The New and Reinvented Inti Beach in Playa Del Carmen

Beach club, restaurant and healthy lifestyle center.

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A veiw from one of the beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen.

The New and Reinvented Inti Beach in Playa Del Carmen

This was formerly known as Inti Holistic Center which focused more on  a healthy lifestyle. It is now transforming into a more open place as a beach club. The name has changed to Inti Beach and what was hidden or not really known by many, has not come to light as a great place to spend the day.

The beach club at Inti Beach

This beach club is tucked in and a little more private then other beach clubs along the front of Playa Del Carmen. There are beach chairs on the beach and the interior has terraced levels with seating. Palm trees dot the property and offer shade here as well as covered areas incase of inclement weather.

There is Wi-Fi here so even if you want to work at the beach, you can. This makes one of the places in Playa Del Carmen that you can enjoy a view and connect to the internet.

During to the low season there are promotions off the 500 peso consumption. During high season there is a 500 peso consumption charge.

Inti Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
The interior of Inti Beach Club.

The restaurant at Inti Beach

If you think this place is going to be like other beach clubs in the area, then think again. The food is good, healthy and well presented. Since this is a beachfront restaurant in Playa Del Carmen you can find this on our guide for this as well.

The menu and prices

  • Juices and smoothies 35-90 pesos.
  • Starters like guacamole or ceviches 90-235 pesos.
  • Salads 170-190 pesos.
  • Baguettes 130-145 pesos.
Inti Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Ceviche at Inti Beach Club.


Inti Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
Some menu items at Inti Beach.

Other services at Inti Beach

Massage at Inti Beach

Inti Beach is a nice place to get a massage because the atmosphere, and oh yeah, the sound of the ocean!

Prices for massage are:

  • Neck and back 30 minutes $20USD
  • Relaxing massage one hour $25 USD
  • Deep tissue massage one hour $40 USD
  • Therapeutic massage on hour $50 USD
    Inti Beach Club Playa Del Carmen
    Massage anyone? Beach sounds included!

    Inti Beach for dinner

Don’t forget to come at night here for dinner! This is also an excellent restaurant to sit and enjoy the  evening. You can see a little in our video below and in our article on Inti Beach for dinner here.


Where is Inti Beach in Playa Del Carmen?

Inti Beach is between 4th Street and 6th Street on the beach. The best way to access it is by walking down either of the streets and walking on the beach. If you are looking to drive here, check out our parking guide for Playa Del Carmen.

Would you like to read more about beach clubs in Playa Del Carmen? Here is our master list and map.

Have you been to Inti Beach Club? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!

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  1. I checked out this beach club based on your photos and review. It is a nice find and peaceful spot. Great hidden thing.

    • This means that if you consume 300 pesos of drinks and food, there is no other charge. It is a way of making sure that someone just does not come and have on 40 pesos juice and take up a beach chair for the day. Usually there is not big stink if it is close, it is just a policy to cover themselves.

  2. I just love Inti !!! When you want to eat really good food , right in front the ocean, super comfortable, looking really nice and they have good margaritas. I recommend the massage as well. Compare to other places around the beach, it’s really less noisy. It’s the first place I go when my vacation begins 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Fani. We agree with you. It is nice they have so many trees and it is tucked in from the beach. We are glad you found this place.

    • We just sent them a message and heard back from them. Yes they are family friendly. Just to note though, the area inside there are massages going on and kids would need to be quieter. The beach area is more open and no noise restriction.

    • Hello Angelica

      The massages are done outside. Some are by the beach and they also have a second level open air place that is more private.

  3. Curious if INTI beach is swimmable as we love to swim and trying to find a peaceful shady beach where you can swim. Thanks!

    • There is a rocky area directly in front of Inti beach right now but you can swim on either side. So it really is not an issue.

    • We will check for you on this. It is one of the issues in Playa with things changing so much and also changing for seasons.

  4. I am looking for a family friendly beach club in Playa del Carmen. We are two families with 18 month old toddlers who are going to the beach for the first time. So we nenes a nice beach, nice pool, nice area. Where do you suggest we could go?

    • You can show up and get seats. If you are going for dinner you can just go or check to make sure there is not an event or something just to be sure.

  5. Went there a couple of times we liked it so much and HIGHLY recommend!!!! The fish tacos were the best I’ve ever eaten and they make a great grand margarita at your table.

    • Hello Sara

      We are glad you had a good time and got the same treatment we got with the margaritas!

  6. Hello! I am travelling to Playa solo in April and looking for a beach club where i can relax on a lounger for the day with a book and enjoy some music food and drinks. Does Inti offer sun lounger hire? How does the pricing work? This place is appealing to me as the reviews are positive and they don’t seem to over charge for everything and have tourists on.

    • Hello Lottie

      This would be a good place to check out. Most of the time there is a minimum consumption. That is easy to do with lunch and a few drinks. It is a more quiet beach club and will give you some time on the beach with a book.

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