The Taco Restaurant Guide to Playa Del Carmen

Mexican tacos, seafood tacos, beef tacos and everything else taco!

Best places in Playa Del Carmen
Where to find tacos in Playa Del Carmen? We have you copvered in our article.

Are you looking for some good authentic Mexican tacos in Playa Del Carmen? Here is our Everything Guide to Tacos! We have some great places for you to try that are in the center or near to it. This can be a tasty meal and also a cheap one. Tacos are one of the most Mexican things you can eat and they come in an amazing range of combinations between salsas and ingredients. After reading the article see what is our #5 Top favorite places to eat tacos at!  Before we talk about the places to go, here are 7 rules to tacos.

The Best Restaurants for Tacos in Playa Del Carmen (taquerias)

Now where to get tacos in Playa Del Carmen. We will mention what each eatery is know for: beef Tacos, seafood Tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, pork tacos, barbacoa (lamb) tacos, or pastor tacos. These restaurants are in no particular order. What is the best taco restaurant in Playa Del Carmen? Well it really will matter on what type you like and  what you like on your tacos. We will mention what is good at each place.

The 7 Rules of Tacos in Playa Del Carmen

1) Tacos are supposed to be on corn tortillas or “maiz ” in Spanish. Most Mexicans think it is weird to use flour tortillas and actually prefer corn tortillas. The ultimate tortilla is handmade. This is an ancient tradition but something you don’t see too much in Playa Del Carmen these days.

2) Salsas are always available to put over your tacos. Always ask which is the spicy one before you pour it on. Usually there is one spicy and one more mild. Just because one is green and one is red does not mean it is always the same between spicy and not spicy.

3) A sign of a good “taqueria” (Spanish for restaurants that sells tacos),  is one that serves tacos with a double tortilla. Not only is this more filling and sturdy, you can also use the second one to pick up anything that has fallen out.

4) Traditionally cheese is not used on tacos. A few places offer it here, but the meat, salsas and other ingredients are supposed to be the main highlight.

5) Limes are usually a condiment to squeeze on your taco. The lime juice gives it a special flavor and is very traditional. Cilantro and white onion are the second and third most common thing added. In fact, many places ask if you want “cebolla y cilantro” (Spanish for onion and cilantro) on your taco when ordering.

6) Never eat tacos with silverware. This is a hand eaten food (except in parts of western Mexico like Ensenada, Mexico).

7) Tacos can be eaten for all three meals but tend to be more of a later in the day meal item. You might find it culturally hard to eat at breakfast with the traditional fillings, but locals do it.

Los Aguaschiles

This is a favorite in Playa Del Carmen for many because it has two restaurants and serves up delicious and beautifully presented food. The main theme of this restaurant is seafood tacos. Los Aguachiles definitely has a gourmet flair and has nice combinations of seasoning and flavors. We even love the tortilla chips with four different salsas they bring you when you sit down. This restaurant is first class and not an expensive meal. Some would even call it very trendy. Expect a mix of tourist and locals eating here and getting an English-speaking waiter should not be hard especially in the central Playa location. (The photo below is not tacos but rather tostadas, but you get the idea of the quality of food)


Los Aguaschiles has two restaurant locations in Playa. We prefer the one on 34th Street and the corner of 25th Ave. but the other restaurant is good too right off 5th Avenue on Constituyentes Ave. between 1st and 5th Avenues.

Los Aguachiles Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Delicious food at Los Aguaschilies

Asadero El Pollo

Roast chicken Restuarant in Playa Del Carmen
Asado El Pollo chicken tacos

This restaurant is famous for their roast chicken which is done in the Mexican style of western Mexico in Sinaloa State. The whole chickens are seasoned and then roasted there. When you order they chop up the chicken and give you a package of tortillas, pickled onions, rice, tomato salsa, and green salsa to go with your chicken. You make your own tacos here. You can eat in or take out. A package for one person with drink will cost 60 pesos. This is by far the best place to get chicken tacos!! Reminder though it is a lot of fingers licking and assembly but worth it for the taste.


The restaurant pictured above is on the corner of 2nd Street and 20th Ave. You will recognize the open-air restaurant and smokestack from roasting the chickens. Your nose might find this place before your eyes because it has the best smell coming from it! There I a second location on 30th Avenue and CTM Avenue but it is smaller than the first one and does not have the same atmosphere we like.


Open every day from 10:00am-6:00pm but the best time is lunch time because you get the atmosphere and freshest made stuff.

Tacos de Barba-Birria

This place serves up a style of tacos from Jalisco, Mexico. The slow cook the meat in adobo spices and finely chop it. The tortillas are also dipped in the sauce and then heated on the grill. This gives you a full flavor taco and something that is not often found in Playa Del Carmen. For more on this place, you can see the article here.

See video here about this place!

Tacos De birria Playa Del Carmen


Open every day from 8:30am-10:00pm


This place is on 30th Avenue almost near the corner of 38th Street. It is across from the Pemex gas station. East side of the street, look for the orange tent.

El Fogon

We named this restaurant as the best place for tourist to get a taco. We say this because they have two easy locations, decent prices, large menu to order off of, some English speaking staff usually. The best thing here is either beef or pastor tacos. This is not the most local of places, but you will feel like you accomplished getting an authentic Mexican Meal.

tacos Playa Del Carmen
Trompo of pastor taco meat cooking.


El Fogon has two restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. One is on Constituyentes Avenue on the north side between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue. The second restaurant is on 30th Ave. between 6th Street and 8th Street. Both restaurants are just about equally good, so it does not matter which one you go to.

Don Sirloin

This is kind of a chain restaurant that serves up tacos and does it so much that they do it good. Beef tacos and pastor tacos are the two biggest sellers here. This restaurant is very similar to El Fogon and has a large menu.


Don Sirloin has two restaurants as well. One is on 10th Avenue between 12th Street and 14th Street. The other restaurant is on Constituyentes Avenue the corner of 25th Avenue. We prefer this one because it is newer and cleaner. It also gets people looking to sit and enjoy a meal rather than just a bite to eat and go out to a club, like at the other location.

El Oasis

This restaurant is the grandfather of seafood tacos in Playa Del Carmen. This is a long running restaurant that has a lot of character and Caribbean flair. It is a superb place to get shrimp tacos and fish tacos. Midday is the best time to go here and expect to pay 20 pesos each for a taco.


El Oasis restaurant is located along the 307 Highway on the west side. It is on the corner of 22nd Street but remember the numbers of the streets on both sides of the highway don’t line up. On the east side it would be 12th St. This is. a short taxi ride from the center of town.

El Oasis Mariscos seafood restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
El Oasis seafood tacos, four different ones.

La Floresta

This is a seafood taco place that opened in 1994 in Playa. It has been a popular spot since. There is a basic menu here and that makes it easy to order. The shrimp and fish tacos are fried here which you may or may not like. Since Oasis and La Floresta restaurants are so close in both location and what they serve, we do recommend more Oasis, but some do prefer this even more local feeling place.


Open daily from 8:30am-6:00pm.


La Floresta is on the west side of the highway access road by 14th Street.

La Floresta seafood restaurant Playa Del Carmen tacos
Shrimp and fish tacos at La Floresta Restaurant

Taqueria El Borrego Loco

Lamb tacos are a real treat and different taste. The meat is slow cooked until it falls apart, this is what is referred to as barbacoa style.  This place has a limited menu but what more do you need then lamb tacos and soup, by the way the soup is excellent.

This restaurant is most popular on the weekend when people make the pilgrimage here for lamb tacos. It is open from 6:00am-3:00pm just in case you want an early morning taco.


Taqueria El Borrego Loco is on the 307 Highway Road. It is on the east side just north of Constituyentes Ave.

lamb tacos, tacos, playa del carmen
Lamb tacos a soup combo at Taqueria El Borrego Loco


Chiltepin is a restaurant for seafood tacos. This is like eating in a Mexican families back yard since there is a small pool that kids can swim in while you eat and there are umbrellas on the back patio. This restaurant is like Los Aguaschiles, just not as trendy and a little more north Mexican feeling. Don’t plan on eating here too early because they don’t open until 1:00pm but the good news is you can come late because they are open until 1:00am everyday. If you are staying on the north end of Playa then you should check out this place.


Chiltepin Restaurant is on 34th Street at the corner of 20th Ave.

And now our # 3Top favorite places to eat at from this list!

All of the locations in this guide are delicious and you should try what you think is good for your taste.

  1. Los Aguaschiles because it has consistent quality, great taste combinations, nice atmosphere and a good selection of menu items to make everyone happy.
  2. Asadero El Pollo. While this is a more a roast chicken restaurant where you make your own tacos, it is still always good. It is always consistent and very local feeling. It is not gourmet, but your stomach will be happy.
  3. Tacos De Barba-Birria because they are unique in their style. The meat is soft and full of flavor. We love the fact they dip the tortillas in the sauce and heat them.

We hope you enjoyed this guide for Playa Del Carmen eating. Look on our site for other guides and Everything else in Playa! Happy discovering everyone!

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