Martina Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen

Martina Beach Club

Martina Beach Club is one of the newer oceanfront clubs in Playa Del Carmen. This beach club is on the north end of Playa and has a little more space and less crowd if you are looking for something a little more tranquil at the beach.

The vibe is clubby with deep house, funk and chill music. The music is not overly loud and you can sit near or far from the music depending on your preference.

One nice thing about this club being on the north end of town is the availability of more on street parking (pay at the meters). Try parking near Mamitas Beach Club, it is really hard!

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Beach chairs at Martina Beach Club.

Prices of beach beds and chairs at Martina

Beach chairs are 100 pesos and beds are 500 pesos. Although prices change by season. Often in high season prices go up. 

Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Beach beds and beach chairs at Martina Beach Club.

Food and Drinks on the menu

Martina has a full bar. Here are some sample prices.

  • Cocktails 100 plus pesos.
  • Beer 55-65 pesos.
  • Shots 60-95 pesos.
  • There is also bottle service here.

From the food menu here are some sample prices.

  • Plate of tacos 95-120 pesos.
  • Tostadas 95-145 pesos.
  • Burritos 90 pesos.
  • Seafood cocktails 215 pesos.
Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Shrimp ceviche.


Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Shrimp burrito.


Martina is open 10:00am-6:00pm daily.

Where is Martina Beach Club?

This beach club is on the north end of Playa Del Carmen. If you go down CTM Avenue (aka 46th Street) to the beach it is just to your right.

For other beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen, see our guide here.

Have you been to Martina Beach Club before? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. What’s your aim in terrorizing the entire neighborhood with ear piercing noise almost 24h??? You’re not even attracting people to come to your place. You’re place is the opposite of a nice relaxing beach bar! It’s really a shame because it could be.

    • Hello and thank you for your comments. It might be good if you contact them directly with your issues with Martina Beach Club. This is an article on our website about the business.
      When we were there we did ask them about the noise from special events like Electric Playa concert. It is a new beach club and the residents have been there longer and are not used to having concerts on their front steps. It will be interesting over time how this beach club develops. As it is now, there is another one going in on the other side of Martina Beach club.
      We suggest you post your concerns on their Facebook page.

  2. The owners dont care about the neighbors
    They blast that shit noise (its not music) all day long
    The place is empty
    The beach is filthy and smells like a septic tank

  3. Martina Beach Club has space but often the beach there is not the best and the management is young and not educated to how to treat tourist. The music is often too loud and food not the best. It seems like they just through up a sign and put out some chairs and called it a beach club. Even the tiny pool they built is junky and useless.

  4. We rent a condo not too far from Martina Beach Club. They are so loud with junky music and a really dirty club I am surprised that anyone goes there. I am not talking about BPM there, just a regular day. I hope that some of the real estate developers that are building all the expensive condos realize that this will drive people away and that this club should change.

  5. Martina needs do more then loud music to be a beach club. The food is barely passable and the beach stinks. This rented space should be returned to a natural area to protect the beach.

  6. Maybe this beach club will run dry now that the mayor has suspended all the festivals for a security issues. This beach club thrives on the hard core music parties that drive the neighbors mad. Good riddance.

  7. This beach club, if you will call it that is going downhill since it’s inception. Not really good management and not much to offer that loud loud music. Maybe they should focus on the beach and clean it up.

  8. I really don’t know why people go to this beach club. I think it is only friends of the management that go there. I think it is only time before this club fails.

  9. In the case of annoying thing in Playa Del Carmen this beach club is up there on the list. The music it too loud and they do not care about the community they are near to. If anyone I buying a property near to Martina Beach club you need to listen to the music and then decide if you want to hear that all the time.

  10. We went to this beach club one day but there was nothing special about it except being close to our rental. The beach is not really good here and we went further south the other days. It was much better there.

  11. This is an old beach club, not great food or anything. If you want a little more upscale you can go next door to the Canibal Royal although the beach is bad now.

  12. As a concerned multi year returnee, who rents a condo nearby, ( about 1500 meters as the crow flies), I decided to walk by this beach club one evening, as the noise, even at 2000 meters away was annoying. I can’t imagine the poor condo owners within the 1st. 500 – 1000 meters of this so called beach club. At 1st., I thought of speaking to management, but it became evident to me, that the goal of this club, is to attract the lowest common denominator in our society. It’s there primarily as a gathering place for unsavoury individuals and activities, that reach into the bowels of human misery. I am not against having fun and socializing, but believe me, this is not a place that you would be proud to say, your sons and daughters had been parsons of. Also after speaking to a significant number of condo owners nearby, the general consensus was, that the owners of this beach club could care less about nearby neighbours, were in fact, knowingly attracting people who were not positive pillars in our society to say the least, thereby causing many owners to now put double door locks in their homes and compromising the safety of tourists and the general population of long term residents. Hopefully, the authorities in Playa Del Carmen will shut this place down. This club is a disaster and train wreck and in my opinion, if allowed to continue on this path, will result in a possible event compromising the safety of someone, resulting in tragedy.

  13. Article is wrong – club is loud and plays well into the night. You can hear the sub-woofer as far inland as Avenida 30. I purchased a condo a couple months before Martina opened because the Coco Beach neighborhood was quiet and residential. What a mistake. There is a neighborhood group who is complaining but let’s face it, these places are in business to sell drugs which, in Mexico, is no match for normal people. Can you spell A-C-A-P-U-L-C-O? Would advise anyone considering investing in Playa del Carmen to think twice –

    • This is a beach club but they have gotten permits for parties and events. BPM was held at this club as well as neighboring Canibal Royal Club in January 2017. In February Martina Beach Club had Arena Festival which played into the night.

  14. Not much of a beach club, just a club with LOUD noise. Not even music, just plain old loud subwoofer noise that can be heard 5 blocks away. We could not take that loud thumping noise after an hour and just left. It could be a good club if they just lower the volume. Louder is not better.

    • Thank you Mary we will look into this. One of the hard things to have current prices is because the prices go up in high season. Prices fluctuate often in Playa and it can also depend on who you ask on a certain day. Good beach clubs like Mamitas have published prices in their website so people know what is the current price de jour.

  15. Spent a day here on our first day in Playa, with my wife and college-age children, and we were very happy with the service and food. Typical beach club food, but the waiters were friendly and attentive, the area was tidy and the seats were comfortable. That being said, we won’t be going back, as later in the afternoon when the music got thumping I went to the restroom and was greeted by two nicely dressed men, who were definitely not there for the beach. They offered to sell me cocaine and stood by me while I used the restroom. I didn’t feel threatened, but they continued to ask me during my entire time in the restroom and I was uncomfortable enough to pack up my family and leave. The restaurant had to know what their intentions were as they are only a few feet from the bar and were hanging out just inside the bathroom door. I’m paying for a service that will keep my family fed and entertained without pressure from drug dealers.

  16. Honestly, I had a really good time during my visit to Martina in April of 2019. My two friends and I rented chairs next to the pool (yes, the music was loud, but we were expecting this. Our server was awesome and very attentive, the food was good and the other guests were fun. The people who are leaving bad reviews are doing so because this club is not their style, which is fine to have their own opinion, but my friends and I thought this place was clean, fun and worth the visit! (for the record, before anyone starts assuming that we are “young”, my friends and I range between the ages of 38 and 42).

  17. The club is very nice but a little more expensive than I thought from various reviews. I was only there in the morning from about 10 to 12. I did not eat there. The beach was quiet and beautiful and they kept it pretty clean. I was charged $160 pesos for my umbrella and lounge chair. Service was good after 11am or so (I had to get my drinks at the bar before then.). Price examples…A Tecate was (in pesos) $70, a margarita was $170, basil mojito $230, & a shot of Don Julio reposado was $195.

    • Thank you Ann for your comments. Prices do go up and down according to the season. The drink prices sound about right for a beach club that is not a basic one. Hopefully for the prices they are good quality.

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