New Street cleaning trucks will be cleaning up Playa Del Carmen

New Street cleaning trucks added to Playa Del Carmen

So that the residents of Playa Del Carmen have a cleaner city, better urban image of avenues and main streets, the municipal president Lili Campos, reinforces municipal public services through a new and modern sweeper that will cover 33 routes of the main neighborhoods of Playa Del Carmen.

Lili Campos emphasized that this is the second sweeper that is acquired during her administration. Since last July the first was assigned to 5th Avenue, with a pressure washer, which allowed the cleaning of the city to be efficient. “We went from having eight trucks to 65 collection units that serve 65 routes, renewing the quality of life of the municipality,” said the mayor.

Benny Mill├ín, secretary of municipal public services, highlighted the cleaning in the Palmas 2 neighborhood, where the new machinery was delivered. “Today we prune the bushes, clean the trimmings, delivering a completely clean neighborhood.” This neighborhood will be part of the route of the sweeper, which has the capacity to suck various materials such as gravel, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and even fragments of brick.

He also announced that in 2023 the increase of machinery will continue to guarantee a cleaner city, improving the urban image and helping the health of residents. With the new equipment, the cleaning of 590 micro and macro dumps outdoors as well as the collection of more than eight thousand tons of waste, from the beginning of the administration.

Recycling in Playa Del Carmen

Many residents like to recycle but it can be hard to figure out when and where to recycle. It is a bit of a hodgepodge between all the different places and locations of collection points, but hopefully this will be of some help to you. 

Even if someone visits Playa Del Carmen for a week, you notice just how many plastic bottles you use while drinking beverages. So, the importance of reducing waste and protecting the natural environment is something that both the government and residents have been trying to do better than previous years. Infact there has been recycle in some form since 2007 in Playa Del Carmen. But many still are not aware of what options there are.  Here are some options for recycling in Playa Del Carmen.  

  • The easiest is putting things on the curb separated from your trash. You can put old appliances, shoes, aluminum cans and things like these. There are locals that pass by looking for cardboard, metal and things to recycle. 
  • One place that many like taking recycling to is a permanent place on Avenida 34 (where the Honda dealership is) crossing Federal highway, take first street on the left and the first on the right. It is right next to SOS El Arca (pet rescue organization) and behind the Fire Department. Here you can take recycling. If you use google maps you will find recycling point around Playa Del Carmen. Not all of them accept all forms of recycling though.
  • The city of Playa Del Carmen has a recycling program. It sets dates each month for the recycling program. Usually, the schedule is listed for the whole year on the official website of the government of Playa Del Carmen
  • The kilo Verde program is a popular recycling program where people can take recycling and exchange it for local plants. This program has different point in Playa and dates where you can take recycling. Below is an old poster for the program. Usually, you can find the most recent Kilo Verde collection points and dates on Facebook. 

recycling in Playa Del Carmen

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