Coralina Beach Club Review

Coralina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Pool area of Coralina Beach Club

Coralina Beach Club is a little different than other beach front clubs in Playa Del Carmen. This is considered a “daylight club”. Here is our review.

How best to describe Coralina Beach Club

Coralina Daylight Club takes notes from places like Ibiza, Spain where they started the party early and enjoy DJ’s and a club like atmosphere only this time when the sun is out. People do like to have a good time during the day and this is kind of a new concept for Playa Del Carmen. For a while younger people have enjoyed Mamitas Beach club because the music and it was a place to see and been seen. Now Coralina has upped the game and created a beach club that is less about being in the sand and more about being near the pool and drinking with friends while listening to electronica and dance music.

Coralina beach club features several sections to visit in the club. There are private tent areas that you can rent for a more luxurious and private affair complete with champagne buckets. You can see them below.

Coralina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Private cabins at Coralina

There is a restaurant area with seating. They offer sushi, light eating, sandwiches, and few large entrees.

Coralina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Restaurant area at Coralina Beach Club

The beach is between Kool Beach Club and the Grand Hyatt. Like we mentioned it is less about the beach and more about being near the pool and music.

Coralina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
The view of the Caribbean from Coralina Beach Club

In addition to these areas there is a pool that is ‘L” shaped. It is about 3 feet or one meter deep and comfortable to hangout with friends. You do get good views of the Caribbean from the pool and deck.

Prices at Coralina Beach Club

There are per person consumption minimums. These start at 500 pesos and go up into the 1,000’s for the premium beach beds and cabin areas. If you are planning a day here you can drink and eat that much but it is more then other beach clubs.

Here are some sample food prices. Sushi 120 pesos-235 pesos. Sandwiches 120 pesos-235 pesos. Entrees 210 pesos-550 pesos. Cocktails are  about 100 pesos-110 pesos. Sodas, juices and water 40 pesos. And for you big spenders they do have bottles of Champagne 2,500 pesos-20,000 pesos.

Recommendations and Review

This club is not going to be for everyone. This is not where you go and get a chair to sit by the beach for a quiet day to yourself. It likely will cater to people ages 22-38 that also go out at night. If you go here make sure to take your Prada and Gucci because everyone else will be wearing it. It is a place to be seen and see others. Enjoy the atmosphere here and music and if this place is too over the top then try Mamitas Beach Club.

Tip: There is a maximum occupancy for the club and they do enforce it. Often times on the weekend they fill up and do not let people in. You can make reservations by calling 984-134-2249.


Open Monday-Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm

Where is Coralina Beach Club and directions

Coralina Beach Club is on the Grand Hyatt property in the northeast corner. To access the club you can walk down 26th Street to the end and there is a sidewalk entrance to the club. You also can walk in from the beach. The best way is from 28th Street and walk to the right about one block. You will see the red umbrellas.

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Have you been to Coralina Daylight Club? What did you think? We would love to hear your comments below.

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  1. I like this place and we have been twice but it’s changing a lot. They are trying to turn it more into a “club”, if you go into the front expect to wait up to 10 minutes until a host arrives to walk you back, they have metal fences around their beach area (I looks like a Hungarian refugee fence), consumption minimums have almost doubled since August, even when it isn’t close to being at capacity.

    • Thank you for your views on this Club. We keep an eye on it every time we pass and see how it is doing. It will be interesting to see how the beach club goes.

  2. hola buenas tarde
    queria perdir informes aver si se puede reservar un camastro o algo para semana santa para 5a7 personas y que incluye y todo eso
    y como se hace la reservación

  3. Do you think you will add a video to your article here for Coralina beach club? I think it will help people see what it is like and a music selection would be good. I found your site on YouTubeand I like your informative videos.

    • Hello. We are glad you found our site. We would like to make a video at Coralina. We have emailed the management several times but they have not responded. We like to work with businesses but often when we do not hear back we just move on to the next article or business that lets us come in and take photos and video. It is a shame that Coralina has not gotten back to us because we have had people wanting to book with them. Maybe one day they will get back to us.

  4. I cannot believe how snobbish the management is at this club. they think it is all that and charge ridiculous prices for a bed. Half the people they just let in to look good and they charge double for everyone else. This club is a rip off and they need new management. (The music can stay though, that was good). I am going to Mamitas from now on.

  5. I walked by today and it looked pretty tame at the club, must be the off season. My friends in Playa say they don’t go here because they treat you like trash if you don’t buy a prime beach bed. I guess they are suffering since not too many locals go in the low season.

  6. My friends and I walked over to Coralina on a Monday afternoon place was dead we just wanted One drink and check the place out. We were stopped by security standing one step above us and waited for Melissa the hostess who told us it was 500 pesos per person. LOL it was Monday and it was dead! can’t believe they wouldn’t let us come in for just one drink! If I was her manager I would’ve let us in! It’s not the money I can spend that all day long it’s the treatment!

    • Thank you for your comments about Coralina Beach Club. It is god to hear a on the ground report of what it was like.

    • We went to check this venue out and was not really impressed. It seemed like we were not treated the best because we were not dumping money out. We were however going to be possibly booking a party there. They will not be getting our business. I wish management was better.

  7. This club has good music but we don’t like the way the staff treats people. It is all about showing off and taking selfies. I mean cant there be just a cool beach club with a dj and people can enjoy the sun?

  8. I loved Coralina Beach club. I was there last week and had a blast. Good dj and good place to hang with friends.

  9. This beach club is for total snobs and they make you feel like a nobody unless you pay $300 for a bed. That is USD. Ridiculous prices and half the time nobody is there. We were in Playa Del Carmen for one week and after walking by this club several times, we decided to check it out. First off the security was rude and made us feel like “What are you doing here? You don’t belong here” sort of attitude. I know usually that attitude goes to people that don’t have money or look a certain way but my girlfriend and I are not exactly bad looking and have a following of 34k followers in our Instagram account. We asked if we could sit by the pool and then they gave us the prices for everything and it was crazy. We only had a drink and left. The drink was nothing special. I wrote later to complain but nothing. Bad management. I hope this place reaps what it has sown and closes.

  10. Corolina is about how you described it. It is like a club in the day. Full of people that want to party so not for people that want to lay in private bed and sleep by the beach. They are set up to service people that want to drop a lot of money and they don’t really make it appealing to locals.

  11. Go to Coralina if you want to cheat on your man and get busted in photos and be a dumbass. I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about.

  12. Also there is a good view and small pool it is overpriced for what it is. Cannot believe the marketing of this place.

  13. Have you ever considered about adding a video like you have in some of your other articles? That would be a good promotion of Coralina Beach Club. Video tells so much more then just an article. Thanks

    • Hello Francine

      We would love to go by and make a video but the company is not open to having us come there. so we cannot tell you much more about this beach club other then what is on our website. It is a shame because so many people ask us questions about this club. Maybe their marketing department will get in touch with us one day.

  14. Coralina is way over priced unless you like getting treated like a lowlife at a club this place is for you. The staff keeps asking if you want to buys something wiping things and you cannot just relax here. Service is nice but they have to know how to do it. Not overkill to the point of not being able to go8 minutes without a question. I would rather go to a roof top pool like The Palm because it is nicer and not so overpriced.

  15. Woah! Coralina is a place that is dependent on the weather. This week it has been dead and boring. We left because we did not want to spend the money there.

  16. I think a lot of the reviews here sum up this beach club. Locally it is know as very mismanaged. Most locals prefer Canibal Royal or Mamitas Beach Club.

  17. I went to Coralina club and thought it would be fun. It was such a poser crowd. I think most people got in just to take photos of themselves there. Not worth the money. We went to Mamitas the next day and had more fun there.

  18. I much prefer Canibal Royal or Mamitas beach clubs. Coralina is to pretentious. Coralina is like Martina with red umbrellas.

  19. This is the beach club to go to in Playa del Carmen if you want to spend a lot of money and hang out with people that are fakers and wananbees. The security acts like this club is heaven to get into and then you get charged a lot.

  20. Hey! I went to Corolina but like the space more at Mamitas beach club VIP area. There is more room and less attitude. Plus it is less expensive.

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