How to enjoy Xpu Ha Beach at Serenity Beach Club

Serenity Beach Club

Serenity Beach Club

For those of you who love the beach, this is another beach option here in the Riviera Maya. Serenity Beach Club is at Xpu Ha Beach. Xpu Ha is known for one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya. This can be a great place to visit for the day if you are here in the Riviera Maya or if you are a resident, you just might want to make this a place to escape the more urban areas and enjoy the beach.

Xpu Ha has long been known as a good beach option and there have been local beach clubs with services. Serenity plans to offer a little bit more luxury for your time at the beach. There are dedicated lounge chairs, beach beds, umbrellas, towel service and waiter service for food and drinks.

Serenity Beach Club
Is this your happy place? This is a beach bed overlooking Xpu Ha Beach.

Services and cost at Serenity Beach Club

  • The beach club is open daily from 10:30am-6:00pm.
  • Cost is 500 pesos per person for consumption.
  • Kids are allowed. Children over 12 pays as adults.
  • Children under 12 pay 100 pesos.
  • Towels are included in your visit.
  • Public bathrooms are available.

What is on the menu?

For food at Serenity, you can order seafood in the form of ceviche’s, cocktails or aguachile verde. Other items include nachos, guacamole, burritos, club sandwich, and hamburgers. Food items are between 105-295 pesos.

For drinks there are juices and non-alcoholic cocktails. A mostly full bar is also available, and beers are served here. Most cocktails are between 105-120 pesos.

Serenity Beach Club
Have a meal at the beach here.

How to get to this beach club

Serenity Beach Club is located at Xpu Ha Beach. This is between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. This is about a 25 minute drive from Playa Del Camren and a 31 minute drive from Tulum.

If you are coming by car look for the main entrance to Xpu Ha where La Playita Beach club is posted. Here there is a rope across the road. This road is a toll for people going to the other beach club. If you are going to Serenity, you do not need to pay here. Just say you are going to Serenity. Once you pass through the entrance proceed to the Serenity Tented Camp Hotel on your right. Go in to the lobby and say you want to purchase the beach pass. Here they will give you your bracelet and you can continue to the beach.

Note: If you are coming from Playa Del Carmen or points north you will need to pass the entrance and take the next return. It is only a short way past the entrance.

Public transportation to Serenity Beach Club

If you are not driving here, you can take the colectivos from Tulum or Playa Del Carmen. These are very inexpensive transport vans that pick people up and drop people off along the highway. The colectivos will drop you off on the highway and you can walk down the beach road to Serenity (stopping first at the hotel lobby to pay for your bracelet before going to the beach). When you leave you just need to walk back to the highway. For more on where to catch the colectivos, see our article here.

Have you been to the Serenity Beach Club? What did you think? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Serenity Beach Club
Looking north from the Serenity Beach Club on Xpu Ha Beach.

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  1. Just want to confirm they allow you to pay to park at Serenity Beach Club? BTW any tips on Tulum Beach Clubs with parking?

    • Saul

      That is a good point. The parking lot is for everyone that comes to Xpu Ha so it does get full on weekends and it is good to get there early. When it is full the cars park along the road and you might have to walk some. But there is parking.
      For Tulum each beach club is different. Usualy each beach club has some parking. It is a problem at most of them on weekends and sometimes they are full and you need to go to another one. It is best to arrive before 11:00am to get parked and ready to relax in Tulum.

  2. We went to Xpu Ha yesterday and bought the Serenity Beach club day pass. We were there for a short while and tried to order a beer only to find that nothing was being served except for a non-alcohol punch and light snacks. The waiter said that they weren’t serving any other drinks or food until 3PM and was surprised that the front desk personnel hadn’t mentioned anything to us. We really couldn’t justify the pass cost for what was being offered and so went back to the lobby to get a refund. The front desk personnel told us that they thought that “full” service started at noon. So we’re not sure the actual policy. We did find out that as part of the beach pass, we could use the pool at Serenity and dine at the hotel’s restaurant.

    • David

      We will follow up with the hotel on this. Fortunately we have contacts that we can direct comments and questions to because we like our readers to be happy and also the information that we present to be accurate. We will do this today.

    • Hello David

      We have heard back from the hotel and beach club. They apologize for the lapse of service. It came about because the liquor license was being renewed and there was a lack of communication between the staff. We are sending you an email with further details from the staff of the hotel along with their apology for this.

  3. HI,

    We would like to take the colectivo from playa del carmen. Once we drop off on the highway, is there any overpass to cross the highway to go to xpu ha beach? Or we need to jaywalk to cross the 307 which seems a little bit dangerous to me.



    • Hello Chungwei

      It is correct the colectivo will drop you off on the opposite side of the highway and you will need to cross over the highway to get to the beach side. There is no over pass. There are times where there are no cars coming so you should be fine. Once you cross over the road to the beach will be about a 7 minute walk.

  4. How do you get the colectivo from this place back to Playa Del Carmen? Also, what is the fare for the colectivo?

    • You will need to walk to the highway and flag down a passing colectivo in th direction you want to go. Going back to Playa is about 35 pesos.

  5. Are chairs reserved here, such as at Kool or Mamitas? As well to ask, the $500MXN payment is credit for food and drink? Thanks, and looking forward to our 2nd visit to PDC in as many years.

  6. Excellent service and very comfortable

    We went to xpu-ha today and stayed at the serenity beach club.
    We paid 300 mxn per person for the use of the beach beds but it was discounted after consumption. In the other places the use of the beds is charged apart from the consumption. Already a point for that place.

    We had beers and cocktails and still ate. All rich.

    If you want to check the views of the sea and its facilities I leave you the link on its page

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