Cheesters Restaurant-Local guilty favorite for pasta and more

Cheesters Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen menu

Cheesters Restaurant

Cheesters Restaurant is one of those places that has found its niche and does what it does very well. They serve up good portions of delicious pasta and salads in a casual setting. It is a local favorite among residents of Playa or expats that live here. It is a bit off the beaten path for tourist to find, so their loss. There are so many good restaurants on 5th Avenue or nearby there is not need for tourist to venture this far but in case you want a cool local spot, check 0ut directions below.

Cheesters Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

What  is Cheesters like?

Cheesters is seven blocks back from 5th Avenue in what looks like someone’s front yard of their house. It has a pleasant garden for eating with some covered seating and a small amount of seating inside. When we were here last time there was a steady stream of people coming though the front gates and it was not even the weekend!

What they do right is offer a casual environment with good prices for pasta and big salads. The pastas are not “diet” versions but full goodness. You may look at the menu and think the prices are high for about 140 pesos for one order of pasta but when it comes you will know why this is a good deal. Cheesters is the type of place you don’t eat alone. It is about sharing, and sharing you will do. The pasta comes in a skillet and is enough to serve two people easily! So really the prices are half of the menu price since they feed two.

Check out the appetizers that are like Chinese spring rolls but filled with cheese and pesto sauce on top. They are in the photo below. Order of 4 for 85 pesos.

Cheesters Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

Cheesters does not serve alcohol or attitude.

Enjoy a romantic night out or a fun dinner with friends here. Enjoy!


Monday 2:00pm-10:30

Closed Tuesdays

Wednesday-Sundays 2:00pm-10:30pm


Cheesters is on Avenida 40 between 4th St and 4 Bis street. If you are in this area also check out Mu Burgerhouse Restaurant just up the street.


CheesterRestaurant in Playa Del Carmen