What is it like to stay in a luxury tent in the Riviera Maya?

Serenity Tented Camp

Serenity Tented Camp

Serenity Tented Camp  by Xperience Hotels opened it’s doors in January 2017 and now offers guest a unique experience . This hotel offers something different then most hotels and resorts. Serenity has a tranquil atmosphere in the a natural setting all while staying in a luxury tented room. Here in 30 rooms/tents you can have a quiet retreat with access to the beautiful Xpu Ha Beach.

Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camp is 18 km. south of Playa Del Carmen and 27 km. north of Tulum. See what this unique hotel is like in our video and description below.

What the luxury tents are like at Serenity

So, what is it like to stay in a tent? Does the word “tent” scare you and make you think of trips with your parents when you were young? Well, you don’t have to worry because times have changes, and this is not your parent’s type of tent.

These tents are very well made and just as comfortable as a room at a resort. They come fully equipped with air conditioning, mini fridge, writing desk, comfortable beds and large bathroom. The tents have decks and some of them have a small soaking tub and hammock.

The tents have windows and for privacy they have zip down covers. All the windows and doors have screens if you want to open them up for a breeze.

The 30 tents they have are spaced out with natural vegetation and trees. The property is dotted with fountains and surrounded by a privacy fence.

Serenity Tented Camp
Can you imagine staying here? Is this the ideal holiday for you?

Pool and dining area

The kidney shaped pool has depths of around 3 to 4 feet (1 meter-1.3 meters). It is a nice place to relax after the beach. There is even some shade during the day under the palm trees.

Around the pool there are seating areas where you can sit under an umbrella and read a book. You can also use the WIFI to catch up on the lasted news or send stunning photos to your friends of your vacation.

Serenity Tented Camp
The pool at Serenity Tented Camp.

Dinning at Serenity

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served at this hotel. This is not an all-inclusive so you can choose what meals you want to take at the hotel. Usually with these types of arrangements the food is of better quality, and this is true of this hotel.

With this type of plan, you can have breakfast at the hotel and perhaps lunch at the beach club. If you take tours, often you have a lunch included in them. 

For more about dinning at Serenity, see our article on the Mystic Restaurant which is open for guests of the hotel and to the public.

Access to Xpu Ha beach and beach club

From Serenity Tented Camp there is a private walk to the beach which connects to the road going to Xpu Ha beach. The walk takes about 5 minutes.

On the beach Serenity has their own section of the beach. Here they have a beach club for the guest of the hotel. there are beach beds and lounges. Drinks and a small food menu are available here.

For more about the Serenity Beach Club you can see our video and article here.

Serenity Tented Camp
The beach club at Serenity Hotel in Xpu Ha.

What most everyone comes for is the beach. So, this is what Xpu Ha beach is like. Xpu Ha is in a bay. On the south end is a more remote area where you can take a stroll. To the north there are some smaller hotels and one resort. The beach has a good reputation for being one of the best beaches between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.

Serenity Tented Camp
Xpu Ha Beach in the Riviera Maya.

How does it cost and where to book for this hotel

Prices range depending on the season but for the most part will cost about the same as a hotel room in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. This means that some of the larger resorts that are all inclusive are about double the cost as Serenity. That is even figuring in two people eating at Serenity Tented Camp. So, this hotel can give you a good place to stay for those seeking a quieter vacation and affordable price.

To check prices and availability for when you are thinking of staying here, click here.

What is near Serenity Tented Camp?

Most people coming to the Riviera Maya have a hard time visualizing what is close to a resort and how to get around. For the most part this hotel is off a rural stretch of the 307 Highway. Here are some things that are walkable or a short taxi ride away.

  1. At the beach there are some small beach clubs. These can be good for getting a bite to eat.
  2. Cenotes. The cenotes of El Jardin, Cristalino and Cenote Azul are all about a 5 minute taxi ride just north of Serenity Tented Camp.
  3. Xel Ha is a short way south of here. This is an eco park where you swim and snorkel all day and have buffets included. To go here we recommend the colectivos.

Who we recommend staying at Serenity Tented Camp

This hotel is good for couples that want a nice quiet stay in the Riviera Maya. This can be a romantic stay and something unique to keep the two of you talking about the experience.

For a single person looking to get away and have some quiet time, the tents will afford a space to relax and perhaps read a book.

For people looking to stay in the area but also save money over the big resorts. You can pay about half, and that is with ordering food at Serenity. This can also be a good hotel to break up your vacation and stay for part of it here and then another part of the Riviera Maya or Yucatan.

For groups this hotel can be a fun retreat. Both yoga groups or wedding groups can find themselves in a unique place and yet small enough so people can interact without getting lost on a big resort. There are only 30 rooms/tents here.

Have you stayed at Serenity Tented Camp? What did you think? or do you have questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

Serenity Tented Camp
Pathways and tents at Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camp.

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  1. What does a tent cost. We would be staying a minimum of 1 month. We have 2 little dogs, a poodle and a Papillion. Very well behaved, friendly and clean
    Would they be allowed to stay here..

    • Hello Suzan

      You will need to contact them directly and ask about long term stays and if they accept dogs. We hope you find somewhere that you like to stay for your time here.

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