What beaches in Playa Del Carmen have less seaweed?

Seaweed Playa Del Carmen

Beaches in Playa Del Carmen that normally get less seaweed

For the past few years, the Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen, as well as many parts of the Caribbean, have been getting unusually high amounts of sargassum or seaweed (as many people refer to it). We wrote another article about seaweed and how to predict it and how it is impacting the area. We wanted to follow up with a more specific article relating to the beaches of Playa Del Carmen. Many people post pictures of the beach on the same day, and they can look very different. This is because not all the beaches are the same.

While it is hard to predict how the seaweed will be at any given point, because it changes daily, you can plan ahead by looking at this map and knowing what the best places might be to visit the beach. This map might also help you plan on where you want to stay in Playa Del Carmen or what hotel you choose. At the end of the article, we will have other great options for enjoying the area with no worries of seaweed and also other beaches in the area that often are not affected.

Our Map of Playa Del Carmen Beaches and Seaweed

We made this map to help our readers know what beaches usually cleaner and what beaches are tend to get more seaweed in Playa Del Carmen. Over the past few years, these areas hold true to the reputations. The areas that receive more seaweed are mainly affected by the currents and the form of the coastline. We color coated the map from light yellow to red to show light to heavy accumulation of seaweed, when there is a problem with seaweed. We also labeled the beaches Levels 1-4. Level 1 is the lightest amount of seaweed and level 4 is the highest amounts and accumulation areas in front of Playa Del Carmen.

A slight consideration of how clear the beaches are, is how the hotels on that segment of beach clean. For example, Playacar Phase 2 is home to all large resorts. Each day crews clean the beach and remove seaweed if necessary. Compare this to a similar stretch of beach from CTM Avenue to 88th Street, which receives about the same amount of seaweed. There are no hotels or homes on this stretch of beach, so when seaweed lands, there is usually no collection of it. Therefore, this beach is one level up on the scale.

In the section below, we talk about each of these areas in detail and access to beaches that are better off.

Note: If you like our maps and find them helpful, we have a whole map section here on our website.


Breakdown of the beaches of Playa Del Carmen for seaweed

After looking at the map above, we will comment more about what the beaches are like and what hotels are in these areas. We will also talk about going to other beaches that are cleaner and free of seaweed. We will start on the south end Playa Del Carmen and work our way up the coast. Any of these beaches you are interested in going to, cross reference with our beach club guide here.

Playa Phase 1 Beach, Level 1

This long stretch of beach is a Level 1 on our map. We rank this a Level 1 because this beach normally does not receive as much seaweed as other beaches. Also, the number of large hotels that send employees out each day to clean the beaches when there are issues helps maintain them. If you are interested in staying in this area of Playa Del carmen, here is a list of hotels that are along this stretch of beach:

  • Riu Palace
  • Viva Wyndham Azteca All Inclusive
  • Allegro Playacar All-Inclusive Resort
  • Royal Hideaway Playacar All-Inclusive Adults Only Resort
  • Viva Wyndham Maya All Inclusive
  • Hotel Riu Playacar
  • Hotel Riu Yucatan
  • Iberostar Quetzal
  • Iberostar Tucan
  • Sandos Playacar Beach Resort All Inclusive

Public access to this beach is limited. Both Playacar Phase 1 & 2 are gated communities. All beaches in Mexico are public, but access to them is not. The main access to this beach area is by walking south from the Cozumel Ferry Pier. It can be about a 15-to-20-minute walk down the beach to get to some of the better beach areas.

The beach in front of Playacar Phase 1 to the Cozumel Ferry Pier, Level 3

Ever since the extension of the Cozumel Ferry Pier the erosion and collection of seaweed of this stretch of beach has gotten worse. The seaweed collects especially in the corner between the Cozumel Ferry Pier in front of Senor Frogs. This is a shame because this beach is easy to access from town and the ocean is free of rocks. An alternative to visiting this area is walking further along the beach toward Playacar Phase 2 where the beaches are much nicer, wider and normally a Level 1.

There is one large hotel in this area on the beach called Playacar Palace. A little further south there is a second hotel that is a smaller all-inclusive hotel called Sunset Fishermen Beach Resort.

The beach from the Cozumel Ferry Pier to 12th St., Level 2

This is the central area of Playa Del Carmen. This beach normally does not get as much as some beaches, and it does not pool up as bad. The past few years there has been some erosion in this beach area which has left some of the sand worn away. It is normally a little smaller in the winter months and when there is strong wind.

In general, there are some affordable hotels from the Cozumel Pier to 6th Street along the beach. Two notable beachfront hotels near 8th Street are the Carmen Hotel and the Thompson Beach house.

seaweed Playa Del Carmen
This is the beach just north of the Cozumel Ferry Pier.

12th Street to Constituyentes Pier beach area, Level 4

This area tends to get more seaweed because the currents. Especially in the corner where the Panama Jack Resort is located. We feel sorry for the people that stay at this resort because the beach is often eroded, has sand bags, and collects seaweed at one end. The front side of the beach on the south side of the Constituyentes Pier is usually clearer, but the beach is rocky in this area.

Constituyentes Pier to 22nd. Street beach area, Level 2

This beach has one large resort on it. It is the Hilton Resort formerly known as The Royal. Not too much seaweed builds up on this beach and the resort does a decent job of cleaning it up. It is easy for the public to access this beach from Constituyentes Avenue. If you stay at this resort, you don’t have too much to worry about because there is a large pool area, and the beach is usually not that bad.

Grand Hyatt and Mamitas Beach, Level 1

In the downtown of Playa Del Carmen this is perhaps the best beach to visit. It is wider than most other beaches, there are not rocks and between re receiving less seaweed and getting cleaned well, it is a good beach to visit. This beach is a Level 1 for seaweed. The good news is, there are several large beach clubs that you can visit in this area, and it is pretty central in town.

For beach clubs, there is the Coralina Beach Club, Kool Beach Club, and Mamitas Beach Club. Coralina is more of a daytime club for the party crowd. The Kool Beach Club is more of a large average beach club and Mamitas is one of the most popular beach clubs. Mamitas has chairs, beds, a pool and VIP area, restaurant and children’s pool area.

If you want to stay in this area, the main hotel is the Grand Hyatt. This is a large hotel that offers guest dining options or easy access to 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. What else is nice about this hotel is the elevated pool level at the beachfront. So even if there is seaweed, you can be at the pool and still have a great view out over the Caribbean.

playa del carmen seaweed
The central area of Playa Del Carmen and it’s beaches.

North of Mamitas to the Reef Coco Beach Resort, Level 3

The area just north of Mamitas is the Mahekal Resort. This area is not that bad, but as you progress north it normally is worse if there is seaweed. The condition of Coco Beach (38th Street to 48th Street) has been consistently bad over the past few years. There are some beach clubs in this area, and they often have to entice visitors with a pool or music when there is seaweed.

There are a lot of nice rentals in this area, just note that the better beach might be below 38th Street.

Reef Coco Beach Resort to 88th Street beach, Level 2

This beach is a narrow stretch of empty beach. There are only a few public beach access points from the Colosio neighborhood. Everyone that comes to this beach brings their own towels and chairs to spend the day at the beach. This beach is a Level 2 on our seaweed scale. Since there are no houses, condos or hotels on this stretch of beach, most of the seaweed that makes landfall, stay on the beach and dries.

The one resort in this area is the Reef Coco Beach. This is a smaller resort at the north end of Playa Del Carmen. In the past few years, they have built two docks and tried barriers to keep a part of the beach clear for guest. Usually, the beach is in ok shape, but it has not resulted in the best-looking beach.

Beach in front of Paradisus Resort, Level 4

This area of the beach often collects a lot of seaweed especially on the north end. We labeled this beach a Level 4 for seaweed. This is ashamed because this is right in front of the two Paradisus luxury resorts. If you stay at either the Paradisus La Perla All Inclusive Playa Del Carmen or the Paradisus La Esmeralda All Inclusive Playa Del Carmen and the beach is not in good shape, you can try the southern most areas of the resort or enjoy the large pool areas. The beaches to the south and north are not really going to appeal to people staying here since you are paying for services. The beaches adjacent to this area are more remote because with no good services.

At the north end of this beach in the corner is a cenote that boils up water into a natural pool. This pool of freshwater flows into the ocean. It is a popular place for local families to come. You can read and see more about this area in our article here.

Beach area between Punta Esmeralda and Marea Azul

This is a more natural stretch of beach where there are no hotels. The only access point is the long beach access road at Punta Esmeralda. This area is popular with local families on the weekend. 

Going north up the beach there are remote stretched of beach where mainly locals go on the weekends. Some parts of this beach are rocky and others are good areas for swimming. We give this a Level 2 rating on our seaweed scale.

Marea Azul and Grand Coral Beach Club area

This area is not really accessible to the public except people staying at Marea Azul or visiting the Grand Coral Beach Club. This area of the beach does not get that many people. The beach is wider and offers calm waters to swim in because there are outlying reefs. When there is a lot of seaweed in the center of Playa Del Carmen, some hotels will send people to this beach club to enjoy the day at the beach.

seaweed Playa Del Carmen
View of the beach in front of Marea Azul and Grand Coral Beach Club.

Alternative beaches in the Riviera Maya area that are free of Sargasso

Since most of the Riviera Maya faces east, many of the beaches are in a similar state if there is a lot of seaweed. This means going to beaches that are positioned differently. Here are some alternative places to visit:

  • The west side of Cozumel. These beaches often are crystal clear turquoise color with very little seaweed. You can take the Cozumel Ferry over for the day and visit some of these beaches. One good park to visit that has a good beach and facilities is Chankanaab Park.
  • Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres. This beach faces northwest and is often not affected by seaweed.
seaweed playa del carmen
You can enjoy Playa Norte by swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding, usually free of seaweed.

Activities to enjoy that are great no matter what the beaches look like

Playa Del Carmen is more than just the beaches. It is the center of the Riviera Maya, and many places are just a day trip away. Here are some of the great things you can do that will not be affected by sargassum.


Cenotes are something unique to our area. These are freshwater pools in the limestone of the peninsula. Here you can swim, snorkel and enjoy an afternoon with no seaweed. There are some great cenotes close to Playa Del Carmen.

seaweed playa del carmen
This is one beautiful cenote that will make up for seaweed at the beach.

Eco Parks in the area

These parks will keep you entertained for sure! Many people include at least one of them while they are here on vacation. There is Xcaret, Xplor, Xavage, Xenses, Xenotes, Xel Ha and Xoximilco. You can find out information here and also searching on our website for our article and videos for each place.

seaweed playa del carmen
Xel Ha is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and much more all in this inlet that does not get seaweed.


Technically, this lagoon is filled by freshwater cenotes, this 40-mile-long turquoise paradise will make you swear you were at the beach. It is called the Lake of seven colors of blue because the way the white sand bottom reflects the colors. Bacalar is about a three-hour drive from Playa Del Carmen, so it is more than a day trip. But after seeing this place you will surely want to spend some time there.

Mayan Ruins

Take in some impressive history of the past 1000 years or so by a visit to one of the close by Mayan ruins. Most of these are available by a tour from Playa Del Carmen, and will take a full day to explore.

Colonial Cities to visit

Many people think about the Riviera Maya and think beach only. But did you know there are towns that are over 500 years old? The Spanish built colonial cities here, and they still offer a lot of charm and contrast to the Riviera Maya. The closest is Valladolid (1.5-hour drive). A day trip or overnight can be a great way to include some history and culture to your vacation. See our link to colonial cities above for more information about visiting them.

Rooftop pools in Playa Del Carmen

If the beach is not in the best shape, there are more and more rooftop pools that are open to the public. Most of these are on the roofs of hotels. These are a chic way to chill, have a cocktail and splash around. Here is our guide to rooftop pools to visit in Playa Del Carmen.

seaweed playa del carmen
A whole other view of Playa Del Carmen from this rooftop pool.

Enjoy the great restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

Not only are you in Mexico and can go to some good Mexican restaurants in Playa Del Carmen, you can take in the international restaurants in the area. Due to the fact Playa Del Carmen is a landing point for many people from around the world, you can pretty much find any type of cuisine here. Just take a look at our restaurant guide here or use the search box on the website to look for something you have a hankering for.


We hope this map and information helps you plan your trip. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below. Just because there is this natural phenomenon going on, it does not need to ruin your vacation. There are ways to plan around it and enjoy many of the great things the area has to offer. And maybe when you arrive there will be no seaweed, but at least you are prepared.

seaweed playa del carmen
One of the beaches in Playa Del Carmen with no seaweed.

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  1. We love playa but the seaweed issue has made us to visit in last two years…is there a better time of year to visit or is it unpredictable? Is this a climate change issue?.

    • The warmer waters of the Caribbean make it grow much faster. This is a big factor. Also a popular belief is the runoff from the Amazon creating extra nutrients in the water that help it feed. The cooler months like October to February tend to be best.

  2. Nice advice for other option when beach ar not nice to visit…. can you perhaps tell me something about the bad smell in de streets of PDC? Cannot believe it is only from the seaweed.. we are keeping the windows closed at the moment. The smell is so bad…. seems to be worse when there is hardly any wind.

    • We noticed the smell the other day about three blocks from the beach. Since the wind direction comes from the beach, any seaweed smell blows into town.

  3. Next week will be my first time visiting this area. would you be able to tell me where The grand riviera princess is on this scale?

    • Hello Ashley

      The beach there is about a 2 or 3. We were there about a year ago while there were issues with seaweed. There were lines of it but the water was more clear.

  4. We are staying at Fairmont Mayakoba next week. Any insight on whether the seaweed severity in the resort area? We have one excursion planned but were hoping to spend most of our trip at the resort.

  5. We are going to be staying at secrets capri. How bad is this area on regards to the seaweed? Do they clean it?

    • They do clean and rake the beaches. It does depend on how much is coming ashore. Sometimes where there is a lot, it is better to wait until it all arrives and then clean. Normally though it is a daily task.

    • That beach is just off our map to the north. The beach normally is pretty good and gets less amounts of seaweed because the form of the beach.

  6. We are scheduled to stay at Valentin Imperial Riviera Mya June 2nd through June 8th. What are the beaches condition and is there a smell. What alternative would we have if the beaches are a 4?

    • Hello Sandra

      If the beaches are not good there, there will not be any beaches close by that will be good to visit. You best alternative is a day trip to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. The eco parks of Xel Ha and Xcaret have protected beaches and can be a great fun day.

  7. We are planning on staying at the Royal Haciendas this next week but the map seems to stop just short of this area with the seaweed plots. Can you tell me how bad it is in that area please? Thanks in advance!

    • This beach is normally not that bad but if you go to their website, you can see a webcam. It does not look good right now.

  8. Hi, we are staying at the Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya starting May 31st. This is north of PDC. Does anyone know the seaweed status in and near this resort. We are thinking about changing our stay to the Isla Mujures area. Thanks! -Jason

    • Hello Jason

      The beaches now are not that good and you have a much better chance of good beaches on North beach in Isla Mujeres. The beaches there the other day were perfect.

  9. How is the smell in Playa Del Carmen city now? Wondering if we should change our hotel which is near Coco Bongo. I get really sick with smells. Thanks in advance !

    • It can blow into town. Coco Bongo Area is a little elevated and it does depend if you are past 10th Avenue. If so, you should be fine. If you are between 10th and the beach you might want to change hotels.

  10. I’m thinking of staying at Catalonia royal tulum from June 11th until the 15th, how bad do you think it will be?

    • Hello Jay

      In general the beaches are not in good shape. However Catalonia Tulum is near Xpu Ha Beach and parts of that beach have been clear when others are covered in seaweed. So you should be able to have some places to go swimming. The beach is walkable along the large bay area that is the location of your hotel. The food is pretty good for the price of that hotel. WE hope you enjoy.

  11. Hello, we are going to zamas on june 7-14. How bad is the beach for swimming in that area? Can you please help with advice? Thank you!

    • Today in Tulum the water was brown and not great. It is a week away, so things can change, but overall the coast has not been very good lately.

    • We last saw a photo from the 25th of this month and it was very bad. The hotel cleans it but it has come in pretty heavy. That was the last update we had from that hotel. Normally hotels in the Hotel Zone on the north end have better beaches, but those resorts are smaller.

  12. We are staying at Sensimar Resort Riviera Maya end November, will this be OK at that time of year?

    • The winter months tend to be better and sometimes there are no issues. It is hard to predict what this fall will be like though. It is like asking if it will snow in November in New York. It is nature and there are only historical guidelines to go on.

    • It is very hard to predict what it will be like since it floats in the ocean and depends on currents. The summer tends to be heavier with seaweed but the Hard Rock does have some natural barriers and rocks that blocks some of the seaweed.

      • What is the Hard Rock like currently? I read an issue with the smell surrounding it, is that an issue?

        • We have not been personally to the resort lately, but the build up of seaweed from recent amounts can cause some smell.

  13. How is the sea weed on the east side of Cozumel around Chen Rio? We will be there June 23rd.

  14. What is the time of the year that the sargassum problem starts along the Maya Rivera? Would like if possible a ballpark estimate as we plan on going to Puerto Morelos in April of 2020 for two weeks towards the middle of the month.Thank you.

    • Starting in mid April the waters start warming up and this makes the sargassum grow faster. There is no predicting it, but often starts to get worse around this time period.

    • It will depend a little on where you are staying. Certain beaches are better than others. There is a chance of good beaches though. We just have to see how nature is serving it up in July.

  15. Hi! We’re scheduled to stay at Grand Hyatt resort… Can you tell us How bad is the seaweed?

    • Currently the waves are calm and the beach is in much better shape than the past few weeks. We don’t know when you are coming. It does change daily and weekly.

  16. Thanks for this info its helpful. Do you know what its like around the iberostar parasio del mar? We are going the end of July.

    • Hello Marie

      The beaches this weekend are in much better shape than the past few weeks. This can change daily and weekly so there is no predicting the end of July.

      • Thank you for your reply – Ill message you nearer the time, hopefully you will have some good news!

    • Hello Claudine

      The beach here is one of the better beaches It is more remote on both sides of the front of this beach. The one beach club near there is one that hotels send guest when the seaweed is bad in the downtown, so that is a good sign that this area is one that gets less seaweed. We hope you have a nice trip down. Let us know if you need anything else.

    • Directly in front they have been a little better because the barrier is there but still a little rocky. We have never really liked this resort because the beaches are not that good. The south side tends to be one of the beached that collects a lot of seaweed due to the shape of the bay. The beaches in front of Playacar are much nicer.

  17. We are planning yo go yo sandos caracol eco resort end of July. Anybody know how the situation is there?

    • Which one are you referring to? The Royal is decent while to Panama Jack or aka Porto is not that great because the shape of the beach and erosion.

  18. Hello will be staying at the reef 28 and have access to the reef playa car and coco beach. I also understand there is a beach 2 blocks from reef 28. Any insight on seaweed near these properties? Thanks

    • Well, Mamita Beach is just down from the Reef 28 and as you see on our map, it is one of the beaches that is usualy the most clear of seaweed. The Reef Club in Playacar also is one that tends to be more clear. That beach is also a little more tranquil, so you have two options that are both good.

    • Your article is so informative. We haven’t booked yet but are thinking of November or December at riu Playacar and with it being in Zone 1, we should be OK? I know you can’t predict anything, but just hoping because it being a winter month and in the zone we will be OK

      • Hello Shirley

        You do have a better chance of the beaches being nice and not having seaweed at that time.

  19. Hi, We are staying at Azul Beach Resort next week. What scale would this resort be on with the seaweed situation?

    • This beach is normally one of the better ones. It not on a bay and the hotel does work hard to clean the beaches.

  20. What about the platinum Yucatan princess hotel… his is the beach the hotel sits on? Thanks in advance

    • This beach is medium. It is not a wide beach. It is not the worst beach since it is not in a bay.

  21. Have a trip booked to Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun in December… any idea how that beach is looking?

    • Well December is a long way off and the seaweed is not easy to predict. It is like asking if it will snow in New York on December 12th-18th. However, winter months tend to be better and less seaweed and Maroma area is a wide stretch of beach that is normally not that badly effected.

  22. Hello, I’m going to be staying with my extended family in a rented home possibly one block from the beach located in Playacar on the approx on Bahia del Espiritu Santo street. It says on your map that this is Playa Phase 1 Beach, Level 1, which mean less seaweed area.
    Would you suggest renting a house away from the beach with a pool on the roof? Will the beach smell at Playa Phase 1 Beach, Level 1 and make staying in a home on the beach a terrible experience?

    • Hello Jennifer

      That is a good question and good to think about. The price you pay for beachfront is the view and some of the homes are very nice with patios and views. The beach has some erosion sometimes and this can lead the water coming close to some house. If there is some seaweed on the beach it can smell. A sure guarantee it a house with rooftop and views of the ocean. It might even be cheaper or rent a nicer house a block back for the same price as beachfront.

  23. Hello! We will be visiting Villa Sara in a week of two – it seems its near Playa Mia Grand Beach Park – any idea what the seaweed situation is there? Thank you!

    • Hello Pamela

      This is on the west side of Cozumel and normally there is no issue with seaweed here. We have not been in this area this week to confirm that but normally this is an area not affected.

    • Hello Les

      This weekend it is very nice and not much of an issue. The beach is also much wider now. The thing is, it is hard to predict. We were there when it was not perfect. The beach area is a little deeper with trees and sitting back from the beach still gave you shade and breeze and it was nice even though we did not get in the water. There are also nice pools there. You can see the photos of the resort and video in our article. We took these photos and video when the beach was not prefect, but as you can see, it is still a nice time. https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/mahekal/

  24. the seaweed collected up and down the coast is moved inland to landfills that then rots and contaminates the soil,air and fresh underground water table,there is a company in Puerto Morelos that makes 100% recyclable and biodegradable building products,why are they still pilling at dump site? No funding to save the environment,ocean & communities

    • The beach is very nice this week. In general, as you see from our map, Playacar beaches are ones of the better ones.

  25. Thanks for your article and up to date information. We were planning on taveling in a couple of weeks and staying at the Viceroy Riviera Maya for 3 nights. How is the water and beach area right now? thanks!

    • Hello Tiffany

      This week it has been very nice and very light seaweed coming ashore. We hope you have a good vacation.

  26. Thank you very much for the article it was very informative. I have booked my trip for Panama Jack for October. My husband & I stayed at Panama Jack in Cancun a couple of times and absolutely love the resort, the beach etc. That prompted myself and several friends, to book the Panama Jack in Playa Del Carmen. It’s disheartening to know the beach there is not that great but hopefully it won’t be full of seaweed when I get there. I will be checking this site frequently between now and then, just for info since the trip is already booked. My family stayed at Xcaret in January but as you know not really a beach there. thank you

    • Hello Kerry

      The Panama Jack Resort in Playa does have one of the least fortunate beaches in Playa Del Carmen. One side is sort of a bay where seaweed can collect and there is erosion and the front side is rocky. There are much nicer beaches in Playacar. That is just how it is.

    • Hello Ryan

      Most of it is trucked away to the forest and dumped. Some of it gets buried in the sand, but this is not great because if it gets exposed to the water again the seeds grow more seaweed. One company is taking the seaweed and making paper products with it. That is about all that is being done with it.

    • The beach here is generally more on the good side. The beach is not a bay or anything where the seaweed collects.

    • The beaches are really not that good there. The front beach has rocks and the side beach has erosion. On the side it collect seaweed more that other beaches. Winter months are usually better but there are other resorts that are in better shape.

    • It is not strictly a seasonal thing and does depend on currents. In general this beach is decent. Of course conditions can change daily. That is why we wrote this guide to some of the local beaches as to what beaches generally have less seaweed.

    • This resort is off the map to the north. We mainly focused on Playa Del Carmen and the immediate area. Where your hotel is, the beach is flat and not a bay. It is often a medium range beach.

  27. you did not answer my question. Where would it be located between what major hotels? For your information, this hotel is situated in Playa Del Carmen. Also what do you mean by medium range beach?

    • This hotel is located between The Fives and Grand Velas. Both of which are not in the city of Playa Del Carmen. Your hotel is outside of the limits of town and in the area between Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Morelos. By medium range beach, we mean is about in the middle between a beach that normally gets a lot and a beach that normally gets a little.

  28. Hi – I just read all the comments. Coming in Feb 2020 – have reservations at The Elements and the El Taj. I am really bummed. Thoughts?

    • Both of these beaches generally have more seaweed than the other beaches. You can always see how the situation is close to the time of your arrival and see what the cancelation policy is. You can also ask the owners for photos of the beach, as we are sure good owners will share what the conditions are.

    • That beach is pretty nice. Right now almost all the beaches are in very good condition. They are in the best shape in years!

    • Hello Laura

      It is impossible to predict that far in the future but what we can tell you is the beaches have been in good condition since October. The beach has lost some
      Size over past years.

  29. Hello, we are staying at the Paradisus La Esmerelda, we love the beach compared to a pool. How is the seaweed at that beach. We will be arriving next week.

    • The beaches have been fairly clear since October. That beach does collect more that other beaches. We have not been by this week to take a look exactly at this beach.

  30. Can we get an update for June 2020 on the seaweed beaches ? I have a trip planned in Oct 2020 and would love to know if the seaweed situation is still the same as in the map. Thanks for the great website ! Lots of great tips !

    • Hello Melissa

      Currently the beaches are in very good shape. The last storm Cristobal washed a lot of seaweed up, but that only cleaned the ocean out and once on the beaches, it was removed. Since this year is looking to be better than the past 5 years. So, so far so good. It is impossible to predict for October but we will keep you updated. The map is always correct what areas get more because of the form of the shoreline.

  31. Hi, we want to visit bahia principe grand coba, Riu Tequila playacar or Grand riviera princess next week, how is the current situation there with seaweed? Do you recommend to book a trip in october/november or now?

    • Right now it is much better than a week ago. The beach in front of Playacar is often one of the better beaches. The Grand Riviera Princess beach tends to collect more seaweed. You can probably enjoy your time here next week. October tends to have more rain, November is usually very nice weather and not too hot.

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