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This is what a standard car rental is like in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen Car Rental

Playa Del Carmen car rental places are known as hit or miss. From personal experience we have many times we were not pleased with car rental companies in Playa Del Carmen. Renting a car in Mexico for your holiday can be a different experience then what you might expect back home. Because of this we have searched many car rental companies in Playa Del Carmen to try to find one to recommend to our readers.

It has been a hard search. Some car rental places have not had websites, some do not have English speaking people, and others have had high rental prices. So we are happy to announce we have a great local run Playa Del Carmen car rental company that we can tell you about. Best of all, they already have a great reputation from their clients.

Car rental with Dream Rentals

Dream Cars is a little independent rental car company that cares about their clients. They are French Canadian and know what type of customer service visitors to Playa Del Carmen expect.

They have dedicated their time to your driving wants and needs. Imagine an easy car renting experience without pages of paperwork, without mountains of confusing rental terms, without hidden payment traps – just a flat, hassle-free experience. At Dream Car they work hard to provide you with just that.

All their services are personalized and tailored depending on your exact needs, with a range of modern vehicles at reasonable prices. You can trust them to provide you the best in car rental services with flexible and convenient possibilities for your time in the Riviera Maya.

Playa Del Carmen car rental
Car rentals all ready to go on vacation with you.

Why rent a car in Playa Del Carmen from Dream Rentals?

Here are some reasons we think you will like a car rental from Dream Cars:

  • No hidden fees. You can find really cheap rates on some websites but only to find taxes, and insurance added when you pick up the car. Here everything is included up front.
  • They speak English, French and Spanish.
  • All inclusive prices (prices always include: insurance (including the mandatory Mexican liability insurance), tax, unlimited mileage, additional driver). The additional driver feature is nice because some Playa Del Carmen car rental companies charge you for this.
  • We also checked the insurance companies they use, and they are some of the best in Mexico. This is important in case you need them. Having speedy service is nice.
  • Free pick up and drop off (with a 7 day rental, they will meet you with your car, either from the Cancun Airport, Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, etc. And at the end of the lease we will drop you at the desired location). This is a big plus for using them!
  • There is usually a two day minimum rental. 
  • Local cell phone included with the car if needed.
  • Available for you 24/7 for any information.
  • Newer model cars in good working order.

 Playa Del Carmen car rental

Note: There is a two-day minimum for car rentals here and weeklong rentals in high season (December to March) and they ask for guests to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance so they can have everything ready for you. If you need a car for a short time, this website is good for finding a rental car

For reservation information, click on the link below to send them an email with your needs. They will contact you within 12 hours maximum. Its a personalized service so they need and want to talk with you to make sure you will have the best for you. They speak English, French and Spanish.


Most of the time this is who you will be talking with. This is Elie and she is the owner. She liked to personally deal with the customers and makes sure they are happy with their car rental.


 Playa Del Carmen car rental

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  1. Hello
    I wish to Inquire about renting a car for a minimum 2 days beginning December 1, 2018. I will be taking the ADO bus from
    Cancun airport and estimating arrival in PDC late afternoon before 6pm. I don’t need many options except for legroom. An economical class car will do. The car is for getting us to our rental apartment in PDC and stocking up groceries, etc. Otherwise we plan on using local colectivos. do you have a car for that date?

    • Hello Michael

      You will need to contact the car rental company via the email link in the article. These comments here just go to our website and do not go to the car rental company.

  2. This was a supper good recommendation. We rented from her and it was super easy! It was worth the few extra dollars to have piece of mind.

  3. I used this service last year and it was the only way I would rent from in Mexico. Elie was great to deal with and it was way better than a Cancun transportation to get to and from the airport.

  4. Wish you listed more than one suggestion as they are out of cars, not even sure its a real business as they answer the phone “hello” and sound really annoyed that you called.

    • We would love to have more car rental companies to recommend but we have not found any reputable ones. Many people have rented with this agency and had a very good experience. Because they are popular they often are booked in advance.

    • Hello Mike

      We just checked and the email link is working. That is the contact for them. Only the reserve now button is the link that reaches them.

    • Are you talking about this time in general in the Riviera Maya? Yes it is safe. There are clearly marked roads and as long as you keep the proper speed and follow the regulations, you should be fine. What most people get nervous about are the police checkpoints. They do this to check for drunk drivers and check Ids and registration. They are helping keep the roads safe in this way. There are some police that can be bad or even people think are bad and are not. In our driving guide we talk about what to do when stopped. Just be courteous and speak as best you can with language difficulties.

  5. I’ve been living in Playa since Sept and finding a long term car is super hard with a decent price is super hard. Seems like almost every car rental places here in playa give you the same per day price wither its a weekly or monthly rental. I would assume you’d get a better deal renting a car per month, but thats not the case here in Playa. I mean who the heck wants to pay 600-800usd monthly for a small compact car? Monthly rentals are a joke here, It almost makes sense to buy a used car if you going to be in Playe for at least a year. Assuming you dont mind selling later a losing out a bit. I think it would save you though some good money in the long run.

    • Car rentals in general are not as cheap as other countries. Long term rentals are hard to get as well. There is a market there because many coming for 6 months and then leaving, makes storing the car near impossible if you own it. Cars need to be opened and aired out over the time people are gone.

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