Los Chachalacos Tacos and Mexican Food in Playa Del Carmen

Los Chachalacos Playa Del Carmen

Los Chachalacos Tacos and More!

There is a new contender for tacos in Playa Del Carmen. Many know the traditional restaurants, but now there is a new chain from Cancun. Los Chachalacos has opened three restaurants so far in Playa Del Carmen. This Mexican style restaurant is dedicated to the flavors of Mexican street food and dishes that Mexicans have loved for years. They also incorporate taste of more international versions of some Mexican dishes as well. 

We passed by one evening to check out this new taco and Mexican food restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. Here are some more details about this place and a video to show you more. 

Our video of trying Los Chachalacos for Mexican food


What is on the menu at Los Chachalacos?

Maybe another question is “What is not on the menu at Los Chachalacos?”. There are approximately 10 appetizers and over 100 items on the menu to order. Many of the menu items are similar and prepared different ways but will give you many options to choose from. You can order things that are very true to Mexican cuisine or slightly Americanized to mix flavors. This can be by ordering tacos with flour tortillas or just things like nachos and burritos. 

Some of the unique things you can get at Los Chachalacos are:

  • Guacamoladas, a type of tostada with guacamole and your choice of meat on top (very tasty!). 
  • Premium tacos. You can choose between New York strip, ribeye, shrimp or fish. 
  • Tacostra. These are different meats rolled up in shredded cheese and rolled into a tortilla like a hot dog. 

Some other notes about the menu are, they have alcoholic beverages and they do have some deserts if you have room after eating. 

Los Chachalacos Playa Del Carmen
This meat here is called a trompo. This is where tacos de pastor come from. 

Get ready for good service and clean location

We found the service to be very good at the restaurant and the location is very clean. These are two good signs of a good restaurant. For those of you that do not speak Spanish, you will be happy to know that all waiters speak English, hence making it easy for tourists to enjoy night out. 

The vibe of the restaurant is lively. There are large televisions on the wall and the place is well lit. 

Where are the restaurants of Los Chachalacos in Playa Del Carmen?

Los Chachalacos has three locations in Playa Del Carmen now. 

  • 10th Avenue and 34th Street. Hours: Every day from 1:00pm-12 midnight.
  • Constituyentes between 20th Avenue and 25th Avenue. Hours: Every day 12:00 noon-2:00am.
  • 5th Avenue and 8th Street. Hours: Every day 1:00pm-12 midnight.

How does this place compare to other taco restaurants?

The other popular taco places have similar menus and prices. It will come down to personal preference in the atmosphere and seeing what your favorite dish is. This is a good contender to be your next go to place for tacos and more. The vibe, service and large menu have a lot to offer guests here at Los Chachalacos.

Most of the time people recommend one over the other because it is just more well known. We hope you get a chance to visit Los Chachalacos and see if this is your new favorite place to go out for tacos in Playa Del Carmen. Let us know what you think of this place in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

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