Cheap Eats in Playa Del Carmen-Eat for about 150 Pesos!

cheap food in Playa Del Carmen Restaurants

Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen are not the cheapest since it is a tourist town. Playa Del Carmen is booming with tourists, so the prices of rent have been going up and that means prices for food have been going up as well. There are still some cheap restaurants in town though. There really should be more inexpensive Playa Del Carmen restaurants because the average person in Playa Del Carmen makes 250-600 pesos a day, that means eating out three times a day can eat up all your money.

If you are looking for other restaurant information in Playa Del Carmen, see links at the end of this article for many more of our guides.

Cheap Playa Del Carmen Restaurants

We have complied this list of places to eat for those looking for an affordable meal while in town. This should give you a good range of choices.

Our criteria was:

  1. Under or around 150 pesos.
  2. The places needed somewhat of a consistent quality.
  3. In a location that people can easily get to.
  4. The price would be for food and most likely a drink. Some drinks and smoothies can run 40-80 pesos so it might not be available to eat for under 150 all the time at each place on the list, but close to it.

We will try to update and keep adding here when we find new places. As it goes with cheap places, they tend to open and close faster then other places.

If you eat at one of these places, mention you saw them here. Not that we make any money off this list in any way, but it is nice to hear feedback from restaurants that the list we provide is helping support small restaurants and helping people find good deals and good restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. It is also good for restaurants to know how people find them because so many of then spend precious resources advertising. Some restaurants pay for advertising when they may not actually get much in return. Help small businesses keep prices low and help them find the best ways to reach people.

Happy cheap eating everyone!!!

Cheap Playa Del Carmen Restaurants Map

We made this interactive map for you so you can find these great cheap eats restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. This map can make it easy for you see what is near to where you are staying. If you love one of these make sure you let us know in the comments below.

Cheap Restaurants in Playa Del Carmen

Chez Celine

We were really surprised to find out that this popular restaurant with good French quality has a menu each day that includes drink for under 160 pesos. Chez Celine is located on 5th Avenue and 34th St. Everyone knows this place as a great breakfast spot but now you can have lunch here as well on a budget.

La Jungla de la Rivera

This small place is in Colosio neighborhood and offers some healthy cheap eats. They have juices and sandwich style food. Menu items are about 80-100 pesos each and with a juice that makes it about 140 pesos to eat here. They have a nice outside seating area. This is on 10th Avenue between 68th Street and 70th Street. Open daily from 7:00am-1:00am.

El Arbolito Taqueria

This simple and really homemade taco restaurant in Playa Del Carmen will make you want to eat tacos all the time. We first found them in Puerto Aventuras and now they have brought their tacos to Playa. You can choose from 25 types of filling and you get hand made tortillas.  You can really eat here on a budget.

El Arbolito Taqueria is on 8th Street between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue.

Chimi Churri

This is a taste of Argentina in Playa Del Carmen. The lomito sandwich is a really good and don’t forget to add chimi churri sauce. They also serve up empanadas. Sandwich prices are 50 pesos. This place is located on 6th St between 10th and 15th Avenue. Open from lunchtime until late in the evening. This place is small so keep an eye out for it. It is on the south side of the street in the middle of the block.

Primer Plato

This is an Italian restaurant/café that has handmade pasta for under 150 pesos. You can get a dish for 200 pesos. Considering the clean and friendly place plus the fact they hand make everything, that is a great deal. This is a lunch spot and is located on 15th Avenue on the south end of town between Juarez Avenue and Calle 1 Sur.

Dona Paula’s Restaurant

By popular demand we are adding the Dona Paula Restaurant to the list. There is no sign so just look for the blue building set back from the street on 6th Street between 10th and 15th Avenues. This has been a long-time staple in Playa Del Carmen and gets construction workers and budget seekers for the Mexican cooking. The women working here are very sweet and cook like they are at home. Prices are listed on neon paper signs out front. Most prices are about 80-120 pesos for a meal with drink. It is not the cleanest place but authentic and a neighborhood restaurant. Open all day and late until about 10pm.

Cheap restaurants in Playa Del carmen Mexico
Dona Paula’s Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

Mi Kfe

Looking for Venezuelan food? Mi Kfe is a tiny place on 10th Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets that served up arepas Venezuelan style. This tiny café makes everything to order so it is not fast food, but you will never get a bigger smile from the woman working there. Prices run from about 60-100 pesos plus cost of drink. They also sell bags of coffee from the local roaster Kaawa just in case you want to buy some good coffee.

Euro Grill

The Euro Grill is about the only place on 5th Avenue you can eat for under 15 0 pesos. This place offers a variety of sausage. This price is 80 pesos now. Located between Constituyentes and 20th. St on the east side of 5th Avenue.

Antojitos Playa Del Carmen

Salbutes are a very Yucatecan food that uses a fried tortilla with toppings. They are really yummy! Antojitos Playa Del Carmen is a local favorite spot for salbutes. It is located on 30th Avenue between 2nd and 4th St. on the east side. The sign is not visible from the outside so you can see more photos of the place in our article about salbutes in Playa Del Carmen. These delicious items for 10-20 pesos each. Most people can eat 2-5 per sitting. They have really good fresh juices here as well. Sitting is inside at picnic tables. You can get them to go if you want to enjoy them in another place.

Tortas Santa Fe

This convenient sandwich shop has huge tortas (sandwiches) for only about 65-100 pesos. They make them fast and fresh! The fresh waters like lime and chia are a liter for only 20 pesos and will help wash down that huge torta.

This sandwich shop is on the corner of 30th Avenue and 16th Street right across from Mega grocery store. Make sure you get here before 6:00pm because they are only open during the day. If you read the comments below, people really like this place! This is one of the most popular cheap eat restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

 Playa Del Carmen restaurant
A huge sandwich at Tortas Santa Fe.

Cheap Chinese

People in Playa Del Carmen know that Asian food is a little hard to come by and quality Asian food even harder to find. Here is a cheap Chinese food restaurant in the center of Playa Del Carmen. You know you feel like something fried something salty and something with grease sometimes. Prices are based on the amount of sides you get but you can eat for as little as 60-100 pesos plus cost of drink. The location is right next to the AKI supermarket in the same building located on 30th Avenue and 12th Street.

Asadero El Pollo

This is a long running roast chicken restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. They offer good value and meal packages. Here they offer packages for 100 pesos which include cut up roast chicken, rice, tortillas, salsas and a drink. The also have large packages for 150 pesos that can feed two or three people. That package does not come with a drink though. This is one of our favorite places to get chicken. This place is located on 20th Avenue and 2nd street on the corner.

You can see our video on YouTube here about this restaurant.

 Playa Del Carmen restaurants
Asadero El Pollo

La Brocherie

This Playa Del Carmen restaurant is a French roast chicken place actually run by a French chef. They have good value herbed chicken packages. Paninis are served here as well. They are located on 15th Avenue between 4th and 6th St. Closed Sundays. Open Monday-Saturdays from around 10:30am- about 10pm or later depending on business. This location offers an enthusiastic tri lingual chef and a nice café feel all for a small price. Make sure you save room for dessert.

El Pechugon

There is a good chicken place on Juarez Avenue located at the corner of 10th Avenue called El Pechugon. This walk-up restaurant with limited seating offers roast chicken with great mini roast potatoes. Meal packages go for about 70-130 pesos. This place is a good place to pick up something before going to the beach.

Tacos de Barba-Birria

This place is worth a mention because it is very good and something different. This taco restaurant is on 30th Avenue near the corner of 38th Street. It has changes name a little, it is now Birria de la 30. 

El Fogon

This taco place is the quintessential taco restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. The main location is on Constituyentes Avenue between 25th and 30th Avenue.  Try the local favorite drinks of horchata and Jamaica.

El Fogon Playa Del Carmen
El Fogon on Constituyentes Avenue and 30th Avenue.

Don Sirloin Restaurant

Don Sirloin has two locations in the center of Playa Del Carmen. One on 10th Avenue between 12th and 14th St. and one on Constituyentes Avenue and 25th Avenue. Both serve up the same things and most people go for the tacos. Tacos go for about 25 pesos each.  The location 10th can be entertaining at night because it is close to all the nightclubs. They are open late into the night to serve the party crowd and open in the day to serve those looking for cheap tacos.

Don Sirloin Playa Del Carmen

Tacos De Canasta

Have you tried tacos de canasta? That translates to tacos in a basket because they pre-make the tacos and stack them in a basket. The nice thing is that the flavors get soaked up in the tortilla. This place serves up different types of tacos. Known as just the taco de canasta place, it is located on 30th Avenue between 20th and 22nd St. Don’t pay attention to the sign with hours, they are open everyday from about 8:30am-3pm. Although don’t go to late because they run out sometimes. Tacos are 8 pesos each.

Las Quekas

This is practically an institution in Playa Del Carmen. They are a real Mexican quesadilla place that makes handmade and ready to order quesadillas for you with a range of fillings. They do have a few other things on the menu as well. The taste is fresh and salsas are good. There are multiple locations in Playa but here we list the two most accessible ones. One is located on the corner 30th Avenue and 14 Bis St. and another one is on the corner of 10 Bis St and 15th Avenue. Prices are very cheap for the quesadillas and they are a decent size and filling. They have inexpensive drinks as well. This is a good late night places since they are open till late.

restaurants in Playa Del Carmen
Las Quekas menu.


Don’t forget this very Mexican of foods. There is a street corner stand that sells tamales every day. Tamales are 20-25 pesos depending on the kind you get. They are open from afternoon until about 1 am. They are located on the corner of 12 Bis St. and 30th Avenue (next to the fabric store). There is no seating really so plan on getting them to go. They are a good size and very filling. Try the sweet ones as well. Their red salsa is homemade and unique. For more on these tamales in Playa Del Carmen check out our story.

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Did you enjoy this list of cheap Playa Del Carmen restaurants? What is your favorite cheap eat place? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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    • Tacontededor is a good seafood option. They serve seafood tacos and burritos. None of the restaurants listed are exclusively vegetarian.Las Quekas makes quesadillas and Mi kfe has arepas that are vegetarian. I will continue to look for options and we will be writing a guide to vegetarian restaurants as well in the future. Thanks for reading.

    • El Doctorcito, Calle 12 & Av 25. A few years back we paid 200p for 4 tocos and 2 beers. Here in St Paul that’s about $25 to $30.

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    Mr kiwi used to be my go to place when i first arrived here 3 years ago-i dont do too many drunken nights anymore but I passes by for a smoothie and dissapointed to find out they put up the prices. I paid 35pesos for what was more of a “medium”. The bigger cups like normal are now a higher price. So it makes them the same price as the more famous place 🙁

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  59. Hi. Thnaks for this list. I have been to some of these cheepies before but need to check out some of the street food options in Playa Del Carmen.

  60. I love trying local foods when traveling to places and street food. I find it to be the best sometimes. I look forward to trying this restaurants and stands in Playa.

  61. Wonderful list! I tried some of the restaurants today but many of them do not serve beer. Why? Do tey need some kind of lisence? Anyway, I would highly appreciate if you could add information about alcohol, too from no on because I’ll be here for a year. Thank you!

  62. Is Ricon Yucateco still around? Same with Guacamoles? I couldn’t find them on the map when I did a search.



    • We are going to have to check. We think Guacamoles is gone but there is a small Mexican restaurant next to where it used to be that is good. So many things have changed in the past year.

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