All the best brunch places in Playa Del Carmen

brunch in Playa Del Carmen
Cocktails are always a good start to a brunch.

Brunch in Playa Del Carmen

The weekend is coming and brunch is a great way to relax and have a meal with friends. Here is a guide to the best brunch sport in Playa Del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen offers some great spots for brunch, everything from rooftops to beach front seating. Below are good brunch options and each one offers a little something different. Most of these places offer a la cart options. We with brunch and a cocktail you can expect to spend around 300-800 pesos per person. We hope you find something you like here.

It is interesting to note that “brunch” is not that commonly known in Mexico. Since the Riviera Maya is more of an international destination, brunch is being offered more and more.

Sunday brunch in Playa Del Carmen

Sunday is more the traditional day for brunch in Playa Del Carmen. Part of the reason is that many people work Saturday mornings and Sundays are the day to relax and go out. Here is a list of places to go for brunch on a Sunday in alphabetical order.

Brunch at the C-Grill Restaurant

The C-Grill Restaurant is known as an upscale restaurant on the beach. Sundays are known for the brunch and bottomless mimosas. Here you can choose one of the main plates off the menu and then visit the small buffet for sides a dessert.

There are several options here for brunch. You can get brunch with a drink or bottomless option. Prices are about 600-800 pesos a person. This brunch spot is good if you want a beachfront view and relaxing time with mimosas.

Hours for brunch at C-Grill Restaurant

Sunday from 10:00am-2:00pm

Where is the G-Grill Restaurant?

Located on 8th Street and the beach. Enter through the Thompson Beach House Hotel entrance,

 brunch in Playa Del Carmen
Did someone say bottomless mimosas?

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Sundowner Yacht Club Brunch

At the Sundowner Yacht Club they refer to their brunch as the “boozy brunch”. Here you can order off the menu that has some great brunch food. In addition to that you can have unlimited drinks for an hour and a half for an additional 200 pesos (about the time it takes to eat brunch). This is a very good deal especially considering the quality of drinks at this restaurant.

Brunch here offers good menu items and a less touristy location with good value. You can sit out front on the patio or inside the restaurant.

Hours for brunch at the Sundowner Yacht Club

Sundays from 11:00am-4:00pm

Where is the Sundowner Yacht Club Restaurant?

The Sundowner Yacht Club Restaurant is on Avenida Aviacion on the south side of the airport in Plaza Coba. This is the same plaza that has the restaurant Casa Sofia out front. There is on the street parking as well as a garage under the plaza for parking.

Playa Del Carmen brunch
The Reef. 2 poached eggs over coconut basil crab cakes with hollandaise sauce.

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Thank you for reading our article about brunch in Playa Del Carmen. We hope you see something you like. Do you have a favorite place to go for bunch? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Playa Del Carmen brunch
The very large fruit bowl you can order at Catch Restaurant for brunch.

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