The unique and tropical Mahekal Beach Resort in Playa Del Carmen

Romantic Playa Del Carmen
Imaging waking up to this view with your loved one! This is a view from the Mahekal Resort.

The Mahekal Beach Resort

The Mahekal Beach Resort is a one-of-a-kind property in the center of Playa Del Carmen.  Because this resort is unique it gets a lot of repeat guests Here is a look at everything this resort has to offer and if it is perfect for your next stay.

Food and beverage at the Mahekal Beach Resort

This resort offers packages that includes two meals a day and of course if you wish, you can take all three meals at one of their restaurants. Most people book this resort with breakfast included and select between either lunch or dinner for their second included meal. This is a good plan since the resort property is just a short walk to 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, you have access to lots of wonderful restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

Restaurants at the Mahekal Beach Resort

  • Las Olas. This is a beachfront restaurant overlooking one of the pools. There is a buffet breakfast and lunch is served here.
  • Cocina Restaurant. This is a dinner only restaurant that has a small buffet and you order off the menu your main plate and dessert. See the photo below of what this restaurant looks like.
  • Fuego Restaurant. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch with an optional add price for dinner.

Bars at Mahekal

  • Fuego Restaurant has a bar.
  • Boli’s Bar. This is the main bar that also has pool tables, ping pong, TV’s and a library.
  • Itzi Bar which is next to one of the pools. They also serve snacks here.
  • The bar at Las Olas Restaurant. Open most of the day and is the perfect place to have a drink by the pool.

Besides these restaurants and bars there is also room service.

Inside of the Cocina Restaurant where you can have dinner at the Mahekal Beach Resort.

What the rooms are like at the resort

The rooms at Mahekal are another thing that make this resort different from many others in Playa Del Carmen. The rooms are designed like the original concept of this property. Back when Playa Del Carmen was a smaller town, this was a place with cabins by the beach. Today the lush property is conserved, and cabins are tucked into the tropical nature here.

Most of the cabins are two stories with one ground floor unit and one second floor unit. The rooms are simple and elegant. There are natural touches in the d├ęcor and en suite bathrooms. The rooms are air conditioned and also have ceiling fans. Each cabin has a porch area where they can hang hammocks for you to enjoy the gardens, nature and relaxing.

The rooms do not have TVs on purpose so guest can relax more and enjoy the time by the beach. There is wifi on the entire resort property.

The resort straddles 38th Street. Most of the resort is on the south side of 38th Street. A smaller part is on the north side. A boardwalk connects the two sides of this resort.

Inside one of the garden rooms.

Pools and beach of this resort

There are four pools at Mahekal. The main pool is just behind Fuego Restaurant and pictured below. The Itzi pool is near the beach and has a beach bar. On the back of the property is the jungle pool which is small and more secluded. Probably the most photographed pool is the Las Olas pool. This pool overlooks the ocean in front of the Las Olas Restaurant (and trust us, the view is better from inside the hotel rather than walking by).

The beach stretches the length of the property. Plenty of beach chairs and palapas for shade are available. What also makes this beach nice is the fact there are many palm trees. Between some of the trees you can find some hammocks to swing away those Caribbean days.

One of the pools at Mahekal Beach Resort.

The Revive Spa at Mahekal

Tucked into the lush grounds of the resort you will find the Revive Spa. This relaxing place is great to get away for a relaxing morning or afternoon. It can also be great if you are getting married on the property and want to have a fun group experience.

The Revive Spa offers massages, treatments, beauty services and packages. They also will do massages on the beach if you want to take in the sea breeze while having your massage. For more about the Revive Spa including photos, see our article here.

Revive Spa
The jacuzzi tub in the middle of the Revive Spa.

Where is Mahekal Resort?

Mahekal is in the middle of Playa Del Carmen just off 38th Street. The resort property lies between Mamitas Beach on 28th Street and 40th Street.


Who is this resort for? Our recommendations

There are only a few resorts in the limits of Playa Del Carmen that offer all-inclusive or part board. What makes Mahekal different is the lush grounds and small cabins that feel like relaxed Playa from years ago. This is not a modern glitzy resort with big marble lobby or rooms with all the gadgets. This resort is about being relaxed by the ocean, swinging in a hammock and enjoying you friends and family.

What makes this also a popular resort is the access to Playa Del Carmen’s center. Everything is close by, and you can shop, dine out and take a stroll and yet return to the tropical grounds and have two worlds in one vacation.

Both couples and families can enjoy this property. Adults can enjoy the spa, Fuego Restaurant for a nice dinner and pools with drinks. Children can enjoy the pools and beach of the resort.

Does this property look good for your next vacation?

Check prices and options for your next vacation here!

Thank you for reading our article about the Mahekal Beach Resort. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below and we will try to get back to you. 

Palms and beach in front of Mahekal.


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  1. Hola to Mexiko,

    Dear Ladies and Sirs,
    from the Mahekal Beach resort

    Please give me an information.

    If we book a stay in your nice Hotel, is there a possibility to storage our main luggage, if we would go for a few days Roundtrip to the Yucatan peninsula?

    Do you have a storage room, which we can use for this?

    Pls.let me know. It would be very nice of you

    Many thanks just now

    with the best regards


    • Hello Andreas

      This article is here on our website and is not read by the hotel. You will need to contact them and ask them your question. We hope you enjoyed our article and video about this resort in Playa.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the review. Can you specify more about the beachfront rooms and the seaweed situation? From the map I saw it seems bad.

    • There are a few beachfront rooms here. Most are over a hundred feet from the beach, so not right on the beach. The beach is next to Mamitas which is one of the more clear beaches. As you go north from Mahekal, the beach tends to collect more seaweed. It really depends though on how much is coming ashore. It is something that is unpredictable and can change week to week.

  3. Get website – thank you! I have 3 questions I hope you can help with.
    1 we have breakfast only – how are the lunch and dinner options at the lower price points?
    2. We are coming in Nov. How can I get seaweed updates?
    3 can you use the fitness center without a cost it seemed in hotel info that it was part of the spa and so there was a charge.

    • Hello

      There are a lot of restaurants nearby that are good, so having the option to go out can be nice. Depending on the length of your stay, you might want to eat at the hotel and also eat out. The gym is separate than the spa and open to guest. It is not super big but sufficient for small workouts. The beach can be monitored by webcams in the area but different beaches collect differently. Honestly there is nothing you can do about it, unless you want to cancel your trip a week before you come. Lately the beaches have been very clear and it is a promising sign for this winter season.

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