How to take the Ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel

Ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel

How to take the Ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel

Getting from the mainland to Cozumel is relatively pretty simple on the Cozumel ferry. Here is all the information you need to know to make your trip easy. 

There are 2 Ferry Companies that Cross from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel

There are now two companies that service the crossing. Click on the names to go to their websites. The two Cozumel ferry companies are :

  1. Ultramar
  2. Winjet

All boats are similar. All of the ferry companies have kiosk near the ferry pier. Most people just show up and take whatever boat is leaving next. You can buy one way or round-trip tickets. We recommend just getting a one-way ticket and then buy a ticket when you are ready to come back. That way you are not waiting for a ferry that you already bought a return ticket for or trying to catch a certain time ferry.

Cozumel ferry
The ferry companies that operate between Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen

Pre booking tickets for the ferry

If you would like to purchase your tickets in advance, you can do so with the reserve now button below.

For a ticket on Ultramar ferry click this link.

For Winjet ferry service you can book below.

How much does the Cozumel ferry cost?

The Cozumel ferry cost about 250 pesos one way or 500 pesos round trip. Basically, both are all about the same price and convenience of what boat is leaving next is going to be the deciding factor.

What are the child prices for the Cozumel ferry?

Children 2 years old up until 12 years old are 200 pesos one way or 400 roundtrip.

One big money saving tip is for locals with proof of ID is get a local ticket price.

What time do the ferries go to Cozumel?

For our complete Cozumel ferry schedule see our article here.

Ultramar crosses 30 times a day between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.

Winjet has service leaving Playa Del Carmen 9:00am-9:00pm and from Cozumel 8:00am-8:00pm. Some of these can be seasonal so double check on their website.

How do I get from the ADO bus station to the Cozumel ferry?

You can easily walk from the ADO bus station on Juarez Avenue and 5th Avenue. It is only about 3 blocks. Just exit the bus station onto 5th Avenue and turn right. Go two blocks and then take a left down the ocean. Easy enough.

If you are carrying a lot of luggage, then you can get a tricycle taxi to load up your stuff and bike it down to the ferry. Bicycle taxis are located right next to the bus station on Juarez Avenue.

If you are coming from the Cancun Airport on ADO bus, you will go to the ADO bust station on Juarez Avenue, close to the ferry. The airport bus only goes to this station.

How long does the Cozumel ferry take?

The ferry is just over 30 minutes to cross. Boats leave very close to schedule. If there are rougher seas, then the crossing can take a little longer. Make sure you get there at least 10 minutes before they leave so you can walk out and get on.

Will I get seasick on the ferry to Cozumel?

Most likely not. The ride is pretty smooth, and most people can handle it. If you are sensitive, they do have bags available. If the wind is high, the seas in the middle between Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen can get a bit bumpy. Most of the time though there is clear sailing.

Do the Cozumel ferries have bathrooms or food?

Yes, to both. There are drinks available at small bars on the ferries.

Do the ferries have air-conditioning?

Yes, all the ferries are air conditioned and actually quite comfortable. There is seating outside as well to get some fresh air and take photos. Most people prefer to relax inside though.

Cozumel ferry
The ferry dock in Cozumel.

Are the ferries handicap accessible?

Yes. There are always crew available to assist with loading. The gangplank is usually too narrow for wheelchairs. So special care has to be given and passengers with handicaps will be assisted.

Is there a car ferry to and from Cozumel?

Yes. It is called Trans Caribe but this is totally different than the above-mentioned ferry companies. It leaves from the Calica port which is about 10 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen.

There is however no need to take your car over for the day. It is much easier to rent a car while on Cozumel. The price of shipping a car over outweighs any benefit to renting a car.

How often do the car ferries cross between Cozumel and the mainland?

The ferry crosses 4 times a day except Sundays when it just crosses twice. For exact hours check the link above to Trans Caribe.

What services are there when you arrive to the Cozumel Ferry Pier?

The Cozumel Ferry Pier is very modern and makes it easy to access the town of San Miguel and points beyond. There are bathrooms and snacks at the pier and many tour operators selling everything from dive tours to rental cars. It is best however to research what is best for you before getting off the boat.

There are taxis right outside the terminal lined up to take you all over the island.

Near the ferry terminal there are many jewelry stores that cater to cruise ship arrivals. Most of the bars and restaurants are to your right as you exit. The town itself does not have much to offer day trippers or tourist except for the area close to the ferries. Most of the destinations people want are out of town.

If you have some time while waiting for the ferry in Playa Del Carmen, make sure you walk around Parque Fundadores (Founders Park) because there is always something going on there for entertainment, and it is a nice place to grab a snack.

Where do you park to take the Cozumel Ferry?

On the south end of Playa where you will take the ferry there are two street level parking lots and an underground parking garage. You can see a map with more details here in our Parking Guide to Playa.

Here is a map of where the Cozumel ferry pier is in Playa Del Carmen

Do you have any questions or comments about how to take the ferry to Cozumel? Let us know below in the comment section.

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  1. We will be coming off a cruise ship and want to take the ferry over to Playa del Carmen. Is the distance walkable or a taxi needed?

    • Hello. There are several cruise ship ports on Cozumel so it will depend on which on you arrive at and how close it is to the ferry terminal in Cozumel. Once you arrive in Playa Del Carmen you are almost right on 5th Avenue. You can start walking from there to explore.

    • This ferry has been there lately and usually this is used for the cruise ships that need to send people over to the mainland. Because of the amount of people that arrive at the same time, they have used the Constituyentes pier. We have seen a ticket booth there but have not confirmed any regular schedule for single passengers going to Cozumel. We will keep you informed about this to see if there is more concrete information.

  2. I noticed that more of the Cozumel ferry companies are offering local discounts. I guess to compete with each other.

  3. How far is it from the ferry to Alantics Submarine? How much does it cost to take the Submarine for an adult? Are they open daily and what hours?

    • Hello Adeline

      The Atlantis Submarine is south of the ferry pier. It is a taxi ride since it is longer than a decent walk. We do not have nay information on them since they never responded to our emails. We hope to visit and have a full story on them soon. For now you should be able to find there website online. This tour is popular with cruise ship visitors so it can get full at times.

    • The museum is a walkable distance from the Cozumel Ferry Pier. You can walk up 5th Avenue until 8th Street and go one block up to 10th Avenue.

  4. Hello. Thank for the info. What, roughly, can I expect to pay for a taxi from the ADO on 20th, to the ferry? There will be too of us with two backpacks. Thanks.

    • If you get a taxi from the Stand it technically should be 30 pesos and 25 from hailing a taxi off the street. Often they ask for more though.

  5. Thanks for your good advice. We are heading to Cozumel this week after being in Playa Del Carmen for one month. We planning checking things out there.

  6. We are flying into cancun and transfering to the ferry to cozumel and the same on our way back. What is the luggage restrictions on the ferrys. Is the a max. We will be traveling with young children so will have some luggage.

    • It seems like there is not a strict policy on luggage, just that large bags cannot go in the cabin since it will block isles. They should place your bags for you and tip is appreciated. There are three ferry companies but we think they should all be the same with luggage. If you find anything different, please let us know. We hope you have a great trip.

  7. Hello Darrell

    We did confirm with Ultra Mar, one of the ferry companies that you can bring suitcases with you with no extra charges.

  8. Hello. Can you tell me whether there are luggage lockers big enough to take cases 30 x 40 x 60cm at the ferry pier in San Miguel? My wife and I want to visit the nearby Museo before crossing to Playa del Carmen, but will have our luggage with us. Thanks.

    • Hello John

      We are not sure but think it is more like a bag check and you should be able to check them. Sorry we have not checked bags there, so we are not sure.

    • There are three docks in Cozumel. You will need to know what dock the cruise comes to. They announce it on a website for what ships are docking where. One is very close to the ferry from Playa Del Carmen but another one is about a 8 minute taxi ride to the south.

  9. Thanks for the detailed guide. We are coming to Mexico for the first time and splitting our time between Cozumel and Playa. We are expecting to transfer a couple of times on the ferry.

  10. Do the passenger ferries going to Playa del Carmen ever sell out? Should I try and reserve tickets ahead of time?

    • We have never seen them really sell out. They do get full but there are ferries every 30 minutes so even if one is sold out you have a short wait. Usually during high demand like for the Ironman they have extra ferries.

  11. Hi. We are staying at Riu Mexico in Playa but want to catch the ferry to go over to Cozumel one day during our trip. How far away from our hotel is the place where we would get on the ferry?

    • Hello Ellen

      Your hotel is toward the middle of Playacar and walking would be a good 20 minute walk. A taxi is best and will cost about 90 pesos each way. From where the taxi drops you it is about two blocks of pedestrian streets.

  12. Hey Mr Yucutan

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your detailed responses. They have helped with our plans and budgetting tremendously

  13. Thanks for all the good information. Is there a rental car agency near the ferry port in Cozumel?

    • There are many small car rental companies by the ferry but we don’t really recommend them. They are really geared for tourist and often do not offer the best services of prices. geared for tourist and We don’t have one car rental company to recommend but we prefer some that are in the town. Maybe getting a recommendation is good. Many of the cars on Cozumel are older and not in great shape. Some are convertibles which are fun but you will get a lot of sun, so keep that in mind.

  14. Once you arrive at the Cozumel ferry are there plenty of taxi/vans to take you to your condo/hotel? We are a family of 5 and most likely need a van with luggage and all. Approximately what is the cost to expect to do this? Thanks!

    • Hello

      If you are going to Cozumel and getting off the ferry there, yes, there are plenty of taxis and there are a lot of van taxis on Cozumel. Hotels there are very spread out so knowing what hotel you are going to would be a reference point for pricing. Taxis are not metered so it is good to ask. For 5 people going to some of the hotels it would be about 200/400 pesos. If you are coming to Playa Del Carmen, there are bike taxis that can carry your luggage to the taxi stand on Juarez Avenue three blocks away. Here you can get a taxi to where you need to go.

  15. Hello!
    We are flying in to Cancun and going to Cozume with our 11 month old babyl. It will be our first trip to the island could you suggest the most comfortable way of getting to the ferry taxi or a transfer company?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Misty
      Since you have the day there and are arriving at the Cozumel Ferry pier in Playa, you can choose the beach just north of the pier. There is a beach club called Wah Wah that has free chairs as long as you get some drinks or food. The beach is good and it is casual. We hope you have a great time visiting!

    • Hello Misty. The ferry will take USD. They will exchange it at their own rate but it will not be too bad.

  16. We r going to Cancun in Sep and want to go to Cozumel not sure if just as a day trip or an overnight stay wld it b easy to get a hotel for 1 night if we decided to stay and get the ferry back to playadelcarmen the next day r hotels near the ferry port or located further away

    • Hello Mary

      If you are staying in Cancun it is going to take you one hour to Playa Del Carmen and one hour for the ferry, so already that is four hours of transportation in one day. It is possible to do it as a day trip. You might want to go to Cozumel and see it and then come back to Playa and spend the night since you will have many options for places to eat and walk around. On Cozumel there are hotels near the pier but most are basic. The town on Cozumel is “ok” . Most of it is designed for cruise ship people with jewelry stores and bars. We would recommend staying in Playa for the night and then in the morning going back to Cancun.

  17. Hi thanx for the info wld it be easy to book a hotel on Cozumel on the day we do a trip if we did decide to stay the night there and return by ferry the next day to playa then back to Cancun went to Cancun about 8yrs ago and took the bus to playa and had a walk about but did’nt do any ferry trips but thought we’d do it this time

    • There are some hotels in the downtown and it should be easy to book a night once there. You could write down some of the addresses so you know what is available before you go. Unless it is a major event like carnival or the Ironman, there usually are rooms. Hotel prices range from $40 USD and up. Some of the hotels will not be on booking sites since some are local ones.

  18. I am staying in cozumel and my flight back home is at 8:00 in the morning. Which means I have to be at the airport at 6:00 and leave cozumel before 5 am. Is there another ferrys or boats we can take really early in the morning to make it to playa del Carmen and to the airport?

    • Hello Jess

      The ONLY option you have is to leave Cozumel the night before because if your flight is at 8am you need to be at the airport at 6am and leave from Playa at 5am. If you were on Cozumel that means leaving at 4am. There are flights from Cozumel to Cancun but they are not that early. Maybe changing your flight will end up costing you something but less stressful and less then getting a hotel for the night in Playa.

  19. Hello, we are staying in Tulum and not sure whether to fly into Cancun and take a taxi (1.5 – 2 hrs??) or if there is a shuttle? Or should we fly into Cozumel and take the Ferry to Playa, then a 30m taxi from there to Tulum? Any thoughts/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Kim
      One factor is going to be the price of the flight. Most flights are cheaper into Cancun. Once you land we reccomend taking a private transfer. They will be waiting for you and have more space than a taxi. Here is our article on one transfer company we reccomend.
      One thing you have to also think about is the time it takes to get from the Cozumel airport to the ferry, then the 45 minute ferry. It also might be a windy day and the ferry could be rougher. Not the best way to start your vacation. The connection from Cancun Airport is smooth and fast. We hope you have a great vacation here.

    • You can by both credit card or cash. If you use Card, it is best to use the booth close to the Ferry Terminal since they will be more likely able to give you good service. There are booths along 5th Avenue for example but they might not have the best connection to use your card.

  20. I heard the taxi’s on Cozumel are pretty expensive. Is that true or are they similar to the pricing on the mainland?
    We are renting a car for our stay on the mainland but wanted to go to Cozumel for a day and thought we would ferry it over, but you say that’s not really worth doing. My concern is that by the time we ferry 4 of us over, get a taxi to go in town and then rent a car – that will be expensive. 🙁 Your opinion…

    • Our question to you is, what do you want to do there? It sounds like you want to drive around the island. If you take the Cozumel ferry it arrives just in the town and you can walk from there to a car rental agency. There are about 5 right in the terminal. All are booths and all are, how shall we say, tourist ones. We don’t have a good agency to recommend. For the most part it will be fine and you should not worry. You do get what you pay for so if a car is really cheap, like $30 USD for the day with insurance, you might get an old car. Just check things out and ask about all the fees first. The loop around Cozumel is cool to drive and a few small bars dot the far side of the island. There are a few public access beaches on the far side. Most of that area is natural. If the weather looks bad from here you can always skip it. That is the benefit of living so close and not booking ahead.

    • Most stores are along the waterfront and cater to cruise ship tourist. There are lots of jewelry stores and tequila tastings. You don’t find too many higher end shops and it is touristy (aka Senor Frogs). Shops are open because it is for tourist and at any given day there are cruise ships arriving.

  21. We are staying in Cozumel and need to take the 5:45 a.m. Ferry to Playa del Carmen to catch a transfer at the Nike Store at 7:20 Xel-ha. Do you know if anything would be open where we could wait?

    • Hello Maureen

      Most places around there open at 8am. There is a Starbucks on the second floor of the Cozumel Ferry Pier. WE are not sure if it is open that early. If not, there is seating there on the second level and you can enjoy the ocean views. We hope you have a great time at Xel Ha. Let us know if you need anything else.

  22. What is the best way to get to Playa Del Carmen from Cancun? Also, how much is a round trip ticket in USD$ for an adult. Thanks.

  23. Hello, I am staying at sandos caracol in November and it seems like the flight to Cozumel is cheaper compared to Cancun airport. What would be the difference in pricing to get to my hotel? I would have to take the ferry then a taxi to get to my hotel compared to a taxi or transfer service from Cancun airport.

  24. Hello there, we’ll be taking the ferry to Cozumel and looking for the best place to go snorkeling. Once there, where should we go and do we need to hire a guide or rent a car to get to that place? Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hello Ric

      Most of the better snorkeling is on the west side of the island and south of the ferry pier. Renting a car seems to be a bit of a waste since you would spend 30 minutes picking it up, driving 15 minutes and then parking it while you snorkel. There are not a lot of easy access points to the water so a tour that is reasonable in price might be good. Many beach bars and hotels also offer free access as long as you buy food and drinks. one idea is to take a catamaran tour. They usually are able to get you right near the snorkel spots and then you can jump in to see the reefs. One tour is here: Catamaran Sail and Snorkel Tour in Cozumel – $55.00
      from: Viator

  25. Hi, we are arriving in Cozumel on Norwegian in a week . We want to take the ferry over to Playa and then go to Cenote Chaak Tun. How close is the ferry to the cruise ship dock? Are there taxis at the ferry dock in Playa? There will be 5 of us so we will need a bigger car. Do you suggest buying all tickets ( ferry and cenote) before we arrive? Or are the ferry tickets for a particular time?

    • Hello Cathy

      Well first thing, there are three docks where cruised come to in Cozumel. Some are about a 15 minute taxi ride from the Cozumel Ferry. When your cruise arrives there will be ferry that come up to the boat when you dock at the southern pier but these are for pre booked excursions. So you will need to know what pier you are going to in order to plan out your timing for getting the ferry.
      There will be taxis outside of the all three piers in Cozumel. When you arrive in Playa there will be taxi drivers that have signs for taxi service. A taxi from Playa to the cenote for 5 people should be 660 pesos according to our taxi rate in our taxi guide.
      You should account for 30 minutes each way for the taxi to the cenote from the Playa dock. We hope this helps you and you have a great time.

  26. We will be in Playa next week. My husband has a disability and needs a mobility scooter to get around. We would like to take the ferry over to Cozumel. Would there be a problem getting the scooter on board the ferry? Are the shops and restaurants in Cozumel close to the ferry landing?

    • Hello Shirley

      They should be able to accommodate you because this is the main way all passengers get to Cozumel. There are staff at the boarding that can help. Once you arrive in Cozumel there are stores along the waterfront and restaurants within a 4 block radius to choose from. It is more geared for cruise ship guest, so expect a more touristy feel.

  27. Vamos en el barco de carnaval y nos van a dejar bajar a las 10 pero tenemos Ke regresar para las 5:30!del mismo día pero queremos tomar el ferry para playa del Carmen para conocer las ruinas de koba creo Ke haci se llaman no s alcanzaría el tiempo o no me recomienda hacer esa visita a las Ruinas por el poco tiempo Ke nos da el barco ??

    • Hola. Este es el problema con los cruceros. No tienes mucho tiempo para ver las cosas en tierra. Las ruinas de Cobá están demasiado lejos para ser vistas en un día desde Cozumel. Es incluso un corto tiempo para ver las ruinas de Tulum que son 1 hora menos tiempo de transporte. Tal vez debería volar aquí la próxima vez y ver todas las cosas maravillosas que están aquí.

  28. Is there any options to leave Cozumel to PDC at around 4am? Maybe a private company that runs earlier boats? Our flight leaves at 8:30am in Cancun.

    If not then could you tell me how long it takes to get from cozumel to PDC on the ferry since i see one leaves at 5:45am? and how long it takes for a taxi to get you from PDC to the Cancun Airport?

    • No there are no other options. It is bad to cut it close as well since there is always a slim change the weather can be bad in the morning and the ferries can be delayed. The ferries take about 40/45 minutes. There are two types and one is slightly faster. There is the option to take a flight from Cozumel to Cancun. You can check out Mayanair for this.

    • Hello, staying at playa near 5th ave for the first time and going to Cozumel by ferry got a day. What beach would you recommend to go to if we take a taxi? We have a child with us. Not too touristy if possible. Thank you

    • Yes. Are you talking about the same boat and just arriving and returning in one time? You will need to get off and present your ticket for the return assuming the same ferry company is departing as soon as it arrives.

  29. Hola! Iremos la semana que viene a Cozumel en crucero. El crucero estará entre 10am a 7pm. Entiendes que solo podemos ir hasta Playa del Carmen y estar en la playa? O hay otros lugares muy cerca de Playa del Carmen que podemos visitar y regresar a tiempo al crucero?

  30. I am glad I found your website. It has tons of helpful material. We are planning a week this year as look around tour and will be back to look at possible places to live in the area.

  31. We will be in Cozumel from December 27 – January 3, 2018. On our return back from Cozumel, we will require transportation from Playa Del Carmen to the Cancun Airport. My question would be, if we decide to arrange a private transfer, what is the best place for a pick up location in Playa after we get off the ferry?

    • Normal ferries Tun from the center of San Miguel town on Cozumel. Direct from the cruises there can be ferri s but these are for people that pre booked tours. There are three cruise ship docks on Cozumel and if you are looking to get to the mainland you can take a taxi to the pier. Only one of the piers is within walking distance to the ferry.

  32. hi. I am visiting in a few months and staying at sandos eco resort, how far is the ferry from there? we will have 4 kids and wondering if it is walking distance or we have to get a shuttle. Also can we just take the ferry and explore or do we have to do some sort of tour?

    • Hello Alicia

      The ferry is about a 20 minute shuttle ride from your hotel. You can take the ferry across and walk around but it is just a small town with tourist shops. The most interesting thing is the snorkeling or diving. Perhaps look for a tour that you want to do and see if you can line it up with going. This way you will enjoy the island the most and make the most of your day.

  33. Hi we will be taking the ferry from playa del carmen to Cozumel and would like to go to a nice beach not too far from the ferry dock. Where can you recommend?

  34. Hi. I will be checking out of hotel in Playa and taking ferry to Cozumel for snorkeling before heading to Tulum. I will have luggage with me. Suggestions on where best to leave it please. With diving company we use? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

    • That would be best just to ask your dive company to hold it for you. They usually are very helpful that way. There are no good others storage options.

  35. Hi. We are going to Cozumel but are flying into Cancun then taking the ferry from Playa. To get a bicycle taxi for our luggage is there a preset rate?

    • There is no list of prices but very affordable. Somewhere in the 30-40 peso range. Just ask them and they will see how much luggage you have.

  36. Hi! We’ll be flying into Cozumel and plan to split our trip between Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen. We land around 12:00 p.m. and plan to start our vacation in Playa Del Carmen. We have no idea how long customs will take or how quickly we can get to the ferry to Playa Del Carmen. Do we need to buy ferry tickets ahead of time or can we buy them when we get there? Do the ferries run often enough so that we won’t have to wait too long? Thanks!

    • Hello

      The airport in Cozumel is small so you can expect customs to go fairly fast. From the airport it is about a 5-7 minute cab ride to the ferry. It is best to get a ticket there when you arrive. That way you can choose which company of the three has the next ferry. They are about every 30 minutes so the waiting is not bad. Each booth usually has a large sign with the time of the next ferry so you can choose which company to go with. We hope you have a great trip!

  37. Hello Binh Tuong,
    I just did this exact trip, and am in a hotel in Akumal, south of Playa del Carmen, as I type this.
    My first suggestion, get some PESOS before you travel. Not a lot, but enough for taxis, a meal or so and for tipping. It has made this trip so much simpler and economical. I would say maybe $200 US Dollars worth of pesos at this time; the exchange has been at least 18 pesos to the USD right now. (We’re only here for a week, we might need more pesos, but we know that we can get the at an ATM inside of a bank if we need them). Make sure to read up on usage of ATM machines before you get here; for your financial safety.
    From deplaning through through the customs process took maybe 30-40 minutes, the airport is wonderfully tiny, but 2 flights had just come in, so it was probably a little busier than usual. Your luggage is RIGHT THERE and no big deal whatsoever.
    To avoid the multi-stop shuttles, we walked about 3 blocks away from the airport to a tiny roadside outdoor restaurant, called Diegos Tacos, (use Google and do the walking distance, I think it says 3.5 minutes, it’s so easy and safe, there is a sidewalk and a cross walk at the round-about that you cross to get to Diegos). Once there, we had a reasonably priced, phenomenal tasting, lunch and the waiter called a taxi for us when he saw that we were nearly finished with our meal; I had asked about this when he took our order; he spoke excellent english. (You need to pay for your meal in Pesos, the bottles of diet coke ran 20 pesos each, and 2 taco platter lunches cost us roughly $10 US, but paid in Pesos, something under 190 pesos total for the meal for 2). We left a generous tip as we were grateful for the assistance with getting a taxi for us as well as excellent, quick, food service.
    The taxi, you can only pay in pesos, for 2 was maybe about 100-150 pesos plus tip; we were so surprised by how low, we probably over-tipped, we expected $11 US plus tip and I think he quoted us like half that when we asked. We tipped because of the luggage handling.
    Unfortunately we didn’t write everything down; we were amazed by the massive savings, for taking that short walk to Diegos compared to the cost of a shuttle that would have stopped everywhere and dropped us at a hotel where we would still have to walk to the ferry. (Just know that taxis can’t pick up at the airport, but the walk was no big deal for us; with some heavy luggage with wheels, even for not so fit senior travelers, we made it fine).
    It was hard to get away from all of the pushy agents for the timeshares, etc. They will offer you anything; a lower price on the ferry, or a discount on the shuttle, etc. just to stop you and then you’re in for who knows how long of a timeshare pitch.
    I find it hard to be rude and just walk on by, but I also know that it will cost me precious time if I let them take me on their walk through the timeshare process; maybe save a few pennies on the ferry/transfer or tour, but lose a lot of precious vacation time in the process too… I get it, it’s their job, but I know I’m not buying a timeshare already…
    We arrived around 12:30 Cozumel time, and if we hadn’t stayed so long at Diegos’ enjoying the local chatter, (and we later learned that you have to ask for your check, they won’t just bring it out as that appears to seem rude in this culture), we could have been on the 2pm ferry. We arrived just as it was leaving.
    Once at the ferry pier, we bought 1 way ferry tickets at the window up on the pier, cost was about 163 pesos each. We tipped for our luggage, it was very easy. When we arrived in Playa del Carmen we had to get a taxi to Akumal, so we had a bicycle taxi carry our bags as we walked alongside for 2 blocks through the local park. It was a breeze. The bicycle taxi was around 100 pesos, I think, maybe much less, but we tipped generously as our luggage was heavy. We got to the taxi stand knowing what the charge should have been because of researching it and were able to get to Akumal for around 450-480 pesos.
    Know the going rate for taxis to your destination and confirm the cost before entering the cab. This has proved to keep us paying the posted rates and not being overcharged. (I know we would have been overcharged on the 2nd trip from Playa del Carmen to our Akumal hotel, the driver was distracted, trying to catch a quick bite, and agreed to the amount I quoted, but once we were underway, he called in to his dispatch to verify the amount. He obviously thought it was too low from his demeanor… Fortunately, the dispatcher concurred that the established rate was 450 pesos, so he didn’t jack up the rate when we got to the hotel.
    No habla espaniol, but with the help of the experts on the web, I am enjoying a wonderful vacation. (I do expect to make return trips to experience more of this area, so I intend to learn more Spanish, to get even more comfortable in the environment).
    Happy Travels to you… If I can do it by doing some research, you will do just as well because you’re also doing the research here. Keep asking questions. There are a lot of great people out here in cyberspace who like to help others.

    • Usually they will accept USD. Change will be in pesos. They set the rate for exchange since they are not obligated to exchange them.

  38. we are arriving Xmas eve 2018.
    Does the operate this day. As well are the grocers open this day.

  39. We are traveling from Cozumel to playa del Carmen, then going to the Xcaret park, how far away is Xcaret and is Taxi the best way?

    • Yes a taxi is the best way to get to Xcaret from Playa’s ferry terminal. It is about a 11 minute ride. It should be about a 200 peso ride each way.

  40. Does ferry companies are a real Cartel! They bomb each other out of buisness and now there is only two companies that are running, and they agreed on raising the prices, so now the “Mexico” is charging you 350 pesos round trip, and “Ultramar” wants 370 ( being more fency) unless you have a local (Cozumelian) ID. Locals pay less then half that price.

    Would ban Cozumel until they stop rubbing you every where you go. These people have no brain, and they dont think whats gonna happend in10 years when only rich people willbuy them off…

    Feel like being rubbed every where on the Riviera maya.

  41. Hi! If we buy ferry tickets online on the Winjet website, do we absolutely have to print the tickets or just showing the confirmation email is fine? Thanks!

    • Hello

      Sorry we have not tried this process before. Knowing Mexico, you probably should print it out. It seems to be the land of paperwork. Sometimes businesses need the paper to count how many passengers are on board and there is nothing with just showing an email.

  42. Ill be arriving on a Carnival Cruise in September but will be doing an excursion in Playa del Carmen what is the best way to get to the Ferry station? Do local buses Drive frequently by the port of entry in Cozumel? Or is it better to get a taxi?

    • Hello Suzy

      There are taxis that line up and make it easy for people arriving. Some are vans that carpool guest to go to the ferry. There are three piers in Cozumel. One is very close to the ferry and you could walk. The other two you need to take a taxi.

  43. We will be arriving in Cozumel on 8th January 2020 and we will be the only ship in port that day (Marella Discover 2). Do you think we will be docking at the pier next to the ferry terminal? We wish to visit Tulum so would there be taxis close to the ferry terminal in Playa del Carmen?

    • You will have to wait until the final assignment of dock is made. Taxis are available in Playa and will take you to Tulum. It will be about $40 USD each way.

    • Yes dogs are allowed. You can see websites for the ferry companies for the exact details. It depends on size and where they go on the ferries.

  44. If I were to take the ADO bus from Cancun Airport to Playa. How far would the walk be from the bus station to Panama Jack? Trying to decide if it would be easier to take a shuttle or ADO. Thank you!

  45. I’m a woman traveling solo and want to spend a few days in Cancun and then a few more in Cozumel to dive. What would you recommend as the safest way to get from my hotel in Cancun to Playa del Carmen ferry? I’ve traveled around that area before but not alone recently. I’m staying in the northern part of the hotel zone in the beginning.
    And are there taxis right at the ferry terminal in Cozumel? I’m pretty sure the hotel I’m looking at does not provide any kind of transport. Thank you!

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