Rauxa-a show and dinner you wont forget!

Now this is entertainment!

Rauxa show and dinner Riviera Maya Tulum

Rauxa Show and Dinner Theater

Rauxa is a new dinner show that presents itself here in the Riviera Maya. This is a permanent show that you can go to and enjoy a night out. What is the Rauxa show like? 

Note: The second season of the Rauxa Show is now open in the Riviera Maya. Here is our article and video of what you can expect.

What is the Rauxa show all about?

This is not just a dinner show to fill time while you have a night out. This is a high-level show that is well thought out and creative. The Rauxa Show is not a hotel show that they are passing off as a diner show. Rauxa stands on its own as a good show that is worth the money to go see.

The show derives inspirations from the live cabaret shows, pop culture, rock culture, physical talents, the sensual side of humanity and much more. This is a tour in the mind of the creative director, and you never know what is coming next. We purposely did not include everything in the video because there are some surprises. At times it was hard to eat the delicious food because there was so much going on in the show.

Because this show is so well done and entertaining, we recommend this show for people that are looking for something like this. This show is good for adults, couples or groups.

Rauxa show and dinner Riviera Maya Tulum
Now this is entertainment! The cast of the Rauxa Show.

Dinner and menu during the show

When you are seated your waiter will come with a menu for you. Here are your options:

  • Starters: a funky collection of mini rolls, fried vegetable chips, cheese and pumpkin seed lollipops and other finger foods.
  • Appetizers: choice of a seafood ceviche salad, duck confit, or the vegetarian option of jicama tacos.
  • Main Plates: Angus streak with sweet potato puree or Sea bass with vegetables, or the vegetarian option of wild rice and vegetables.
  • Dessert: A mix of different textures and temperatures. You will taste chocolate mousse, peanut bits and frozen lime ice cream among other taste.

Bottled water is served on the table and a wine service accompanies the meal.

Show times

7:00pm-8:00pm The Rauxa Theater opens, and you are welcomed with a cocktail. Artist will mingle with the crowd and the madness begins. You will start to see that this show is different.

8:00pm-10:00pm The show begins and so does dinner. Well-choreographed is the placement of food and the progression of the show. Get ready for a nonstop show and a few surprises.

10:00pm-12:00 The Rauxa party starts. A DJ starts playing on the stage and guest are invited to dance and have fun.

Rauxa show and dinner Riviera Maya Tulum
Some of the performance of the Rauxa show.

How to get to the Rauxa Show

From Cancun and Playa Del Carmen: Drive south on the 307 Highway. About 5 minutes past Puerto Aventuras, you will see the Catalonia Royal Tulum Hotel on your left. You will need to go just past the hotel and loop back at the next return. This drive from Playa Del Carmen will be about 18 minutes.

From Tulum: Drive north on the 307 Highway to the Catalonia Royal Tulum Hotel. This hotel is about 30 minutes from the center of Tulum.

Have you been to the Rauxa show and dinner? Let us know what you thought in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. I had no idea this was a permenant show in the Riviera Maya. Your video makes me want to go see this. I hope they keep the day pass price up because that is a good deal.

  2. I saw your video of Rauxa show and went. It was amazing show and really glad we found out about it. I hope this show runs for a while because it is something the Riviera Maya needs. I hope to bring my mom next year when we visit.

    • Hello Patricia

      We are glad you found this show and you found it to be great. We will work hard to cover more things like this on our website for you.

  3. My Husband and I went to Rauxa when we stayed at the Catalonia Royal Tulum. The Show was amazing!! The entertainment began outside when we were lining up to enter. It is well worth the money! The resort is perfect as well!

    • Hello Steve

      The last time we emailed them, they did not responds to us. Unfortunately we do not have any new information about this show.

  4. Saw the show last week for the second year in a row.
    We love it and can not recommend it enough. Great dinner, drinks and entertainment. Acrobats, dancers, singers, live jazz band with the full genre of music, bring the whole package. Even the service staff play a part of the entertainment. We can’t help but wanting to be a part of it all! We leave feeling connected with the performers and audience. Most of all we love the sensuality it leaves us feeling. Ooh La La!

  5. Hi. Thank you for information on this show. I would like to attend. I will be staying in tulum town. What would be the best means of transport for the show and about how much will it cost?

    • This is the hard part about visiting this show. The main way from Tulum is having a car or taking a taxi and it is very expensive to take a taxi from Tulum. Most people also like to drink during this show and driving can be hard to do because of this. We wish they had a shuttle for the show.

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