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A Recommended Private Tour Company

If you are planning on coming to the Riviera Maya and thinking about taking a tour or two, here is a recommended local private tour company. We have known about them for a while now and their reputation is very good, so we want to recommend them to our readers. We also have gone on a tour so we can know details of what a typical tour is like and show you some of the unique places they go. 

Our recommending them is out of honesty because this is not a paid promotion, nor do we get commissions for referring people to them. We just want to support small businesses that will offer our readers good services. We hope that if you are looking for a good tour that is just for your family or group, that you consider this private tour company. 

Our video of what a tour can be like with The Custom Tour

We always like to know exactly what a company is like before we recommend them. This was one tour we took so we can show you in detail what a tour is like. We added some interviews and details about tours in general in this video. We hope you enjoy it. 


What this tour was like

The tour we went on is called the “My Mayan Village Private Tour”. This tour usually includes the following things:

  • Round trip transportation from your hotel. This tour is near Tulum and about a 40-minute drive from Playa Del Carmen. 
  • Zip lines. You will cross a large open cenote. There are three zipline runs which are fairly long. 
  • A short canoe ride across a large cenote that is full of flora and fauna. 
  • Cliff jumping and swimming in a really beautiful cenote. There is a clip in the video so you can see how high it is. 
  • Visiting a Mayan community and eating lunch that features local dishes. 
Private tour company
Here is the view you will see just before you go on your first zipline over this large cenote.

This tour is not a full day, so it gives you the option to do more things or just enjoy these activities and visiting the area. The area where this tour takes you is only available to tours. So, it is nice to be able to see cenotes and a place that otherwise would not be available for visiting.

There will be other people visiting this area, but the staff does a good job at getting people to start in different locations so you can be together with your family or group and not really surrounded by people. This gives you a relaxing time visiting the cenotes and taking in the beauty of the area. 

The lunch that features local dishes was very tasty. We have been to many places that are similar, the food was better here on this tour than most places. There are some local juices and flavored drinks available. If you want to purchase beer or other drinks, you can do this. 

private tour company in the Riviera Maya
Here is where you will eat on this tour if you take this option. All of the food is prepared locally and will give you a good taste of local traditional food.

What is included in this tour?

  • Early arrival at the Mayan Village, admissions without lines.
  • 3 different Zip-lines suitable for all ages.
  • Canoes, paddles and life jackets.
  • Cliff jumping and relaxing in a beautiful Cenote.
  • Meet the real locals at the Mayan Village.
  • Experienced tour guide: passionate about nature, photography, history and culture.
  • Comfortable A/C transportation and licensed driver.
  • Cooler with welcome snacks and ice-cold bottled water.
  • Shaded resting areas for non-participants.
  • Changing rooms and bathrooms available.
  • Free Photos of your tour in a digital album. This tour company takes photos for you so you can have some photo memories to take with you. No need to purchase photos. 

If you go to their website, on this tour they make some suggestions if you want to customize this tour and add on another stop or activity.

Things to bring:

  • Change of clothes, swimsuit, and a towel. 
  • Extra money for souvenirs or optional beverages for lunch. 
  • Tips for your guide. 

You will be required to rinse off before getting into the cenote. So, it is good not to wear any lotions, sunblock or bug spray. You can put this on after you swim. Just check with your guide for recommendations and what each location for a tour requires. Most locations require biodegradable sunblock or no sunblock or creams before entering the water. This is for the preservation of the water quality and environment. 

How to book tours with this company

You can go directly to their website theCustomTour.com to book this tour. On their website they have example tours and more information about each tour. If you want to customize any tour or combine some different activities, you can chat with them directly. Within reason, they work with clients and make recommendations for custom tours. Sometimes people want to do too much in one day, and it is not physically possible, so they will use their expertise to make suggestions and plan the perfect custom tour for you. 

Why you Might Consider Taking a Private Tour

Private tours are tours arranged for your family or group and can be a good way to see the Riviera Maya. Here are some of the reasons why private tours can be good to take.

  1. Private tours can give you a more up close and personal view of the local culture. Smaller tours have an advantage to go to smaller places and sensitive environmental areas that large tours cannot visit. 
  2. You are able to adjust the times and places you want to go. 
  3. Value, most of the price of the tour is for the transportation, guide, driver, entrances to nicer cenotes or places. This is in contrast to larger tours that pay commissions and rent to have retail location to sell tours. 
  4. You will have a good guide with thecustomtour.com. You will have great access to ask questions and learn about the area from the wealth of knowledge of the guides. Our guide, Kat, has been working for 10 years in the Riviera Maya and speaks 4 1/2 languages. She is the principal guide for the company. Her passion certainly comes out when she is touring guests around. 


If you are looking to book a private tour here in the Riviera Maya, this is a good option. We do recommend this tour company because they have experience, take care of their guests and also take care of the environment by taking people to sustainable areas. 

Private tour in the Riviera Maya
Here you can see two of the ziplines that cross over this beautiful cenote.

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