Grabbing a Taxi in Playa Del Carmen

Taxi Playa Del Carmen

Grabbing a taxi in Playa Del Carmen is relatively easy to navigate and inexpensive. Compared to other places and even other parts of Mexico taxis are pretty cheap. Here is a simple guide so you know how much to pay for a taxi in Playa Del Carmen and some of the other details you should know.

See our latest video of our interview with the public relations of the taxis in Playa Del Carmen here. We asked about Uber and pubic sentiment of taxi service.

Taking Taxis in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen taxis are clean and there seems to be a good amount available except when it rains (like everywhere in the world). Most taxis are smaller cars so that means 3-4 people maximum in a car. Many taxis in Playa Del Carmen are Nissan Tida models which have a good amount of room in the back seat and make for a more comfortable taxi ride.

To tip or not to tip a taxi driver?

Tipping is not usually done but if you care to round up 5 pesos to the next whole amount, that is fine. If a driver helps you with a bag or goes out of his way to give you an extra service, it is polite to tip about 10-20 pesos. It will depend if they charge you upfront. 

How to hail a taxi in Playa Del Carmen

There are two places you can get a taxi. You can get them on the street or at a stand. Here are the details for both and the cost.

Hailing a taxi on the street in Playa Del Carmen

Taxis can be hailed on the street simply by raising your arm. Try to be considerate to everyone else and choose a location where the taxi can pull over and out of traffic. Prices are set by the rate chart as you will see below but often it is good to ask the price if you do not know. 

Street taxis are the same as the taxis at the taxi stands. In some countries there are radio taxis and regular taxis on the street. Sometimes radio taxis are considered safer the getting a taxi on the street. In Playa Del Carmen both taxis at stands and on the street are the same. You just pay more for a taxi at a stand in Playa Del Carmen.

Taking a taxi from a taxi stand or hotel.

The taxi stands are places where there are more needing to catch a taxi.  Taxis charge a little more (usually 5 pesos more, but your mileage may vary) when using the taxi stands. There is no official extra charge so taxis at stands can charge more.

Tip: The worst place to get a taxi from is the ADO bus station on Juarez Avenue. The taxi drivers are fine but they are notorious for over charging people because they just arrive to Playa Del Carmen off the bus. 

Where are taxi stands?

Here are some popular places taxi stands can be found in Playa Del Carmen. These are most convenient for tourist in the downtown.

  • Next to the ADO bus station on 5th Avenue and Avenue Juarez.
  • 5th Avenue and 10th Street next to the Starbucks.
  • 10th Avenue and 12th Street where many people end after going out clubbing.
  • 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue.
  • 5th Avenue and 38th Street.

How much are taxis in Playa Del Carmen?

Taxis are not metered in Playa Del Carmen but there is a chart of zones and how much it should be.  Having a knowledge of prices or even a chart with you will save you from being over charged. There are two apps that help people figure out taxi prices within Playa Del Carmen. One app is called TARITAXI and this is good for Android phone users. The other app is good for iPhone users. It is called Radio Taxi PDC. 

Note: some taxi drivers still try to over charge even if you show them the official price on the app. It is important to note that prices on the apps are for taxis hailed on the street and not taxi stands. 

Taxis Playa Del Carmen

taxis playa del carmen

Some taxi drivers speak English, those that work from taxi stands tend to speak more English since more tourist catch them from taxi stands. If you are not sure the actual cost, you can ask before you get in. If it sounds fair, hop in. It is not the end of the world if you pay a little more then the actual rate but… don’t get taken for a ride by a taxi driver trying to overcharge you after you have taken the ride.

Taxi prices outside of Playa Del Carmen

If you are staying outside of Playa Del Carmen and want to take a taxi here are the prices. Below is a photo we took of the official taxi prices from a taxi stand. Notice the prices of the taxi are by how many people you have. You should still ask the price to better yet, look at the chart and say “the price is xxx pesos correct to this hotel?”.

Playa Del Carmen taxis will drive you out to hotels along the Riviera Maya but it is not cheap. The price can range from about 120-700 pesos for a one way. It is also up to the driver if he wants to go that far. It might be in the opposite direction for home and he might be ending his shift soon.

Tip: Paying pesos will get you the official prices. If you want to pay in dollars, ask first if the driver will take them. It is up to the driver at what exchange rate he accepts them at. Usually you will end up paying 30-50% if you pay in dollars.

Playa Del Carmen Taxi prices for going to hotels outiside of Playa
Here are the official prices from a taxi stand in Playa Del Carmen for hotels outside of Playa Del Carmen.

Tip: If your Spanish is not up to par, when you check in at your hotel, grab a card with the address so when you hop in a taxi you can show him the address you want to go to.

Alternative transportation for a group other than a taxi service

Sometimes you have a group and you just want to go to someone  around Playa Del Carmen. This is a great service for point to point transportation in the area or even going to Cancun. 


Taxi Playa Del Carmen prices
Playa Del Carmen taxi zone map


Can you take a taxi to the Cancun Airport?

It is possible and may be convenient but there are other options that might fit your circumstances. It should be noted that there is a high  rate from the airport to Playa Del Carmen for taxis. There is not official price because there are not tickets, meters or booth for tickets like some airport. See our article on Cancun Airport taxis here for more.  Going to the Cancun Airport is more negotiable but up to the individual driver. Here are three options for you.

  1. Taking a taxi to the airport. From 5th Avenue at a taxi stand this about 850 pesos. Not all taxis will want to make the trip. This can be the case if they are near the end of their shift. 
  2. The ADO bus.
  3. Or a private transfer.

For more on taking the ADO bus or a private transfer to the airport, see our article here with full prices and information.

Can I take a taxi to Cancun from Playa Del Carmen?

We get this question a lot since people in Cancun want to come to Playa Del Carmen or vice versa. The answer is yes but it is going to cost you. You have to realize it is 45 minutes to one hour between your hotel and where you are going. Anywhere in the world a taxi ride is going to cost you. There is an official price of 670 pesos from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun or 700 to the Cancun Hotel Zone.  These areas are large and up to the interpretation of the driver. You should always ask before getting in.

If that price is too much you can consider these options for getting between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

  • Take the colectivos. These are shared vans that run between 2nd Street in Playa Del Carmen and just next to the ADO bus station in Cancun. It cost about 34 pesos per person each way. This ride will take you about 45 minutes. You will just need to take a taxi to and from your destinations. You can read more about colectivos here.
  • Another option is to take the ADO bus from Cancun ADO bus station to Playa Del Carmen’s ADO bus station on Juarez and 5th Avenue. To read more about the buses see our article here.

Photos of Taxi Stands in Playa Del Carmen

Here are two popular places where tourist can get a taxi near 5th Avenue. Just remember that taxi stands change more. There is no official set charge for the taxi stand on top of the regular fare so just check before getting in.

Playa Del Carmen Taxi Stand By ADO Bus Station on 5th Ave.
Taxi Stand By ADO Bus Station on 5th Ave.


Taxi Playa Del Carmen taxi stand.
Playa Del Carmen taxi stand on 5th and Constituyentes Avenue.

What about UBER in Playa Del Carmen?

Uber has just started operation in Cancun, Mexico just 45 minutes away. We will keep you up to date if this service starts in Playa Del Carmen. For more about Uber in Cancun see our article here.

Have a question or comment about taking taxis in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi there so i was wondering how to decipher the different zones on the map? Which zone would the ADO station on 5th and Juarez be in? i will be vacationing in April and i’m trying to get a feel for how much transportation will be.

    • The bus station is Zone 1. But remember taxi stands are more expensive, and the price is always subjective. Even on 10th Avenue behind the bus station some Taxis do not charge the official price and many do not have the chart with them in the car visible.

    • Expect to pay around $25 dollars or a little more. This is an estimate and you will need to ask the driver before you get in.

  2. It’s good to know that there are other options when it comes to trying to get to the airport. Taxis are great, and I use them almost everywhere I go, but sometimes it’s nice to use something else. High rates aren’t always a problem, but it’s nice to know about them ahead of time. Thanks for the info.

  3. These charts are useless. The taxi drivers do not go by them, nor do they care because they will pick up a fare anyway. $100+ pesos seems to be the going rate to anywhere in town. Even the locals are gouged because of the aforementioned reason. If you know the fare, don’t even ask. Just pay the driver and get out. They will try to argue, but they really can’t do anything. Some drivers have become savvy to this and will give you their higher rate before you even get in. Overall, it’s probably the biggest scam in Playa. It’s not really expensive, but it’s the principle of the whole thing. Why produce a chart showing fares, when they aren’t going to follow it? They didn’t see one cent from me. Aside from having to walk everywhere, we really enjoyed it.

    • It is a problem getting honest taxi drivers in Playa Del Carmen. These charts are the official rates set out by the taxi union and they are supposed to have them in each taxi. Many people complain about the taxi service in Playa and it might take a company like Uber to change some of their policies. Some taxi drivers make more off commissions taking people for some services then the actual taxi fares.

  4. What is the rate for a taxi picking up at the Grand Princess and dropping off at the ferry terminal for Cozumel?

  5. Thinking of going to Akumal from the Gran Porto Real resort. Would that be advisable and about how much is this fare? Thanks in advance.

  6. Going from Gran Porto Resort to Xcaret. 2 adults 2 children in May. Approximately how much. Very hard to find prices and I don’t want to add $34.00 per ticket with xcaret for transportation. Someone mentioned that you can pre-book a taxi for the return trip when you arrive at Xcaret in the morning,

    • A taxi should be cheaper. Our guess around 400-600 pesos each way. That is about $23-34 USD each way. An alternative to a taxi all the way would be taking the taxi to 2nd Street and getting on the colectivo. It takes about 12 minutes and they will drop you on the highway where there is an underpass and a free Shuttle to Xcaret. At night there is a free shuttle to the highway as well and you can take the colectivo to 2nd street and from there go to your hotel. It can be a little more complicated but you save money. So there are some options for you. We hope you have a great time at Xcaret. It is an amazing park and an all day adventure. Make sure you see out article on Xcaret and the food prices.

  7. I don’t understand the chart. How much is it for a taxi from the Reef Cocobeach to the airport?

    • Hello. This taxi chart is for taxis in Playa Del Carmen. There is no official price to the airport in a taxi. It can be about 500-900 pesos. So you will need to ask a taxi driver before you get in. A taxi is even more expensive leaving the Cancun airport to Playa Del Carmen. It is why we recommend a private transfer company like the one in this article we wrote.
      We hope you are able to get smoothly to the airport whichever way you choose. Safe travels and we hope you come back soon.

  8. Just wanted to let cab driver Mario Morales (Taxi #010) know I just returned camera, driver’s license and credit cards to Lia from Longmont, CO. It took a week to get it to them but they were very grateful particularly for the camera. Glad you were so honest to try to get that back to them.

    • Thank you for sharing this nice positive story about a tai driver and the people of Playa Del Carmen. Bad stories always get more traction and it is nice to hear good news. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really know what you’re talking about! We were in Playa Del Carmen and used your guide so we did not overpay for a taxi. We had nice taxi drivers and we knew just what to pay and get around. We took taxis to the Plaza Las Americas mall and really got to see the town. Thanks again.

  10. I am in Playa now and have to take cabs sometimes. I was told by one driver that taking me 1 mile within the Playacar zone was $90 pesos. I told him about the chart and he brought up an app to show me he was correct. When it showed $40 pesos, he told me that was only for locals. Is there such a thing? When I showed him my Playacar owners ID and said I was a local, he drove off.

    • There are two unofficial prices for Playacar. There is the official 90 pesos fee but there is also a lower fee for locals that are going to visit friends on the back side and also a fee for people that work in Playacar. Workers pay about 30-40 pesos. This is fair since most of them don’t make that much and taxi drivers know this. I have gotten the middle price because I speak Spanish and live in Playa and visit people in Playacar. Most taxi drivers might not think you are “local” if you own a place in Playacar. You might be looked at good enough to pay the official price and you cannot really argue with that because that is the official price. Living in Playa longer gets you more benefits. Some people that live here 4-6 months a year think they live here full time but there is a difference.

  11. I just want to say we had a very courteous taxi driver the other day. It was a woman taxi driver which was surprising. She even asked us how much it was. I think she was new and not sure of the taxi rates. Very pleasant taxi ride and I know they get a bad reputation but there are some really nice taxi drivers out there.

  12. Where can I get a current map and rate schedule. I see the photo on your site, but I would like to get a full size map. I own a place in Play and would like to have it for reference.

  13. Thanks or all the tips for taxis here. We came for one month and used taxis without any problems. We felt like locals after using your website.

  14. Excellent info on taxis. I hate to use them around the world because they are always trying to rip people off. I am glad at least there is a taxi rate chart for rides in Playa Del Carmen.

  15. I cannot find the Fairmont Mayakoba on the chart. I’ve been told to expect 500 pesos each way. Would this be accurate? Also, when arriving in Playa Del Carmen, where is a good spot to disembark on 5th Ave?

    • Hello David
      It is true the Hotel Fairmount is not on the taxi rate chart. It should be around 350 pesos each way based on distance but since that is a higher end hotel and there is not official price, 500 is probably what you will be told. That is not to bad in dollars at the current exchange rate. On 5th the taxi stands are all about the same. You are able to talk to the taxi drivers and ask prices before you get in. It will be best if you pay in pesos. If you pay in dollars they may say it is like $50, but that would be the very old exchange rate of 10-1. You can also take a taxi on 10th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen but it is harder to ask a taxi that is pulled over the side of the road.
      You have a better chance of getting a taxi driver that speaks English at a taxi stand and a better chance of spending a little more.

      • Hello,I’ll be staying at Fairmont Mayakoba but I don’t want to get stucked on the resort and I want to see as much as I can by taking the ADO bus. The problem is that we don’t have a car and the taxi price seems outrageous, we’re talking about only 10 km and 25-30 Canadian dollars each way, that’s a price like in Canada itself ! If I am to pay 40-50 or more dollars daily for taxi, it really sucks! Is there any other way that I can catch a bus or go on decently affordable tours that will pick us up from the hotel, or any cheaper taxi / way of getting to Playa del Carmen and back on a daily basis ? Thank you so much if you can help me out with this, I’m leaving like in 2 weeks. Robert

        • Hello Robert

          The hotels do like for you to be on the property and you are kind of trapped there. The only cheap way to get into town is the colectivos but Mayakoba does not want people walking on the drive from the hotel to the highway and besides that, it is a bit of a pain to do. Some tours will pick you up from your hotel. What type of tours are you looking to do?

          • Thank you so much for your reply! I want to buy groceries in the city, first of all, and then it’s a must for me to get to Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Cancun, Cozumel, Grand Cenote, Dos Ojos, Xpu-Ha, Puerto Morelos, Ek Balam, Samula, San Lorenzo Oxman, Sian Kaan or Ria Lagartos…i’ll be there for 2 weeks so i can hope for the best time wise but this transportation problem is pretty bad…i would be willing to hire a driver or so if it’s better, negociate with the same taxi driver or find travel agencies that will pick me up and back, if any, but i dont know where to start… Any advice is much appreciated, thank you !

          • One thing you can do for groceries is use this service. The price that you spend on going into Playa will pay for the small fee they charge. They can buy almost anything for you. They come well recommended and are a good service.

            I think for as much as you want to do, you should not have stayed at an all inclusive or even booked two weeks in one hotel. Many of the places you want to see are good overnight trips or many back and forth trips, passing the same roads many times. It would save a lot of time is you did a circuit. I think in two weeks you might want to limit it to some local day trips and one or two larger day trips. If you want to go to Puerto Morelos to snorkel, allTOURnative will pick you up. Also for going to Ek Balam and cenote Maya tour they will pick you up and do all the driving. They have small tours up to about 15 people. Valladolid is doable by bus but an overnight is better. The bus will be over 5 hours in one day just back and forth and if you add in time to your hotel is will be near 6.5 hours. There are very few tours to Rio Lagartos and it is better to go very early to see the birds. So an overnight is better. You would need to arrive there near to 7am and that means leaving by 5am or earlier. Dos Ojos, Xpu-Ha and Cozumel are pretty easy to do yourself except Dos Ojos is far back from the highway and they will provide transport for you for a fee.

          • But your idea is excellent, Mr Yucatan ! I see there’s only 1km to get to the highway, and if there i can find collectivos I can easily transport myself back and forth into the city and organize the tours on my own, with ADO. What do you think ? Amazing idea anyway, you gave me hope 🙂

          • The colectivos are good and cheap, just since they are cheap there are things that they are limited to. I know other people have used them from Mayakoba. Sometimes they will take you to the gate in the golf cart. For going north toward Cancun you can just catch them on the highway. Going south you will catch the Cancun/Playa one and if you are going south you will change in Playa Del Carmen for the Playa/Tulum colectivos.

          • You are super nice to take the time to provide this kind of information and I’m very grateful ! The thing with the groceries, same with the colectivos is a life saver for me ! You are right in regards to the tours and the places i wanna see, the thing is that I’ll be there with my family, small kid too, so they are more into relaxation, i’m more into travelling so i wanted to have it both…:) i’m having a very good deal for Mayakoba, if i would have had the money to pay the full price i wouldn’t be now looking for groceries or colectivos 🙂 i will do whatever i can in day trips, provided that i can get with a decent orice to Playa or Cancun for ADO buses, and I guess i will have to come back again to see Merida – Campeche area and Palenque – San Cristobal. Thats ok. Thank you very much, my wife will be very happy for the groceries thing 🙂

          • We love traveling to. There is so much to see here that we have been going for years and still there is so much more to see that is just hours away. We hope you get to see the most possible and also enjoy time with your family.

          • Thank you very much ! What would you recommend for getting from the airport in Cancun to Mayakoba ? If it’s a taxi, could you please suggest some good and cheap ones ? Thanks a lot !

          • Hello Robert

            We usually never suggest the taxis from the airport. There is a “supposed” set price but that changes. We were just at the airport the other day and say one taxi driver pull out his calculator to work over a young couple that just got off the plane. We recommend the private transfer company. We have links to them in our article on how to get from the Cancun Airport Not only are they a nice company to work with, we have never heard any bad feedback from them. They provide affordable door to door service and it is cheaper if you book the round trip in the beginning. We hope this helps.

          • That’s another great tip ! It would cost us only 55 USD both, one way ! I will go for it, thank you Mr Yucatan ! Speaking of tip, as I never had a private transfer before, do you tip (and how much) the driver ?

          • You can tip according to how many people you have and if the driver helps you with luggage. It can be around $5-10 USD. It rally is a nice feeling coming out of the airport and having a driver waiting for you and whisking you to your hotel.

          • True. Thank you. I will explore more your website here, since it has so many great informations. I will recommend it to other people too. Cheers !

          • Please let me know if I should put this question under a different topic, as I’m working on my itinerary and all, if I don’t do snorkelling is San Miguel de Cozumel a worthy destination to spend one of my Yucatan days or should I chose something else from the things I wanna do ? What about Isla Mujeres, strictly for Playa Norte ? I will try to spend 8 hours in Valladolid, would that be enough ? Thank you in advance.

          • Hello Robert, here is fine place to ask the question. Cozumel is great for diving and snorkeling, but there is not as much on the island to see. You do need to take the ferry over and back as well. If you are going to Puerto Morelos you might just go snorkeling there to the reef and that might be enough for you. That saves a trip over there.

            Isla Mujeres is charming for a day. Renting a golf cart and driving for a hour or two is fun. The beach on the north end and the shopping street is something to check out. For longer stays on an island we love Holbox. This needs at least one overnight though.

            Eight hours in Valladolid is good. Many busses come through just for the day and stop only at the Zocalo, so they don’t really get to see the place. If you see our Valladolid video on YouTube or are article you can see some of the good things to check out in the town. We need to make a better guide for Valladolid and will work on that soon.

          • Also, Mr Yucatan, what do you think, if i see Grand Cenote and X’quequen / Samula or Oxman, should I still see or prioritise Dos Ojos ? And for my last 2 days lets say, which one of these destinations is a must / very worthy ? Puerto Morelos, Xpu-Ha, Akumal ? I can either do some of these or try to take a tour if there’s any to Sian Ka’an. Bacalar i guess it’s too far for a day trip…thank you !

          • It will depend if you have a car. Grand Cenote is nice but touristy and you will need to take a taxi from Tulum or drive there. Samula and San Lorenzo de Oxman cenote is by taxi from Valladolid. Dos Ojos is a beautiful cenote and will take a little longer to see it. You can even walk around a little. It is far back from the highway so you will need to pay for the transport back to the cenote if you do not have a car. Puerto Morelos is nice for snorkeling but other then that, not too much to see or that makes it special. Xpu Ha is a nice beach and Akumal is a nice beach made famous by swimming with the turtles but it is getting very regulated and harder to do because so many people want to go there. Sian Ka’an is good by tour since it is big and a boat and captain are nice to have. Bacalar is too far for a day trip and it is better to take a day or two to explore the area.

        • Thank you ! I will skip Cozumel then, i did snorkeling before in Hawaii and Egypt so it’s ok. I was curious, do you think if I stay overnight in Valladolid, can I see the town’s main sites, Samula cenote, Chichen Itza and Ek Balam in two full days ?

          • An overnight might be good because Chichen Itza is going to at least take 3 hours of a day just in transport from Valladolid and walking around. So you might only be able to do that in the morning and a cenote in the afternoon. It is possible but you will not have time for much else.

  16. We require a taxi to take us from the bus depot at the corner of Juarez and 5th Avenue to our location at La Papaya 15 on 15th Avenue between Calle 8 and Calle 10. What would be a reasonable fare for that distance? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Hello. The official price would be 25 accoding to the taxi chart since it is in the center and then there would be a surcharge since you would get it from a taxi stand. The surcharge is supposed to 5 pesos more so it would be 30 pesos officially. But……the taxi drivers over charge often from there. It also depends if you have large bags and they stop to load them in the trunk. It would be nice to say it would cost 30 pesos but that is not likely to happnen, so 50 pesos is a decent deal. Even walking to 10th Avenue behind the bus station you will often be overcharged, so that is not a great option. At any rate, 50 pesos is only a few dollars. We hope you have a smooth transfer and all goes well.

  17. Is it possible to get a cab for 6 adults from grand sunset princess to xelha. Any idea of price would be much appreciated

    • Hello Diane
      Since normal taxis take three people you will need a van. This prices are more. The ride will take about 35-40 minutes door to door. We can only estimate the price of the taxi and since you will be getting it from a hotel there is a concession charge. We imagine a good estimate would be around 700-1000 pesos each way. That is not with the taxi driver waiting for the return of course.

    • We assume you are talking about Playa Del Carmen to Azul Resort. This is near Moon Palace, so it would be about 630 pesos each way. We hope this helps you with the approximate taxi cost.

  18. Hello Mr. Yucatan,
    I will need to travel from the Riu Lupita hotel to the Moon Palace Arena and back to attend a show in late December 2016. Approximately how much should I expect to pay for the taxi ride? Would it be preferable to ask the taxi driver to wait for me during the show or it should be easy for me to find a taxi driver to drive me back to the Riu Lupita after the show? (the show is scheduled to start at 9 pm and I would likely get there around 8 pm and I am expecting it to end by 11:30). I don’t mind paying top dollars for a safe drive to and from the Moon Palace Arena. Thanks.

    • Hello Maria

      There is no exact price but just to give you an estimate, the fair from 5th Avenue to Moon Palace for 1-3 people is 630 pesos. This is top pesos price so don’t expect this to be much more. We would suggest not having the taxi wait. Usually at all the hotels there are lines of taxis waiting outside because they get top price for the service. It will however be an unusual event with a concert and a lot of people visiting. You might ask the hotel (Moon Palace) if there is special concert buses to Playa. That might be a good option and then take a taxi in Playa to your hotel.

  19. 2 questions: first, is there a way to order a taxi or car service by phone? Also, are there taxis for larger groups? We have a group of 6 going to Rancho Baaxal and it would be great not to need two separate cars.

    • Hello Liz

      There is no taxi number for the general taxis. There are numbers for the specialty groups that have taxi service. These are usually a group of taxi drivers that banded together to offer good service to people, however these are usually just cars. Mostly at hotels they can order a larger taxi for you and you can compare that to the two taxis going to the Rancho Baaxal. If you are staying at a condo or a rental it might just be easier to take two taxis there.

  20. I lost my locked cellphone in one of these cabs. How can I get a hold of the company. I know the cab number I rode in but I need a phone number for them to see if there is some sort of lost and found.

  21. what would you recommend to be the best price for travel from airport in Cancun to private rental in Chan Chemuyil – wondering if any saving by taking ADO bus from Airport to Playa Del Carmen, then taxi or not sure?
    would really like to stop in PDC for groceries too. but with luggage not sure the best way. any suggestions would be helpful

    • Hello Linda

      We still recommend a private transfer because it will be easier with your luggage and you can request when booking to do a stop at the grocery store for an extra fee. If you take ADO to Playa you are still going to have all your luggage and shopping for groceries will be near impossible. Sometimes trying to save a little will cost you a lot in time and energy.

  22. I am looking to book a van to/from
    1.Cancun airport to sandos caricoal
    2. Sandos caricial to/from xelha
    3. sandos caricoal to/from explore

    Can you give me an idea of the cost and let me know where to call? I tried the numbers for all about playa but they were not in service

    • Hello Julie. A normal taxi in Playa Del Carmen can only take three people, maybe 4 in a pinch. So it would be best to get two taxis. The Nissan Tsuru Taxi cars have a large back seat and are much better for people with limited mobility to get in and out of. These are the newer model cars. If you do go to ta taxi stand there might be a van that can take all of you. Normally on the street the taxi vans will not stop and are more used for groups from hotels.

  23. Hi, we are staying at Mareazul–how much will it cost to get into centro Playa del Carmen? What is the best grocery story to get a taxi to?

    • It is 90 pesos each way at the official rate. The best super market would be Mega on 30th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue. But here is one option that many of our readers like. It is not that much and it sure saves a lot of time. There is a local grocery store delivery service. They do all the shopping and drop them off to you. You can also get alcohol and many other things you might want.

  24. Hi, I will be staying at the Viva Wyndham Maya in Playacar. We would like to go to Xcaret one day and Akumal beach anther day. What should I expect to pay for a taxi to these locations. Also will it be difficult to get a taxi back to Playacar after we have spent the day at these locations? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hello Daryl

      There are not set prices so you will have to check at your hotel but here is an estimation. TO Xcaret it should be around 200-300 pesos each way and a taxi to Akumal about 400-500 pesos. Because the exchange rate has changed so much and also there are more expensive prices from the hotels, the prices are on the upward trend. It is not too hard from both locations to get a taxi. Taxis coming to Playa are just as easy to book them to Playacar since this is Playa Del Carmen as well. We wish you well and if you do successfully take the taxis, let us know what you got charged. Thanks

  25. Mr. Yucatan, first…thank you for the great website!
    I have a group of 4 people looking to head to Xpu Ha Beach for a day as a day trip from PDC. We are not able to take a collectivo and I am wondering if it is feasible to take a taxi there and is it difficult to get a taxi when you want to leave? What would the estimate cost be for such a trip?

    • According to the price from 5th Avenue, a taxi to Xpu Ha is supposed to be 330 Pesos. That may or may not be all the way to the beach club. You might want to ask when getting a taxi. The walk from the highway is about 7 minutes. Getting a taxi back might take a little. If you walk to the highway you should have no problem in 5 minutes to get a taxi. You might just ask at the beach club to order a taxi and check the price before getting in. We hope you have a great time at Xpu Ha.

  26. How much should I expect to pay to take a Taxi from PDC back to Blue Bay Grand Esmerelda and where is the best place to try and catch one near Fishing with Ivan or Phantom Divers at approx. 5-6pm, 4 people?

    • Hello Lisa

      A taxi should be about 270-540 each way. This will be a lower price for 4 or less people. For picking up a taxi near the locations you mentioned in Playa Del Carmen, you should be able to get one on 10th Avenue and 12th Street or you might get lucky and get one on 1st Avenue.

  27. Hi! I’m in Playa now, staying in private residence in a primarily residential neighborhood, Zona 17 (according to the Zone map). Would I be able to hail taxi in this part of town? Alternatively, could I request a pick up at the house? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello and thank you for your question about taxis in Playa Del Carmen. You can hail a taxi anywhere in the city and even on the highway outside of town. There might not be as many in the part you are in. Calling a taxi usually does not work that well because often if they sent a car and one passed by and you got in, the trip for the taxi that was coming for you would be useless. Most everyone just hails taxis in Playa Del Carmen.

  28. I am wondering about prices from playcar to xceret, cell-ha, tulum, akmaul, and ya-ku. Any help would be great. We are trying to decide to to taxi and transfers or rent a car, and is car rentals bad/scary there? I don’t want to be s target

    • Hello Mindy

      Since there is not a rate chart for taxis from Playacar to Xel Ha for example, we can only give you estimations. A taxi from Playacar to Xel Ha would be about 600 pesos for 4 people. If you have more than 4 it will cost more since either a larger van is needed or two taxis.
      There are car rental agencies just outside of Playacar on the south end of Playa. A good rate is about 500/600 pesos for a day. There is also gas which will be about 400 pesos. Car rental agencies are not the easiest to deal with but with some care you can navigate the tricky things. We make notes of it in this article:
      So that is just a few things to think about. Driving is pretty straightforward. It is straight down the highway and easy driving.

  29. We took a cab yesterday from the taxi stand at 10 street and 5th avenue to Xcaret. There was myself, wife and two kids. It was great and the rate was $190 pesos there and $180 pesos back. With a tip this came to about $25 U.S. total. This was far cheaper than the recommended van ride which is about $30 per person plus you can leave to Xcaret and come back when you like. Both cab drivers were friendly and nice to chat with as well.

    • Hello Jay

      That is a very good price. We are glad you had a good taxi experience here in Playa Del Carmen. We also have the colectivos mentioned in our articles for Xcaret as well which is another far cheaper way to go rather than buying the RT transportation from Xcaret.

    • The semi official price should be around 355 pesos but often that is not quoted. This is for 3 people. More if you have a groups. They should have a rate sheet at the taxi stand that you can see. If they quote you a much higher price it would be good to see it. The Bliss is the Mayan Palace resort if we are not mistaken.

  30. I would like to thank one of your taxi drivers for is honesty on returning my wallet that came out of my pocket in is taxi . And returning it to the riu Yacutan hotel on the 13 th Feb
    The drivers name is Roberto Munoz taxi number 1203 .
    I came looking for him but could not find him

    • This is good news and thank you for your comments. We are not the Taxi Commission but rather just a tourist website for Playa Del Carmen. We like to have all the information for visitors. We will try to pass on your comments. It is nice to hear stories like yours. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Hi,
    I can’t figure the taxi zone for the Bluebay Grand Esmeralda resort. How much will it be for a taxi to this resort to the fifth avenue?

    • Hello Isabelle

      The official price is 300 pesos for 1-4 person each way. However always ask since taxi drivers often ask for more. You can always ask to see the price chart and then they have to give you the right price.

  32. We are staying at The Azul Five in April. We need taxi to Xel Ha and Xplor. how do we get a taxi from hotel and what should we plan to pay each excursion? Should we ask for round trip also? Family of 4 with 2 teenagers look for safe and lease exspensive in that order. Thanks

    • Hello Lee

      Prices from the hotel vary but you can expect to pay about 400 to Xplor and 800 to Xel Ha. You should just take it one way since there ill be taxis waiting at the end of the day. Just be sure to ask at your hotel what the price is. Since your hotel is along the Riviera Maya and not in Playa Del Carmen you so have limited access to transportation so the only options really are booking transport with your tickets or a taxi.

  33. Hi, I will be staying at the hotel La Galeria on Calle 20 Esp Ave 30. Can you give me an estimate on the cost of a taxi to The Reef Playacar Resort and the best place to find a taxi? I will be traveling alone. Also, do you think there will be a problem getting a taxi back into Playa del Carmen from the resort about 9pm on a Saturday? Thank you so much for your great response to my prior questions.

    • Hello Betty

      We know exactly where you are staying in Playa Del Carmen. A taxi will be easy to get on 30th Avenue and there is even a slight spot to pull over on 20th Street. A taxi fare will cost 90 pesos. It is more into Playacar then other destinations. It should not be hard getting one back since many people look for taxis in Playacar from the hotels. It might cost you most though if you get it from the hotel door in Playacar. Maybe 10 pesos more. Not that much and worth the convenience. Of course taxis are not metered in Playa and there are charts but often if you ask they will say a higher amount. The best thing is to print out the chart and have it with you. That way if you take taxis a lot you have the prices handy. Safe travels.

  34. Hi Mr.Yucatan
    Please How much will be a taxi from Paradisus la Perla to Jardin del Eden Cenote,,? and where to catch the taxi,,also Recommendation ,,trip to Cozumel or Trip to jardin del eden or another Cenote near,?

    • A taxi from 5th Avenue to Barceló hotel which is right across from the cenotes is 330 pesos each way. Your hotel is out of the center of Playa and it is a hotel taxi stand, so they might charge a little more. Cenote Eden is nice but it is further back from the road so you might want to go to Azul or Cristalino which are right next to Eden. Cozumel is nice if you are going to drive around the island and stop at some beach bars or for photos. Otherwise the land on Cozumel is a little cheesy. You might want to do a trip to Yal Ku which is a little further but can be done with a tour.

    • From 5th Avenue it should be 190 pesos. That sounds cheap so you might expect more. But at least you know the official price.

    • Hello Sheila

      It should be about 450 pesos each way for up to 4 people. But as always, ask first as prices are not always upheld to the exact amount.

  35. What is the cost of hiring a taxi for the day to do sightseeing from Playa del Carmen to Chichen Itza or swimming in some Cenotes? Is there a general hourly rate or daily rate? Some of us don’t want to be on a tour bus.

    • Hello Jim

      You can take a taxi to some of the cenotes south of Playa on the 307 Highway. But one way would be best since you will be taking your time there. Depending on where you get on and of course asking, it should be around 300/400 pesos one way. It is fairly easy to get one on the way back from the highway.

      Chichen Itza is too far away to take a taxi. It is 3 hours each way. It would be best to take a small tour that goes in a van or hire a private tour company like Absolute Adventure Mexico. That way you have a driver and a custom tour.

  36. How much is the taxi from playa del carmen to cirque de soleil theater? We are a couple. Would it be cheaper than the transportation selled with the tickets?

    • Hello Leo

      The cost is 350 pesos official but it is always good to ask. The transport from Cirque Du Soleil is limited to the pickup points. If you are staying near one of them, then we would suggest buying this as an add on.

    • The price from 5th Avenue to the hotel across the street from Cirque du Soleil is 350 pesos each way. Since you are leaving from Playacar they might ask 90 more pesos putting it at 440 pesos. But prices are always a little fluid so it is best to ask and negotiate if you can. At least you about what it should be.

  37. Hello
    I’ve read some of your suggestions. We’ll be at Now Sapphire Riviera. Wondering if we should rent a car (38 canadian dollars from the hotel, taxes included) or go by taxi for a day to playa del carmen.
    The car would allow us to stop at a cenote… is there any nice ones between the hotel and playa del carmen?

    Thanks in advance.

    • A taxi would be expensive for going both ways. There are not any easy accessible cenotes along the way between your hotel an Playa Del Carmen but there is the Ruta de los Cenotes, a road that has many cenotes. This road goes from Puerto Morelos inland. You do have to drive for about 15 minutes to the first one. Some are more of a day trip and some are smaller just to visit. You could also book Xenotes park tickets and they would pick you up an take you to this area.

  38. I forgot to ask.
    Instead of waiting for the transportation to the hotel, how much would be a taxi from the airport to Now Sapphire Riviera?
    Should we pay in Pesos, US or Canadina?
    And how long should it take aproximately to reach the hotel?

    thanks again

  39. Hi
    How much is to hire a taxi whole day long for day trips?
    I read in a guide book it’s about 1000 pesos, but I’ve found much bigger prices on the internet.

    • Hello Botond

      There is not an official price for renting a taxi per day. It will depend on how far you want to go. For example if it were just around town, that is one price but if you want a taxi to take you to Chichen Itza and back, that is another price because of tolls, driving, and gas. You would need to negotiate a price with a driver. Some drivers start very early and end early afternoon, so you would need to find a driver willing to drive the hours you want. Something to think about is a one hour taxi drive can cost about 800/1000 pesos. So a day might be more.

  40. How much would a taxi be from playacar to cocobongos/the strip? And would it be safe to get a taxi back late at night after a few drinks? My daughters coming with a friend at the end of October and slightly worrie!

    • Hello Janine

      The taxi should cost 90 pesos but they often charge more and can charge 5 peso more from a taxi stand, most likely where the hotel taxis and returning from Coco Bongo. So around there. Just check before getting in. It is pretty safe going back to Playacar at night. It is a normal thing and drivers wait for the 3am ish crowd to come out. The area is under camera surveillance so taxis are captured on film before departing most likely. There are hundreds of people each night that take taxis and we don’t hear of many issues, so that might put your mind at ease.

  41. Hola: hoe much is from playa del carmen to Xcaret??

    we are comming from cuzumel one day trip on a cruise ship?

    Thanks Sandra

    • Hello

      A taxi from Playa Del Carmen to Xcaret is about 190 pesos. It will vary so it is good to ask. At taxi stands sometimes there are the official prices listed. We should note that you will arrive about 9 or 10am and have to leave at about 3pm. You will miss out on the show at Xcaret in the evening. There are smaller shows however during the day in the park. It is a huge park and there is a lot to see. If you want to save money on your entrance be sure to book in advance online. You can save 15% off your entrance. We have more on visiting Xcaret here:

  42. Hi there, how much extra should we expect to be charged at the ADO bus terminal travelling with 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons, just zone 1-zone 2? I can see the ‘official’ rate should be $30, plus an additional $5 for the taxi stand but I know you mentioned being charged extra for having to load bags etc so just want to know up to what cost would be reasonable to expect. Thanks in advance for your help

    • First off, many taxi drivers ask for more just because it is a location of tourist. This is not correct but if it is semi tolerable, worth dealing with. It is always good to ask to k ow before hand but when you ask they assume you don’t know so they say a higher price. So it is a no win unless you want to have a discussion in Spanish about the correct price. 40-50 pesos is fine for your route and if they say this, go for it and get to your destination. It is not much and not worth try’s big to get a cheaper price at the beginning of your vacation.

    • Hello Sandra
      According to the chart it should be 65 pesos. Of course it is best to confirm this before getting in because drivers often will state other prices. Some may charge 5 pesos more each way because you get it from a taxi stand but others may say higher prices.

  43. Hola, how much can I expect to pay for a taxi from the stand by the ADO station to Playa Caribe condominiums in Akumal please. Gracias Dave

    • Hello Dave

      According to the photo with prices for the Rivier Maya a taxi will cost about 410 pesos one way for 1-4 people to Akumal. It is always good to ask beforehand.

  44. Hola.
    Currently staying at Ocean Riviera Paradise.
    Thinking of snorkelling trip to see the sea turtles.
    Any idea cost of taxi from Ocean Riviera Paradise to Akumal beach?
    I know other option is taxi to PDC ( 240 pesos) then collectivo.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Chris

      It will be about 600 pesos each way. Of course there is no set price so it is going to be a question to the taxi driver. It also depends on how many people are you. This price estimate would be for 1-4 people. Considering it will be over a half hour taxi ride, it is not a bad price.

  45. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could give me an estimate of how much the taxi fare will be from the ADO bus station in Playa Del Carmen to the Grand Rivera Princess? Only I have no idea whatsoever and really don’t want to get ripped off! Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

    • It is supposed to be around 240 pesos for 1-4 people one way. We hope this gives you an idea. From a taxi stand it should be 5 pesos more. It often is said to be more so it is good to ask.

  46. Last year every driver going from Walmart to Les Alizes on CTM said the fare was 100 pesos, even when I showed them the chart. If effective Dec 1,2017 the prices jump 20% will it then be 120 pesos? What happens if after I get out and get my groceries, I pay what’s on the chart plus the 20% increase? If I’m reading it right, 35 pesos, plus the 5 for the siteo add on would be 40+20%???

    • The good thing now there are posted charts on signs at Walmart so you will be able to check it going in. This makes it a little more easy. It goes into a grey area if they help you unload and you ask the price. It is always good to know what the posted price is so you can be ready with correct change.

  47. could you please tell me how much a taxi from sandos caracol in pdc would be going to cenote azul??
    thank you kindly!

    • Hello Sarah

      We can give you an estimation. There are factors like resort tariff and that there is not an exact fee to every location in the Riviera Maya. The price for up to four people would be around 490 pesos each way. It is best to ask before getting so you know the price. We hope you have a great trip here.

  48. Can you give me an estimated taxi fare from the Royal Haciendas in Playa del Carmen to the Cirque du Soleil Theater at Vidanta in Riviera Maya?

    • This taxi ride would be about 250 pesos each way for up to four people. Of course with taxis it is always an estimation and good to ask before getting in. It is great if there is a chart so you can point to the price.

  49. Stopped at the taxi stand at constitution and 5th avenida and asked how much is the taxi to the ado bus station about 1 mile away and the driver wanted $10 American. Doesn’t seem regulated to me.

    • No it does not. At least they are accepting dollars but that is not the point. Usually there is a sign with prices on it at taxi stands. Did you see this? The technical price should be around 35/40 pesos. If you are paying in USD they can set the exchange rate at anything. It is always best to pay in pesos and pay the going rate. It seems taxi drives are always out for a quick buck and will through out a price and see if people jump at it. It is not a good system.

  50. Apologies if this has already been covered but looking to book coco bongo in cancun travelling from playacar via taxi. Any ideas what the base price would be for the taxi? Just seen how much more tui charge than buying the tickets direct the difference is crazy!

    • Hello Lee

      You do know there is a Coco Bongo in Playa Del Carmen correct? They are almost identical in the show and feel. A taxi to Cancun Coco Bongo would be anywhere from 700/1200 pesos. There is no set rate and it is up to the driver. It is about a one hour drive. Getting back home at 3 am will be even more difficult.

  51. Stay away from taxi il playa del Carmen , some of them Will attempt to seize and robb you!! Be careful, it’s not a joke

    • Thank you Mario for your words of caution. This has happened on a few cases but overall this is not a large problem. Although even once is too many times.

  52. Can you please tell me how much a taxi is from the Playa Del Carmen ADO bus station to Hotel Akumal Caribe? Also does the Mayba bus pick up at the ADO bus station and does it drop you on the highway? If so, how would I get from the highway to Hotel Akumal Caribe?
    Thanks very much.

    • A taxi would be about 480-500 pesos each way. If you want to take the Mayab bus you can walk to the highway or take a taxi. The Mayab bus does not run as frequent as the colectivos but is more space. Mayab is more for local workers in the Riviera Maya rather than tourist. Mayab busses do leave from the ADO Station on Juarez in Playa Del Carmen.

  53. Taxis are everywhere. Sometimes bumper to bumper. Like most things, negotiate.
    I once got a cab ride from Cancun Airport to PDC for $20.
    Rarely pay more than 70 pesos in Playa. If I have packages/groceries or luggage I offer 80 pesos.Ask before you get in. I always give the driver something extra. Waa just there. Trip from rental near 20th Ave and 30th to ADO Bus near ferry under $5US with tip. Plus drivers are fun to talk with.

  54. Saludos.
    ¿Que tan seguro seria rentar un auto en playa del carmen y dejarlo estacionado en las noches los 7 días en la calle. Ya que el hotel no tiene estacionamiento y esta ubicado en av. constituyentes frente a la quinta alegria?

    • Es muy seguro estacionar un auto en el centro de Playa. el problema es encontrar un lugar todos los días. El estacionamiento no siempre está disponible cerca.

  55. Hi,
    Can you confirm whether the rate sheets and zone map above are still accurate? I heard the rates went up this year so wanted to check.

    • We have sent a message to the taxi commission for confirmed current prices for taxis. We will post any updates here. For now you can use this as a gauge. There are posted rates at most taxi stops and grocery stores in Playa Del Carmen.

  56. Your website is super helpful! I plan on taking the ADO from cancun airport to playa del carmen and then traveling to bala tum. What do you recommend would be the most cost effect way for me to get to my hotel after i get off the bus?

  57. Is it safe to get a taxi around 5th Avenue at about 3:am? I have a flight from Cancun airport at about 5:55 back to USA. so I need to be there at 4:30am. Can I hail a taxi on the street or taxi stand will it be safe. Hopefully people will still be out and about at 3:00 on a Monday morning?

    • Yes it is possible to do. There are taxis especially going up and down 10th Avenue near 12th street since this is where clubs are. Just be prepared to ask a few drivers. Some change shift around 5 so they might not want to drive to Cancun. Other taxi drivers like to pick up people that are partying so they can charge more. Since there is no set price and the see you with a suitcase they might start off asking a lot. If you want to just book a private transfer you can have a driver waiting for you and a set price. Here is a service that we recommend

  58. I love this website! I used it when I went to Playa in 2016. One question. Last time I checked this website it mentioned that you should use taxis that are the right colour. For example, at the resort, the taxi was green and white and when I went to get a taxi to return to the resort, I got one of the same colour. I don’t see that advice this time. Has it changed? And how do we know which taxis to trust?

    • Hello Andrea

      We have never had that on our website. It is not really accurate information anyways wherever you heard it. All taxis are a group. All taxis in Playa Del Carmen are white with turquoise letters. One some towns have other colors but that does not really effect you when here.

  59. Hi, can anybody tell me how much it is from Hotel RIU Playacar to XPLOR by taxi?
    We will be there in Nov/Dec and I’m thinking about to take the shuttle option from the park.

    Thank you in advance

    • It is better to take a taxi then to buy transportation from the park. A taxi is about 200-250 pesos each way.

  60. Hello there, I used the taxi in playa del Carmen many times but everytime I had a discussion with the driver about the price…. now I need to took a taxi early morning, how can I book a taxi in advance to pickup me at 7am? I’m not in a hotel. Thanks ? in advance

    • It is fairly easy to get a taxi that time of the day. There is not a good central phone number for booking a taxi. It is best to ask at your hotel for them to call one for you or see what they advise. We don’t know where your hotel is and that will change the answer a little.

  61. Hello, I love your website.
    Question: How much should I expect to pay for a taxi from Playa Del Carmen Zone 1 to the hotel Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita which is past Puerto Morelos? And should it be the same rate for the return? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Stephane

      Thank you so much for reading our website. A taxi is going to cost about 630 pesos each way. Taxi drivers are know to ask for various amounts so there is not set fee. Usually from the resort they charge a little more since the drivers wait there all day for rides. For just about the same price you book a transfer with this company. You can pay in cash, credit card or paypal. When you book just put in Zoetry and then instead of airport put Playa Del Carmen. If you book round trip it is $75 USD. There is a special comments box when you check out and you can put details. So those are your options. With the second option it is a set price and no haggling over prices. It is about a 40 minute trip each way, that is why the prices are what they are.

  62. Hey there, congratulations for this website. It’s packed with useful tips and information! I’ll take the ADO bus from the airport and a taxi to my location. I understand that I probably won’t ever be charged the rates from the chart (25 pesos for zone 1) but what would be a reasonable price from the ADO bus station on 5th to Azula Maya Studios on Calle 28th between 45th and 40th Ave? I don’t want to argue with the driver but I don’t want to be ripped off either. Thanks again for all your help and advice.

    • Hello Kim

      The bus station in Playa is notorious for charging as much as possible. Also if you walk to 10th Avenue the taxis there charge more then they should. Technically you are getting on at a taxi stop. That is supposed to be 5 pesos more. And you are going to Zone 2 from 1. So that should be 35 pesos. If you have bags and they help you with them, they might just throw in a little but. 50 pesos should be a decent price to pay.

  63. Thanks a ton for the article!
    Can you please advise, how much will be taxi from Paradisus Playa del carmen to Rio Secreto? And to the Cirque du Soleil? Thanks a lot!

    • Hello

      The taxi to Rio Secreto will be around 250 pesos each way and Cirque du Soleil Show 400 pesos each way. Since you are getting a taxi from a resort prices tend to be higher although usually no official prices are listed. It is best to ask before getting in a taxi.

      • Can you please explain me something? Let’s assume that I want to go from Paradisus to Coco Bongo. I go out and see the taxis gathered near the hotel entrance, and they will charge me 120 pesos, based on the chart at the top of this page. But I know that Paradisus is Zone 3, and the price to the Zone 1 must be 35 pesos (or 45 after 20% rise, whatever). How can I book a taxi based on Zone price, not hotel price? Thank you very much. I think you can add it to the article, because it’s really not clear.

        • Hello Dmitry

          The Paradisus hotel is not in any zone on the map. It is in a yellow area on the map not in zone 2 or 3. So the rates they charge are applicable. It still is only about $4 USD and not bad for the distance and taxis having to wait for guest to take them places. Not all zones on the map make sense how they charge unless you charge hotels in higher rent areas more.

    • It does seem to be a little high. It is a little hard to say because it depends if they use a van or a car. Normally taxis that are cars are for three people. The rate is normally about 400 to Playa and 700 to Xel Ha so that would only be 1100. The problem at resorts is, you are at their mercy. They also charge a little more since it is a taxi stand. The official transport from Xel Ha is about $27 USD per person so that does not save you money either.

  64. Thank you for this website, I’ve found so much useful info for my upcoming trip! Do taxi drivers ever laugh and drive off when you tell them where you need to go? (This has happened to me in NYC…). I need to get from Playa del Carmen to a place about 23 km away (to the north), not crazy far but sort of off the beaten path, Ozen resort. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to pick up another fare on their way back to PDL. Should I be concerned about not being able to secure a taxi? Do the car services that you can arrange for to/from the airport provide service beyond airport service? I won’t be staying at a hotel in PDL so can’t ask for assistance from anyone there.

    • Hello Carina

      Some taxis might be coming to the end of their shift and not want to go on a longer trip. There will be some chance of missing a taxi or two but most drivers will take people. A taxi stand is the best place to get one to go out of town. They do charge a little more from taxi stands. There is a second option. This airport transportation company will do point to point transfers, so you can get from Playa to your hotel This is better if it is more then just you.

  65. Your website is so helpful, thank you for all the wonderful information. I will be staying right behind Mamitas Beach Club. How much would it be from the ADO bus station to Playa Mamitas?

    • Hello Tara

      Technically it should be around 40 pesos which is not much when you think of it. The ADO bus station is notorious for over charging people. Anything up to 60 is ok, but if they say anything over that, ask to see the chart.

  66. Hola,
    What would be cost for a taxi from Playa Del Carmen (El Centro) to Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita?

    • This would be about 850 pesos one way for up to 4 people. It is best to ask since there is not hard set price. There might be a price chart on 5th at the taxi stand, but if not, just ask.

  67. Will the taxi drivers take a surfboard from Cancun airport to the hotel in playa del carmen if I supply the soft roof rack?

    • It is better to take a transfer. They use these vans like the photo here. They also can cost less than a taxi because they have a fixed price and you don’t need to negotiate with them at the airport. Taxis at the airport are not our favorite things to deal with. Your board might fit in the van pretty easy. You can use the chat on their website to ask more details so they are prepared for your arrival.

  68. Hi, I was wondering if the taxi rate chart above has been updated for 2019. I read somewhere that there was going to be an increase from March 2019. Just want to keep myself informed so that I will know if I’m being charged too much. Right now I see that for travel within Zone 4, it’s only 25 pesos and for going to Zone 4 from 1, it’s 70 pesos. Did I read it right? Zone 1 is the town center? And that’s where the ADO station is and also the ferry to Cozumel?


    • No, taxis only accept cash in Pesos, sometimes dollars but it is not normally accepted or accepted at a good rate.

  69. Would be great if you guys could update the price chart. The fares have gone up a bit since you posted the chart. My tourist customers constantly get ripped off by local taxi drivers. I like to refer them to this chart. Gracias.

    • Puoi utilizzare google translate per tradurre qualsiasi pagina sul nostro sito web. Basta fare clic sull’URL e incollarlo nel traduttore. Puoi tradurre un’intera pagina alla volta.

  70. Can Taxi stand at Walmart be reported for trying to rip off customers?
    They even have the prices there on a board but still triple the price! Tired of this!!

    • You can report it to the taxi commission but that is more about being satisfied you did something. Your chances of getting results are pretty slim.

  71. Do you have any tips on what to say to te taxi drivers to get then to honour the official rate? I have never been able to get a taxi from zone 1 to 9 for less than 150 pesos, asking in spanish and showing them on the taxi union website that i know what the official rate is

    • I often just chat a little. If your Spanish is not good, then just a “Que onda” often helps a little. This is more slang for hello and how are you. I have talked to some taxi drivers and found they are from areas I know a lot about and we end up having a good conversation and they charge the correct prices. I often tip them because they stated the correct price.


  73. When I am in Playa del Carmen, I always take taxis from the stands on 5th because the prices are listed. I know this might be more expensive, but I know they are waiting there for customers, and I don’t like arguing over prices.

  74. We desperately need Uber! I have paid 4 deifferent prices in 4 leaving and going to the same spot each time

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