Our review of the Hotelito del Mar by Xperience Hotels in Playa Del Carmen

Hotelito del Mar

Hotelito del Mar by Xperience Hotels

Hotelito del Mar is a new hotel on the north end of Playa Del Carmen. As the city expands north, this area is seeing a lot of growth and new options for staying. This is a small hotel with rooftop pool. Here is our review of what you can expect from a stay here.

Our video review of staying here

Like everything on our website, we experience it so we can accurately report back to you and let you know what it is like. Here is our video we made from our stay here at this hotel

What are the rooms like here?

The rooms are apartment style. That means they are set up like mini condos or apartments. There is a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area and a kitchen.

The rooms have two air conditioners, Wi-Fi, two smart TV’s (not with cable), bathroom amenities and a safe. The kitchen has a refrigerator and microwave. There are no utensils or pots in the kitchen.

The front rooms have balconies but they are more decorative. They don’t serve as a place to sit outside.

Hotelito del Mar
The living area in one of the rooms.

The bedrooms

In the bedroom you will find a second smart TV, large comfortable bed and closet. A separate air conditioner is in the bedroom for dual climate temperatures in the hotel room. Besides the bed are small lights that are good for individual reading while not disturbing the other person.

Hotelito del MarThe rooftop of Hotelito del Mar by Xperience Hotels

The rooftop is one of the highlights of this hotel. There is a an area for laying out with lounge chairs and a dip pool.

The view looks out over the developing City of Playa Del Carmen. This building is one of the tallest in the area so you have open views. You can just see a few glimpses of the ocean from the rooftop.

Hotelito del Mar

How much does it cost and who do we recommend this hotel for?

We searched some random dates for this hotel over the summer months and got an average of $56 USD a night. Usually booking directly with Xperience Hotels will get you the best rate.

This hotel is good for a young couple or single person looking for a budget hotel in Playa. The rooms here give you a little more room and a kitchen space. So this might be good for a little longer stays in the area. If you are traveling with a car, this hotel is not in the immediate center so street parking is easier.

Where is Hotelito del Mar?

The hotel is on 20th Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets. This is not the downtown area but rather just north of it where Playa is growing and expanding.


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Have you stayed at Hotelito del Mar by Xperience Hotels? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

Hotelito del Mar
Hotelito del Mar on 20th Avenue and 42nd Street in Playa Del Carmen.

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