The Best Breakfast Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen Guide

Breakfast in Playa Del Carmen at Fonda Regina

Playa Del Carmen is not really an early morning town but more and more, there are places open for breakfast.  We have searched all over Playa to bring you a list of the best places for breakfast. This are in no particular order and you can decide what meets your criteria for a good place to eat. For you it maybe the décor, beachfront eating, organic ingredients or rooftop view. If you are not a big breakfast eater you can also check out our Coffee shop and Tea Guide to Playa Del Carmen or our Bakery Guide for places for pastries and sweet bites. Below the list is a map of the all the restaurants so you can find them. Click on any restaurant link to find out more about a specific restaurant.

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

  • Mamitas Beach Club. This is a newer option right on the beach. Wonderful menu and fresh made food. This is one of our favorite places for breakfast in Playa Del Carmen. The prices are also good value for what you get. Most plates cost around 130 pesos. Open daily from 7:30am-11:00am. See our article on what breakfast is like at Mamitas Beach Club here.
breakfast at Mamitas Beach Club
Mamitas Beach Club for breakfast.
  • C-Grill is right on the beach and what a good way to wake up! This is the Hotel Thompson’s Beach House property on 8th Street. For a nice relaxing start to your day you can try this classy restaurant. There are many healthy options here including and egg white omelet and smoothies. Prices for plates range about 153 -204 pesos. Smoothies are about 100 pesos and juices are 85 pesos. Also see our article about Sunday brunch at the C-Grill.
Breakfast menu items at C-Grill Restaurant
Breakfast menu items at C-Grill Restaurant.
  • La Brioche is a newer option for  eating on the north end of 5th Avenue. This French style café and restaurant is becoming one of the best restaurants for breakfast for many. It is busy and giving Chez Celine some run for it’s money. You can find this restaurant on the 38th Street just below 5th Avenue on the north side of the street. Open daily from 7:ooam-10:00pm.
  • Indigo Beach Club has a daily buffet for breakfast. You can order your main plate and then use the buffet for small plates of fruit, muffins and cereals. The best thing about this place is sitting on the beach in the morning having your food and seeing the Caribbean. If you want your feet in the sand then this is your place. This restaurant is in the El Taj Condo complex on 14th Street and the beach.
  • 100% Yucatan Restaurant is going to give you a taste of more local flavors from the Yucatan Peninsula. This is not in the center of Playa but not too far up Constituyentes Avenue. This place is very affordable. It is not the fanciest place but will give you an authentic look at eating in the Yucatan.
  • La Ceiba Restaurant at DAC market is right on 30th Avenue. This place has an energy about it with people shopping in the market and busy street. You will get a range of Mexican and traditional breakfast items. All menu items are good quality. The fresh juices are excellent and coffee is one of the best in Playa.
  • Chez Celine usually has a line in the mornings for good reason. You get great value for your money. They have breakfast combos which even make it a better value. They have a nice setting to enjoy your breakfast on 5th Avenue near 34th Street. If you feel like something sweet they have a bakery with all things made on  premise. Enjoy the coffee here, it is excellent!
Chez Celine Playa Del Carmen
Omelet, potatoes, juice and coffee combo at Chez Celine
  • La Vagabunda Restaurant  is popular on 5th Avenue near 26th Street. It has dumbed down Mexican food and basic breakfast. Some hotels use this as a breakfast spot for guest so it looks more busy then it should be.
  • Frutiyogurth is a healthy option. It has breakfast burritos, eggs and pancakes. The real highlight here is the juices. The only bad thing is the location, it is out of the downtown area where most people stay. 
  • Aldea Corazon  serves up a very nice breakfast on 5th Avenue near 14th Street. We think this is the best time to go to the restaurant to enjoy the setting. You can sit on 5th Avenue or in the garden in the back. They have fresh food nicely presented. This would be one of the more elegant places for breakfast in Playa.
Aldea Corazon Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Aldea Corazon breakfast omelet
  • Nativo is a local chain of healthy restaurants. They have three locations but we like the newest one on 30th Avenue just north of Constituyentes Avenue. They serve Mexican and traditional breakfast foods. The juices are excellent here. You can get “small” or a liter of juice (both sizes are big and will give you a fill of healthy juice).
  • Que Huevos is a small café in Colosio on 5th Avenue. This cute corner café has all the menu items you will want to start your day. This is a good option if you are on the north end of downtown.
  • La Senda Vegana Restaurant will be a great option for those looking for a vegetarian or vegan breakfast option. They are on 10th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street. Make sure you have one of their amazingly fresh juices!
  • Plank Restaurant on the weekend has a special brunch menu. It is a little expansive but you do get quality and an alcoholic drink included if you want. Try this relaxing restaurant on Saturday or Sunday from 9:00am-2:00pm. Plank is on 16th Street between 1st. Avenue and 5th Avenue.

Location map of all the great breakfast restaurants in Playa Del Carmen


Where do you like to eat breakfast in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know your favorites in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


    • We do need to go to Imprevist so we can add them to our list. So far we have never heard from them or been able to set up an appointment to visit but on our list of things to check on. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Thanks for lot of useful information!! Frutiyogurt is closed on 10th Av, it moved to 40 Av, I don’t remember new adress.

    • Yes Fruitiyoguth has closed their location on 10th. We are waiting for them to open the new location. It is too bad it is not in the center or at least easier to get to.

  2. Please you have to try Shanga-rito
    Ctm between 5th and 10th Ave .
    Great chilaquiles , fresh juices, quesadillas, omelets and excellent prices.

  3. Can’t believe La Cueva del Chango is not on this list!!! Just came back from Playa, I always make sure to make a stop there once per visit…great setting service and food!!

    • Thank you for your comment. We do need to go back there and write more and add them to the list. We will for sure be doing this. Thank you.

  4. I wish that restaurant on 38th was still open for breakfast. I think the name was Fonda Regina. It had great organic pancakes and after you ate them you did not feel heavy. I saw they have closed, too bad, another Playa tragety.

  5. Not sure of this list because Luna&Luka has not made it to this list.
    It is among the best breakfast places in the region not only PDC

    • We were just there and need to write them up. We did put them in the Changes to Playa Del Carmen Article for 2017 but will incorporate them in this breakfast guide. Thank you for noticing that they were not there. It is a very good place!

  6. I agree that Lara & Luca should be added. Very high quality food & service. Choux Choux Café also has beautiful & very tasty food for breakfast. Lido Beach has a great breakfast on the beach too. Maison Pierre could be another one to consider.

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