Should I take a private transfer or taxi from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen?

Taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Transfer or taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen?

So you are flying into Mexico and would like to know if a transfer or a taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen is better. Taxis are the usualy way people around the world get from the airport to their hotel but what about the Riviera Maya? One thing that makes flying into Cancun Airport different is the fact it is further to destinations like Playa Del Carmen then most cities. A taxi to Playa Del Carmen  from the Cancun Airport takes 45-50 minutes. This is a lot of time in a taxi and why it cost as much as it does.

Since Cancun Airport transportation is regulated, each transport has to have a special license, and this is expensive. Normal taxis cannot pick people up at the Cancun Airport. That is why a “taxi” at Cancun Airport is just like a private transfer. So there is not really much difference between the two. This is why we are going to recommend one company to you that has excellent service and prices for our readers.

Note: Uber no longer operates in Cancun. This is why we also suggest booking a private transfer for your vacation arrival.

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen
After a long flight you surely want to get to your hotel as fast as you can.

Why we prefer a private transfer from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

We recommend a private transfer over a taxi for several reasons. You have a set price and the ability to have your driver waiting for you at the terminal. The driver knows exactly where your hotel is and takes you directly there. There is no curbside negotiation about the price. The prices for the private transfer can be cheaper than a taxi. And lastly, the vans are more comfortable and more spacious for the 45-50 minute ride to Playa Del Carmen or where ever you are going.

What a private transfer taxi is like

We have you covered with one of the best companies that our readers enjoy. Below you will find different destinations in the Riviera Maya and what the prices are for private transfers from Cancun Airport. Before you look below, here are a few details about this transfer company that we recommend.

  • All prices for the Cancun Airport transfers include taxes and fees.
  • The price for the entire van and not per person.
  • The transfer company is insured.
  • A bilingual driver will meet you at the Cancun Airport.
  • This is a very reliable transfer service with the best prices for our readers.

If you would like to book a transfer, this reserve now button will take you directly to the airport transportation companies website.

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen
This is what the private transfer taxis from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen look like.

How to find your private transfer taxi from Cancun Airport?

It is pretty easy. First book your one way or round trip by clicking the links below. Select your destination. Once you have booked, when you exit the airport  terminal your driver will be waiting for you. Then it is a smooth transfer to your destination. If you have booked a round trip, they will give you the time for your pickup and you are all set to focus on your vacation.

Private transfers from Cancun Airport map to the Riviera Maya

Where do you want to go from the Cancun Airport? This map will show you the locations of areas and the prices of transfers plus links to book them.

Private transfer taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is south of the Cancun Airport and it will take about 50 minutes to arrive at the city. Click below to be taken to the recommended transportation company. Add your location you want to go to and the amount of people traveling with you for the prices. Remember the prices are per van not per person. Booking a round trip will also get you a good discount and have everything set for your return to the Cancun Airport. 

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Private transfer taxi from Cancun Airport to Cancun

The prices for a transfer from the Cancun Airport to both the Hotel Zone and the Downtown of Cancun are the same. Many people think it is just a short hop from the Cancun Airport to the hotel but the distances to some hotels is far and can take 20 or more minutes in drive time. The transfers are a good deal. Click below and add your hotel information and how many people are traveling with you. Remember prices are per van and not per person. 

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Transfers from the Cancun Airport  to Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is just south of the Cancun Airport and will take a little over 20 minutes.  Click below to go directly to the recommended transportation companies website. Here you can enter your details and get prices. 

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

Cancun Airport private transfers to Tulum

From Cancun Airport to Tulum a transfer takes about one hour and a half. That is why we like the private transfers so they take your directly and comfortably. Click below to go directly to the recommended transportation companies website. Here you can enter your details and get prices. 

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen

If you did not see your destination listed above, see the map and click on the area you need to go to. There is a link in each section for booking your transfer.

Since you are coming to our area, see our article on Playa Del Carmen Guides so you ca be prepared for your trip.

Playa Del Carmen Guides

If you are looking for a public transportation option, see the ADO bus companies website here for a schedule and places they take people.

Did we answer all your questions about getting a private transfer or taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen? Do you have an questions or comments? Let us know below in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen


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  1. Hi. I always take a transfer since the taxi drivers swarm you at the airport and try to get you in the cab. They are too aggressive and I like booking ahead to have a good start to my holiday.

  2. What i do not realize is how taxis get away with ripping people off at the airport. We landed and thought there would be standard price. When we were at our hotel we were talking with other guest and they said how much they paid. We knew we were had. We will take the private transfers from now on.

  3. We always take the transfers because they save time and after the flight, we like to get to our hotel right away.

  4. Thanks for your help in planning our vacation. We got a good transfer driver and he told us all about things in Mexico. We love to Riviera Maya and will come back next year.

  5. Thanks for the info. I always thought something was fishy with those taxi drivers that are there to jump on you when you come out of the airport.

  6. We tell all our guest to take the transfers and not the taxis because the taxi driver say a different price every time. The vans are clean and drivers are friendly. We have a guest house on the edge of Playa so it is also more direct for our guest.

  7. We have been to the Riviera Maya 4 years in a row and find the van transfers to be easy and good. Always there for us to pick up and go to the hotels. We talked to one couple at our resort who paid a lot more then we did for the same transfer from the airport. We told them to book the return with the same company.

  8. I see there has been some problems between taxi driver and Uber. They must be stepping on some toes. I think the private transfers are the way to go now. At least they have set prices.

  9. We arrived at the Cancun Airport the other day and had to wait for friends who were arriving on the next flight. I think we got asked for a taxi about 20 times. I watched how the taxi drivers tried to “help” people with directions and get them to take a taxi. Some of them were even saying the busses were not running or coming a several hours. The Airport authorities need to organize and restrict these unofficial people from tricking people into cabs. It is good to have your transportation booked so you can skip over these people. I don’t want to see other tourist fall for their lies.

    • Thank you Berry for your comments. You are spot on in what you describe about people pretending to help people at the airport. We try to help people though our articles so people can easily get to their vacations and not have any additional stress.

  10. Hi! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the fantastic info on transportation getting to and from the airport. We also used your other guides here. Playa was amazing, great weather and walking 5th Avenue was good too. We will be coming back for sure!

  11. I have to show my gratitude for your good information. We were going to take a taxi but when he starting negotiating the prices, I new we should of booked the van. We got a van back to the airport all went well. Good prices and best option for getting back and forth. Best wishes; from all of us.

  12. Definetly take a private tranfer, the taxi drivers at the airport are very aggresive and not good to deal with. I will never take a taxi again. I wish Uber was in service.

  13. Yes! Taxi drivers are the worst in the Riviera Maya. Support van drivers and people who treat others with respect.

  14. We have a party of 3 but arrive on different flights at different terminals. The single person does not feel comfortable taking transportation alone. Can the two who arrive at one terminal be picked up, then pick up the 3rd person at the other terminal?

    • Hello Sandy

      This can be possible. You will just need to chat with the transportation company to see how to best line it up. They might just pick everyone up from the separate terminals at the airport or have you meet in one place. It depends on how spread out the arrival times are. Just click the link to them and you will be taken to their official page. There is a chat box to line it all up. We hope you have a good trip.

  15. I am glad you talk about taxis at the airport. I see them try to hustle people all the time. I don’t know why they don’t organize and get an app for booking them like Uber. It would bring trust to their profession.

  16. The private transfers are always the way to go. When we travel as a family we always have 8-10 people with us so we need the bigger vans. Its such a relief being able to just walk out of the airport, find your driver and then have a smooth ride to the resort in Playa to start a vacation.

  17. Are the private transfers just for the party that booked it or is it rides share where numerous groups are in the same van?

    • Hello Kathy

      All the private transfers from the Cancun Airport listed here are exactly that, private. They are just for your group or those traveling with you. It is fast and no need to worry about other stops. This is one of the most reliable companies and we have been recommending them for years. We hope you have a good trip.

  18. Easy to find your driver at the airport? Signage?
    Me and my family are going down in March. Since we will be with young children, we want the transfer to the resort to be quick and painless.


    • Hello Aaron

      When you book with this recommended company they will have your flight information and have someone waiting at the exit with a sign. You will get all the details when booking. Even if your flight changes terminals, they are watching this and will meet you. We have never had a complaint about this company and it is why we have been recommending them for years on our website. We hope you have a great trip. Let us know if you need any other details.

  19. We have hear of other people coming up to you at the airport are offering you a ride even if you have booked. How will we know what our transfer driver is? Will they have our name on a sign?

    • Hello Eli

      This transfer company will have a sign with the company name and logo. This is pretty easy to see when you exit the terminal. They done use your name on a piece of paper because this is more private for you. They have a list of the people arriving and will check your name on the list.

  20. We loved our driver and service. They were there waiting and we had not problem getting to and from the airport in time. Very good service recommendations.

  21. The private vans are much cleaner than the taxis. Not that the taxis are that bad but you have more space in the private transfers and secured pick up when you arrive at the airport. These are a much better option for people visiting. Even though I live in the Riviera Maya, I take these because I prepay them and get home fast.

  22. Dont take taxis from the airport because they overcharge! There is no set price and most people pay more no matter what they say.

  23. We have a house that we rent out in Akumal and we always tell our guest to book a transfer from the airport and not depend on a taxi from the airport. Many have over charged our guest or gotten lost because they dont know the back roads and residences.

  24. I was planning on just arriving at the airport and taking a taxi but I am glad to hear that there is no meters or set prices. I will be booking a private transfer.

  25. Excellent tips here. I usually take a taxi from different airports to the hotel in many countries. I like it when there is a booth for a ticket and it makes it easy. It is too bad the taxis in Cancun like to take advantage of arriving guests. Oh well, the gain of the private van drivers.

  26. I know a lot of people just like to hope in a taxi and not think about anything but they often overpay and have not as good service. Plan ahead and save plus have a better vacation.

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