Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurants Guide

The best places for pizza and pasta!

Italian Restaurants Playa Del Carmen
Four cheese pizza

Here is a list of good Italian restaurants in Playa Del Carmen where you can get your fill of pasta and pizza. Some of these are also the best Italian food that Playa Del Carmen has to offer. Plus see our reviews.

Top Picks of the Best Italian Restaurants Playa Del Carmen

These are just in alphabetical order. The best restaurant is the one you like best!

Ambasciata D`Italia Restaurant

The name “Ambasciata D’Italia” translates to “The Italian Embassy”. The owners chose this name because they wanted to be ambassadors of the Italian cuisine to Playa Del Carmen. They brought the traditions of handmade pasta and pizzas along with traditional ingredients to the menu. Then they added a few local touches and you have what makes the Ambasciata D’Italia Restaurant what it is. What they are doing is working because the restaurant has been open since 2008. That is a pretty long time in the fast moving restaurant business of Playa Del Carmen.

Located right on 5th Avenue, they do a good job if not offering the typical tourist trap quality. Both locals and tourist enjoy this restaurant. It can be a restaurant for a casual dinner or a nice night out. The restaurant is located on 5th Avenue and 24th Street. For more about the Ambasciata D’Italia Restaurant see our article here.

Ambasciata D`Italia Restaurant

Casa Sophia

Casa Sophia. This is a popular local restaurant on the south end of town. It always seems to be busy and it must be because you get good value here. Many menu items here are prices between 90-120 pesos. The menu is large and includes many pastas, pizzas and vegetarian options. The atmosphere is casual but you can feel a little elegant with the indoor air conditioned room with a chandelier. There is also outdoor seating. Casa Sofia is on the south end of Playa Del Carmen on Avenida Aviacion. This is the diagonal street on the south side of the airport. It is in one of the plazas in the front. Most people would take a taxi here since it is out of the immediate center of Playa Del Carmen. For more on Casa Sophia see our article here. 

Casa Sofia italian Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Indoor dinning at Casa Sophia Restaurant.

Don Chendo Restaurant

Don Chendo Restaurant. This is another popular local Italian style restaurant. What makes this place special is the owner that has a passion for food. First of all the pizzas are Chicago deep dish style with a little gourmet twist. Most of the recipes are from Italy and they take good care of having a consistent product in this small restaurant. The atmosphere is casual and getting assistance in English is no problem here. This restaurant is on 30th Avenue between 24th Street and 26th Street. For more about Don Chendo Restaurant see our article here.

Don Chendo Playa Del Carmen Italian restaaurant
Don Chendo Restaurant.

La Famiglia Restaurant

La Famiglia Restaurant. This Italian restaurant is popular with locals and tourist. It has a convenient location right on 10th Avenue. The pizzas are some of our favorites and the pastas are good as well. This restaurant is a little more expensive then the first two but worth it. This is the type of restaurant you order wine with you meal and enjoy Italian food. The atmosphere is casual but preppy. La Famiglia Restaurant is on 10th Avenue between 10th Street and 12th Street. For more about La Famiglia see our article here.

La Famiglia Italian Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
La Famiglia Restaurant on 10th Avenue.

Mercatto Restaurant

Mercatto is a more upscale and modern Italian restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. Located in the Fives Downtown Hotel, this restaurant offers a fusion of Italian cuisine mixed with Playa influences.  Since Playa Del Carmen is a home to many people from around the world, like Argentina, they have influenced cuisine here. The menu is small but focuses on good base dishes. For more about Mercatto Restaurant see our article here.


Pizzeria Basilico Restaurant

What this small restaurant lacks in atmosphere they make up for in authentic pizzas and food. This is mainly a pizza restaurant that makes thin crust pizzas. They have one of the best pizzas in our opinion. You can find this restaurant on 34th Street between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue. If you don’t want to eat at the restaurant they also have a delivery service. For more on Pizzeria Basilico see our article here.

Pizzeria Basilico
This is what perfect pizza looks like.

Romeo Trattoria Pizzeria Restaurant

Romeo Trattoria Pizzeria Restaurant. This Italian restaurant is also always busy. It is know for the flat crust pizza and well prepared pasta dishes. There is a lot to choose from on the menu including some good wines. The people that come here the most are tourist that stay in Playa Del Carmen each year and return to eat at this popular Italian restaurant and locals that love the food here. The atmosphere is casual but nice. The place is always abuzz at night. Romeo is located on 4th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue. For more about Romeo Restaurant see our article here.

Romeo Italian Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Romeo Italian Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

More Italian Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

There are so many Italian restaurants in Playa Del Carmen that selecting the top ones is hard. Many Italian immigrant have settled in Playa Del Carmen and have brought their traditions with them plus the food is so popular. Here are some more options for you to try.

Cheesters Restaurant

This is a restaurant for locals when you want an inexpensive pasta meal. This restaurant has a location in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and knows how to cater to the comfort food crowd on a budget. This restaurant is a good distance out of the tourist area but has a nice garden setting for dining. Think pasta is cream sauces. This is a very casual place and few tourist make it over to this restaurant. Cheesters is located on 40th Avenue between 4th Street and 4 Bis Street. For more about Cheesters Restaurant you can read about it in our article here.


Piola Restaurant

This restaurant is known for three things:

  1. The basil martinis which are really tasty.
  2. The nice garden setting with tropical plants.
  3. And the consistency of the pizza and pasta.

Piola Restaurant is a chain restaurant but this one breaks the mold a little with the nice setting. Locals like it because it is a good place to go with a group of friends for a casual dinner and tourist like it because it is close to 5th Avenue but it gives you a nice setting to relax in. This restaurant is on 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach. For more about Piola you can see our article here.

Primer Plato Restaurant

This is a small authentic Italian restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. It is run by friendly people. This is more of a daytime restaurant and a place to grab a bite of fresh made pasta at very inexpensive prices. There is not much seating here but if you do get a place you can enjoy the charm of this neighborhood restaurant. This restaurant is on 15th Avenue just below Juarez Avenue and before you get to Calle 1 Sur. For more about Primer Plato Restaurant you can read our article here.

Trattoria Del Centro

This is an authentic Napolitano Italian restaurant. This is a casual but smart restaurant with good food and a little more seafood options than you get at other Italian restaurants in Playa. Check out the nice seating area in the back! This restaurant is on 26th Street just off 5th Avenue. It is between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. For more about Trattoria Del Centro see our article here.


What is your favorite Italian Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen? We would love to hear your comments below!


  1. The service is always nice at La Famiglia and I love Don Chendos, although it is not the same when Russell is not there. He makes that place.

  2. discovered casa sofia last winter and cant wait to return this coming winter,also don chendo has by far the best pizza in playa imo

  3. You are MISSING OUT by not having Perché No listed in your article. They are the Best Italian restaurant I have eaten at. The two brothers who own this place are great. Very friendly and always take care of you.
    They are Located next door to the Office Max just outside of Playacar at
    Av Balamcanché Mz 30 Lt2, Playacar, 77717 Playa del Carmen

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