Tren Maya Tickets are on Sale, But There is a Catch

Tren Maya

Tren Maya Tickets

The long-awaited opening of the Tren Maya is just days away! On December 15th, 2024, the first Tren Maya will roll out of Cancun Station for Campeche and from Campeche to Cancun. This is the first segment of the Tren Maya that will be ready for the use. Tickets are not on sale for the first few inaugural days of the historic project that will link 5 states in the southeast of Mexico. 

This project has brought protest and celebrations to the area. No matter what your thoughts are, it is happening and will have an impact on how people move and what places are more connected. Here is more information on how to get tickets for the Tren Maya. 

What is the Tren Maya like to ride?

We took a journey on the Tren Maya to show you what it is like. It is still in testing form, but it is coming along. We also have an article with details and tips about taking the Tren Maya now. 


Where to buy Tren Maya tickets

The inaugural tickets and current select stations to the Tren Maya were sold on a special website but now the official website is the Tren Maya for sales. The first day will showcase for trains, two leaving from Cancun to Campeche (Campeche City) and two leaving from Campeche to Cancun. Trains will leave at 7:00am and 11:00am in the local times (Note: Quintana Roo state is one hour ahead of the rest of the peninsula). This same schedule will continue until the 23rd of December. So, each day between the 15th and the 23rd you can select from one of two trains leaving from Cancun or Campeche. 

Cancun Train Station
This is the large Cancun Tren Maya station just south of the Cancun Airport. This is where some of the trains will leave from for the inaugural runs of the Tren Maya.

How much will the Tren Maya tickets cost?

There are two classes on the inaugural Tren Maya. 

  • Tourist Class for adults will be 1,166 MX Pesos or about $70 USD. 
  • Primier Class for adults will be 1,862 MX Pesos or about $110 USD.

*Note: These are only the tickets for the inaugural runs of the Tren Maya.

Tren Maya trains
Here are the three types of trains that will run on the Tren Maya route.

What is the catch?

Well, we find it a bit odd that the only option is to go all the way from Cancun to Campeche without any stops and then you have to spend the night or a few days and return. You will also be arriving at the same time as everyone else and hotels will be at a premium. It is an exciting event; it just takes some planning to do since most will do a round trip including time in either Cancun or Campeche. 

Driving time for this route in a car will take just over 5 hours. By bus this trip currently takes a 7 hours and 45 minutes due to stops. The Tren Maya has a maximum speed of 160km per hour. If the train goes at near top speed, this trip will take about 3 hours. 

We are looking forward to when the first segment of the Tren Maya opens officially and has stops available for Chichen Itza, Izamal, Merida and Valladolid among others. This first segment is going to change how people visit Chichen Itza from the coasts and change how bus traffic flows in the peninsula. 

When will the other segments of the Tren Maya open?

The goal is to open the Cancun line all the way to the Palenque Station by December 31st, 2023. then the rest of the segments, including the Riviera Maya by February 29th, 2024. Most of our readers are awaiting the segment that will connect Cancun to the Riviera Maya and continue to Bacalar. This segment is under construction now but has been changed from the original plan of running along the 307 Highway. Now this segment will be west of Playa Del Carmen and pass behind, or west of Tulum. 

Now the new Tulum Airport is open! There will be a Tren Maya station here as well. This will connect to the other station in Tulum as well as Playa Del Carmen and Cancun Airport. This will give an alternative to traffic on the only highway/road in the Riviera Maya. We will have more on this in another article. 


The long awaited and certainly well publicized Tren Maya is becoming a reality. This will give many more options to visitors to the Riviera Maya and Mexico. Follow along with us as we cover this story and bring you updates to what is going on in the Riviera Maya and this part of Mexico. 

Tren Maya route

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