Los Aguachiles Seafood Restaurant-Great seafood tacos and more!

Los Aguachiles Restaurant Playa Del Carmen
Delicious food at Los Aguaschilies

Los Aguachiles Restaurant

Los Aguachiles Restaurant is very popular for seafood in Playa Del Carmen for both locals and tourist. This place is trendy but still casual at the same time. Most people come here for tostadas and seafood tacos, but they also have fuller seafood and Mexican entrees. The food is well presented, and they have a consistent quality to the dishes.

Los Aguachiles Restaurant Playa Del CarmenWe like the salsas and tortilla chips they bring to your table when you sit down. There is a nice range of flavors which include a sweet tamarind, sauce, cilantro sauce, chipotle sauce and the ever-spicy habanero salsa.

This is a good place to have a beer and seafood tacos but as we mentioned they have a lot of other choices. We do like the style of their food and the presentation. They have two locations in Playa Del Carmen, but we like the location on 34th Street better because it is a little trendier feeling and has more regular visitors and less touristy.

Prices are about 45 pesos for tostadas and 25-35 pesos for tacos. Menu items like plates can range from 100 pesos and up.


Los Aguachiles Restaurant Playa Del Carmen

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Hours at Los Aguachiles

Constituyentes Avenue location: 12:00 noon-10:00pm every day.

34th Street location: 12:00 noon-7:00pm every day.






Los Aguachiles has two locations in the center of Playa. One is just off 5th Avenue on Constituyentes Avenue between 1st and 5th Avenue. The other is a little off 5th Avenue and a little walk for tourist. It is located on 34th Street between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue.

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  1. This was outstanding gourmet food at a great price. The cerci he was great and the tuna tostadas were the bomb. May have to go back for lunch

  2. I love your website and wonder if you can help me. My fiancee (Mexican national) is moving from Monterrey to Playa to be with me. Would you happen to know the location of the government building where she can go and register her new address
    with the government? Thanks for any help you can give and keep up the very good work.

    • Hello David

      The office if INE office is next to the ADO Bus station between 20th Avenue and 25th on 12 Bis. Thank you for reading the site and welcome to Playa Del Carmen!

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