Mamitas Beach Club- Playa Del Carmen’s Most Popular and Trendy Place in the Sun

Mamitas Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Mamitas Beach Club

Mamitas Beach Club is possibly the hottest spot to go to during the day in Playa Del Carmen. It sits in the middle of Playa Del Carmen in the trendy neighborhood just about three blocks from 5th Avenue. If you want to be with the ” in crowd” and “jet set party scene” then this is your place. This beach was listed as the best beach in Playa Del Carmen on our top 5 list of best beaches for good reason. Let’s see what Mamitas Beach Club all is about.

Playa Del Carmen is not a fisherman’s village anymore and once you visit here you will see they are putting Playa Del Carmen on the map as a first-class destination for people that like to party and relax on vacation. Move over Ibiza, Playa Del Carmen has arrived!

Mamitas Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

What makes Mamitas Beach Club so cool?

  1. Wide white sand beach with nice ocean view.
  2. Beach chairs, umbrellas and beach beds available.
  3. VIP pool and bed area
  4. Chill lounge/electronica music playing.
  5. Waiter service that includes food and drinks.
  6. Club house with sit down restaurant, bathrooms and outdoor showers.
  7. Glamorous and fit people from all over the world that appreciate all the things above.

Let’s talk prices at Mamitas Beach Club

Beach chairs, beds and umbrella rental

  • Kit 2 beach sun beds and 1 umbrella >$200 pesos (2 persons max.)
  • Kit 2 beach sun beds and 1 umbrella >$500 pesos (2 persons max., includes $300 pesos for food and beverages)
  • Extra beach sun bed > $100 pesos (per person)
  • Small beach bed >$2,200 pesos (2 persons max., includes $2,000 pesos for food and beverages)
  • Large beach bed >$3,200 pesos (6 persons max., includes $3,000 pesos for food and beverages)
  • Extra bracelet > $10 pesos (per person)


Family pool area prices

  • Kit 2 beach sun beds and 1 umbrella >  $500 pesos (2 persons max., includes $300 pesos for food and beverages)
  • Lounge area > $700 pesos (6 persons max., includes $500 pesos for food and beverages)


VIP lounge area prices

  • Kit 2 beach sun beds and 1 umbrella >$1,800 pesos (2 persons max., includes $1,500 pesos for food and beverages)
  • VIP beds >$3,500 pesos (6 persons max., includes $3,000 pesos for food and beverages) 
  • Extra bracelet > $50 pesos (per person)

Mamitas Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Food Menu and Drink Prices at Mamitas

You have to consider the luxury of being at the beach and having everything brought to you when thinking about prices. Compared to restaurants they are 5th Avenue prices and tend to be on the higher end. This is not for people that want to go to the beach every day or those that live here year-round. It is more of a relaxing special day at the beach.

Here are some sample prices off the menu.


Salads= 90-145 pesos

Ceviche=115-365 pesos

Chicken sandwich =145 pesos

Hamburger=185 pesos



Lemonade=35 pesos Small

1 Lt Evian Water =90 pesos

Beers=15-60 pesos

Red Bull=55 pesos

Most cocktails=120 pesos

Breakfast at Mamitas Beach Club Restaurant

If you like getting up early in the day, Mamitas has a great breakfast right on the beach. In fact, it is one of our favorite places in Playa for breakfast. Here is our article about what breakfast is like at Mamitas.

breakfast at Mamitas Beach Club
Mamitas Beach Club for breakfast.

Other things about Mamitas


Open 9am-6pm Monday -Sundays.

Credit cards accepted.

Where is Mamitas Beach Club?

Mamitas is located at 28th Street and the beach. As you reach the beach it is on the left. Parking is available in paid lot. There is very limited on street parking due to the popularity of the area.

Your Vacation

So if you are coming to Playa Del Carmen and want a lounge/chill place to hang out during the day and you don’t mind paying for the services they offer, then this is your place to come to. If you have the umbrellas, you can move around and have sun and shade all day. In the beds there are curtains that can block or allow as much sun as you care to have.

Happy beach day everyone!

Mamitas Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen MexicoIf you are looking for other beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen, here is our guide to all of them and a map.
Have you been to Mamitas Beach Club before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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    • Hello Lauren
      We do not think you can reserve in advance. You can check directly with them though. Usually there is enough unless you arrive later in the afternoon like 2 or 3pm. The pool area is less taken and can be quieter. So make sure you check that option as well.

  1. I am at mamita’s today, and they charged me 100 pesos for the chair last 100 pesos or an umbrella 200 pesos. I was told that is the price now and that the 30 Was an old price. Not quite the good deal I thought it was going to be. Maybe I was given the gringo price. Does anyone know whether they were being straight with me or not?

    • We have updated our article with the same prices that Mamitas Beach Club has on their website. Thank you for the message. Sorry our article was not up to date.

  2. sorry for the typos I am in the bright side right now. so anyway, it was 200 pesos to get in Which included a chair and an umbrella. Does anyone know if this is the correct price?

    • Hello. We are not Mamitas, only a website that wrote about them. But we can say that there are not that many vegetarian options. If you want a beach club and vegetarian you might try Inti Beach Club between 4th and 6th Street.

  3. 1>Can i get my own drinks including alcohol and just rent chairs and possibly buy food
    2> is the rental with in and out previledges?

    • There is not outside drinks of food allowed. You must purchase it there. Most people come and stay there. They take your chair and tag it. So if you leave and come back it might take some explanation. So it is easier to plan your day there and leave when you are ready.

  4. Thanks so much for your on-target reports! They’ve enhanced our vacation immensely. ONE IMPORTANT WORD OF CAUTION AT MAMITAS- My wife and I had lunch recently, two meals and a couple of drinks. The service was slow, the food was ok, but we were there primarily for the beach, chairs, and access to drinks. Immediately after lunch, we went to get chairs and they refused to give us credit for the lunch we just ate. We presented our receipt to the manager and he shrugged and refused to give us a credit as well. We were pissed, went next door to Kool, and paid the fee which is credited for food in about five good restaurants around town. The folks at Kool also said the credit would be good for more than one day. Be careful not to eat before you find out about the credits. ALSO, find out how long the credits are good for, and how many restaurants accept the credit. Enjoy!!

  5. Will be traveling to playa in a couple weeks. Staying very close to the Mamatis BC. Does the club offer week passes? If so what would be the price?


    • We have never seen any week passes. We would assume it is the same price as a daily visit there.

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