Shopping Finds just off 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen!

Shopping Playa Del Carmen
Gifts at El Jaguar Dorado Store

Shopping in Playa Del Carmen just off 5th Avenue

For most tourist means a stroll on 5th Avenue (the main pedestrian street that goes for about 22 blocks) but just off of 5th Avenue there are some cool shops that you should consider checking out. These shops are not going to have the typical tourist crap that you find at many locations. These are quality stores and small businesses that have survived in  less prominent locations because they do offer nice things and people recognize this.  Here are eight stores worth shopping at. Some are just a 1/2 a block off 5th Avenue and one is 1 1/2 blocks of 5th. (See our video at the bottom of this article for details about some of these stores). Below is a general map to help you find them.

KIH Henequen Shop

This store brings artisanal items from the area to Playa Del Carmen. Many of the items are made from henequen, a fiber that comes from a local plant. This shop will introduce you to authentic items and you also will be supporting local craftspeople. For more about the KIH shop see our article here.

Kih store Playa Del Carmen
Here you can find purses, hammocks and other products of henequen.


The store is open from 9:30am-9:30pm daily.


Located on 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach on the north side of the street.


This Mexican craft store collects things from across Mexico and brings them to Playa to sell. Like the name suggest, they sell Mexican Amber jewelry. This store is not for low end gifts but you will get something you will treasure for a lifetime.


Ambarte is just off 5th Avenue on Constituyentes Avenue between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. It is next to the Ah Cacao coffee shop on the north side of the street.


Open everyday from 10:00am-11:00pm

Ambarte Mexican art Playa Del Carmen

Thanks for reading out guide to shopping off 5th Avenue. For more shopping you can check out are shopping section on the website. We will be adding more stores and guide for you so you can find the best of Playa Del Carmen.  We hope you find some great gifts!

Here is our video of some of these stores to give you a few more details about them

Have you been to some of these stores? What did you like there? Tell us your comments in the box below. We would love to hear from you.


  1. I made the mistake of buying a blue diamond at Artesanias El Tio with Julio the owner on March 18, 2017. We negotiated a price of $725. $200 would be US dollars and the balance ($525) on a credit card. I was in a rush to catch the ferry and I did not double check the pesos conversion. When I returned to the ship I checked my receipt, which was in Pesos, he over charged me $270. This place is located directly across from Diamonds International on 5 avenue between 2nd and Juarez, near the pier for the ferry. Julio told me that he runs his business as he grandfather once told him, “Treat your customers right and they will tell their friends and pour success on your business!” So with this review I am letting it rain!

    • Thank you Rob for your experience. We tend to tell people to avoid jewelry buying as they tend to be very hard to discern what is a good deal. Since this is not an area where gold or silver is from, it should not be cheaper. Even most things are not made on the Peninsula so it is just from a factory somewhere. We like to recommend people buy from some of the smaller merchants that hand make the jewelry. At least that way you know you are supporting a artist and you get something unique.

  2. Iv been conned out of £155. This was at ARTESANIAS EL TESORO. my our lady pendent is only one percent gold not 14caret gold. Karma will come to this grandad and granson. DONT BUY JEWELLERY

  3. I’ve heard that when you go to stores, prices are negotiable. Is that true that you shouldn’t pay the asking price?

    • Most stores are fixed prices. If you buy on the street you can sometimes haggle but lets be honest, you are not really getting a discount. They might accept dollars and offer a bad exchange rate. By law all the prices must be marked in pesos. On the street they might not have all the prices marked and start with a high asking price, only for you to negotiate down to more then the real price.

    • Many small places do not accept cards. It will depend on big the purchase is. In general it is best to have cash. Just use your judgement. Any touristic place in the world that handles a lot of cards can get creative with cloning cards or taking down the numbers.

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