Cenote Azul-A great cenote for fun, families and enjoying nature!

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Cenotes are fresh water pools to swim in and one of the top Playa Del Carmen attractions.

Nestled within the lush and enchanting landscapes of Mexico’s Quintana Roo, Cenote Azul stands as a captivating natural wonder that beckons to be explored. This hidden gem, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, offers a unique blend of ecological beauty, crystal-clear waters, and a touch of mystique. With its azure-hued, freshwater pool, Cenote Azul has become a sought-after destination for travelers seeking respite from the tropical heat while immersing themselves in the region’s rich Mayan history and breathtaking cenote formations. In this article, we delve into the wonders of Cenote Azul, and the awe-inspiring experiences it offers to those who venture into its cool, inviting water.

Cenote Azul is a popular cenote just south of Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. This cenote is just next to Cenote El Jardin Del Eden  and Cenote Cristalino which are very popular for people to visit from Playa Del Carmen as well. There are a few differences, and we will describe so you can choose which one fits you or you can just visit more than one if you like.

Cenote Azul 

What is special about Cenote Azul is the fact it is open, meaning not in a cave and it is shallower in places then other cenotes. This makes it good for kids because there are places to stand in the water. There are deeper parts where you can swim and even a cliff jump of about 15 feet (5 meters). The cenote is “L’ shaped, and you can find quiet corners to relax in.

Cenote Azul Mexico
A peaceful corner of Cenote Azul.

Little fish in Cenote Azul

Do you know the fish spas in Playa Del Carmen where you put your feet in the water and the tiny fish nip and suck on your feet? It is harmless but does tickle. This is just nature cleaning your skin. This cenote has the same fish and if you sit still the fish will come to you. It can be fun to do but if you don’t like that, don’t worry about it because you can swim around, and you will not be bothered by the fish.

Cenote Azul Mexico Riviera Maya
Cenote Azul with cliff jump, if you look closely someone is jumping.

How much is Cenote Azul?

At the entrance you pay at a small palapa hut. It is 200 pesos entrance, and you can get a life jacket if you like. They have a small snack store, and you can even buy fish food. This is great fun for kids. Bathrooms are available here.

Tip: Sundays are the busiest days for cenotes since most Mexican families have off from work. Try coming mid-week if you can.

What to bring to Cenote Azul:

  • Be sure to bring your own snorkels. This cenote is ideal for using snorkels because it is very clear and there is a variety of fish and plant life to observe. They do rent snorkels in case you don’t bring them.
  • Biodegradable sunscreen and if you do bring bug spray make sure it is biodegradable. This is VERY important. Once you see how clear the water is you will get upset with anyone using oily cream that will get the water dirty. 
  • Your towel.
  • You can bring snacks, but they do not allow alcohol into the cenote.
  • Don’t bring cigarettes because it is not allowed. Try to bring all drinks in plastic bottles so there is no chance of breakage with glass.
Cenote Azul Mexico
A small trail passes through the center of the cenote.

How do you get to Cenote Azul?

By car: If you are driving from Playa Del Carmen you will take the 307 Highway south. Once you pass Puerto Aventuras you will go about 4 minutes more. You will see Barcel√≥ Hotel Resort entrance on the left and then just after that on the right is a row of cenotes. There are four places to visit. You will see the sign on the road. There is a parking lot.

Cenote Azul Mexico
Cenote Azul sign on the highway.

By colectivo: If you want to go by public transportation you will need to take a van called a colectivo. See the link for all the details. You cannot take ADO bus here since they do not stop. The colectivo is about 35 pesos from Playa Del Carmen. Pay with small peso notes. 

Note: Cenote Azul is translated Blue Cenote on some maps.

Have you been to Cenote Azul before? What is your favorite cenote to visit in the Riviera Maya? Tell us in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers.

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  1. Are there lockers to secure your stuff, or do you just hope no one steals your wallet and phone when your swimming, because last I checked Mexico was not free of petty crime?

    • Everyone just sets their stuff on the side of the cenote. Crime is not really a concern nor problem but everyone always has concern over their things. It is easy to keep an eye on your things when swimming in the area or you can leave stuff in your car if you drive here. You can also bring a waterproof bag if you want for small stuff so you can have things with you if you like. Going on days other then the weekend means less people and if you are concerned about your stuff then it is more relaxed with less people.

    • We don’t believe they do have snorkels at Cenote Azul. You can buy some in Walmart for about $15 for adult or a little cheaper for kids. You can also use them at the beach here. There is not much to see under the water but when it is more calm the water is very clear and it can be fun to have.

  2. The best place for vacation is cancun and all the cenotes are beautiful un believable and is safe you don’t have to worry about people taking your thing .but it’s always better to keep them safe the islas are wonderful you need two weeks to do almost everything do snorkeling do the park’s can wait to go back have been 2 times already and want to go again love that place Rivera Maya try to get packages so you can get it cheaper pay with a credit card so you will get the value of the peso. That’s one of the trips that you will never regret hope it helpful if planing to go enjoy

    • Hello Sylvia

      Thanks for your tips on the Riviera Maya and the cenotes. We hope you come back soon and get to explore some more! See you soon.

  3. One of my favorite cenotes and I’ve visited a lot of them around the Yucatan. It’s like Shangri La here, one of the most amazing natural things I’ve seen in my life. Bring a towel and go for a swim too!

    • Hello Audrey

      That is an interesting question. We would say how rushed you are or how board you get. I personally think an hour and a half is good to explore, playa and jump. Some people come for the afternoon and spend half a day at the cenote. If you have young kids your time will be longer.

  4. Hello, we are going to Mexico next week and going to stay at the Barcelo resort across the street. Going to one of these cenotes is a must. I have 2 questions.
    1. is it safe to just walk from the resort? Or is it better to rent a car?
    2. What is the open/close time at the cenotes?

    thank you!

    • Hello
      It is very easy to walk to these cenotes from the Barceló resort. It is a big property and it might take a little time to get out of the property but it is right across the highway. It would be safe to say these are open 9-5. Of course it is best when the sun is out so mid day is a nice time to see these cenotes.

  5. We went to Cenote Azule because we heard the fish in the pools peck at your feet giving you a foot pedicure. Lots of small pools for a quiet dip and a big pool that is deep enough for jumping off the cliff. Cenote Azul is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. I don’t think all day, but close to Playa Del Carmen also.

  6. You have such a cool job going around to check out places like this and the posting the articles. We love visiting cenotes in Mexico and will be sure to visit this one.

    • You will have to cross the highway and raise your arm when a colectivo is coming. If they have room, they will stop. Usually you pay when you get off. If you need to go to Tulum, you will just catch it from the same side as the cenote.

    • The other cenote nearby is open 7am-5 so we would assume the same hours but we are not sure. It is the winter now so sometimes the hours are shorter since people don’t go early and it gets dark sooner.

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  1. Cenote Yax Kin offers crystal waters and is a great place to swim

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