Great place for long term car rental in Playa Del Carmen

long term car rental

Renting a car long term in Playa Del Carmen

You might be coming on an extended vacation to Playa Del Carmen or you live part time in the area and want to rent a car long term. Not many agencies offer long term rentals, and for those that do, it can be spotty service. Renting a car long term can be hard to set up, but we have found a very good place to rent from, so here are the details. 

What are the conditions for renting a car long term with this agency?

Dream Rentals has been on our website for some time as a rental agency, but now you can rent long term. Here are some tips and what you can expect for renting long term. 

  • The first thing to note is to reserve well in advance. Since this is a popular car rental agency, they often are booked. Especially for long term rentals, you need to book because sometimes the size car you want will be booked for part of the time you might want your rental. 
  • There is a free Cancun Airport pick up and drop off if you rent a minimum of a week. 
  • The price includes full insurance, taxes, unlimited mileage, and additional driver. 
  • Usually there is a two day minimum rental. 
  • Trilingual service in English, French and Spanish. 
  • Use of a cell phone during your rental for local calls. 
  • Weekly rentals start around $245 USD with everything included. No hidden fees or anything else. 
  • You do need to email them first to check availability and exact price for the season you are looking to rent. 

Playa Del Carmen car rental

This is Elie. She is the owner of this rental car service and resident in Playa Del Carmen who you will probably be in contact with about your rental. 

She has been providing good service for years to our readers that rent both short term and long term. 


What kind of cars can you rent long term?

Here you can rent economy, mid size and family size cars. Nissan March, Nissan Versa, VW Vento, Jeep Rubicon or Dodge Caravan are sample cars they have for rent. 

Long term car rental

Long term car rental Playa Del Carmen

Why we prefer renting from this agency rather than many others online

For one, you might expect, newer cars in great shape for a rental car. This is not always the case in Mexico and some cheaper car rental places will rent you a car that is not in the best shape. With a long term rental, you will be using the car for a while and you don’t want it to break down somewhere (we have had this happen with some rentals here in Mexico). Dream Rentals has good working vehicles that are clean and ready to go. 

Most of us shop by price, but there are things that make the whole experience better. For example, customer service. This agency is locally run by a foreigner that knows what people expect when renting a car. With everything added into the cost, you know what you are getting and since it is a smaller agency, you get individual care. Plus, being a smaller agency, you often are not waiting for other customers and the whole process is a lot faster. 

If you go to search online for car rentals, you will find all the big agencies and many smaller ones that are hard to know what their reputation is. Prices for long term rentals can be cheap at first, but there are other fees that are always added in. Most of the time the insurance is added after you see the initial cheap price or when you arrive at the agency. Many get stuck at the counter having to make a decision to walk away without a car or pay a lot more for insurance. 

We love when businesses are upfront and tell you everything before you take the decision to rent from them. This is the reason we like Dream Rentals. 

Secret tip: Most rental cars are marked. This makes it easier for police to know who is a tourist and who is a resident. This can affect the police pressuring tourists for a payment on the spot (illegal payment) if stopped. The cars at dream rental are not marked. 

What are some upcharges people encounter when renting a car in Mexico?

  1. The biggest is the insurance. In other countries, most of the time you can use your credit card coverage to rent the car. Renting a car in Mexico requires liability insurance and proof of it. The reason for this is if you are involved in a serious accident, you will be held by the police until your insurance company proves they can cover you. It is better to have a good local insurance company or insurance company that is able to respond as soon as possible. Most people add this insurance to their rentals. With the above mentioned recommended car rental company, they already add it in. 
  2. Second driver. This might be a given that multiple people in your family can drive the rental car, but check the fine print with many rental companies. Often there is a surcharge for an extra driver. This can be an additional $10=$20 USD a day. 
  3. GPS. Don’t like getting lost? Many car rental places offer this at a pretty hefty add on cost. 
  4. Different drop off location. In Mexico it is almost unheard of to drop off at another location. The charges are very high for this. 

You can skip all this if you rent with the above agency because all cost are included in the rentals. 

Long Term Car rental


We hope if you are in the market for a short or long term rental, you check out this rental company in Playa. They come well recommended by readers and us as a good place to rent for your needs. 

If you are going to be renting a car, you will be available to visit some of these sights close to Playa Del Carmen for a day trip

Playa Del Carmen car rental
Car rentals all ready to go on vacation with you.


  1. I rented from her and it was very easy pick up and drop off. We had a nice car and felt very good with all the insurance included. I would recommend renting here 100%.

  2. We use her services every year ( 5) . Always great service. Last trip the whole transaction took 3 minutes.
    We were off, next time we saw her, it was time to go home.
    Always available, helpful advice. One less stress to worry about.

    • Thank you Kris for your review. We are glad to hear another satisfied reader that had good service. We see too many people go to the cheapest route and than have problems. It can ruin a day of your trip if it does not work out and it is good to have good service and enjoy your trip.

  3. I rented here and was very happy with the services. Very fast and no waiting for tons of paperwork like many rental places. It was straightforward and e felt very good knowing all costs were included and we were ready to drive. We also got some great tips from the owner. Thank you 🙂

  4. This is a good option. Getting a car in Quintana Roo is very helpful to go and see all the amazing places outside the main city (Playa del Carmen or Cancun).

  5. It is surprising how few places rent cars for long term. I find car rentals in general more expensive in Mexico.

    • Your comments go to our website and not the car rental company. You need to email them to check availability and prices.

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