Our Top 10 Places to shop on Playa Del Carmen’s 5th Avenue

Shoipping on 5th Avenue
Mexican made fashion on 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

Are you coming on vacation and want to do some Playa Del Carmen shopping? The pedestrian street of 5th Avenue (also called Quinta) is about 22 blocks of restaurants, shops and everything a tourist would want in a destination. This is the main street where you can shop for local made products, Mexican crafts and souvenirs. This avenue parallels the beach and is the place to stroll and shop.

Since it is so long and there are many stores to look at, we thought we would narrow down where you might want to check out.  Most of these stores on our list are geared at what tourist might want and have things you are looking for.  Here is our Top 10 places to shop on 5th Avenue. Happy shopping!

The Top 10 List of Places to Shop

These are not in any order except from south going north on 5th Avenue.

  1. Paseo Del Carmen

    This is an outdoor shopping center at the beginning of 5th Avenue. It is shaded and a nice place to walk around in the day or night. There is a mix of tourist shops with souvenirs and places to buy fashion.

  2. Sol Jaguar.

    Update: This store has a new location.  This is a very authentic Mexican craft store featuring a lot of ceramics for the most part and also hand painted wood carvings. Don’t worry about taking it home though, they can wrap it up for you and you will have a true treasure from Mexico that you can display in your home. This store is on 5th Avenue between 38th and 40th streets. 

    Sol Jaguar shop Playa Del Carmen Mexico
    Some of the things at Sol Jaguar store on 5th Avenue.
  3. Rosalia

    One of the iconic stores on 5th Avenue features Mexican textiles from Chiapas Mexico. There are beautiful table runners, clothes, pillows and purses that are all distinctly Mexican. They don’t negotiate prices but you will be getting things of beauty and the prices are not that bad. This store is on 5th Avenue between 12th Street and 14th Street. You cannot miss this place. They have lots of thing hanging up in this open air store and women in traditional outfits from Chiapas.

  4. Corazon de Mexico 

    This is a store that has heart, actually all hearts. It is a Mexican inspired store with tin hearts, hearts in boxes and glass blown hearts. If you have someone you love this is a good store to buy them something special. This store is on 5th Avenue near 14th Street on the east side of the street.Corazon de Mexico gift shop in Playa Del Carmen

  5. Caracol Purpura

    This store has just closed so we will be replacing it soon with another option for you.

  6. Hacienda Tequila

    This is one of our favorite places for tourist souvenirs. Not only is it air conditioned to the max, there is a nice selection of goods and a huge selection of Tequila for tourist to take home a taste of Mexico. This store also has some great photo ops outside. The store is on 5th Avenue between 14th Street and 16th Street.

    Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen shoping for souvenirs
    Hacienda Tequila Playa Del Carmen, great place for shopping for souvenir.
  7. The Tequila Bazar

    This store is a also a great place for souvenirs. We like the selection here and when it is close to the holidays they have a great range of Mexican inspired ornaments. This store does not have a large sign but you will recognize it from the fully stocked store on 5th Avenue and the corner of 16th Street. Tequila Bazar Shopping in Playa Del Carmen 5th Avenue

  8. Quinta Alegria Mall

    This is not a huge mall but it has become part of the 5th Avenue culture with live entertainment out front and three floors of shopping. There is actually not much tourist souvenirs here but there are a lot of shops for clothing and the best store for alcohol shopping in Playa Del Carmen is here. Quinta Alegria Mall is on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue.

  9. Pineda Covalin

    This is a Mexican designer who works with silk and Mexican inspired patterns. This is not a cheap store but you are getting very good quality things you can wear or use as an accessory for many years. This store is on 5th Avenue between 26th Street and 28th Street on the east side.

  10. Ay Guey 

This is a Mexican design store. It has clothes for both men and women plus some accessories. The designs                            incorporate iconic Mexican symbols. Shop here for truly unique things that day Mexican design and cool style!                 There are actually three locations on 5th Avenue but we like the one on 5th between 24th Street and 26th Street the         best (see map below).

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Did we mention some of your favorite shops in Playa Del Carmen? Do you have other stores that are not on our Playa Del Carmen shopping list? Please let us know about them in the comments below.



  1. This is a great list of shops. I like several of these and they are my favorites as well. There are so many stores to go shopping in Playa Del Carmen and it is good to narrow it down.

  2. My favorite places to shop are the little art shops on 5th Avenue by 14th street and the small independent shops just around 5th Avenue. I skip all the tacky places and the part of 5th beteen 3rd south and 6th Street because there are too many scammmy people there.

  3. I love shopping at Bikiniria on 5th Avenue They have a nice selections of bikinis and other clothes for women. I think it is between 20th and 22nd Street.

  4. I have to agree with you that the first few blocks of 5th Avenue are not the best places to shop in Playa Del Carmen. The people that work there are a bit overwhelming as you get off the ferry. I like upper 5th Avenue where it is more calm.

  5. Hi, this is great. I will have to hide this from my wife. Last time we were in Playa del Carmen she spent several hundred on a shopping spree. There are a lot of nice stores to choose from.

  6. Well I will be following along since we will want to be shopping on 5th. It looks like a great place to visit.

    • Are you looking for the more traditional dresses? There is Rosalia on 5th. Stern 12th and -4th that has items from Chiapas. It is more traditional and medium quality. A new store called Dine & Dance has beautiful clothes for women on 26th street and First Avenue. We have an article with pictures. There is also a traditional Yucatecan clothing store on 16th between 5th and 1st Avenue.

    • Hello Mary Ellen

      There are table runners from Chiapas sold on 5th Avenue. You can find them in the store between 12th and 14th street called Rosalyn. It is good to wash these first before use because the colors are strong and can stain tables (from personal experience).

  7. Sol Jaguar has reopened in a new location. The store is now on Quinta Avenida, between Calles 38 and 40 Norte.

    • The only official place locally is in Cancun at PALACIO DE HIERRO department store. There are no official stores in Playa Del Carmen. In the past few months, we have seen a lot of fakes for sale. This was not something that was here in the past. The fakes are not good quality though.

      • Thanks for the reply. My brother was there earlier this month and he bought his wife a purse, yes it was fake but good quality. He forgot the name of the store. They told him that they ship items. It was a white store front ,neat with good service.

        • Even if they really ship things, it is illegal and can get confiscated by customs. It is common for stores to say they ship, but we hear from a lot of readers that have issues with stores that say they are sending something. Also, fakes in Mexico are not good quality. Turkey is perhaps one of the better places to buy fakes right now and a few places in Asia.

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