Have Italian food Playense style at the Mercatto Restaurant

Mercatto Restaurant

Mercatto Restaurant

Mercatto Restaurant is an upscale trendy Italian restaurant on the south end of Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant is not beachfront, a rooftop or on 5th Avenue, so they need to rely on the food to bring people in. The do this through a small thought out menu.

This restaurant combines traditional Italian dishes with a Playa twist. Since Playa Del Carmen is influenced by people coming from all over the world, for example Argentina, the menu has some influences reflecting this.

Our video introduction to this restaurant


The atmosphere

Bright ,modern and trend with homage to Italian icons in black and white photos adorn the walls. Part of the kitchen is open to the restaurant.

Mercatto Restaurant

Menu at Mercatto Restaurant

Like we mentioned above the menu is not large but rather focuses on a few quality dishes form each section. To accompany your meal you can order wine by the glass or bottle. The have a good selection of quality Mexican wines.

Menu prices at Mercatto Restaurant

Here are some sample prices for the restaurant:

  • Appetizers 125-295 pesos.
  • Pasta dishes 155-195 pesos.
  • Main plates 275-385 pesos.
  • Pizzas 115-140 pesos.
  • Desserts 235-255 pesos.
Mercatto Restaurant
One of the seafood pasta dishes at Mercatto.


Breakfast 7:00am-12:00 noon.

Dinner 6:00pm-10:30pm.

Where is Mercatto Restaurant

The Mercatto Restaurant is in the Fives Downtown Hotel on 2nd Street and 10th Avenue. There are two entrances to the restaurant, one from inside the lobby and the other from 2nd Street. Since this area can be tight on parking, see our parking guide here.

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Have you been to Mercatto Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. 

Mercatto Restaurant

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