Everyone’s favorite cenote to visit-El Jardin Del Eden

Cenote El Jardin Del Eden

We are asked so many times “What is the best cenote to visit from Playa Del Carmen?” and we always tell everyone “Cenote El Jardin Del Eden” (Garden of Eden). Here is why.

Cenote Eden

Cenotes are an amazing part of our eco system in the Riviera Maya and something that will make your vacation here special. Since many people want to visit one when in the area, we recommend this cenote because it is only about 18 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen and you can arrive by colectivo or by private car. It is also beautiful, usually not too overrun with tourist and affordable to enter.

Cenote El Jardin Del Eden
Cenote El Jarden Del Eden with huge rocks in the center where you can swim to and rest.

What is it like to visit Cenote Eden?

Some cenotes are in caves and some cenotes have had the roofs have collapse and the water is exposed to the sun and open air. This cenote is open and makes for a lush surrounding area with plants growing in the water and all the rocks covered in green moss. This makes it extra special to snorkel and see the underwater world. The water quality is very clear, so we do recommend bringing your own snorkels.

On one end of the cenote there is a cliff for jumping. This is about a 12 foot jump, but there is a tree that people jump off of as well that will get you up even higher.

In the middle of the cenote are rocks that once were part of the roof and now are submerged about 1 foot underwater. This make for a nice place to rest. While you sit there you will notice little fish that come up to you, especially your feet and eat the dead skin. It does not hurt, only tickles. When you are moving around the fish do not bother you.

Divers use this cenote because there are caves that extend deep under the ground. You will see them here but they are off diving and not in the normal swimming area.

Services at Cenote El Jardin

There are bathrooms, snorkel and life vest rentals, and small palapas where you can sit and enjoy a picnic. Other then that, there is not much else.

Make sure you bring your own towels, biodegradable sun screen and if it is necessary, biodegradable bug spray. It is VERY important to bring only biodegradable sprays and not use to much  hair and body products in  order to keep the water clean. Some cenotes have showers to rinse off at before getting into the water, but this one does not. It really does make a difference so please help keep the cenotes clean.

Note: Alcohol is not permitted at this cenote. They do ask and really are just trying to preserve the atmosphere and make sure people are not going to fall and get hurt while under the influence. Animals are not allowed as well.

There are two other small cenotes next to this one, so if you wish you can visit more in one day or come back and see each one. They are all a little different, but Cenote El Jardin Del Eden is the favorite one to visit.

Directions to Cenote El Jardin

Public transportation (colectivo): Take Tulum bound colectivos from 2nd Street in Playa Del Carmen (see link). They will ask where you are going and just say Cenote Eden or in case they do not know where this is, just say the cenotes in front of Barceló Hotel. After you pass Puerto Aventuras you will soon see the large Barceló Hotel entrance on the left and the cenote is just a little farther on the right. It is 30 pesos for the one way. There is a large Cenote Jardin Del Eden sign and you follow the dirt road back to the cenote. It takes about 7 min to walk.

Car: Drive south on the 307 highway from Playa Del Carmen. You will pass Puerto Aventuras and about 5 minutes past there you will see the main entrance to Barceló Hotel on the left. On the right are four separate cenotes to visit. You will see the sign on the right and enter the dirt road. You will come to  a small building where you pay and get wrist bands. Parking is ample.

Cenote El Jardin Del Eden
The road into the cenote and the gate where you pay the entrance fee.


How much does it cost to get into Cenote Eden?

Entry is 200 pesos per adult. This now matches some of the other local cenotes that think this is a good price to charge guest for.


Open Sunday-Friday from 7:00am-5:00pm Closed Saturdays.

Note: Sundays will have more people since this is traditionally the day that most locals have off and many like to spend time with family and friends.

Be sure to check out our article on Cenote Azul which is right next to this cenote and Cenote Cristalino.

Have you been to Cenote Eden? Let us know in the comment box below what your favorite cenotes are to swim in.


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  1. Hi! We have been in Playa for three weeks, and your guides have been very useful to us. Espexially thanks for telling about this cenote, we went, and it was beautiful! However, it seems they have updated their prices since this post was written, ’cause we had to pay 100 peso per adult, not 60 🙂 But thanks anyhow!

    • Yes they have and we just heard this as well. We are updating the article to reflect this. It is too bad it jumped so much but one of the other cenotes already was 100. The good news is that around Valladolid there are many cenotes that are 10-25 pesos to get in! This is a perk of being adventurous and getting away from bigger tourist areas!

  2. Beautiful cenote! We loved going here and the jumping was a lot of fun. the walk back was a little form the highway but we did not mind. We also visited Cenote Cristolino and loved both. Excellent recommendations for tourist and easy to get to with the colectivos. They knew right where we wanted to go.

    • We are glad you got to enjoy two of these beautiful cenotes that are so close to Playa Del Carmen. You have also mastered the colectivos! Great. We hope the rest of your time here is a great success. Happy traveling!

  3. We stopped by El Jardin restaurant after we saw it on your guide to places to eat. It was a really good find and would not of found it if it was not for your guide. We will definitely have t go back again. The garden is so peaceful and the food good.

  4. I have been to cenote Garden of Eden twice now. Each year I have come down. It is still amazing and a great spot for swimming and seeing nature. I am glad it is still clean and a good spot.

  5. I went to Cenote Eden and loved it! Great place to snorkel and swim. I love the rocks in the center that you can sit on in the water. Plus the little fish nibble on your feet, cool stuff.

  6. We took your advice and visited Cenote Eden. The water was perfect for snorkeling and there were not as many people as I thought that would be there. It is fairly close to many places that I thought more would go. Our secret for now.

  7. We sent a great afternoon here. We brought some food and ate under one of the palapas. It was a gorgeous day and then we had an afternoon shower. It cooled things off and it was nice siting there watching it rain in the jungle. It is kind of a magical place.

  8. How about Cenote Ponderosa which is 1 minute walk from Cenote El Jardin? Is it just as nice and easy to access? Thank you

  9. This was our favorite cenote while visiting the Riviera Maya. We stayed here for about 3 hours swimming and exploring. It was so peaceful and the water was so clear. The snorkel goggles came in handy here.

    • Hello. We would guess that they are closed and we would suggest going another day. If you are staying close to them like at the Barceló Hotel it is worth going across the highway and checking but otherwise we would assume them to be closed for the holiday.

  10. Is there somewhere we can buy lunch. One comment says they brought food and another comment says they ate at the El Jardin restaurant but does not say where that is.

    • It is best not to plan on eating at the cenotes. There was one restaurant along the highway but it is basic. Most people go for a few hours and then leave. There is no restaurant inside the cenote property and this should not be confused with the restaurant in Playa Del Carmen with the name El Jardin.

  11. We are six people one of which has trouble walking long distances. Could you give specific on where to get collective and which cenote would be easiest access for someone not to have to walk too far? We are staying in colosio. Thanks

  12. Eden was by far the best. I tried cristalino and azul and they wore similar but worse. Any recommendations not for ” OPEN – ABIERTOS” CENOTES?

    • Hello Mary

      They are getting more popular. Also you went on a Sunday and that is when most people have off. So a lot of locals go to the cenote for the day. We have dozens of others that you can visit also on our site. Some are a little farther but nice to swim in.

    • We don’t remember seeing any. Everyone just places things near the water and keeps an eye on them.

    • Hi,

      It is easy to get a colectivo back to Playa del Carmen after visiting the cenote? Would you just stand on the side of the road and wave one down?


  13. Thanks for all the great info!! I love this cenote the most because it’s not all developed – at least not yet. Good price and great swimming and snorkeling. Was recommended to us by elite1500 when we asked for somewhere more rustic and natural.

  14. We are staying south of Playa and Eden is close. It was a rainy day and dried up in the afternoon, we were looking for somewhere to spend a few hours and Eden was perfect! The price has gone up to 200 pesos per person. Still worth it. Felt very local and not touristy. Bring your own towels, food, drinks (no alcohol).

    • Thank you for trip review Jane. We have updated the price. It has going up a lot since the 60 pesos we originally paid to get in. It is beautiful though.

  15. Hi, does anyone here know the water temperature of this cenote, just curious. Going in mid march probably, water maybe a little chilly, like an average swimming pool? I like heat so just wondering, thank you!

    • It depends if it is an enclosed Cenote or open. More locals don’t go in winter but tourist don’t seem to mind. It is a little cooler in March but still pretty swimable.

    • Unfortunately the prices have been going up rather steeply at these cenotes. We remember it was 60 pesos a few years back. They are located close to most people and are beautiful. Hopefully they will use the money well to preserve them and keep them clean.

  16. This cenote is beautiful. It is large and has multiple points of jumping in. I like the rocks in the middle that you can sit on and relax in the water. There just are not as many places to keep your stuff visible. So it is best to keep things in your car while you swim.

  17. If I go alone, is there a safe place to keep my bag? Or do you just put it under a palapa and hope no one steals it?

    • There are a few places you can put your bag on the dock. That way you can see it. The palapas are up higher and out of sight. It is fairly safe there but always nice to be confident. It is good though to have a bag that is somewhat water resistant so you don’t worry about splashes.

  18. HI there. I am confused. Is Cenote Eden and Cenote Jardin del Eden, the same Cenote, or different. Also is Ponderosa and Jardin del Eden, the same or different. We are going with our family on Dec 28. Looking for a great place to snorkel.

    • Hello Hershel

      It is the same cenote. It just goes by the short or longer version of the name. It should be a lot of fun for your family!

    • Each cenote has an owner so you can contact them at the entrance. It probably is possible but since many cenotes can have 100 plus guest a day it would be well over 20,000 pesos to rent one. It is probably best one that is more remote. Are you looking in Playa area? or are you open to other areas? You might consider contacting this place. They might rent this cenote to you and it is more private and available. https://www.facebook.com/ECOALDEAHATSUTS/

  19. hi
    Can we rent snorkels there? we don’t have our own? What about renting towels? we are driving down from Cancun to Tulum and were going to stop on the way here and have lunch at Xpu Ha Beach club nearby.

    • They do have some snorkels and it is a great cenote to snorkel in because there is more to see there. We don’t think they have towels. It would be a lot of work to keep them washed and trucked off each day to laundry. You can bring a small one and air dry like many people there. There are areas to sit and dry off.

  20. Also is the carpark save as we will have suitcases in the car (like I said in the other email we are thinking of stopping for lunch at Xpu Ha beach and then also going to this cenote

    • The carpark is safe. We have never heard of anything being broken into or stolen out of cars. It is on the side slightly out of view but you can park closer to the building next to the cenote to make you feel better.

  21. We plan to visit both cenote Eden & cenote Cristolino. Which should we visit 1st and at which should we allow more time for relaxing? Thanks! Jim

    • Hello Jim

      Eden has a little more space and it less visited because it is further back from the highway. That might be the best one to leave until the end.

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