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What at stay at the Illusion Boutique Hotel is like

Illusion Boutique Hotel

Illusion Boutique Hotel Review

In the center of Playa Del Carmen you will find the Illusion Boutique Hotel. While the surrounding area has changed a lot of the past few years, this hotel has remained a staple in Playa. See if this hotel is a good fit for your stay in Playa Del Carmen.

Our video review of this hotel

Like everything on our website, we go there so we can tell you about it and answer questions. He is a video of what staying at the Illusion Boutique Hotel is like.

What are the rooms like at the Illusion Boutique Hotel?

What makes this hotel different than others in the area is the size of the rooms. Newer hotels in Playa are trending smaller rooms these days. Since this hotels is older it leaves more space in the rooms as well as wide hallways around the courtyard.

There are 45 rooms in this hotel. The rooms are airconditioned, have cable TV, and Wi-Fi. The hotel is five stories tall. The 4th floor has limited views to the sea and the 5th floor has the best views.

There is one elevator that services the floors of the hotel.

Room prices

This is a big draw to this hotel. We typed in some random dates for summer time and got rates from $64-$138 USD. Of course the lower floors are the more inexpensive rooms and top floors with views are premium. Overall though for being in the center of Playa Del Carmen this hotel offers a good deal on price.

Rooftop and pool

On the fourth floor of this hotel is a rooftop pool. The pool is shallow ad good for relaxing in. There are also a good amount of chairs for laying out in the sun on the roof deck. On the roof there is no music or bar but you might be able to hear some music from surrounding hotels. This is a pretty calm hotel.

Illusion Boutique Hotel

A view from the 5th floor fo the Illusion Boutique Hotel looking down at the fourth floor pool.


Illusion Boutique Hotel

The sunbathing area on the rooftop.

Breakfast option at Maison Pierre

The Maison Pierre Restaurant is on the first floor connected to this hotel. You can have breakfast here during your stay. Depending on how you reserve, your breakfast can be included in your stay here. Guest can choose from a limited menu of full plates or add on items at additional cost.

Maison Pierre is a French style café that has airconditioned interior and seating in the patio in the courtyard. If you do have breakfast here, this is a nice perk of the hotel. You only need to go downstairs and you are already to have a good day in Playa Del Carmen.

Where is the Illusion Hotel?

The Illusion Boutique Hotel is on 8th Street between the beach and 5th Avenue. This puts you just steps from the beach and from 5th Avenue.

Since most of the visitors will be coming from the airport in a transfer service, see our article here on the one we recommend.


Who do we recommend this hotel for?

This hotel is labeled as adult only. So this is for couples or single adults. It is budget friendly. This hotel is good for those that want to be close to the beach and also close to walk 5th Avenue. This could be a good hotel for your whole vacation or for a couple of nights in Playa Del Carmen before you take off for another location in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Have you stayed at the Illusion Boutique Hotel before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.