Cenote Cristalino-A good cenote to visit from Playa Del Carmen

Cenote Cristalino

Cenote Cristalino

Cenote Cristalino is one of three good cenotes that are easily reached from Playa Del Carmen. This cenote is just about 18 minutes south of Playa on the 307 Highway. There are three cenotes in a row here just off the highway. They are El Jardin Del Eden, Cenote Azul, and Cenote Cristalino. The cenotes are similar but each is a little different and you just might have a preference for one over another.

Cenote Cristalino
Entrance sign.

Details for visiting this cenote

There is parking by the by the road. At the entrance they sell snacks and there are bathrooms. At this cenote they give you a life jacket but it is not necessary to wear it.  You can rent swim googles for 50 pesos. Plastic beach loungers are available for rent as well.  Near the cenote there are changing areas.

Cenote Cristalino
Entrance where you pay.

As with any cenotes do not use regular sunscreen. It contaminates the water. At this Cenote there are signs that say not to use any sunscreen, biodegradable or not.

Cenote Cristalino is a “U” shape and is open, meaning not in a cave. There are more mangrove plants here the nearby cenotes, giving it a lush feel. It also seems to be more little fish that like to suck on your skin. It does not hurt, it just tickles. If you are swimming around they leave you alone but if you dangle your feet in the water you will see them swimming around you.

This cenote has a half cave you can swim through. It is nice to see the contrast between the dark water and the light water where the sun is penetrating down. Unfortunately people have scratched their names on rocks here and it distracts from the natural beauty.

There is a cliff jump of about 12 feet (4 meters). The water below is 18 feet (6meters) so it is plenty deep to jump into.

Cenote Cristalino
Fun times at the cenote.

Make sure you bring your snorkels here because there are interesting rock formations and fish to see.

As with any cenotes, Sunday is the busiest time. This is when most Mexican families have off, so try to come during the week.

Price at Cenote Cristalino

150pesos for adults. There is no local discounts. This cenote is about 30 pesos more than the other cenotes for some reason but this does not detour people from coming here.

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How do you get to Cenote Cristalino

Driving-Take the 307 Highway south. One you pass Puerto Aventuras you will go for about 4 more minutes. You will see the Barceló Hotel entrance on your left and almost across from it will be the entrance for Cenote Cristalino.

Public transportation-You can take the colectivo vans from 2nd Street in Playa Del Carmen. It cost 30 pesos each way and just tell the driver when you get on that you want to go to this cenote. To come back to Playa just cross the highway and get a returning colectivo, they come about every 8-10 minutes.

Have you been to this cenote? What did you like about it? What is your favorite cenote to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. We visited all three cenotes in a row on the highway. Great suggestion for our day. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Hi, we are planning to visit cenote Cristalino during the week of March 4th. We will stay at the Paradisus La Esmeralda. Can we get into the colectivo van before 2nd Street or we have to walk from the hotel to this spot? If this is the case how long would it be? Many thanks!

    • Thank you David. We will update this. It certainly has gotten popular and now a big jump in price!

  3. One of my favorite cenotes to visit! It is so clear and I love the tropical plants around it. I perfer going mid week when less people go.

  4. How do you enter water? Traveling with someone with mobility issues. A ladder would be difficult for them

    • Most people just jump in the water. This is a natural area and you might find it difficult to enter the water. You can sit on the side of the water and get in if that helps. But this being Mexico, standards for access is not the best. Even the entrance we think there are steps you have to navigate.

  5. We went there and enjoyed this cenote. There is lush vegetation and the water was crystal clear. It is very beautiful. It was not crowded. We saw several large iguanas sunning themselves up in tree branches. It was easy to get to by Collectivo from Playa del Carmen.

  6. I found this cenote. It was a good day trip from our hotel. Spent the afternoon swiming and people watching. It really is a beautiful little location.

    • We have seen signs for no sunscreen. It is fairly easy to go swimming and when it is not the peak of the day to not worry about it.

  7. Greetings.
    We will be staying at the Bahia Principle Hotel.
    We will not have a car.
    What transportation is available?

    thank you

  8. I visited this cenote while staying at the Barcelo hotel across the highway. Thank you so much the details, we made it there! It was a beautiful cenote to visit.

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