Want a Great Place for Breakfast in Playa Del Carmen?

CRisol Playa Del Carmen
The entrance of Crisol Restaurant with the baked goods.

Have You Tried Crisol?

If you like going out for a tasty breakfast, then you might want to try here! Crisol is a relatively new restaurant in Playa Del Carmen that checks off a lot of boxes for us. For example. fresh taste, bakery, great combinations, good prices, nice atmosphere, and good service. 

Whether you’re seeking a mouthwatering breakfast to start your day or a cozy spot to fuel your creativity as a digital nomad, Crisol offers an enticing menu designed to delight discerning palates and put a smile on your face with the food for the soul.

Crisol Playa Del Carmen

What is The Menu at Crisol?

The menu is fresh, with good combinations. Because there is a bakery on the premises, there is a tray of sweets that comes around, and you can grab what you like. 

We love all the menu items. Everything is a good combination, fresh and well made. We recommended everything on the menu. Drinks here are also a highlight of a visit. Fresh juices and good coffee are found here and really compliment the food. 

Prices are better than the center of Playa Del Carmen. Expect to pay around 250/300 pesos for a complete breakfast. 

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Crisol Playa Del Carmen

This bagel sandwich is to die for! We have already ordered this multiple times!

Crisol Playa Del Carmen

The bakery case with some of the homemade bakery goods that you can get here. 

Crisol Playa Del Carmen

What Hours is Crisol Restaurant Open?

Crisol is open daily from 7:00am-7:00pm. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more information. It is fairly busy in the mornings, but you can usually get a table. The weekends are busier but worth the wait if you need to. 

Where is the Crisol Restaurant?

Crisol is located on 5th Avenue ion the Colosio section of Playa Del Carmen on the corner of 58th Street. This is in the Colosio section of Playa Del Carmen. This is just north of the downtown. It is possible to walk up 5th Avenue to here or drive and park for free on the street. 


Crisol Playa Del Carmen
The display counter at Crisol. There are probably more good things here to try then you have time for.

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