Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos with Snorkeling Adventure Tour

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Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya Mexico Snorkeling
Coral off the coast of Puerto Morelos

Snorkeling is a great way to see the natural beauty of Mexico and the Rivera Maya. Here is one tour you can go on to see the reef off the coast of Puerto Morelos. Here are all the details of what this tour is like and what you will see.

Snorkeling Adventure Tour in Puerto Morelos

Your tour will start by being picked up from your hotel and transported to Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos is a small town between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

When you arrive there is a small beach area where you will be instructed on the plans for the day, how to store your stuff and get you outfitted with a lifejacket and fins.

Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya Mexico Snorkeling
Snorkeling Adventure Tour

Storing your items and what to bring on this tour

For things like cell phones and wallets, they have bags that they keep for you because items on the boats will get wet. These bags are just for small items. Your change of clothes and other things you bring you can leave at the beach club.

What to bring for this tour:

  • It is best to go out on the tour with just your bathing suit and underwater camera. There is not much space on the boatĀ and things will get wet on the floor and seats.
  • Bring or use biodegradable sunscreen only! This is very important because regular sunscreen damages the reefs, plus it is not good to put on your face because when you snorkel it can get in your eyes and burn. You do not have to worry too much about your back in the sun because you will have a life jacket on covering most of it.
  • Change of clothes and towel.
  • Money to pay national park entrance $5 or equivalent in pesos and tip money.

What you do on this snorkel tour

Once you have stored your stuff and gotten outfitted with lifejacket and fins you will go to the boat with your group. On the boat you will be outfitted with a mask and tube.

Note: There is a morning tour and afternoon tour available for this snorkeling adventure. So some details might be slightly different.

The boat ride is about 10 minutes out to where the water breaks over the reef. If you have a tendency of getting sea sick you might want to consider takingĀ  something before this tour. It is not that rough but when the boat is not moving it can rock some.

After the boat gets out to the reef you will visit first one area of the reef. This area is more shallow and will be a good introduction to snorkeling and seeing the coral and sea life. Be sure to be careful not to hit or touch the coral because it is very fragile. Then after following your guide around you will load the boat to visit a second area of the reef. This second area is a little deeper but you can still see the coral and reef well.

After visiting the two different areas it is back to the beach where you will have lunch. Here you can eat and relax and after lunch you can go our again if you want to and visit a third area of the reef.

Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya Mexico Snorkeling
A tour group goes out to snorkel the reef.

What is the snorkeling like in Puerto Morelos?

What is the reef like here? Well there is a lot to see and many forms of coral. This area of the Rivera Maya is one of the best area to go right off the coast to snorkel. Make sure you see our video below of this tour. We took an underwater camera with us so you can get a glimpse of what you will see.

Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya Mexico Snorkeling
An example of what you see when you snorkel off the coast of Puerto Morelos.

Our video of this snorkeling adventure with allTOURnative

Food on this snorkel tour

After snorkeling for about an hour and a half you will work up an appetite. There is a lunch buffet here. For food options you have two types of chicken, rice, beans, fresh salad with dressings, empanadas and chayitas (and type of corn patty with chaya in it).

There are juices and actually there is an alcohol bar with beer, tequila and a few other drinks available. All of the food and drinks are included with this tour.

Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya Mexico Snorkeling
Lunch on the Snorkeling Adventure Tour.

How to book this snorkeling tour in Puerto Morelos

The link below will take you to the booking information. This is for the morning tour. It is better to go in the morning when you have a better chance of having calmer waters. It is also less expensive in the morning. This snorkeling tour with pick up from your hotel is $69 USD.

Half-Day Snorkeling Adventure in Puerto Morelos

More Tours in the Riviera Maya

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Have you been on this tour or snorkeled in Puerto Morelos? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. Your video of the snorkeling looks so good. I am going to take my family here because we have been looking for a snorkel tour. Thanks

  2. The article has really peaked my interest in checking out the reef off the coast. I did not know that there was the snorkeling there.

  3. Nice post. We were looking to go to Cozumel to go snorkeling but this is much easier to get to.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi there! This post comes at a great time. We are planning a trip to Puerto Morelos and looking for a tour to see the ref there. The video is really cool. Thank you for sharing!

  5. There is exceptional snorkeling in Puerto Morelos. We love the reef and its colorful coral. We have seen this tour company open since we live near the place where they leave from. It is a treasure of Puerto Morelos.

  6. Greetings! We went on this snorkel tour and the visibility and the sea life were amazing. Lots of fish and coral. This was one of the best spots we have snorkeled in the Riviera Maya.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  7. Thanks for letting us know about this tour. We went and had a nice time seeing the reef. It is not that far off the coast but you still need a boat.
    I am going to recommend this site!

  8. We saw this tour on your website and decided to go check it out. It is a good way to snorkel and see the sea life. We went out but rested after lunch and did not go out the second time. We saw lots of fish and coral on this tour.

  9. Were a group of 4. Do you have openings for 4 on Tuesday we’d or thurs..?
    We are staying at chacha #602? Were across the street from the Reef main entrance in playacar. Do you have pick ups?

    • Hello
      This tour does pick up and should have availability. You have sent us a message here at the website. The link in the article is where you can book this tour. We hope you go, it is a lot of fun.

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