Amazing Tacos de Barba-Birria in Playa Del Carmen!

A taste of Jalisco, Mexico

Tacos De birria Playa Del Carmen

 Looking for an authentic Mexican birria tacos?

Tacos de Barba-Birria is a very authentic Mexican taco restaurant/street cart here in Playa Del Carmen. They have some of the best tasting tacos in Playa Del Carmen so this is somewhere you will want to try. It is also a style that you don’t find much here, so the uniqueness is also a great draw to go have a taste. This is a place for Birria tacos.

Update January 2024: We first wrote about this place in 2015. It is still going strong, just the name has changed. Now it is called Birria de la 30.

What are Birria tacos?

The meat is slow cooked in adobo spices and then chopped finely. The quality of the meat is excellent since it is broken down in the cooking process and you don’t get bits of gristle. Usually, onion and cilantro are added to the taco. The tortillas are dipped in the adobo sauce and then heated on the grill. This gives them the unique orange color (see photo below). Dipping the tortillas in the sauce softens them and adds full flavor. This gives an overall great taste to the tacos.

On your table will be a good assortment of condiments including peppers and oils.

You can eat in or take out here. If you do get it to go you will usually just get one salsa and you just might find out later that you ordered too few and will be left wanting to go back for more!

Birria Tacos Playa Del Carmen
Salsas on the table for the birria tacos.

What is barbacoa and birria taco styles?


Birria is a Mexican stew that is from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Many restaurants serve this in Guadalajara. The meat is slow cooked traditionally with adobo spices making it tender and flavorful. It can be spicy, but it is not too spicy here. Usually, it is goat meat but can be beef and chicken as well. This restaurant here uses beef.   Random Fact: Birria is also used sometimes as a hangover food.


Barbacoa is a slow cooked meat that falls off the bone since it gets so tender as well. It is traditional cooked over fire, in a pit or steamed for long periods of time. So, both styles are similar end qualities of the meat, just birria is cooked in liquid.

How is the adobo sauce made?

Adobo is mainly made from garlic, vinegar, salt and paprika. Different peppers are added in Mexico to give it more local flavors. Interesting fact: Paprika has antibacterial properties and helps break down fats in the meat.

Birria de la 30 Playa Del Carmen

Menu for birria tacos

There are just a few things on the menu here. There are beef tacos (res) or marrow tacos (tuetano). They do run out of marrow tacos since it is harder to get. You can get it mixed (beef and marrow) as well and that is the suggested way to order so you get the best of both the beef and marrow taste. The tacos are a little smaller and very delicious so keep that in mind when ordering.

This restaurant has two sizes of consume (soup).

They have sodas, horchata, jamaica drink and flan for dessert.

Other options

If you liked reading about this taco restaurant you might also like to see our complete guide on taco places in Playa Del Carmen. Another authentic Mexican taco is made from bone marrow. See our article here on where to find this culinary treat in Playa Del Carmen.


Open every day from 8:30am-9:40pm


This small taco restaurant is on 30th Avenue between 34th and 38th Street. It is almost on the corner of 30th Avenue and 38th Street on the east side. It is across from the Pemex gas station. Just look for the orange tent.

Have you had birria tacos before? What did you think? Where do you like to get tacos? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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