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Playa Del Carmen Food Tours

Food Tours in Playa Del Carmen

Do you like getting a taste of the local culture through food? A food tour can be the perfect way to interact with locals and taste some good local food. Here are several food tours in Playa Del Carmen that you can go on when visiting.

Authentic Mexican Food Tour

This food tour is one of the most popular in Playa Del Carmen because it gives people what they want the most, Mexican food! This is a walking tour of some of the more authentic places where tourists normally don’t go. Some of the possible things you will try are quesadillas, some of the best-known local tacos, tamales, taste mole, local fruit juices and more. Most people will eat enough to consider it a meal. 

Enjoy a local guide who will give you information on Playa Del Carmen all while tasting great local foods. We went on this tour to show you what it is like. Here is our video. We hope you enjoy. 


Things to know about this tour

  • This tour goes at 10:00am and 5:00pm daily. 
  • The tour leaves from a central point in Playa Del Carmen. 
  • You will walk to some less touristy stands and places to sample and eat. 
  • These tours are done in small groups and no more that 10 people per group. Or you can request a private tour if you like. 

If this food tour sounds good to you, click below to get all the details and reserve a spot. 

Playa Del Carmen Food tours
Have a local guide you around the different local foods of Playa Del Carmen.

Vegan Food Tour in Playa Del Carmen

Did you know that not all Mexican food is based on meat? There are some really tasty dishes that vegans and vegetarians can enjoy. Caribbean influences and Yucatecan food will be presented to you on this tour. You will have the opportunity to try vegan tacos and ceviche. 

Things included on this tour are beverages, local tasting, guide, and what most people consider a dinner. Things that are not included on this tour are gratuities and transportation to the meeting point. 

Details of this tour

This tour starts at 5:00pm. The start of this tour is at one end of the downtown and will end at another point. If there is severe weather, this tour can be canceled, and you are given an alternative time or a full refund. Depending on how many people take this tour, it can range from 2 1/2-3 hours long. 

If this tour sounds like something you would want to go on, click below to book a spot. 

Playa Del Carmen Food tours
Not all food tours include meat. Vegans can enjoy a taste of Playa Del Carmen with this tour.

Gourmet Food Tour

Playa Del Carmen is not just about the beach. There are some great chefs who call Playa Del Carmen home. While on vacation you can enjoy this gourmet food tour with stops at four top restaurants. On this walking food tour you will have two options, plus beverages at each restaurant you go to. 

Details of this walking food tour

Your local guide will take you the streets of central Playa Del Carmen. Included are beverages, alcoholic beverages, food tastings, and what most people would consider a full dinner worth of food. This tour has a maximum of 6 people. 

If you are interested in booking this tour, click the button below to get all the details. 

Playa Del Carmen Food tours
Taste some of the finest gourmet foods Playa Del Carmen has to offer with this tour.

Seafood Tasting Food Tour

Do you love seafood? Well Playa Del Carmen is a great place to try some Mexican prepared dishes. On this food tour you will visit three of the better known seafood restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. There are 4 stops in total on the 3 hour walking food tour. To accompany your tasting you will also have an opportunity to try local beers and end with some handmade ice cream. 

Tour details

  • This food tour is offered Monday-Saturday. The tour starts at 12 noon. 
  • The tour is about 3 hours. 
  • This is a walking tour with meeting point in the central area of Playa Del Carmen. 
  • Private tours are available. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, click below to go to the official website. 

Thank you for reading our article about food tours in Playa Del Carmen. It is something unique that you can do while in town. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below. 

Playa Del Carmen Food tours
Food tours are a lot of fun for couples, singles and families.

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  1. We took the street food tour and really liked the time we had. We got to see the other side of Playa that is not just 5th Avenue. I would recommend these tours to people.

  2. I took one of these tours and ate some great tacos! It was very informative tour and really gets you out of the tourist area.

  3. We just took on of these tours and it was great. Lots of local info and details of the area. We felt like locals after the tour.

    • This would be a good question to ask directly to the tour company because each tour can be a little different and different locations are used. Mexico is notorious for bad sidewalks and not very pedestrian friendly streets let alone wheelchairs. It is probably a 50.50 chance, so checking with the tours would be best.

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