Ultimate Beach Club Guide to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen Beach Clubs

Ultimate Beach Club Guide to Playa Del Carmen

Everyone likes to go to the beach in Playa Del Carmen. You might want to just go and sit on a towel, but you can also visit some of the beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen. These beach clubs will offer you chairs, bathrooms, food and drink service and more. Spending the day at a beach club can make for a nice relaxing time. Here is the guide to all the beach clubs along the coast and what they are like so you can find the right one for you.

The List of Playa Del Carmen Beach Clubs from South to North

These are the major beach clubs along the front of Playa Del Carmen. There are some small ones and some that often do not have the best beach. So, the list below should give you enough choices to choose from.

Tips: Remember that in high and low season prices and polices change. We try to mention prices in the individual articles for each beach club. Sometimes you can just pay consumption at a beach club and get free use of a chair or beach bed. Some of the larger beach clubs will charge per person or for the beds. Remember, if you don’t feel welcome at one beach club there are more to choose from.

Each beach club has a different vibe or feel. Some beach clubs are more popular with young people, and some are popular with people seeking a chill day at the beach. We hope you can find what you are looking for in this list.

Senor Frogs

This beach club is just south of the Cozumel Ferry Pier. The beach club has chairs, outdoor showers, bathrooms, and a restaurant. Senor Frogs is known for the cheesy factor but the beach here is no laughing matter. This is a nice beach, and it usually is not that crowded.

Soundset Beach Club

This is a new beach club in an old location. What used to be a local hangout along with beer and ceviche is now the SoundSet Beach Club. This beach club is a little more music oriented and has some events. For more about this beach club, see their Facebook page here

Inti Beach Club

What was more of a yoga center, this now is a chill beach club and restaurant. Bathrooms and showers are available here. Inti Beach is tucked back from the beach and has a smaller feel to it. For more about Inti Beach see our article here.

 Beach Clubs Playa Del Carmen
The interior of Inti Beach Club.


Right in the middle of Playa Del Carmen at 10th Street is Zenzi. During the day this beach club offers low laying beds and a restaurant. At night this is a spot to enjoy the beachfront restaurant.

Lido beach Club

Midsized beach club with beach bar and food service.

El Taj Beach Club

On 14th Street and the beach is El Taj. This beach club has nice umbrellas and a relaxed atmosphere. There is a restaurant as well here.

Coralina Daylight Club

Coralina is described as a nightclub in the daytime and that is about accurate. This is more of a see and be seen beach club. If you like a club with a DJ and pool, then you might like here. Beach chairs and beds are available along with bottle service and high-end services. See our article about Coralina and you might note the reviews at the end. Many readers give this beach club low scores.

Kool Beach Club

This is a large beach club with a lot of chairs. There is a small pool and restaurant here.

Mamitas Beach Club

Perhaps the most popular beach club in Playa Del Carmen, Mamita’s Beach Club is the popular club with young people and people that want a lively atmosphere. There are many beach beds and chairs available in the inner courtyard of this beach club there is a pool that offers a different feel then on the beach. Most of the time at Mamitas there is lounge/chill/electronic music paying. To read more about Mamitas Beach Club see our article here.

 Beach Clubs in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Mamitas Beach Club

Martina Beach Club

This beach club is on the north end of Playa Del Carmen and has a decent amount of beach beds. There is bar and food service here. You can read more about this beach club in our article and also read reviews from readers. This beach club often gets negative comments.

Mandarino Beach Club

This is a new beach club in the area. It is a calmer beach club with food service. It provides a nice contrast to Martina Beach Club since that is a little louder and youthful. For more information see their website here.

Mandarino Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
The new Mandarino Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen.

Cocoa Beach Club

UPDATE: This Beach club is now closed. This is a small and casual place by Punta Esmeralda. This is just past the Paradisus Hotels on the beach access road. Here you can find a food truck with basic seafood tacos and a few beach chairs. What makes this place so interesting is the more remote location and just casual vibe. 

Beach Club Map for Playa Del Carmen


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What is your favorite beach club in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

Beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen
The beach in front of Playa Del Carmen

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  1. Are these open to the public? or is there entrance fee to enter into these beach clubs? We are planning to visit playa del carmen in 2 months

    • Hello Paulo

      The beach clubs are all open to the public. Each one has different cost. Some allow you to use the beach chairs if you order food or drinks. Some have a minimum consumption and they let you use the beach beds ad chairs. Others have a upfront fee that they charge you and you can consume or not consume anything if you so choose. There are a variety of beach clubs and we try to describe each one so you can ick one that fits what you are looking for. We hope you have a great time here in Playa Del Carmen. We have hundreds of other articles on our site. You can use the search box for topics and always you can send us a message like this if you need further information.

  2. mamitas beach club, hi how much would it cost to hire this place for a private bbq for 25 people, on the 4th june 2019, from 4-6pm, guests will buy own drinks, can you send me a bbq food buffet menu and the cost of hiring this venue for meal and wedding toasts

    • Hello Kerri

      We were just at Mamitas this week and checking out the VIP area. There are several sections to this area including an upper level area with space for 25 persons. We will forward your info to the sales department of Mamitas. From there they can help you with all the information you need. Thanks so much for reading our website and asking your question.

    • Hello Lori

      Yes many beach clubs are good for children. We would recommend Wah Wah because there is a casual atmosphere and large beach for the kids to play. This beach is by second street.

    • Most beach clubs do not allow you to bring outside drinks because they expect to sell you them in exchange for a free chair to use or subsidized rental price.

  3. Hello, what’s a nice beach club for a couple in their late twenties that’s more so relaxed and laid back, trying to go on the opposite feel of Mamitas

  4. Hi. We like to do a little farewell party in a beachclub for around 10people the 20th or 21st of November 2019. Doesnt need to be fancy but it has to have music. Can you recommend a place. Thx

    • Hello

      Inti Beach could be a good place. It is more intimate and a good place to have a party. The music, you can talk to them about options or just use the provided music.

    • Mamitas has a special pool for kids that is nice. All beach clubs are kid friendly, but Mamitas might be your best option.

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