them on the highway where they will let you off. Just ask for Tulum ruins when you are in the colectivo or else if you just say Tulum they will take you all the way into town.

  54. We are considering a trip to Xcaret from Playa del Carmen. We have taken collectivos before without problems. We have some questions about timing. In order to maximize our time at Xcaret and get the best value for our money, we plan to arrive fairly early…about 8:30am and then we would leave after the show ends (around 9:00pm?) So, we are wondering about the hours that collectivos run. Would it bee too early /late to use them?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Laura

      You can use them both early and late in the evening. You will need to take the free shuttle to and from the highway to the Xcaret park. After the show you can take the shuttle back to the highway and get a colectivo. It is a busy time and if there is more then 5 people it might take a colectivo or two to come by to fit everyone in. It should take about 5-12 minutes for pickup. Have a fun time at the park! Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance and save.

  55. Hello! Thanks for your helpful site! Can you verify a route for me? We are staying at Grand Sunset Princess resort & plan to take colectivo to Tulum (35 peso pp to playa and then 40 peso pp to tulum?)
    Then on return we plan to take tulum to akumel to swim with turtles (35 peso pp)
    Then colectivo from akumel to playa to shop & eat (35 peso pp)
    Then back to resort from playa (35 peso pp)
    Is that correct & are all these drop offs ok to walk? Just my husband & I in our 40’s.
    Thanks so much! Looking forward to visiting!

    • Hello Sherri

      A couple of questions and comments about your plan. Your hotel is far from the highway so you will need to get a taxi to the highway. You might just want to take the taxi into Playa to catch the colectivo.
      Are you going to Tulum ruins, Tulum town or the beach? Tulum ruins and town are easy to get to from the colectivo but if you are going to the beach you will need to take a taxi from town or rent bikes.
      The bay with the turtles in Akumal is currently closed to tours and swimming with the turtles because it was getting too many people. You still can go to the beach and it is still very beautiful to visit. Akumal beach is about a 10 minute walk from the highway stop with the colectivo.

      These are just some tips for planning out your day. We hope you have a great trip here.

  56. Hello, I would like to travel from Cancun to Tulum ruins in a few weeks when I arrive with 3 of my friends. I have a couple of questions… 1) I am not staying at a resort, I am staying at Real Hacienda. Where would I get a collectivo to go to Playa del Carmen? 2) How much is a round trip from Cancun to Tulum? 3) Do collectivos go to Valladolid and Chichen Itza ruins as well?

    • Hello Maisha

      What hotel are you staying at? There at many hotels with the words Real Hacienda in them, so we are not able to give specific advice.

      The Colectivos only run Playa To Cancun and another colectivo company from Playa to Tulum. You will need to take the ADO bus to cities like Valladolid or Chichen Itza.

    • We guess you are referring to Tulum ruins. There is nothing else to do at that site but you can take a taxi into Tulum to eat or you can take a taxi into Tulum and rent bikes and bike along the beach area. On the south end there are many shops, beach clubs and bohemian chic hotels.

  57. We are staying at the Valentin Imperial Maya (located between Cancun and Playa) in April/May. We would like to get to Akumal to snorkel early one morning to avoid all the tourist traffic. Approximately what time will the Collectivos be running in the morning along the highway towards Playa del Carmen? Then I know we have to switch to take a different one to Akumal. Thank you for your help! If you know the cost per person that would be great as well.

    Lastly, any knowledge on the current situation at Akumal Beach and the military/guard presence to protect the sea turtles?

    Thank you!!!!

    • Hello Taylor

      The Colectivos start as early as you want! They will be running at 5am but we don’t think you will be getting up that early. The cost from your hotel to Playa is about 25/30 pesos each and another 30 pesos to Akumal. The current situation is that no one is allowed to swim out with the turtles. The whole situation is under review because even when selected companies could take tours, people were still going in to swim and people were paying off the guards to allow more people in. We think it should be resolved soon.

  58. Thank you for your reply. To catch the collectivo from the Valentin Imperial Maya we will cross the highway and flag down a collectivo correct? Then it should stop in Playa between 15th and 20th on Calle 2. And then we will take another Collectico to Akumal/Tulum at the same spot?

    Once we are finished at Tulum and Akumal, do we catch the Collectivo at the same spot on the opposite side of the highway?

    Lastly, back in Playa, to return tot he Valentin we will catch the Playa Express between 20th and 25th on Calle 2?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hello Taylor

      This is correct. You will exit your hotel and cross to the Playa Del Carmen bound side of the highway. Take the colectivo to Playa on 2nd street and on the same street transfer to the Tulum bound colectivos. It is the same process in return. There are two colectivos that run Cancun to Playa. Playa Express which is the larger vans with green and yellow sign and the white vans with blue. They both go to Playa on 2nd but can be on one of two blocks of 2nd street. We hope you have a good trip and easy connection.

  59. Thank you again for your excellent reply. Last question.. nobody has asked how to take the collectivo to Isla Mujeres? I understand we will catch Playa Express outside the VIM then, do we take a cab from the ADO station in Cancun to the ferry for Isla Mujeres? How much should the cab be? We would like one of the fast 15 minute ultramar ferry terminals as well so which one?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hello Taylor

      Yes you will take Playa Express to the Cancun ADO Bus station. Then from there you can take the cab or a minivan bus. They all leave from Avenida Tulum. A cab would be around 40-80 pesos. We have guess at the price since it is Cancun and also the taxis are not metered there. Once you get to the Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal you can decide what boat to take.

  60. I’m staying at the El Dorado Casitas Royale and need to meet my fishing guide at Plaza Las Americas at 6:00 am in Cancun. Does the Colectivo or Express run that early and where would I catch it at? I’m guessing I would have to catch it around 5:00 am to get there in time?


    • Hello Neil

      You would need to walk out to the highway and flag down a colectivo that is on your side of the highway. You do that by raising your arm whenever what looks like a white van with blue letters comes along. If one has space, it will stop. You should give yourself 40 minutes from the side of the highway to get on a colectivo and get to Plaza Las Americas. Happy fishing!

  61. Wow so much great info! Ok, just have to ad another question. I am staying at Ocean Maya in Playa and visiting the Jungle Place in Chemuyil. Looks like the best way is to take collective and then take a cab from there? In reading reviews , a lot of people said that a good percentage of cab drivers do not know where the place is. I was also given the name of a company who is very familiar with the place, roundtrip for $120 USD, it may be worth the money, I don’t know, decisions, decisions. I don’t want to miss my time set up and want to be able to navigate properly on my own if I choose other transportation, thoughts?

    • Hello Kim

      What place are you trying to go to in Chemuyil? There can be several places that could be the jungle place? One thing to consider is that you are north of Playa and you would need to get to the highway and get a colectivo to Playa and then a colectivo going to Tulum. So it is not the easiest. $120 is expensive round trip. A taxi would be cheaper.

  62. Hi Mr Yucatan! Your site is very very helpful! Congratulations!

    I have some doubts that I couldn’t see an answer anywhere.

    I intend to take colectivo or ADO bus in PDC to go to Tulum ruins, Xcaret and La Isla Shopping Mall (in Cancun).

    Where I take the bus/colectivo back to PDC from these places? 

    1) Xcaret: in front of the park entrance?

    2) Tulum Ruins: where?  I need to go to the downtown?

    3.a) La Isla Shopping Mall: in front of the Mall? What bus?  R1?
    3.b) The colectivos to Cancun (Playa Express etc) go to Hotel Zone in Cancun? Passes in front of La Isla Mall?

    • Hello Renata
      We got most of your questions answered in the other comment but for Tulum here is your answer. You can take colectivos and get off at the ruins entrance before the colectivos go into Tulum center. Some of the ADO busses stop the ruins but you need to ask when you buy your ticket. If you go to the downtown if Tulum it is a taxi ride to the ruins and it about 2k from the center.

    • We have never seen one before onboard. There is no storage area. If it is small enough, like the very little ones, it might be possible. If you are going to get on in Playa or Tulum you can ask about it before. If you are going to get on from a hotel in the Riviera Maya you can go to the side of the highway but there is a chance they will not allow it. Most drivers are accepting of conditions of riders but these are also not full service vans. Depending on where you are going to and from you might be better off taking the ADO bus. There I also the Mayab local bus that goes along the highway, although much more infrequent. These busses are larger then vans.

  63. Hello 🙂
    We are staying at the Grand Palladium white sands and I have some questions please?
    Can we go out of our hotel to catch a collectivo? Also, would we be able to get a collective to the Joya Cirque de soleil? And if returning from there later on, do you know how much a taxi would be back to the hotel? Thanks very much

    • Hello Natasha

      You can walk out to the highway but we do not recommend it for going to Cirque. You have to take one to Playa Del Carmen and then transfer to another one going to Cancun. It is a little bit of work and will take time.

      There is no official taxi price because you are going between several towns. It would be about 500 pesos each way. It is about one hour in transportation time, so it should cost somewhat more.

      Here is one idea. There is the Rauxa show which is much closer. This is a dinner theater that is good. we have a video in our article so you can see what it is like.

      We hope whatever you choose, you have a great time.

  64. Quick question, I’m going to the Moon Palace tomorrow… Will the Playa Express drop me off at the side of the highway about 4km from the Moon Palace, or does it go all the way through without stops? I’d rather just take a jog down to the hotel from the highway than deal with going to the ADO station, then doubling back.


    • The Playa Express will pick up and drop off along the highway but often they are full a that point going south and north. So either you will wait a while or take the white Cancun colectivos with light blue lines on the vans. These are smaller vans but will get you to where you need to go.

  65. I am arriving Monday at the airport in Cancun and going
    To Bahia Principle Coba in Riveria Maya. Would I be taking two colectivo or just one?

  66. Hi – great site! If we have a small trolly case carry on plane size and a small back pack would we be able to take a collectivo from playa DC to Tulum or should be get the 2nd class mayab bus. If bus do you know the approx price of a ticket. There are 2 of us travelling.


    • It is better to take the ADO bus. It will take you there faster than Mayab and more comfortable. It is not much either.

  67. Hi great page 🙂
    Have a few question. Want to go on this Sunday with my friend vom PDC to Tulum and visit the ruins and go then to the beach.
    1. Will be there before the tourists comes 8 am? Which time we should take one and can we get on Sunday so early a colectivo?
    2. It is enough to swim direct by the smal beach under the ruins or should we go on another beach near to Tulum, if yes how we get from the ruins to the other beach and honfar it is?
    3. How we must walk from the ruins to Tulum town to take there a Colectivo and how far it is?
    4. Last question is what the current cost for two people are?

    Cheers Kosta

    • Here are your answers. You should leave Playa by 7:10 just so you can arrive near 8am for the opening. To get to town it is a longer walk of about 15 minutes. There is a sidewalk but a taxi is much better. Just ask how much first and know where you want to go in town, not the beach. The beach by the ruins is small but sometimes closed. It is better to go to the beaches just south of the ruins. To get here you will exit the ruins and follow the road to your left. This is pedestrian up to a certain point and then it is the beach road with cars. From there you can walk to the beach at access points. There are some small bars and places to sit. All else you can see our guide here:

  68. Thanks for the reply. I see there are many buses listed on the ADO site from PDC to Tulum. Q1. Can I buy a ticket from the airport to Tulum and change buses at PDC i.e. get a PDC from the airport and then another from PDC to Tulum or do I buy 2 tickets for each leg of journey? Q2. There are buses called AV and occ and other ADO types… whats the difference apart from the price and would a through ticket be acceptable on these?

    Thanks agan.

    • There are just a few direct busses from Cancun Airport to Tulum but chances are you wont line up with them. So you can buy a ticket to Playa Del Carmen and they should also be able to sell you a ticket to Tulum also at the airport. If they cannot, you can just get to Playa and jump on the next one to Tulum They are about every 30 minutes. There are different levels of busses ADO runs but that is only for long distance service. For short runs it is all the same and not important.

  69. Thanks for all this great information! I just have a question. I am going to be taking a colectivo from my resort (North of Playa del Carmen) to Xel Ha. I understand I have to transfer in Playa del Carmen but when we arrive in Playa, will the collectivo stop at the station on 2nd street between 15th and 20th ave? And will I also be able to catch another colectivo from that location to go south of Playa or will I have to walk to another station? Thanks so much!

  70. Bonjour,
    I am staying at Bahia Principe Akumal. I would like to go swimming by myself with the turtles at Akumal beach.
    1. You said in april that «the situation is under review» (because there is too much people, I think….).Is it ok now ?
    2. What is the best way to get to Playa Akumal ?
    3. Is it possible to walk from my hotel to the beach ?
    Merci beaucoup

    • Hello Helene

      You can only swim with the turtles if you are with a tour company. This is regulated so there are not too many people in the water at the same time and it does not disturb the turtles.
      You will need to go to the highway and catch a colectivo and then from the highway it is a walk to the beach. A taxi might be best. Or you just might end of doing this with a tour that can pick you up.

  71. Great info. We took the colectivos up and done the cost to visit several locations you told us about. It was fairly easy to do and certainly affordable. We could not have done it with taxis.

  72. From a few different people, I heard taking Colectivos is dangerous. You can get robbed inside the van or the driver is in cahoots with local mafias and they can say that “the van is full of tourists” and they follow the van until you get off and they rob you. They said to stick with the ADO which is regulated and drivers have background checks.

    • We have never heard this nor had any issues with this. This does sound like misinformed people or hyper paranoid. First, most people that ride them are locals, so they are not full of tourist. Second, where most people get off, at the end or stop are full of people and not some remote place where you can rob people. The colectivo stop in Playa is on 2nd and is full of people and we have never heard of anyone getting robbed. Third, drivers of colectivos do have checks and are regulated by the commission, albeit probably not as stringent at the ADO company, but there are checks. Fourth, ADO does not stop along the highway where most people go on colectivos, so this would not be possible. The only way that colectivos are more dangerous in our opinion from ADO is the speed at which they drive and if there is an accident, it is more likely you will get injured because of the size. There are colectivo accidents often but when you take into account there are dozens of colectivos every hour on the road and almost 18 hours a day, there are thousands of trips made daily. The averages are not as bad. We do however recommend caution driving on the highway when it first rains or is raining hard, there are more accidents in general on the highway because it is slippery and low visibility.

  73. Hello!!!

    Thank you for this amazingly helpful website! I was just wondering, maybe I didnt look close enough, but do you know if the price are still valid now in 2018?!


  74. Hi, is there a way to take the colectivo bus to cenote Cristalino from the hotel Paradisus La Esmeralda (before Calle 2)? Thank you!

  75. hi, we are going to Mexico for the first time and we have a group of 7 (4 adult and 3 children) and are staying at the iberostar lindo and would like to go to xel ha, what would you recommend as the best way to get there and back?

    • You have really two options. The colectivo is not going to be a good option because they often do not have room for that many at once and you have to walk to the highway plus you need to change in Playa Del Carmen for the other colectivos. You can buy transportation in your ticket online. If you book 7 days in advance or 21 days in advance you can save up to 15% off. This helps offset the transportation cost. You can click on the link in our article here to book tickets in advance: You might still want o buy your entry tickets in advance and take a taxi from your hotel. A taxi should be less in price from the hotel but often resort taxis have higher fixed prices.

  76. I will be going in May 2018 and want to take my granddaughter horseback riding. The one we want to go to is Rancho Baaxal located 10 miles north of Playa del Carmen, in the Maroma area. Where would we pick up and where would we get off. We do not speak Spanish. Would we tell him where we want to get off?? because we don’t know where this place is.


    • Hello Annette

      We have tried to go here as well but they never got back to us so we do not know exactly where it is. The area of Maroma has a couple of entrances so it is important to get off in the right location or you could be 1/2 km off. Most drivers will not know as well. The best thing is to contact the Rancho and ask them.

  77. Hi, Mr. Yucatan,
    Thank you for providing all the information about PDC on your website.
    I enjoy reading it.
    We will be staying in Ocean Riviera Paradise, which is closed to Grand Coral Riviera Maya (#12 on your map).
    With 3 of us, not sure how much the Taxi cost will be, does it make sense to take the Taxi to Xcaret park?
    Is it easier to take the Colectivos? (We don’t mind walking to highway 307)
    On our way back to hotel after the show, how available the Taxi will be at Xcaret?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hello Kan

      Thank you for reading the site. It will be better to take a taxi since you would have to take a colectivo to Playa and change to the Playa Tulum colectivos plus the free shuttle from the highway to xcaret. That means three forms of transportation and a lot of time for your big day. It is just best to take the taxi.

  78. Hi I am staying at Brand bahia principe and have used colectivos many times in the past without any problem. I do wish to go to Xcaret is it possible to get from my hotel to the park using colectivos and how far of a walk from the highway is the park entrance?

    • There is a stop on the highway at Xcaret. You will see a sign where there is a free shuttle to the park. Itnis pretty easy to do. The stop is near the largest Xplor tower with the big Mexican flag. Xcaret is about 2k from the highway so you will need the shuttle. It runs all day up until just after the show at night.

  79. Mr. Yucatan,
    Thank you for the suggestion on April 18.
    One more question, at the end of the Xcaret show, is there enough taxi available for us to hail and get back to the hotel?
    Or we will need to take the colectivos?

    • You can take a taxi from the Park which will be more expensive but faster than taking the free shuttle to the highway and waiting for a taxi or colectivo. Not too many people take the free shuttle so there is not a lot of competition for a taxi or colectivo.

  80. Hello I will traveling to Cancun in June 2018. I would like to take a collectivo to Tolum from The Barcelo Maya Caribe. Would you kind to let me know how I can do that? Do I have to go to Playa del Carmen or can I pick up a collectivo around ther.

    • You will need to get the colectivo at the bus station in Cancun and go to Playa. Then you will need to get the Tulum bound colectivo in Playa. It should take about an hour and a half one way.

  81. We will have a day and a half to go from Playa del Carmen to Tulum and back and curious how long the trip is from PDC to Tulum on Colectivos? I know the number of stops will vary but did not want to spend several hours in transit when I only have a short amount of time scheduled in Tulum. Assume the time back to PDC from Tulum would be about the same? Thank you for all the useful information above.

    • Hello John

      It takes about 45 to 50 minutes once you get on. It is pretty much the same each time, so you can count on that. It is actually faster then the ADO bus.

  82. Hi! I’m flying to Cancun but staying in PDC at the city of condos. How do I get to the hotel from Cancun? Can I take the Colectivos and will they drop me off at the hotel? How much does it cost? I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much!

  83. We will be heading to Akumal from Cancun. Which ADO station do we take the colectivo from to get to PDC? Can we pay in US dollars?

    • Here are a few things to clarify things for you. The colectivos are not at the ADO station. You will need to take the ADO bus to Playa Del Carmen and then walk to second street and 15th Avenue. It will take about 5 minutes. From there you will take a colectivo toward Tulum. You will get off at the side of the highway in Akumal. They will ask you where you are going when you get on so they know to stop there. Not all drivers will take USD so it is best to have pesos. Some will take them but they do not have to. From the side of the highway you can walk into Akumal or take a taxi. It is about a 8 minute walk to the beach. It of course depends on where in Akumal you are going.

  84. Heading to Puerto Morelos in two weeks 2 adults & 3 Kids, first time.,,,, Part of the plan is to visit the Tulum Ruins early in the morning and come back late in the afternoon. But also I would like to visit other(s) place(s) when returning from the T Ruins. Regarding how to go to the T Ruins, it seems that we are going to take ADO bus from Puerto Morelos to playa del Carmen and then a collectivo to the T Ruins, It’s that correct?. Also I assume the same when returning to Puerto Morelos Thanks, your help or suggestion will be appreciated,,,Have a Great Day!…

    • Hello Franky

      Here is our recommendation. Since you will be taking ADO from PM. Just connect in the bus station to the ADO to Tulum Ruins, not Tulum town. This saves you walking the 5 blocks to the colectivos in Playa and you have more room on your drive. If you want to stop somewhere on your way back you can take the colectivos. They will pick you up on the highway where the bus will drop you off. Since the ADO bus will only take you to Playa from Tulum and there are no stops, you cannot get off to see anything. Akumal is a possible stop. It is about a 10 minute walk from the highway to the beach or a taxi ride. Or you could just take the colectivo or ADO to Playa and spend some time walking 5th Avenue. Note: Check the ADO return to Playa from Tulum, there are not as many busses doing this.

  85. What is the price difference between playa express and regular colectivo between cancun and pdc?

    • We are talking just a few pesos but the Playa Express makes less stops and is larger with better air conditioning.

  86. Wow – what an excellent, informative site. Especially info about travelling on your own using colectivos Am off to Grand Principe Coba in a couple of days I am travelling with family with 5 children from 1 year old to 17 year old – I would welcome any advice/tips on what not to do/ where not to go with the littler ones (i have taken your advice and researched as much as I can but want to get the most out of this holiday) Thank you

  87. Hi. We’re staying at the Grand Bahia Principe, Riviera Maya in September, and want to go exploring in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Where would the nearest pickup point be for us to get to Playa Del Carmen please?

    • Hello Andy

      You just need to make it to the highway. We are not sure at that resort if they allow people to walk out to the highway or if you need a gold cart ride or taxi to the highway. You will need to ask.

  88. Hi! My husband and I will be in Cozumel off a carnival cruise ship at 9 am. We plan on taking the ferry to Playa del Carmen and then hopping on a collectivo to the Tulum ruins. Do you think we will have enough time to visit the ruins and find a collectivo back to Playa del Carmen in time to make it back on a ferry to Cozumel and make the 5:00 cruise ship boarding? We have heard it’s pretty risky…

    • It is doable. It will take good planning. It will also depend on what dock in Cozumel you arrive at. If it is the southern on you are about a 18 minute ride to the ferry dock. Some of the pre arranged tours will send a ferry to the ship and it makes for easy loading. But if you are doing it yourself you might need to take a taxi to the ferry on Cozumel which adds more time, like one hour. The colectivos run almost every 10 minutes so that is not the issue. It is the connections that are variables.

    • Yes that is correct. If you start your trip there and go to Playa they do charge 5 pesos more. There is no good reason, it just is. It still is not that expensive but just one of those oddities.

  89. My husband and I are looking to get to Tulum from the Catalonia Royal. We have taken the colectivo North many times to get to Playa, but never gone South. If service starts at 6am, will we be able to catch one of the first when it goes by us and make it there for 8am? We are connecting with a tour pick-up.

    • Yes that should be no problem. The ride takes about 25 minutes. Just leave at around 7 and you should be fine getting to Tulum in time to catch your tour.

  90. Hi:) I’ll be living in Playa del Carmen in just a few days and I’ll be working at Puerto Aventuras, so I just wanted to make sure that colectivos are the best method of transportation to get there. If I get in a colectivo that goes to Tulum and ask for them to let me get down at Puerto Aventuras (or rather, the closest to Puerto Aventuras), is it okay? Is that like, a doable thing?
    Thanks in advance and thank you for the information:)

    • Hello Alice

      Welcome to Playa Del Carmen! Yes colectivos will be the best way to go. It is the fastest and most frequent way to get there. Maybe after you know people you might find a rideshare group. We don’t know if you are working in Puerto Aventuras or on the highway. It can take a while to walk into town from the highway. There is the Mayab bus that leaves from Playa but it is slower and less frequent.

  91. Hello, we are staying at Vidanta resorts and I we have activities planned in Cancun and the hotel zone. Is it possible to take a collectivo to and from the resort? One of those attractions is the jungle speed bout tour and another is to get the ferry to Garrafon park. Thank you in adavance.

    • The only thing you can take the colectivos to is the Cancun ADO bus station where you can get a bus or taxi to the Isla Mujeres ferry. To get to the hotel zone is complicated because there is no real public transportation to and from where you are staying. You can take the Colectivo to the Plaza Las Americas Mall and take a taxi from there. You might want to ask the tour company if they do pickups or how they suggest getting to them.

  92. Hi, we are staying at the excellence riviera maya in 3 weeks, can we take the collectivo from our resort (and walk across the highway) to 5th ave? I’ve done it from the Valentin, but was wondering if it is just as easy from the excellence riviera maya–thank you!

    • Hello Cindy
      You can catch the coloectivos from there. It will be just as easy taking it back to the entrance to the hotel.

  93. We would like to drive on Nov. 2nd with a collective from Grand Palladium to the cemetery of Playa. Do we have to change the collective? Regards

    • You can take the colectivo to Playa and then take a taxi or the Playa to Cancun colectivo. If you take Playa Express you might take the highway overpass Express route and not be able to stop as close to the cemetery.

    • Hello Patricia

      There are only busses that go between Playa and Merida. ADO is the biggest and best company to use. Colectivos are meant for short transport only.

  94. Hello.
    How far is the the colectivos stop from the Bluebay Grand Esmeralda Hotel? My brother and I are going for the first time to this part of Mexico and will be riding out of of the resort everyday.
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello Jennifer

      The resort is a little less then a mile from the highway. So that is a long way to go. Why do you need to ride out of the resort each day? You might do better renting a car.

  95. We visit the Riviera Maya each year and always wondered how the colectivos worked. We are glad we found your article here. Very nice!

  96. Ihave seen these vans around Playa del Carmen and the highway and wondered how they work. I will be there in April and want to go to some of the cenotes and Tulum on my own so I will be sure to take these colectivos for sure.

  97. Love this article- thanks.
    There are two of us and we will be staying at Sandos Playacar and want to visit a friend staying in Akumal and it looks like it is a 30 minute walk to the highway [taken from Google Maps].
    1/2 hour seems a bit long to walk but of course do-able. Bur I wonder if perhaps there are other somewhat cheap and convenient options. Perhaps a taxi to the highway, or a taxi into PDC to Calle 2 to catch the colectivo from the start [probably not that efficient].
    Also, they are staying in Akumal at Half Moon Bay which looks like a 2 1/2 km walk so I figure that a taxi would be needed to get to Half Moon Bay. do you agree and are taxis easily available from the Akumal junction with the highway?
    Just curious what you suggest. Thanks so much

    • Hello David

      From your hotel it is best to take a taxi to 2nd Street to ge the colectivos because if you want up to the highway most of them are full headed to Tulum. The other option is taking a taxi all the way there. There are taxis available from the highway in Akumal to the place you need to visit. So that is not a problem. It will be easy to take a taxi but does cost because it is about a 40 minute ride each way from your hotel.

  98. Thanks for all of this great information!!!
    How do we take a Colectivos from Playa del Carmen to Akumal.
    And how do we arrange the return from from Akumal to Playa ?

    • You will take a Tulum bound colectivo from the location in Playa and get off at the highway in Akumal. We assume you are going to the town and beach. Akumal is spread out and there are several entrances. So you have to know where you are going. If you are going to the main entrance you can take a cab from there about 1k into town close to the beach or walk. To return you go to the highway and get on the side going back to Playa.

  99. I will be staying at the Vidanta resort in April. I have a two questions. Can I stand on the side of 307 south and get a colectivo into PDC? Can I get a colective from PDC to return to Vidanta? Thank you very much in advance for you help.

    • Hello Chris

      This is possible. There are pull off areas at the side of the road because there is Cirque du Soleil show near there, so there is a lot of traffic and it is fairly common for the colectivos to look for people. Going back is pretty easy as well. Just get on the colectivo on second street in Playa.

  100. Buenas tardes,

    Gracias por su pronta respuesta. Hopefully, I expressed that correctly. On Calle Segunda, can I take the Playa Express to return to Vidanta or the regular Colectivo?

    • Playa Express is more for direct service to Cancun. They can stop if you ask but it is better to take the regular van ones on 2nd Street.

  101. Thank you for this beautifully informative site. Our family of 4 will be in Playa (staying at Anah Suites) in two weeks. We want to take few trips to visit Xpu-Ha beach, Puerto Aventuras, visit couple of nearby cenotes, already booked tickets for Xel-Ha… It was my understanding the collectivos station in Playa is close to Anah Suites. Is that correct? I know its probably fairly easy to get to Xpu-Ha but what happens when we want to come back to Playa. Is there a designated stop of the highway close to Xpu-Ha beach or we just get to the highway and hope for the best that one of collectivos will come by quickly.

    • If you are staying at the Anah on 14th you will need to walk to 2nd street to get the colectivos. Don’t worry, the streets go by even numbers only. It is easy to get colectivos back to Playa. There are not special stops, just when you see a white van coming raise your arm. Some might not be colectivos but at least you wont miss one possible colectivo. If the driver waves his arm side to side it means he does not have room. Sometimes 4 people is a little harder to get on but you should be able to get on in about 10 minutes or so. We hope you have a great time on vacation.

  102. We are staying at the Hotel Amarte this April which I know is close to the highway. We want to go into PDC several times during our stay. Do the colectivos stop at various locations in PCD or just at the lot? We are meeting some folks at the Mega store and want to know the easiest way to get there. Also to go to Puerto Morelos does the Playa express drop us off near the ADO station there?

    • Hello Donna

      We assume you are staying at Hotel Amarte Maroma. There are two hotels with the same name. The colectivos (coming from the north) will let people off at the highway and Constituyentes. You will have to be ready and get off quick since normally people get off at the light and there is no official stop. You will also need your payment ready. From there is about 5 blocks to Mega. It is a short walk. Or the regular stop is the one on second street. From there you can take a taxi for about 35 pesos to Mega. In Puerto Morelos the stop is on the highway and not at the beach. There is not a real ADO station there but rather a bus shelter. That is where the Playa Express can let you off.

  103. Hello,

    I am staying with my husband next week at sensimar seaside suites and we would like to go to Tulum Ruins at the opening with a colectivo.
    Is it possible? How much will it cost?
    thank you

    • Hello

      You will need to get to the highway from your resort. We don’t know if they have transport there for that. The cost is only about 30 pesos each way per person. That is an estimation. It is fairly easy to catch one going both directions.

  104. Hello,
    I was wondering if you had any tips for getting to Dos Ojos using the colectivos. I have read some blogs that say you can tell your driver to drop you off at the actual cenote rather than along the highway. Do you know if this is true? We are planning on taking a colectivo from Playa del Carmen to Dos Ojos, but we are hoping the colectivo will drop us off near the cenote so we don’t have to walk from the road (as the walk would be quite far!). Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    • There is only the highway stop. There is a caseta (check point) where you pay admission but the cenote is actually very far down the dirt road. They offer a full tour option there. It is possible to hitchhike back to the cenote. It is about 2km.

      • Thank you for your reply,
        Do you know off hand how much a full tour would cost? And does the full tour option include transportatoin from the caseta to the actual cenote?
        Thanks again,

      • thank you for your response.
        Do you know off hand how much one of these full tours would cost? And do these tours include transportation from the entrance to the actual cenote?
        Thanks again

  105. Hello-
    I will being staying at Paradisus La Perla in Playa del Carmen. I would like to try and learn how to use the Colectivo to get to Akumal. Where would I pick one up and even more important, how do I return? Any idea how much this would cost in US dollars? Also, I am looking to find the Alux Restaurant. Is this something I would be able to walk to from my hotel?
    Thanks for any help you can offer!!

    • Hello

      You will need to get to 2nd Street in Playa for the starting point of the colectivos. You will need to take a taxi there. This should be about a 100 pesos or a little more for this one way taxi. Fore Alux Restaurant, you will need to take a taxi there. That will cost about 150 pesos each way. There is no way to take a colectivo there. We hope this helps. Your resort is on the north edge of Playa Del Carmen, so more transportation is needed to get around.

  106. We are staying at Grand Palladium Kantenah, how do we get to La Isla Fashion Harbour using a colectivo? Do we have to walk far to get to the highway from the resort and do we let the driver know we want to go to Hotel Zone but be dropped off at Fashion Harbour Cancun? Also, how do we catch the colectivo to get back to Grand Palladium Kantenah? Gracias!

    • Hello Roberto. You cannot take the colectivos to the hotel zone. They only go to the downtown of Cancun. You would also need to take one colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and then take another colectivo to Cancun. Then take an expensive taxi from the Cancun downtown to the mall. The best option is a transfer van which you can book here and do a point to point booking. you can take a taxi as well which is the same or more in price. With the transfer you get a round trip discount. The mall is about an hour and a half each way from your hotel.

  107. Hello, do you know if the colectivos pick up near the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo resort? We are looking to go into tiwn near the Akumal ferry wharf as well as from the resort to see some of the local cenotes. Thank you/Gracias!

    • Hello Elizabeth

      Your first challenge will be getting the highway since most resorts are a little ways from it. Then you can take a colectivo on the side going toward Playa Del Carmen. You will need to switch to a Tulum bound colectivo. So it is possible, you just will have to spend some time in transportation. Depending on your group size, you might want to hire a taxi for the day. Of course it is much more expensive but will allow you to enjoy more your time.

  108. Hello. Do you know what time the last colectivo or express bus leaves Playa del Carmen stopping up on the highway entrance to Puerto Morelos?

    • We are not sure but it is probably around 10:30pm leaving from Playa. There is the ADO bus with hours through the night, albeit seldom, but that is a second option. You have to book this at the station since the website does not have it listed.

  109. Hi, we want to go at playa del carmen from NYX hotel Cancun. We need to reach the bus at cancun down town or you can pick me up at the NYX hotel? What the price for round trip.
    March 9th 2020

    Thank you

    • The only public option is take a public bus to the ADO bus station and then take ADO or the colectivos to Playa. It will take about 30 minutes from your hotel to the bus station. A taxi is faster but will cost a lot more. Cancun is not really designed well to get around on public transportation and the distances are larger than people think.

  110. Just took the Collectivo from Puerto Morelos to the Playa del Carmen downtown station. It took 45 minutes 9:15 to 10 am because of morning traffic and a quick stop for gas! 🙂 The cost was a mere 28 pesos. Such a great and economical way to travel the Riviera Maya!

    • Thanks for your feedback and experience. Traffic is always picking up and when there is an accident, it really blocks things up for a while. But the colectivos are a great way to zip up and down the highway.

  111. We have been using Colectivos recently from PDC. Prices increase to $45 MXN. We went from PDC to Tulum ruins for $45. (We tipped to $50 – not required) They are a good option for solo to small groups on a day trip with small daypacks. Take ADO if personal space, larger groups or luggage is an issue. Rent a car or even a driver (if you know a local) if you are planning on stopping at the many attractions on the way. Taxis are fine for small groups going shorter distances but many will try to make you pay more if you aren’t local. Make sure to negotiate a price you are comfortable with. 5th Avenue departures are triple what they should be.

  112. We will be staying at the Catalonia Riviera Maya in April and wanted to go to the ferry in PDC are there bus stops close to both of these locations?

    • You can take the colectivo from the highway into Playa and it ends sort of near the ferry. So this is possible. You just will need to get from the resort to the highway for the colectivo.

  113. Hello,
    We are staying at Pelicano Inn in PDC. We want to spend a day at Xplor. The park opens at 9am. We’d like to get there around 8:45am. After reading this feed, it looks like we would need to walk to Calle 2 to get a collectivo, correct? Do we just tell someone at the station that we want to be dropped off at Xplor? Do you know how much it would be? Do they make change for small bills? And how long would it take for us to get there? Do the busses usually leave soon after paying? Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hello

      The colectivos have moved for this pandemic. It might be permanent, but we have no official word, so we have not changed it on our website. A lot has changed this year. The colectivos are below the highway just south of Juarez Avenue by the Chedraui grocery store. It is a little bit more distance to go there. When you get to the vans there will be someone asking where you want to go. The driver should then pull over in front of Xplor. It is easy to see from the highway. It will only take about 6 minutes. They will change small peso notes. The vans leave about every 10 minutes because there are a lot of people traveling on them.

  114. hi, my boyfriend and i are staying in playa del carmen this august and we might be going to puerto morales at some point in our trip. are there any round trip colectivo stops that can help us get to morales and back?

    • Hello Jada

      There are colectivos that go toward Cancun and coming back from Cancun to Playa. They stop along the highway at the same place, just opposite side of the road. Just not that if you are going somewhere near the beach or in the town part, you might need a taxi to get there since the highway is about 3km from the beach.

  115. Hi, we will be staying in downtown Cancun for a few days and then going to Half Moon Bay. What is the best way to get there as we will have luggage but don’t like the idea of a taxi?
    Are there colectivos that we can take from Half Moon Bay to Tulum as well as Xel-Ha for day trips?

  116. Hi Google map says the colectivos station on 2nd and 20th in Playa del carmen is permanently closed. Are you able to confirm that ?
    Also for ADO bus from playa del carmen to Xel ha, when i checked on their website, the earliest bus that leaves playa del carmen is at 9:16AM (this is in October). which doesn’t get to Xelha until after 10am. is this the earliest bus that you know?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hello

      The colectivos are leaving from under the 307 Highway just south of Juarez Avenue. These will leave early and you can take these to Xel Ha.

      • that may be a little far for me. Do you know how much it would (or should) cost for a taxi from PDC downtown to xelha?

          • Taxi may work better for us since there are 4 of us (2 adults 2 children) and it’s more flexible! Thank you for your help! your website is great!

        • Beste, wat fijn zoveel informatie te kunnen achterhalen. Ons is alleen nog niet geheel duidelijk hoe we van playa del carmen nu naar Akumal beach moeten reizen met de colectivo.
          Kunnen we opstappen in het centrum van Playa del Carmen en uitstappen bij Akumal beach of is de stop daar langs de snelweg? En hoe lang is dat dan nog lopen? Vriendelijke groet Raymond

  117. We took the Colectivo from PDC to Tulum today. It was simple. $50 pesos per person. The stop is contiguous to the Chedraui grocery store. Easy to find. Way back was super simple.

  118. What a great site!
    Tomorrow we want to go to Akumal beach from playa del Carmen. does the colectivo from Playa de Carmen center still leave and we are dropped off at Akumal along the highway and is it still a long walk?
    Or the colectivo stops at Akumal beach.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Raymond from Holland

    • The Colectivos only run on the highway. You will need to walk about 10 minutes to the beach in Akumal or take a taxi from the highway.

  119. Hi, is there two stations for collectivos? I seen one is 2nd between 15th and 20th street and the other south of 307 hey on Benito Juarez. which are more frequent? Or did the station move? I would like to visit various places around the Riviera Maya and am staying on Ave CTM and calle 44. Is there a way to get a collectivos running to Tulum or cancun without going all the way to either one of the stations?

    • The colectivos do not run into Playa or or start from other areas. So you do need to go to the stop. these are very affordable, and hence, you need to put in a little work to use it.

  120. The colectivos are pretty easy to use. I go to Tulum on them just to have lunch and come back. It is better than driving.

  121. Hi, we are planning to travel from playa del carmen to isla mujeres for the day. Can I ask where the best and cheapest place is to get bus in playa. We are staying at Riu yucatan and would need to give taxi driver address of bus stop in playa. Also can I ask if the ADO bus in Playa del carmen goes to ADO cancun bus station regularly as it just seems to leave for airport every 15 mins. We really would rather go direct to cancun bus station then I’m assuming we need to get a taxi to puerto Jarrez? I would like to make the most of our day in isla mujeres as we’ve never been and get there early.

    • You can take a colectivo but the ADO bus is more comfortable and with delays on the highway due to construction, it is nice to be more comfortable. From the ADO bus station in Cancun, you can get the colectivos to Puerto Juarez for the ferry to Isla Mujeres.

  122. Hello

    Do Collectivos run from Tulum town towards the beach club area (near Illios etc) or out towards the cenotes… And what times do they run? And how much should taxis be for that journey?

    • No. Colectivos only run on the highway. Taxis to the hotel zone are the main option besides renting a bike. There is a local employee (public) bus that goes to the hotel zone but it is not frequent and not recommended.

  123. These vans are super easy to use and most of the drivers are used to tourist stopping and picking up people. Just don’t travel with a large group because most of the time there are only a few spots available for a seat.

    • Yes. Tulum colectivos leave from the center of town on the 307 Highway and go north toward Xel Ha. There is a sidewalk from the highway into the park.

    • Well, you will need to go to the highway. Then wait for a colectivo, Most of the time they will only have space for 2 or 3 people. So you might have to go in two vans. They do come along every 10-15 minutes. Xplor is right next to the highway and easy to get off and on there. Going back you just need to cross the road to get colectivos going south. Again, it will be hard to get 5 in the same van. The only alternative is a taxi.

  124. Hi, I am in Puerto Morelos by CrocoCun zoo and need to get to the VW dealer in Cancun which is on the highway. Could I take a collectivo or playa express there and back?

    • Yes this is possible. they might be fuller when passing towards Cancun but you should be able to get one both ways.

    • It is best to plan to take the colectivos by 10:00pm. After 10 they get fewer and fewer even though technically, they run until 11.

    • This was a sample map that shows the Riviera Maya and the areas that people want to take the colectivos. There is a number and a list of the number on the lower right-hand corner of the map that says what each flag is. These are just good markers for hotels that people might be getting on or off at and just to help judge distances.

  125. We are staying at grand bahia akumal and i know that right outside the resort we can get a collectivo to playa del carmen right? Going back we go to the collectivo station and go back to the resort but will have to get dropped off the highway. Is it really okay to cross the highway back to the resort oor is there another way ? Then opposite way from playa del carmen is where we reach the tulum ruins right? And grab the collectivo back to akumal same way we were dropped?

    • Hello Riz

      The new colectivo station in Playa is in front of the Chedraui on Calle 1 Sur. Here you can find the colectivos going back. They will only drop you on the highway and you will have to cross when possible.

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