Is Xplor Park worth visiting for the price?


Is Xplor Park worth it?

Xplor Park is the adrenaline pumping, day filled fun activity park with the best zip lines in the area. It is one of the top attractions in our area. Because of this, many people put it on their to-do list. We know everyone wants to do as much as possible on vacation and do the best things possible. However, there are budgets and limits to what you can spend. So, is Xplor Park worth the price? Or is another park a better value?

The regular price for this park is about $142 USD for adults, so you might pause, and wonder is another park or tour might be a better option. Here is our opinion based on visiting most of the parks in the area so you can take the best decision for yourself. 

How long do you need at Xplor Park?

The ideal duration to spend at Xplor Park in the Riviera Maya depends on individual preferences and the level of adventure one seeks. Xplor offers an array of exhilarating activities, including zip-lining, underground river exploration, amphibious vehicle rides, and more. We recommend whole heartedly to spend a full day at the park. This will allow you to fully immerse oneself in the adrenaline-pumping experiences the park has to offer and enjoy the amazing design of this park with tunnels, lush jungle, organic architecture and all the adventure. If someone planed just half a day here, you would miss out on a lot of value of the park. 

With the range of activities, visitors can explore the lush jungle, traverse challenging terrains, and soar above the treetops. However, you can customize your trip and use the time you want there. If you want to do everything once, you might be able to leave by 2pm, but we really recommended the full day at Xplor.  The park is open daily from 9:00am-5:00pm. So, plan on being there as long as possible to enjoy everything. Visitors are assured an unforgettable experience filled with excitement and natural wonders at Xplor Park.

Is Xplor Park worth the price?

Yes! It is that simple, we really recommend this park for the value. Xplor has the best ziplines in the entire Riviera Maya and nothing else comes close. There are other activities as well, and all are really well done.

The one trick we have seen tour sellers say is “half price on other zip line tours”. This is a lie because there are other smaller adventure parks with similar features that are about half the price. Don’t fall for cheaper parks and think you are saving money. You do get what you pay for. Many other smaller zip line activities parks offer 4wheelers and similar things, but the quality is much cheaper. Without a doubt Xplor is the BEST zipline park in the Riviera Maya. We whole heartily feel this park is worth the price. 

Xplor worth the price
One of the great things you can do here is swim in this underground river at Xplor Park.

How to get the best price for tickets to Xplor

The regular price is still worth going for, but when you can get a discount, why not? Here is how you get the best price on tickets for admission. You will get the best price by buying on the official website here. The reserve button below will also take you to the official site. 

In addition to buying direct, here is how you can save. 

  • Buy your tickets 7-20 days in advance for a 10% discount. And don’t worry, if you want to change the date, they do allow this. See the website for details. 
  • If you purchase 21 days in advance you get 15% off the admission price. This is the best option. 
  • Children get a discounted entrance price with the ages 5-11.

Our video about visiting Xplor Park

We love showing you all the things you can do in our area. Here is our video of Xplor and all the tips for spending the day here. 


What is included in the admission price to Xplor

This park includes pretty much everything. Here is what is included and what is not included. 

Included in your entrance to Xplor:

  • Helmet and lockers. The lockers have special keys that you wear to keep safe. 
  • All activities (technically one time on each activity, but most of the time you can do things again that you enjoyed. 
  • Smoothie bar and snacks. 
  • Full buffet lunch that is very good quality. 
  • Free parking if you drive there. 
  • Restrooms and changing areas. 
  • Shops, Wi-Fi, and ATM. 

Not included in your admission to Xplor:

  • Transportation to and from Xplor, unless you book this as an extra charge when booking. 
  • Alcoholic drinks. Some of Xcaret parks offer alcohol and some even include it in the admission like Xel-Ha. At Xplor because of the technical difficulties of zip lining, among other activities, it does not mix.  
  • Towels for cleaning drying off or taking a shower at the end of the day. 
  • Photos from the cameras in the park. These photo packages are available at the end of the day. There are cameras all through the park where you can pose and take pictures. It is not cheap, but memories can be priceless. It is hard to take photos in the park, so the cameras that automatically take your photos while in an adventure can turn out cool. 

Who is Xplor not for?

Xplor Park is an amazing place that everyone would want to go, however there are some restrictions due to the activities. 

Before you book tickets, make sure your whole family will enjoy everything you want to plan to do. Here are some of the restrictions. 

  • The minimum age recommended is 5 years old. This language has changed from age limit to recommendation. However, it best to bring kids that can participate in all activities. For example, the zip lines have a height requirement of 3.6 ft and 88 pounds. 
  • The zip lines also have a weight limit of 288 pounds and the harness has a waist limit of 47 inches and the legs have openings for 25 inches. 
  • Some activities are not suitable for pregnant women or people that have back problems. 
  • Activities have special requirements of height and weight. For Amphibious Vehicles and Underground Expedition, the minimum height is 3.6 ft (1.10 m); for Rafts and Stalactite River Swimming is 3.3 ft (1 m) tall and 300 lbs (136 kg) of weight. For Toboganxote, minimum height is 3.9 ft (1.20 m) tall and maximum weight of 220 lbs (100 kg).

So, if you want to visit here with young children or older adults, you might be limited from participating in some activities and might not make Xplor worth the price. An alternative for ziplines and young children would be going to Xel-Ha Park where there are zip lines into the water. At Xel-ha there are no harnesses and less of the restrictions of the larger ziplines at Xplor. 

What should I wear to Xplor?

The most common question about visiting Xplor is what to wear on your feet. You are in water, driving, walking around and flying through the air. The best option for footwear are aqua socks. They give you some protection while walking around and will not fly off while on the ziplines. You will also get wet, so these style shoes work well. Flipflops will need to taken off while on the ziplines because of the dropping issue.

For clothes we recommend a bathing suit for men and a change of clothes to go back to your hotel. It is sunny but also there is shade, however you might want a shirt for sun blocking purposes. For women, you can also wear a bathing suit all day, but you might like a coverup or shorts to wear since you are in public and not at the beach. The dress code is very casual at this park, the best thing is to be comfortable because you will be doing a lot of activities. 

One important note is not to wear creams or sunblock that are not biodegradable. The water gets contaminated with all the creams and all parks of Xcaret require biodegradable bug spray and sunblock. 

The entrance to Xplor Park where you get registered, and you pick up your helmet.


Xplor park is an amazing experience for your time in the Riviera Maya. We have been many times to Xplor and never get board or tired with it because there is so much to see and do. This park is well worth the entrance price in our opinion. If you go, we hope you have a great time. 

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